Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 146: She’s an Old hag

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 146: She’s an Old hag

The nurse in the room had no idea that Mu Yifan and Mu Yuecheng were still on the 79th floor, let alone that Mu Yuefeng had returned to the building.

So, the moment Mu Yifan blows open the door, the nurse is caught off guard and one of her hands is twisted around the old man’s ear.

Mu Yuecheng saw his father’s ear almost twisted round and said angrily: “Nurse Su is this how you take care of old people?”

Comfort panicked but quickly calmed down and pretended to rub the dirt from the old man’s ear as if nothing had happened, smiling at Mu Yuefeng and the others: “Mr Mu, you’re back? I was thinking of giving the old man a bath and look at him, he’s got dirt all over him somehow.”

Second Aunt sneered: “I’m afraid you threw that dirt on him.”

If she hadn’t heard Nurse Sue’s scolding earlier, she might have believed her.

Mu Yuezhi stepped forward and pushed Nurse Su away, rubbing the old man’s ears in distress, she said: “Dad, are you all right?”

Mu Yuecheng picked up the intercom, called the soldiers in and arrested Nurse Su.

Nurse Su’s face turned pale and bloodless, she screamed in fear: “I didn’t do this, they came out of the old man’s body somehow, I didn’t do it.”

Mu Yuecheng did not want to listen to her explanation, told the soldiers to put the man in another room, then, with his two brothers, helped Mu Xiaohu to the bathroom to take a bath.

Second Aunt and Third Aunt see that their husbands are bathing their father in law, so they don’t get in the way.

They opened all the windows to let in some air and then, remembering that they were outside, said angrily: “I didn’t think Nurse Su was like that, to do that to Dad when he was not outside.”

Third Aunt was also very angry: “No, she took such good care of Dad in the beginning, who would have thought it would be like this.”

Mu Yifan said with a baffled face: “Second Aunt, Third Aunt, didn’t you see anything wrong with Nurse Sue before?”

Second Aunt said glumly: “Yifan, you don’t know, when she first came to take care of the old people, she was very diligent, she thought of everything, she was like a nurse and a maid, she did everything herself, there was no room for error, Even Dad was very impressed with her, he was so pleased with her. And, with one look from Dad, this Nurse Sue knew exactly what he wanted and served him well, so, who would have thought that she would be such a person.”

The more she said, the angrier she got.

Third Aunt went on to say: “We watched her too, we saw she was doing a good job, before we left her to look after Dad and then, went with Second Uncle and the others to look for supplies but we didn’t expect, this to happen. But, in retrospect, it was only after Dad couldn’t move or talk that this Nurse Sue became strange. After Dad couldn’t move or talk, we went to see him a few times, sat there for half an hour at the most and then, Nurse Sue told us to leave on the pretext of ‘Dad needs to take his medication and rest’, at that time, we didn’t expect that. At the time, I didn’t suspect, I just thought that Nurse Sue was really worried about Dad’s health but I didn’t expect Nurse Sue to abuse Dad like that.”

Second Aunt was remorseful and sad and more than that, she was angry.

If they hadn’t wanted to find more supplies, if they hadn’t wanted the Mu family to be stronger, they wouldn’t have neglected Dad.

Mu Yifan asked: “When did Grandpa stop moving and stop talking?”

“Just half a month ago, not long after the black rain, Dad’s health got worse and worse and after that, he couldn’t work, nothing could be found wrong.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Did the doctor in the building see him?”

It had only been a month and a half, no wonder Dad hadn’t noticed and, when Nurse So saw Dad, she was much more relaxed, unlike the other day when she had seen him, she had been more aggressive, he had seen something was wrong right away.

Besides, Nurse Sue had been nice to Grandpa before, no wonder Auntie and the others hadn’t noticed.

Second Aunt shook her head and said: “No, I had to get some doctors outside, to examine Dad carefully but nothing was found, the doctors said it was probably the virus from the black rain that was making Dad’s health worse.”

At that moment, Mu Yuezhi came in furiously and said angrily: “That nurse… we don’t know what she has given Dad, he keeps having diarrhoea, Yifan, go out and ask the soldiers to bring Dr Ye up to check on him.”

Mu Yifan had Dr Ye brought up and Zhao Yunxuan was alerted.

Zhao Yunxuan and Dr Ye went up to the seventy ninth floor and were immediately struck by the stench coming from the room.

“What’s wrong? Why does it smell so bad?”

Second Aunt heard the sound and came out of the room, shouting: “Dr Ye, come and check the old man’s body.”

Zhao Yunxuan heard this and asked: “Ling Hong, what’s wrong with Dad?”

Second Aunt quickly told her what had happened.

Mu Yifan was observing Zhao Yunxuan’s change of heart but, there was no change, she looked angry.

Was he wrong?

Zhao Yunxuan was furious and said: “How could this happen, we trusted the wrong person, I thought she would take good care of Dad, I didn’t think she would do this to him behind his back, this person needs to be dealt with.”

Liu Linghong nodded and said: “We thought so too.”

“How is Dad’s health now?” Zhao Yunxuan asked anxiously.

“There is a lot of diarrhoea, I don’t know what’s going on, we think it’s something to do with the medicine Nurse Su gave him.”

“I’ll go in and have a look.” Zhao Yunxuan went into the room but was stopped by Third Aunt Li Caiyu: “Dad’s in the bath, we’ll wait in the hall until they come out.”

Zhao Yunxuan had to wait with them in the hall, after about half an hour, the stench cleared and Dr Ye came out of the room.

Zhao Yunxuan immediately asked: “How is the old man’s health?”

Dr Ye said: “His diarrhoea has stopped, I’m going to go down and give him some more medicine to stop the diarrhoea and, the medicine I used to prescribe, was probably changed by Nurse Su.”

Zhao Yunxuan and the girls winced as they heard this.

Soon, Mu Yuecheng came out with a black face, sat down on the sofa and blamed themselves: “We were careless, we didn’t take good care of Dad, from now on, Ling Hong, Cai Yu, you don’t go looking for supplies, just stay in the building and take good care of Dad and you…”

Mu Yuecheng looked at Zhao Yunxuan and said sternly: “Don’t go out there all the time and leave Dad alone in the building.”

If Zhao Yunxuan didn’t have his powers, otherwise, he would have asked Zhao Yunxuan to go with him to find supplies.

“Uh huh.” Zhao Yunxuan knew he was in the wrong, he wouldn’t have dared to contradict Mu Yuecheng’s words.

Liu Linghong and Li Caiyu look at Zhao Yunxuan, they don’t say anything.

In fact, they had some complaints in their hearts, they had worked so hard and worked so hard to find supplies outside but this woman went out to play cards and socialize with other rich women in glamorous clothes every day.

However, this woman did have some skills, she brought in many partners for the Mu family and because of this, everyone turned a blind eye to it.

Mu Yuecheng looked to the soldiers and said: “Bring the woman out.”

Shortly after, the soldiers brought out Nurse Su.

When Nurse Su saw Mu Yuecheng and the others, she immediately cried out: “Admiral Mu, I really didn’t put the sludge on the old man’s body, how could I have done such a thing, you should know that for the past two months, I have been taking care of the old man to the best of my ability.”

“You have the nerve to say you’ve done your best.” Mu Yuecheng said angrily: “If you were doing your best, then why did we hear you beating my father and hear you calling him an old man and telling him to die quickly.”

Nurse Su hurriedly explained: “I’ve been serving the old man every day, for a long time, I’ve been angry, so I’ve said some things but, I haven’t done him any harm.”

Mu Yuefeng slammed the table and said angrily: “You have the nerve to say that you have not done any substantial harm? Just now, the sound of you hitting my father, was heard from inside to outside and I don’t know how you treated my father when you were not outside. Now that I think about it, it seems that since you came to the building, my father’s health has become weaker and weaker, did you do something in secret?”

Nurse Su refused to admit what she had done, Mu Yuecheng’s eyes grew colder and colder and he looked at Wang Kun beside him: “Do you know what to do?”


Immediately, Nurse Su was ashen, knowing that Mu Yuecheng wanted to use soldiers to torture the enemy to extract a confession, as she had heard people in the team say before and quickly crawled in front of Mu Yuecheng, shouting in fear:” Admiral Mu, how could I have done nothing to the old man, really.”

Mu Yuecheng didn’t want to see her face at all and shouted in a deep voice: “Get the man down now.”


Nurse Su was immediately dragged down by Wang Kun and the others.

“Admiral Mu, I’m really innocent.”

Mu Yuezhi stood up and said: “I’m going to hear her side of the story myself.”

Mu Yifan, who had been sitting silently, watching Zhao Yunxuan from the beginning to the end, did not see any weakness or anxiety in her eyes.

After Nurse Su has been taken away, the hall is quiet, the atmosphere is somewhat subdued.

Liu Linghong sighed as she thinks of what will happen to Nurse Su and then, notices that Mu Yifan has a child in her arms.

She said: “Yifan, whose child is that in your arms?”

They had been so preoccupied with Mu Yifan’s visit to B City and the old man, that they hadn’t noticed Mu Yifan was carrying a baby.

And, the child was very quiet, so, they didn’t notice.

Mu Yuefeng and Li Caiyu only noticed that Mu Yifan had a handsome baby in his arms when Liu Linghong said.

“My son.” Mu Yifan smiled.

“Your son?” Li Caiyu looked at him in amazement and said: “My God, when did you have a baby.”

She stood up and took the baby, the more she looked at it the more she liked it and said: “What a lovely baby is it really your son?”

“It’s really my son, my real son, Mu Qingtian.” Mu Yifan rubbed the child’s head and said: “Son, say hello.”

“Hello, Auntie.”

Mu Qingtian’s sweet voice, which made Li Caiyu kiss him on the cheek, said: “What a clever little boy, to know that I am your aunt and who is he?”

she asked, referring to Mu Yuefeng.

“It’s Third Uncle.”

Mu Yuefeng listened and his angry face softened.

“What about her?” Li Caiyu pointed at Liu Linghong again.

“It’s Second Aunt.”

Liu Linghong smiled happily and said: “This boy knows who we are, Yifan, this is the first time he saw us, did you teach him that?”

Mu Yuecheng was a little proud of himself when he heard them praise his grandson.

Mu Yifan smiles but doesn’t say anything.

Of course, he couldn’t have taught Mu Qingtian that.

By the way he addressed Liu Linghong and the others, Qingtian knew what to call each other.

“What about her? Do you know her name?”

It was not clear whether Li Caiyu had intended, or not, to point to Zhao Yunxuan.

Mu Qingtian looked at Zhao Yunxuan and then, turning back, leaned over Li Caiyu’s shoulder and said unhappily: “She is an old hag.”

   The crowd was stunned.

   They did not expect the little child to call Zhao Yunxuan that.

   Zhao Yunxuan’s whole face was ugly and embarrassed and her smile froze on her face, she didn’t know how to react.

“When Dad came to see Grandpa, the old hag didn’t recognize him as his son and called him a beggar and told him not to come here to see him again.”

   With a flash, the temperature in the hall dropped to zero.



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