Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 147: My happiness is in your hands

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 147: My happiness is in your hands

All eyes fell on Zhao Yunxuan.

   If eyes could kill, she would have been shot through many holes.

   Zhao Yunxuan’s head was lowered to the ground, she had no face to face Mu Yuefeng and the others, now she didn’t dare to say anything, she didn’t even dare to breathe.

   She had wanted Mu Yifan to be kept outside the gates of B City but, Mu Yifan had come back with Zhan Beitian.

   The Zhan family are no less powerful than they are, it’s easy to bring someone into the city, so, she wanted to stop Mu Yifan before he entered the building.

   But Mu Yifan had no idea that she had powers and used her as a threat to the soldiers, to bring Mu Yuecheng down and that was the end of the story.

Mu Yuefeng glared at Zhao Yunxuan, as she was his sister in law, he could not say anything but turned to Mu Yuecheng and asked in a stern voice: “Third Brother is this true?”

Mu Yuecheng had no intention of hiding, nor did he think of defending his wife and said: “It is true.”

   He was also angry with his wife’s behaviour and, at the dinner that day, had intended for Zhao Yunxuan to apologise to his eldest son but, after the incident with his youngest son, had put it behind him.

   Now that he mentions it, he is still very angry at his wife’s behaviour.

Mu Yuecheng looked at Zhao Yunxuan and said sternly: “Shouldn’t you explain, why you did that?”

A month earlier, when the soldiers had called his second son First Young Master, he hadn’t cared much, only that the soldiers didn’t know he had an elder son, or that he had two sons but couldn’t tell which was the elder and which was the younger and ignored it.

The outsiders didn’t need to explain anything, when Yifan came, he introduced them and everyone understood who was older and who was younger.

But, now that I think about it, both of them called Mu Yihang First Young Master, someone must have done it on purpose and without him saying it, I’m sure everyone here knew who it was.

“I… I was… I was… I was just messing around with Yifan.” Zao Yunxuan said meekly We had been waiting for over two months for him to come to B City and we were worried that something had happened to him.  We pretended we didn’t know him, to make him anxious too. But… but… But, he didn’t take it seriously.”

No one in the room believed her but, what could she do?

Mu Yuefeng They couldn’t make Mu Yuecheng divorce Zhao Yunxuan, could they?

Mu Yuecheng couldn’t punish Zhao Yunxuan as harshly as he did Nurse Su: “Don’t you apologise to Yifan.”

Zhao Yunxuan quickly said to Mu Yifan: “Yifan, I was joking with you that day, I hope you don’t mind, if I have upset you in any way, I am here to apologise, I hope you can forgive me.”

In front of Mu Yuecheng, Mu Yifan couldn’t say whether to forgive or not, so, he simply kept quiet, after all he was still angry with Zhao Yunxuan for what she had done.

Mu Yuecheng saw that Mu Yifan was silent and knew that his son had been very angry that day, otherwise, he would not have put his spear to Zhao Yunxuan’s neck.

He said: “Yunxuan, next time you do that, I will wonder if you can still be a mother.”

It was the first time since he had been married to Zhao Yunxuan, that he had seen Zhao Yunxuan’s stepmother’s villainy at its fullest.

Although Zhao Yunxuan had been unable to love Mu Yifan as her own son, he did not blame Zhao Yunxuan, after all, Mu Yifan was not her own son.

Regardless, Zhao Yunxuan did her part, she had everything she needed to buy for the child, school bags, blankets, household items and so on, she took care of it all.

Or other superficial things, she does them too but never in the way she did the other day. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Zhao Yunxuan simply apologise.

Zhao Yunxuan looked sharply at Mu Yuecheng and asked in shock: “Mu Yuecheng, what do you mean by that?”

Does this mean he wants to divorce her?

Mu Yuefeng and Li Caiyu looked at each other, Mu Yuecheng had said it all, they couldn’t blame them any more.

Mu Yifan felt that Mu Yuecheng had done enough for his son, no matter if what he said was true or not, so he spoke up and changed the subject: “Dad, did you get the best ID badges made? I’d like to take Qingtian on a trip to B.”

He had wanted to go out to find Zhan Beitian and the others on the third day after he arrived at the building but without an ID card, he had held off until now.

“I’ve done it for a long time, I’ve had so much to do in the last few days, I forgot to give you my ID badge.” Mu Yuecheng pulled his wallet out of his trouser pocket and hands them two golden tags.

Mu Yifan took the badges and said with a baffled face: “Why are they different from the others? Why are ours gold?”

He had previously described the Mu family, there was no such thing as an identity plate.

Liu Linghong laughed and said: “All of us in the Mu family are gold, the others have black and purple, green and other colours, I’ll explain in more detail later what they represent.”

“OK.” Mu Yifan put the plates away and said: “I’ll go out with Qingtian then.”

Mu Yuecheng asked: “Are you going out without breakfast?”

Mu Yifan remembered that he and his son hadn’t eaten yet and said: “That’s fine, we’ll go out after breakfast, Dad, you’ll have to lend me a car to go out later.”


After breakfast, Mu Yifan left the building with his son in the car, heading for the Zhan family, under the eyes of his two aunts who couldn’t bear to see their children.

In the car, Mu Yifan kept saying: “Son, you have to be good for me later, please please Grandpa, your father’s happiness depends on you.”

Mu Qingtian said: “Dad, isn’t it more important that you think about what you’re going to give Grandpa?”


   Mu Yifan was in a quandary.

   If the male protagonist’s grandfather looked like the real Zhan Beitian’s grandfather and had the same personality, he thought it would be better not to buy anything.

   After all, it’s the end of the world, if he gives something practical, like fruit and food and, knowing that he is from the Mu family, Master Lao Zhan will surely taunt him, both explicitly and implicitly, about how he and the Mu family have so many supplies and how they are so and how it was looted.

   If he had given Lao Zhan something like an antique, he would have been disgusted, both explicitly and implicitly, that he had the heart to play with such things during the post apocalyptic period, even though Lao Zhan would have liked it.

   When Mu Yifan thought about it, it occurred to him that at the time, he described in his book that Rong Yan had given Master Lao Zhan a gun, found in an arsenal.

   It was an antique gun made over a hundred years ago, very old fashioned but, much to Lao Zhan’s liking but it was not for sale until the end of the world and was kept as an exhibit in the arsenal.

   Master Lao Zhan’s main purpose when he went to the arsenal, was to see this gun.

   Mu Yifan furrows his brow.

   He couldn’t go to the arsenal now and get his hands on the gun before he went to see Master Lao Zhan, could he?

   But, he felt that the person Lao Zhan wanted to see most was his grandson.

“I think, sending you to Master Lao Zhan, would be the best gift, so, son, you must put in a good word for your father, once your grandfather is taken care of, your grandfather and grandmother will not be a problem.”

Mu Yifan felt happy when he thought: “My happiness is in your hands.”

Unfortunately, he thought too well, when he arrived at the Zhan family, not only did he not see Lao Zhan, he did not even see Zhan Beitian and, he was not even allowed to enter the gate.

The reason is simple, because his surname is Mu and he is only one character away from Mu Yihang, can the guards let him in?

Mu Yifan stood in the doorway in frustration, straining his neck to look into the courtyard, to see if he could see Zhan Beitian.

He didn’t want to give his real name but Master Lao Zhan hated being lied to, if he gave a false name this time, well, he wouldn’t have to come back next time.

“Comrade, I am friends and comrades, with your First Young Master, just tell him, I am Mu Yifan here to see him, when he hears this, he will come out to see me.”

The two soldiers at the door, did not even give him a look.

“Eh… Do you have to force me to do something, before you’ll call him out?”

Mu Yifan looked at them in dismay and, finally, had no choice but to lift the child in front of them and say: “Tell your Old Commissioner Zhan, I’ve sent him his grandson.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”



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