Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 148: My Great Grandchildren?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 148: My Great Grandchildren?

The two soldiers guarding the door immediately pricked up their ears like two wolf dogs, their unblinking gaze shifted two inches from Mu Yifan.

In the past, they would never have reacted too much to a child but, in the last few days, they had heard Old Commissioner Zhan talk about his grandson more than they had ever heard an instructor lecture.

As soon as Old Commissioner Zhan woke up, he would stand at the gate and talk to them about the grandchildren and tell them to inform him if they saw a woman with a child.

When they had heard these words so much that their ears were almost calloused and so, when Mu Yifan mentioned Old Commissioner Zhan’s grandchildren, they couldn’t help but look at them, even if it was a man who brought Old Commissioner Zhan’s grandchild to the door.

But, without looking, one can’t help but wonder: this boy looked so damn much like Major General Zhan.

If the man in front of them had suddenly changed his story and said that the boy was not the grandson of Old Commissioner Zhan, they would not have believed him.

Two seconds after Mu Yifan’s words, the soldier turned abruptly and strode inside, then, as he walked, he picked up speed and ran down the hall.

Just as he reached the door, he heard Lao Zhan exclaiming to Old Key: “Lao Cai, when do you think I’ll see my grandson?”

His grandson had told him that day that the child mother would not bring the child to see him until two days later but he had been waiting for four days and no one had come.

He was tired of waiting.

Cai Yuan laughed and said: “Master, don’t be anxious, Young Master has said that his mother will bring the child to you in a few days, he will bring him.”

“But, four days have passed, how come no one has come to the door yet. Look at me, I’m so desperate for my grandson that I can’t even hold a cup of tea, I can’t even walk properly, why can’t Beitian understand that I’m an old man who wants to see his grandson, can’t he take the initiative and bring the child over, to appease me, an old man?”

“Report.” shouted the soldier standing in the doorway.

Zhan Guoxiong gave the soldier a lazy ‘say something’ look.

“There’s a man outside who calls himself Mu Yifan, with what he said is the grandson of the military commission, at his door looking for Major General Zhan.” No sooner had the soldier said this than Cai Yuan saw the old man, who had just been bemoaning the fact that he could not even walk properly, run out like a gust of wind and shout in a loud voice: “Where is my grandson? Where is my grandson?”

He had been waiting for almost a month for his great grandson to arrive and if he didn’t, he would have wondered if his grandson’s mother didn’t like his grandson.

Mu Yifan, who was outside the villa, heard the loud voice, patted the boy’s little buttocks and smiled: “You’ve got a lot of honour, even Master Lao Zhan himself came out to greet you.”

Mu Qingtian smiled, showing two rows of cute little white teeth.

Zhan Guoxiong saw the little boy outside the gate from afar, his deep, wise eyes suddenly lit up, there was no need to wonder, that child was definitely his grandson, he looked just like him as a child.

He was sure of it but, when he came to Mu Yifan, he couldn’t help asking excitedly: “My great grandson?”

“Does Old Commissioner Zhan think he is not like Major General Zhan?”

Zhan Guoxiong nodded his head excitedly and said: “Like, like, like!”

He reached over to the child and said: “Here, let Great Grandpa hold you.”

Mu Qingtian did not immediately extend his hands but looked at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan knew that Mu Qingtian was doing this, to make Zhan Guoxiong understand that he was very important to the child.

“This is your great grandfather, let your great grandfather hug you.”

Mu Qingtian extended his two little arms towards Zhan Guoxiong.

Zhan Guoxiong happily took the baby.

Mu Yifan added: “Call me Great Grandpa.”

Mu Qingtian then called out: “Great Grandpa, hello.”

“Good! Good! Good!” Zhan Guoxiong was so happy that he said yes three times in a row.

Mu Qingtian handed Zhan Guoxiong the red apple he had taken out of space and said in a tender voice: “This is my gift to Grandpa, Dad said, the apple means peace, I hope Grandpa will always be safe.”

Mu Yifan was stunned, he didn’t expect Mu Qingtian to have such a trick.

He hadn’t taught him this before.

“The boy has a caring heart.” Zhan Guoxiong saw the fresh apples in the boy’s hand, he was so happy that he could hardly keep his mouth shut, his laughter drew the eyes of the soldiers at the door, they hadn’t seen Old Commissioner Zhan so happy in a long time.

He took the apple and said proudly to Cai Yuan who came up behind him: “Old Cai, look, this is the apple my great grandson gave me.”

It was good enough to see my grandson, I didn’t expect him to bring such a nice gift.


He must move this apple with his ice powers, when he thinks of it, he can take it out and look at it.

Cai Yuan smiled at the child who looked exactly like Zhan Beitian when he was a child and wondered at the wonders of human creation.

“Master, shouldn’t we let the guest in and sit down, it would be too rude.”

Zhan Guoxiong then remembered that they were still standing outside the gate and said: “Look at me, I’m an old fool, I didn’t even remember to invite people inside.”

He turned to Mu Yifan and said: “This young man, you have done a great job in bringing my grandson here, come on, let’s go in and have a seat, have a cup of tea.”

Mu Yifan was eager to do so, before entering the compound, he whispered to the soldier at the gate: “Could you please go and bring back Major General Zhan? Tell him his son has been sent back to the Zhan family.”

The soldier was so happy to see Old Commissioner Zhan, of course, happy to make the trip.

Mu Yifan follows him into the hall and sits down on the sofa opposite Zhan Guoxiong.

Cai Yuan immediately made a cup of tea for Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan was already thirsty, so, after thanking him, he took the tea and drank it without ceremony.

“Young man, why is my great grandson’s mother not here?” asked Zhan Guoxiong, who was playing with his child.

“Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!” choked the troubled man who was drinking tea.

Mu Qingtian looked happily at Mu Yifan.

Cai Yuan, who was sitting next to him, patted him on the back and said: “Is everything all right?”

Mu Yifan waved his hand and said: “No… I’m fine.”

Not at all!

   As soon as he heard Zhan Guoxiong’s words, he knew that Zhan Beitian hadn’t made it clear to Happy who had the baby.

   But, it’s not Zhan Beitian’s fault.

   After all, Zhan Guoxiong was old, if he told the truth, it might have irritated Zhan Guoxiong.

Mu Yifan coughed lightly and quickly dropped the subject to Zhan Beitian: “The matter of the child’s mother… I’ll let Major General Zhan talk to you.”

Zhan Guoxiong and Cai Yuan were both shrewd men, they could see that Mu Yifan didn’t want to get into the child’s fucking business, so they didn’t ask any more questions.

“Young man, I haven’t asked you your name yet.”

Mu Yifan didn’t dare hide his name: “My name is Mu, Mu as in envy, Mu Yifan.”

“Mu Yifan?” Zhan Guoxiong said in a soft voice and then, thinking of something, he asked: “You’re from the Mu family? Who is Mu Yihang to you?”

“My brother.”

At these words, the atmosphere in the hall sank a little.

“Before, how come I have not heard of you?” Zhan Guoxiong asks.

   He had thought that this young man was a fucking relative of Tai Sun Tzu’s and had sent the child here but he hadn’t expected to be from the Mu family.

   Zhan Guoxiong thought for a moment, was Tai Sun Zi’s mother also from the Mu family? That’s why, she didn’t dare to bring the child to the door?

   If that’s the case, it’s a very difficult matter.

   After all, the relationship between the Zhan family and the Mu family has been getting more and more difficult lately and it seems difficult to get the grandson over, or to tie the knot between the two families.

   In fact, it’s quite inexplicable that his second grandson is in trouble with Mu Yihang, the son of Mu Yuecheng.

   His second grandson said it was Mu Yihang who provoked him to attack him.

   However, Mu Yihang did not admit to this and was sincere in stating that he was new to B City and had never met Zhan Nantian and that he was new to B City and without knowing each other’s identities, he could not have started a fight in B City where there were so many powerful people.

   Zhan Guoxiong has always been a good judge of character and judging by Mu Yihang’s attitude, he thinks Mu Yihang is not lying.

   But he knew his second grandson, he was not one to accuse people falsely and, being gentle and courteous, he would never shoot anyone on impulse, whether he was right or wrong, he would always apologise first and then convince people with reason.

   His second grandson must have said something to make him angry but he asked him what it was about and he wouldn’t tell him, as if it would offend his privacy.

   So, he couldn’t ask more questions, he couldn’t decide who was right and who was wrong and the relationship between the two families became increasingly strained.



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