Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 149: Daddy’s Best

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 149: Daddy’s Best

The affair between Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang and the feud that followed.

Whenever the two meet, there is a gunfight and later, with the powers, there is even more trouble.

At first, Zhan Guoxiong was able to sit down with the Mu family outside and settle things calmly but several times, to no avail and he grew out of it.

Only when there was evidence that his second grandson was at fault, or that something else had happened, would he come back to talk to the Mu family about the matter.

But, Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang are like enemies from a previous life, they always get into trouble when they meet and, the Mu family always say that Zhan Nantian started it, if the Zhan family don’t stop Zhan Nantian’s behaviour, they’ll get into trouble. if the Zhan family don’t stop the Zhan Nantian, they won’t be polite.

Of course they the Zhan family were not afraid of the Mu family, so they ignored the Mu family and did not take any notice of their invitations and the Mu family came to them repeatedly.

Perhaps this angered Mu Yuecheng and then, Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang got into it and the Mu family came to the Zhan family as usual to argue their case and did their best to keep the outside world from talking about the Mu family. the Mu family.

But, in secret, they have found people to deal with the Zhan Nantian or to put pressure on the Zhan family, or even to rob them of supplies.

The Zhan family are not so easy to bully, the Mu family take their supplies, then they take the Mu family’s supplies too.

So, the Mu family and the Zhan family have been fighting more in secret than in public, it is said that, the other day, his second grandson injured Mu Yihang and he is still in bed.

In the past, he might have asked the Zhan family to bring someone to see Mu Yihang, or to apologise but now the two families are in such a state of disagreement that they have simply ignored the matter and have not seen Mu Yuecheng in person.

It just never occurred to him that his grandson’s mother might be a member of the Mu family.

Mu Yifan said with a smile: “I only returned to B City with Major General Zhan a few days ago, so, it’s not surprising that you haven’t heard of me.”

He smiled outwardly but, inwardly, he was nervous.

Although Lao Zhan’s attitude was the same as before, nothing had changed but, this Zhan Guoxiong was the same as the Zhan Guoxiong he knew in reality, so, from what he knew of the real Zhan Guoxiong, the less Lao Zhan changed, the more it proved that he was not welcome.

“Is my grandson’s mother’s surname also Mu?” Zhan Guoxiong asks.

Mu Yifan stuttered, thinking, could Zhan Guoxiong have seen something?

He looked at Zhan Guoxiong’s expression, not quite as if he could tell he was the provincial Mu Qingtian and cautiously replied: “Yes.”

Zhan Guoxiong’s eyes grew darker and darker.

That’s true.

Mu Qingtian also sensed that Zhan Guoxiong did not welcome Mu Yifan and immediately held out his hands to Mu Yifan and said: “Daddy, hug!”

Zhan Guoxiong and Cai Yuan were stunned.

“Daddy? My grandson calls you daddy? Isn’t he my grandson’s son?” Zhan Guoxiong stared incredulously at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan hurriedly took the child and explained: “It is Major General Zhan’s son but, the child is called Major General Zhan by his father.”

Then, he added silently in his mind: “It is also my son, it is my own son born from my womb.

Zhan Guoxiong breathed a sigh of relief.

Cai Yuan asked: “Has Little Young Master adopted Mr Mu as his godfather?”

Mu Yifan nodded and said: “Sort of.”

The situation was now so bad, he didn’t dare tell the truth, for fear that Lao Zhan would have a heart attack.

Zhan Guoxiong grunted coldly: “You’ve made a great bargain, by the way, I don’t know the name of the baby yet?”

He noticed that his grandson was quite attached to Mu Yifan and, Mu Yifan seemed to occupy an important place in his grandson’s heart.

When he came to the door, the child would only do what Mu Yifan said, he listened to Mu Yifan.

“My name is Mu…”

Before Mu Qingtian could finish his sentence, Mu Yifan quietly pinched his little buttocks.

Mu Yifan kept praying that the little boy would not cause him any trouble, if Master Lao Zhan found out that the little boy had his surname, he would have his skin ripped off and thrown out of the Zhan family.

“Mu what?” Zhan Guoxiong wonders.

Mu Qingtian is smart, understands what Mu Yifan means and changes his mouth to say: “My name is Mu Tian, Zhan Mutian.”

Cai Yuan laughed and said: “That’s a nice name, just too similar to your father’s name, it’s easy to get confused.”

Zhan Guoxiong nodded and then, thinking of something, looked kindly at the child and asked: “Mutian, did Mr Mu teach you what you said about apples for peace?”

“Who is Mr Mu?” Mu Qingtian pretended not to know who Zhan Guoxiong was referring to.

Mu Yifan hears this and gives a silent nod to the child.

“It’s…” Zhan Guoxiong.” Zhan Guoxiong coughed uncomfortably: “Your father.”

The little boy nodded his head and said: “Daddy taught me, my daddy, he’s the best.”

He turned his head and gave Mu Yifan a kiss on the chin, to the envy, jealousy and hatred of Zhan Guoxiong sitting opposite him!

His heart was sore, the boy had never kissed him as his grandfather since he entered the house.

Mu Yifan was almost killed by Zhan Guoxiong’s jealous eyes.

Next, Zhan Guoxiong’s every word was either sour or barbed, Mu Yifan was about to collapse, the other man was the elder, he couldn’t say anything.

It was a bad day, he would have to find a way to please Zhan Guoxiong next time.

He had thought Zhan Beitian was at home but after seeing Zhan Guoxiong greet him personally, he knew Zhan Beitian was not at the villa.

Now, he couldn’t wait to get out of here.

But, after entering a tiger’s den, he couldn’t just leave, luckily, he had sent the soldiers to find Zhan Beitian.

After an hour or so in the Zhan family, the soldier who had gone to look for the Zhan Beitian returned.


Master Lao Zhan, who was playing with the child, looked up at the door and said: “Yes?”

“Major General Zhan said he had not seen the child for several days and wanted Mr Mu to bring the child to his camp, to see him.”

When Mu Yifan heard this, he was immediately relieved.

If the soldier does not return, he will be stabbed to death by Master Lao Zhan’s words, then Zhan Beitian can come back and collect the body.

Zhan Guoxiong was unhappy: “The camp is in such a mess, how can you let the boy go there, won’t he come back to see the boy?”

“There’s a little thing going on at the camp, Major General Zhan won’t be back for a while, so, wants Mr Mu to take him there.”

Zhan Guoxiong had only seen the child for a short time, he could not let him go but the soldier added: “Major General said, he would send someone to bring the child back for dinner in the evening and, the child would also stay with the Zhan family. family.”

Only then did he relent and let Mu Yifan take the child away.

Zhan Guoxiong escorted him out the door and warned: “Mr Mu, don’t bring the child back to the Mu family in the middle of the day.”

“No, I won’t.” Mu Yifan got into the car and drove away.

Looking in the rear-view mirror, he saw the Zhan family getting further and further away, relieved again.

Next to him Mu Qingtian said: “Dad, Grandpa doesn’t seem to like you very much.”

“I knew that.” Mu Yifan had known on his way to the Zhan family that Zhan Guoxiong would not give him a good look, today it was just a barbed comment, it was a sign of respect for the boy.

He followed the address given to him by the soldier and found Zhan Beitian’s camp, it was a high school, a territory occupied by the Zhan family after the end of the world, it was left empty, until Zhan Beitian returned and handed over the high school to Zhan Beitian. Beitian’s hands.

Zhan Beitian used it as his camp, housing the hundreds of people he brought from G City.

The soldiers who had been with him, on receiving news of Zhan Beitian’s return to B City, came to the school with their families to find Zhan Beitian and joined him.

Mu Yifan arrived at the school gates and saw Zheng Guozong waiting for him with a big smile on his lips.

Mu Qingtian was even happier than Mu Yifan when he saw Zheng Guozong and leaned out of the car, waving his hand happily and saying: “Grandpa Zheng, Grandpa Zheng.”

After all, the child had been with him for over a month, how could he not be happy.

Zheng Guozong saw the child and immediately burst into smiles and ran over to him, saying: “Qingtian, do you miss Grandpa Zheng?”

“Yes.” Mu Qingtian stretched out his hand from the window and asked Zheng Guozong to carry him out.

After Zheng Guozong took the baby out, he saw Mu Yifan coming out of the car and immediately teased him: “Were you nervous when you saw Lao Zhan?”

Mu Yifan waved his hand and said: “Forget it, he just about kicked me out.”

“Ha ha, Major General Zhan knew his grandfather wouldn’t give you a good look, so, he had the soldiers call you over.”

“Ha ha, he’s so sweet!” Mu Yifan smiled happily and said: “Where is he?”

Zheng Guozong pointed towards the playground and said: “Well, isn’t that him?”



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