Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 150: You have made me miss you

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 150: You have made me miss you

Standing on the playground, Zhan Beitian stood with a strong and dignified posture, Mu Yifan saw his person at once.

“My boy’s father oozes manliness.” he said, smiling: “It’s fascinating! Quack, don’t you think?”

Zheng Guozong smiled and said: “Yes, your man is so manly, come on, go and find your child’s father, it’s been a few days, you must have missed him.”

Mu Yifan didn’t talk to him, he ran straight to Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian is in the middle of explaining things to the new soldiers in the group, he doesn’t even notice Mu Yifan coming.

“Before we go on the mission tomorrow, I have ten points to make clear, number one, when we go on the mission tomorrow, I want…”

“Report.” A voice, deliberately lowered, interrupted Zhan Beitian loudly: “Major General Zhan, your child’s mother is here to see you.”

“…” Zhan Beitian turned his head at the sound of his voice and saw Mu Yifan looking at him with a smile on his face.

Mu Yifan smiled and asked: “Are you free now?”

He looked at the group next to him and said: “If there’s more to be done, I’ll wait for you on the other side.”

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes flashed invisibly, “That’s all.”

The crowd: “…”

Didn’t they just say they had a pilot to talk about?

They don’t know what it is yet, how come it’s over?

Zhan Beitian looked over to Mao Yu and said: “You can teach them what to do later.”

“…” Mao Yu stood up straight and said: “Yes.”

He found that the boss was becoming more and more unprincipled when it came to Mu Yifan.

Zhan Beitian led Mu Yifan out of the playground and into the office building.

Mu Yifan saw that there was no one in the office building, he stopped pretending to be serious and immediately threw his arms around Zhan Beitian’s waist, resting his head on his arms, leaning his body weight on Zhan Beitian’s body and saying: “Father, you made me miss you so much.”

Zhan Beitian looked at the man on top of him and dragged him upstairs.

“You don’t know how much I miss my son’s face when I don’t see you, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kissed his face in the last few days, it’s almost as if I’m kissing his skin off. It’s so hard not to have a mobile phone, I can’t even hear your voice.”

“…” Zhan Beitian continued to walk upstairs.

Mu Yifan looked up and said: “Why don’t you say anything? I was away for a few days, did you miss me and the baby?”

Zhan Beitian stopped at one of the offices on the third floor, took out his key and opened the door.

Mu Yifan saw him opening the door and lets go, looked at the man who doesn’t say a word and thinks, he’s not welcome here is he?

Zhan Beitian walked into the office, looked at the man who is still standing in the doorway, spreads his hands and said: “Come here.”

Mu Yifan saw the light smile in his eyes and immediately smiled widely, jumped on top of Zhan Beitian and with both feet retracted, clamped down on him and said: “I was scared to death, I thought you didn’t welcome me!”

   With that, he quickly kissed Zhan Beitian on the cheek.

   Zhan Beitian quickly held his body steady, his mouth curved up in a curve and said: “Did you suffer at the Mu family and the child?”

   That night, he had received word that Zhao Yunxuan had disowned Mu Yifan, he had been worried but was relieved to hear that Mu Yifan had made it into the building, he had been worried that the silly boy had been bullied.

   Especially as he hadn’t been able to get anyone to come to his door for the past few days, if he didn’t turn up today or tomorrow, he would have had to make a trip to the building.

Mu Yifan lowered his legs and with a grunt said: “I am the Mu family First Young Master, who dares to give me a hard time.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything, rubbed his hair and said: “Did you tell your father about the baby?”

“Yes, I mentioned several times that the child was mine but my father didn’t understand, he thought I had it with another woman, then, I tried to explain more about the child but was interrupted by the Mu Yihang affair, by the way, what happened to your cousin? What happened? What did Mu Yihang say or make him so angry?”

Mu Yifan was fine with Zhan Nantian hurting Mu Yihang but, the two of them got in the way of him and Zhan Beitian.

Even the Mu family may not approve of him and Zhan Beitian, not to mention Lao Zhan’s disapproval of their relationship in the future.

It’s sad to think, he’s finally realised he likes men and when he tries to woo the one he likes, suddenly there’s a big obstacle.

Zhan Beitian frowned and said: “I’ve been back for days, I haven’t seen Nantian yet, Grandpa said he hasn’t returned from his trip to look for supplies.”

He was actually quite surprised, he had hardly seen Nantian angry since he was a child, so, what had angered Nantian.

“By the way, you were at the Zhan family, did Grandpa give you a hard time?”

“There’s no such thing as embarrassment, old people, they’re easy to coax.” said Mu Yifan, confidently.

He can handle Zhan Guoxiong in reality, I don’t believe he can’t handle Old Commissioner Zhan in the book.



He was not ready today, he was really not ready, when he is ready next time, he will take down Zhan Guoxiong and make him give up his grandson.

Zhan Beitian saw how confident he was and raised his eyebrows, he really didn’t want to undermine his confidence.

“Don’t talk about them.” I’ll stay with you tonight, in the same room, in the same bed and under the same blanket.”

“The bed here is small.” said Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan smiled and said: “It’s all right, it’s healthier to squeeze in and better to work.”

Zhan Beitian looked at him thoughtfully and said: “What do you want to do?”

Mu Yifan smiled wryly, he was about to say something, when there were footsteps outside and withdrew his words.

Zhan Beitian looked at the time and said: “It’s almost time for dinner, we’ll talk afterwards.”


The two men walked out of the office and saw the aunt who was responsible for cleaning the office building cleaning up.

Zhan Beitian told her to go and eat and come back in the afternoon and then, taking Mu Yifan, left.

The aunt thought the sight of two men holding hands was rather odd and looked at them and as they went downstairs, heard the other man asking Major General Zhan to be taken by him.

This aroused her curiosity and she went to the staircase and looked down.

Mu Yifan jumped up to Zhan Beitian’s double and then, kissed Zhan Beitian hard on the cheek.

The scene made her stare in disbelief, no matter how she looked at it, she thinks the two men downstairs are a couple.

Second floor, Zhan Beitian held the man on his back, looked at the shadow reflected in the wall on the first floor from above, allows the man behind him to kiss him intimately, walked to the ground floor with the man on his back.

Mu Yifan also has the sense to get off Zhan Beitian’s back as soon as he reaches the ground floor, so as not to make Zhan Beitian lose his authority.

After eating, Zhan Beitian said about tomorrow’s mission: “I’m taking a team out of B City tomorrow, to look for supplies, I’ll probably be gone for a week or so, do you want to come along?”

Mu Yifan shook his head without thinking and said: “No.”

Xiang Guo and the others didn’t welcome him at all, he didn’t want to make a nuisance of himself, besides he had other things to do, like finding the crystals to enhance his powers and finding the ancient gun that Master Lao Zhan liked.

Zhan Beitian asked: “Are you worried that the Mu family will see you with me?”

“No, I’ve got a trip out of B City myself, I don’t know when but, the day you get back, I should be back too.”

“Can you tell me, where you’re going?”

Mu Yifan recalled the exact location of the arsenal in the novel: “I’ll go northwest.”

   He was going to fight for crystals to train himself and go to the arsenal at the same time.

   Zhan Beitian’s eyes flickered, he didn’t ask any more questions.

   Before nightfall, Mu Qingtian was picked up by the Zhan family soldiers and taken back to the Zhan family, Mu Yifan stays directly in the Zhan Beitian camp.

   In order not to worry Mu Yuecheng, a survivor was sent to the building to inform Mu Yuecheng that he would not be returning to the building for the next few days.

   That night, Mu Yifan jumped into the Zhan Beitian bed, which was a metre and a half wide and rolled around with the covers.

   All he could think about was how he was going to get Zhan Beitian underneath him and as he thought about it, his dick came out of nowhere.

   But, as soon as he thought of the virus all over his body, he wilted again and finally, he had to leave several hickeys on the more visible parts of Zhan Beitian’s body, before he reluctantly fell asleep, much to Zhan Beitian’s amusement.

   In Zhan Beitian’s eyes, Mu Yifan looked like a husky who hadn’t been taken advantage of and looked so miserable, that it was hard to say anything more.

   With a sigh he took the sleeping man into his arms and closed his eyes. Before he fell asleep, he thought that he had to find a way to get rid of the virus.



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