Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 151: Zhan Nantian

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 151: Zhan Nantian

The next morning at six o’clock, everyone in the camp was up for exercise.

Zhan Beitian’s sleeveless black T-shirt quickly caught everyone’s attention, not his clothes, of course but the hickeys on the outside of his shirt.

The hickeys are very visible, not only on his neck but also on his arms and it’s clear that Zhan Beitian has had some kind of intense workout last night, it’s just not clear who Zhan Beitian was working out with.

All eyes were on Zhan Beitian, only a few are on Mu Yifan.

“Did you have a good time with Major General Zhan last night?” Zheng Guozong whispers to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said glumly: “Forget it.”

It was painful to watch and not get tired of eating, so, he couldn’t live with himself without sucking on Zhan Beitian’s body.

So, he didn’t think too much about it, or about showing off in front of everyone else but when he got up today and saw the way everyone was looking at Zhan Beitian, he thought he’d gone too far last night.

It’s not like it’s a cold day, his clothes can’t even cover the hickeys he left behind.

“Mu Yifan, you’re having sex with the boss, I don’t care but, could you please behave yourself?” Xiang Guo said angrily as he stepped forward.

   Mu Yifan was already depressed and was even more depressed when Xiang Guo said: “Watch out for what? Does it mean that if a woman left hickeys on your boss’s body, you’ll think your boss is particularly brave?”


   I was already upset!

   And he’s coming back for more!

   Xiang Guo was left speechless.

Mu Yifan lost his appetite and said to Zheng Guozong: “I’ve got something to do, I’ll skip breakfast, you tell Beitian for me.”

“When will you come back next time?” Zheng Guozong asked.

Mu Yifan knew he would be lonely without his family, he patted him on the shoulder and said: “I’m going out to B City today, I’ll come and see you in a few days, if I see Zheng Jiaming, I’ll persuade him to come back to you.”


Zhan Guoxiong saw Mu Yifan off, came to Zhan Beitian who was talking to Mao Yu and said: “Mu Mu said, he had to leave, he wouldn’t be here for breakfast.”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows abruptly and said: “What’s going on?”

   Mu Yifan would have told him if he was leaving, he couldn’t believe he didn’t have time to tell him and now he was leaving without saying anything, something was wrong.

   Zheng Guozong is not hiding anything, looked at Xiang Guo and goes to the canteen for breakfast.

   Zhan Beitian’s indifferent gaze falls on Xiang Guo, then, he looked away again and continued to discuss the previous matter with Mao Yu.

   He knew it would be difficult to get Xiang Guo to accept Mu Yifan, even he had spent countless nights thinking about it, before slowly accepting Mu Yifan from the bottom of his heart.

   So, to get Xiang Guo to accept Mu Yifan in their hearts, it would take time, to get them to change their initial views.

   Xiang Guo was a bit embarrassed by Zhan Beitian.

   He can’t help but feel angry whenever he saw Mu Yifan, a habit he’s had since many years ago.

   Besides, Mu Yifan had done that to them, it was impossible to get them to forgive Mu Yifan for what he had done, if Mu Yifan didn’t have another relationship with the boss now, otherwise, he would have beaten him up.

    After Mu Yifan left Zhan Beitian territory, he drove straight to the union camp, where the survivors had gathered to go out for supplies.

   Any survivor who does not have a regular group can go to the union camp and find a group.

   Mu Yifan arrived at the union camp, found a place to stop his car and went to the camp to find a group in the direction of the arsenal.

   He originally wanted to go to the arsenal alone but now without a navigator, in the thick woods, the map doesn’t work, so, he has to find someone who knows the way to the arsenal.

   Mu Yifan searched around the camp but could not find a suitable group.

Just then, there was a commotion at the entrance to the camp and the survivors exclaimed: “Second Young Master Zhan is back, it’s Second Young Master Zhan.”

Mu Yifan heard them shout the word ‘war’ and with a twitch of his eyebrows, asked the man next to him: “Excuse me, Second Young Master Zhan is…”

The person asked looked at him like he was an idiot and said: “You don’t know who Second Young Master Zhan is? Then Old Commissioner Zhan’s second grandson, you know that, don’t you? If you don’t know, I’d advise you not to hang around B City.”

“Zhan Nantian? I’ve heard of him but, why is everyone so excited to see him?”

The man quipped: “Second Young Master Zhan is a good man, every time he took the Zhan family in search of supplies, he comes to the union camp and picked someone with little self-preservation to go with them so that we survivors wouldn’t starve to death in the short term.”

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “That’s a good man.”

   The Zhan Nantian in his novel, although a gentle and polite man, had never taken other survivors in search of supplies, at best, he was out helping those in need.

   But now this Zhan Nantian, who was even nicer than the Zhan Nantian he portrayed, made him very curious.

   Mu Yifan saw that there were too many people blocking the gate and had to go up to the union building to see what his Zhan Nantian looked like.

   Outside the gate, a crowd of people, a few of them out to thank Zhan Nantian for taking care of them before, others to butter up Zhan Nantian and some hoping that Zhan Nantian will take them out with him next time to look for supplies.

   Mu Yifan’s eyes glance around the crowd, soon settling on the white figure surrounded by the crowd, a tall figure that attracts attention easily.

   The man in white in particular was like a star in the sky, surrounded by a huge crowd, like a star in the sky, the crowd was very enthusiastic, only the people weren’t shouting for autographs.

   The only pity was that the White Clothed man had his back to him, so he could not see the man’s face.

Mu Yifan furrowed his brow and murmured: “Why don’t you turn around.”

   As soon as he said this, the other man turned and looked up as if he had heard him and suddenly met his eyes.

   Mu Yifan caught sight of the White Clothed man’s svelte face and, at once, was struck dumb.

   Holy shit!

   Wasn’t the White Clothed Man down there the man in white that he had met outside the entrance to his villa before the end of the world?

   Mu Yifan’s eyes are filled with shock, he stared down at the man below in disbelief.

   Oh my God!

   Is he Zhan Nantian?

   Zhan Beitian’s cousin?

   This… What the hell is going on here?

   He remembered that the White Clothed man was a zombie but, how could he be Master Lao Zhan’s second grandson?

   This was unbelievable and beyond his wildest dreams.

   Zhan Nantian curled his lips slightly, motioned for someone to get out of the way, walked towards the union building and then, came to Mu Yifan.

Without speaking, he looked Mu Yifan up and down and then, with a deeper smile on his lips, he extended his hand and introduced himself: “My name is Zhan Nantian, nice to meet you, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan looked back, quickly composed himself, shook hands with Zhan Nantian and said in a complicated way: “I didn’t expect you to be Zhan Nantian.”

   What was he to tell Zhan Beitian about this?

Zhan Nantian said in a profound way: “The world happens so loudly every day, how many things can you think of?”

“Indeed.” Mu Yifan does not deny it.

“Mu Yifan, I’ve been waiting for you in B City for a long time, aren’t you a bit slow in coming to B City.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Why did you wait for me?”

Without answering, Zhan Nantian said: “You are a little slow but, you have changed more than I could have imagined.”

Mu Yifan looked deep into his eyes and said: “To borrow your words, with all that happens in the world every day, how many things can you imagine.”

Zhan Nantian laughed lightly and said: “That’s right and I’m so pleased with the way you’ve changed, I thought I’d only see you outside B City but I didn’t think you’d make it inside.”

Then, he straightened his face and said: “No one has found out who you are, have they?”

Mu Yifan spread his hands and said: “Look at me now, who can find out who I am.”

Zhan Nantian narrowed his eyes and said: “No, indeed, if I hadn’t known you were the dead… I might have been fooled by your identity, which made me wonder what you’ve been up to in the past two months or so.”

“There have been many, more than you can imagine.” said Mu Yifan, looking at Zhan Nantian.

He was like Zhan Nantian, if he hadn’t known Zhan Nantian was a zombie, he wouldn’t have known he was his own kind.



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