Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 153: The Arsenal

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 153: The Arsenal

Within five kilometres of separating from the previous group, Mu Yifan’s tyres were blown out by a mutant willow tree on the road and eventually, the car was smashed in half.

He was lucky to get away quickly, otherwise, even his body would have been cut in half.

Mu Yifan saw the car in pieces, he felt very depressed.

He hadn’t gone far from B City and there was no car left, how was he going to get to the arsenal?

Then, thinking of Zhuang Ziyue’s ability to fly through the sky with his wind powers, he started to learn how to fly with his wind powers himself.

Although the wind power allows him to rise quickly, he only dares to fly about a metre and, because he is not very skilled, he gets a wobbly feeling when he flies and he goes left and right, very unstable, he could fall at any time.

Mu Yifan almost fell from a height on a few occasions.

However, he soon found his flying skills and kept himself in the air and rose higher and higher, out of the woods.

The view opens up and as far as the eye can see, there are tall trees and the world feels like a primeval forest.

Excitedly, he accelerates high up in the air, like a plane and in the blink of an eye he is ten kilometres away. But before he could get enough of the air, he was attacked by the mutant plants below and the mutant birds in the sky.

He rushes back to the ground, for the first time out on his own, not quick enough to react to the danger outside and has to deal with two mutant plants and animals in a frenzied manner.

In a matter of minutes, he was bruised and battered by the mutant plants and animals and on a couple of occasions he was even poked through the body by a mutant branch.

If it wasn’t for his healing powers, he would have been lying on the ground.

In the post-apocalyptic world, mutant plants and mutant animals are not much different, they don’t distinguish between their companions and will attack if they see someone or are in danger.

Mutant plants in particular do not care if you are a human or a zombie, they will attack anything that moves in front of them.

It took Mu Yifan half an hour to kill the mutant plants and the mutant animals and to dig out the cores of the two derogatory plants and animals.

He got up and looked at his tattered clothes, like a beggar and said to himself: “I need more exercise.”

   How was he going to get to the arsenal when he had to deal with two newly mutated animals and plants at the same time?

   And that’s why he went to B City, apart from finding the ancient gun and finding the crystal cores to improve himself and to train himself, now he has to improve his zombie level as soon as possible.

   After his encounter with the Zhan Nantian, he was worried that he might be controlled by the Zhan Nantian at any time, especially since the Zhan family and the Mu family were not on good terms and that the Zhan Nantian might be able to take over his life.  The Zhan Nantian might drive him against the Mu family, which is the last thing he wants.

   So, he wanted to improve his abilities in a short time. This is the first time since he crossed over into fiction, that he is so eager to gain strength.

   Mu Yifan rested in place for a moment and continued to use his powers to fly forward.

   Whenever he encounters a mutated plant or animal, he stopped to practice his reflexes and how to use his wind powers to their full potential.

   And so, Mu Yifan went from being an extremely unresponsive zombie, to a very responsive zombie and from being a zombie who fled with his wind powers for fear of being stabbed in the head, to being brave enough to take a silver spear and hit back.

   He has also trained his wind powers to perfection, especially as he is the author of the novels and is more familiar with the moves of the various powers than any other mutant.

   Whenever he is attacked, his first reaction is to use his powers to fight back, or to surround himself with a whirlwind, any danger that comes near will be rebounded or killed by his wind powers.

   Four days have gone by, Mu Yifan spent his days exercising his powers and his nights rushing, as he stays up in danger, he doesn’t dare close his eyes for half a second, for fear that if he does, he will lose his life.

   Now he feels like a special forces soldier who has been given a crash course and in a short space of time, has made a qualitative improvement.

It’s true, you have to be in a tough environment, to sharpen your skills, otherwise, you never know if you can do it.

In the past four days, he had killed many mutant plants and animals, extracted the crystal cores from their bodies and taken advantage of them.

Many of the mutant plants and animals that had been killed by the survivors had not had their cores removed, so he had taken advantage of them.

He did some rough calculations in his mind, in four days, he got about a hundred crystal nuclei, enough to advance his powers by one level and the thought of it, made him feel good.

When he returned to B City, he would have to get some more cores for Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan took the map of the Arsenal out of his backpack again, compares his surroundings and estimates that it will be another 50 kilometres before he reaches his destination.

But, the number of zombies and mutated plants and animals was increasing, every step was difficult and he had made it all the way here alone, not only because he was a zombie and didn’t have to worry about being infected by zombies but also because of his powerful healing powers.

He has recovered in no time from every wound he has received, all these wounds he has received have killed him many times, if it wasn’t for his healing powers, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

Mu Yifan put the map of the Arsenal in his backpack, thinking how he can get to the Arsenal in one go, in charge, he won’t last long here on his own.

Before, he thought if he met a group here, he would join them but the closer he got to the Arsenal, the less people he saw and the rest of the day, not a soul in sight.

Of course, one of the main reasons for this, was that there were not many supplies at the arsenal and, as he had arrived by air, it was only natural that he did not meet many people.

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and decided to use his wind powers, to speed up and enter the factory.

According to his novel, the arsenal is full of zombies, so, once he gets inside he is safe.

After Mu Yifan is in the air, he used his wind powers to speed up, almost instantly and heads for the factory.

The arsenal is located in the middle of a mountain, so remote that unless you look carefully you won’t know there is a large factory.

It took Mu Yifan about half an hour to find out where it was, thankfully there were no mutant plants or animals outside, otherwise he would not have got here so well.

Mu Yifan dropped down to the ground from a height, surrounded by the junior deadly people walking around.

Judging by the overalls they are wearing, a small number are factory workers and a large number are wearing ordinary clothes, they look like ordinary people.

It is likely that these zombies came here to look for weapons and were accidentally scratched by zombies and became zombies.

The moment Mu Yifan saw the zombies, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

It’s been three months since we entered the post-apocalyptic world but, seeing the rotting faces of the zombies, there’s still a small pang in my heart, I can’t look them in the face.

It’s especially eerie here with the trees blocking out the sunlight, so, after seeing the faces of the zombies, it’s even more terrifying.

Mu Yifan quickly withdrew his gaze, remembering that the ancient guns were in the production area and immediately searched the production hall. Having trained himself over the past four days, he had learned to be alert and observant, not to run recklessly into the factory.

He will only go in when he is sure there is no potential danger.

“I’ve sucked up all the crystals I called for, I need to go outside again to look for them, I won’t be back for another day or two, if you suck up the crystals don’t do it all at the same time, at least one of you has to keep watch for you, OK? “Suddenly, a man’s voice came out.

Mu Yifan heard the voice and quickly retracted his body.

He sensed that the speaker was a zombie and a senior zombie at that, besides, there were nine other senior and intermediate zombies inside.

Mu Yifan’s frown tightened a little.

When he described Rong Yan’s search for the ancient gun, he only encountered one the senior zombie, why did so many the senior zombie appear now?

It’s only been three months since the end of the world, how come there are suddenly so many the senior zombie and, they even know how to absorb crystals to enhance their abilities.

“I’m going out to look for crystals too.”

“Me too.”

“I’m going too.”

“I’m going too.”

“Then let’s go together.” said the male zombie from before.

In a few moments, Mu Yifan saw four men and a woman coming out of the factory.



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