Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 154: The Zombie King’s Best Men

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 154: The Zombie King’s Best Men

Mu Yifan quickly cowered into a corner.

I don’t know if it was because he was higher than the zombies, they didn’t notice his presence.

After the five zombies came out of the workshop, the junior zombies outside gave way to them and then, got into the car and left the factory.

“Jen… Jen and the others… They’re really good, one… One… one… one… one… In one… The dozens of crystal cores… The energy in the cores… The amount of energy in the cores… into his body.” Immediately the lowest ranking of the five zombies strained to say.

“Zhang Huo, you should not speak yet, wait until you have levelled up enough to speak quickly, otherwise, I’m struggling to speak to you.” This was said by a female zombie.

Zhang Huo?

Mu Yifan Suddenly this name looked familiar.

“Liu Xing, that’s a bit much, you can’t ask Zhang Huo to hold his tongue until after he’s been promoted, can you?” A female zombie defends Zhang Huo.

Mu Yifan blinked at the familiar name ‘Liu Xing’, then thought of something and his eyes widened.


Aren’t these two zombie names the names of the people under the zombie king in his novel?

Could it be them?

Liu Xing grunted: “Liu Yu, why do you always speak for Zhang Huo, I almost think you like him.”

Mu Yifan heard the name ‘Liu Yu’ again and was even more sure that they were the Zombie King’s right-hand men.

Just, how did they get here?

According to the novel, apart from Liu Xing and Liu Yu being twin sisters, the rest of them are not related to each other but, how did they suddenly get together.

Also, the person Zhang Huo just called Ren, couldn’t have been Pan Renzhe, could it?

Liu Yu blushed and stamped her foot: “What are you talking about?”

“Are you done arguing? If you don’t want to improve your abilities then go out and argue, we have to keep absorbing the cores, hopefully we can catch up with brother Ren and the others one day.”

   A man’s angry voice stopped them from arguing and the workshop fell silent.

   Outside the workshop, Mu Yifan quietly stands up and penetrates the window, to see what they look like.

   Immediately, he was taken aback.

   He didn’t expect a man to be standing in the window.

   He had a fierce look on his face, a black dragon tattooed on the underside of his neck, his eyes were cold and stern, like a gangster and the moment he saw Mu Yifan, his eyes flickered.

   Immediately afterwards, a hand raised and blew away the wall of the workshop and attacked Mu Yifan.

   Mu Yifan jumped back a few steps and swings a wind blade at him.

   The man quickly builds a thick wall of mud in front of him, deflecting Mu Yifan’s attack.

   In the workshop, Liu Xing and the others hear the noise, they turn their heads, see their companion fighting with the others and immediately run to help.

Mu Yifan saw that there were many of them and wondered if he should use his mind to overpower them because he was of a higher rank than them, when he heard someone shout: “Li Wei, stop!”

The man who had just stopped Liu Xing and the girls in the middle of a fight suddenly shouted.

Li Wei heard Chen Qihao’s voice and quickly stopped his attack, walking calmly back to Chen Qihao’s side.

Mu Yifan has also withdrawn his powers.

Chen Qihao looked Mu Yifan up and down, for a moment, before asking: “I wonder what the purpose of your sneaking around outside the workshop is?”

Mu Yifan noticed that Chen Qihao had no intention of killing him and said: “I am only here to find something, I will leave when I find it, I will not disturb you.”

He looked at the others, they looked at him warily at first, gradually, there was a gleam in their eyes, then, no longer saw him as an enemy.

Chen Qihao said nothing more, stepped to the side, made an entrance for him to enter.

The other four men also stepped aside.

Mu Yifan saw that they were not hostile, nor did they have any plans, so he looked inside the workshop, making sure that there was no one else but the five of them, before going into the workshop to look for the ancient gun.

As soon as he was far away, Liu Xing lowered her voice and said: “Brother Ho, he seems to be that Mu…”

Chen Qihao interrupted her with a look: “It’s him.”

Liu Yu said with a baffled face: “But, he’s a bit different from the photo the boss showed us, his looks are similar but, isn’t his temperament much different?”

“The temperament is much different but, the class is better than ours.” Li Wei said in a soft voice.

Liu Yu said: “The boss has warned us, not to mess with him and not to hurt him.”

Chen Qihao nodded: “Whatever he wants to take later, let him take it.”

As soon as he said that, Liu Xing next to him said angrily: “Brother Ho, he’s got my gun.”

   Chen Qihao looked over to where they normally sat and saw Mu Yifan picking up a golden gun from the table.

   Mu Yifan didn’t expect to find the ancient gun so easily, he held it in his hand and couldn’t get enough of it, no wonder Master Lao Zhan liked it so much.

   It’s a real piece of work!

   The entire pistol is twice as long as a modern pistol, it is made of a golden dragon, the muzzle is the mouth of the dragon, the handle is the tail of the dragon, the claws of the dragon are in the clasp, the whole body is golden, it is carved to life, the eyes are set with two sapphires, very unique and, it is exactly as described in his novel exactly as described in his novel.

   No wonder even Liu Xing, a girl is fond of it.

Mu Yifan said to Chen Qihao and the others: “This is the gun I’m looking for.”

Liu Xing said angrily: “That’s my gun, put it down.”

Mu Yifan twisted and said: “Your gun? Are you sure this is your gun? And it doesn’t belong to this factory?”

“I found it, it’s my gun, if you can’t put it away, I’m going to have a go at you.”

Liu Xing raised her hand quickly, two flames emerged from her fingertips.

“Liu Xing…” Chen Qihao said with a warning in his eyes: “Have you forgotten what the boss said?”

“No but, he’s going to take my gun, so don’t blame me for doing it.”

Liu Xing pointed angrily at Mu Yifan and immediately a red rocket flew from her fingertips, towards Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan dodged the rocket and came to the workshop door and said: “Sorry, I’ll take this gun.”

He had thought, he could give them a bunch of crystals to buy the gun but, instead, they hurt him, so don’t blame him for taking advantage of their superior rank to bully the zombies.

And, for the sake of his happiness, he will take the gun.

For the sake of Lao Zhan’s granddaughter in law… He must please the old man.


It’s not easy to think of him!

To please Master Lao Zhan, to offend the men who should have been his.

Still, he doesn’t need their help now, because he doesn’t need to deal with Zhan Beitian anymore.

“Bastard, get back here.”

Liu Xing saw Mu Yifan walking out of the workshop and immediately went after him but Liu Yu stopped her and said: “Liu Xing, calm down.”

“It’s no use going after him, you’re no match for him.” Li Wei said calmly.

Liu Xing, in her quest to get back her favourite gun, not caring about that, immediately drove the zombies outside to surround Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan saw the horde of zombies coming towards him, narrows his eyes, the horde immediately turns and disperses, back to its original position, no longer taking orders from Liu Xing.

Liu Xing, who is running behind him, used her fire mutants again to hit Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan, who is flying up, saw the fire coming and with a flick of his hand, he slapped it back, instantly, into the face of Liu Xing who is unable to dodge it.

“Ah!” Liu Xing screamed and slapped her face to put out the fire.

Liu Yu saw Liu Xing covered in fire and used her water powers to put out Liu Xing’s fire.

Liu Xing is not yet the senior zombie, so, he felt no pain but, has no healing power, her face is burnt on the spot and half of her hair in the front is gone.

Knowing the power of her fire, she took a look in the mirror from her trouser pocket and was immediately shocked by the horrible charred face in the mirror.

“Ah, my face, my face. Liu Yu, my face is ruined.” screamed Liu Xing: “Liu Yu, my face is ruined.”

A girl’s face is the most important thing to her, now burned like this, it’s hard to recover, although the senior zombie can heal but, she’s still a long way from the senior zombie.

Also, it is said that ascending to the senior zombie is very difficult, it is not certain if the face can be restored.

Liu Yu quickly reassured: “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, didn’t the boss say the senior zombie had the ability to heal?”

“But, I’m not sure I’ll make it to the senior zombie.” Liu Xing angrily picked up the mirror and threw it at the ground, shouting outside: “Mu Yifan, I’m not on your side.”

Mu Yifan, not yet far away, heard the yell behind him, his brow furrowed and wondered how Liu Xing knew he was Mu Yifan.



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