Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 155: How unlucky

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 155: How unlucky

“Mu Yifan, wait for me, I’ll make you pay back for what you did today.”

   Liu Xing’s roar came from behind, as Mu Yifan flew further and further away, the roar became less and less audible but, in his mind, his doubts grew.

   He was meeting these people for the first time, why did they know him?

   Mu Yifan was full of questions, after flying a short distance from the factory, he couldn’t contain his curiosity, he immediately changed direction and flew to the other side of the factory, then, quietly returned to the back door of the workshop.

   He hid himself by the corner window and cautiously peered in and from this angle he could see what was going on in front of the workshop.

   Liu Xing is still cursing towards the door, so furious that even the spittle from her curses is on fire and Liu Yu dares not come any closer.

Finally, the more she cursed, the more resentful she became and the sadder she became, she burst into tears and said: “Liu Yu, what about my face? Will my face ever heal?”

“It will heal, it will heal…” Liu Yu saw that Liu Xing’s clothes were half burned off in front of him, he quickly grabbed a man’s jacket from the sofa and covered Liu Xing’s body.

Liu Xing turned around and said: “Brother Hao, you saw me being bullied, why didn’t you help me to deal with Mu Yifan.”

   Her sobs were thick with resentment, accusing Chen Qihao of not helping her.

   Mu Yifan, who was peeking around the corner, the moment he saw Liu Xing’s charred and distorted face, he couldn’t help but gasp, not realising that the fire had burnt his pretty face to a crisp, almost unrecognisable as the Liu Xing from before.

   Still, he couldn’t be blamed, if Liu Xing hadn’t kept attacking him, he wouldn’t have used his wind powers to slap her back.

   If he had spoken nicely before, it wouldn’t have ended this way, he would have given them all the crystals he had in exchange for the ancient spear.

   When Chen Qihao heard her say this, he blushed and said: “By the time I got to the workshop, Mu Yifan had already flown away from the arsenal, how could I help you.”

   He had advised her not to do it before but had disobeyed him and now he was blaming him for not helping.

Liu Xing said angrily: “You didn’t help me because you wanted to keep the boss’s word, if the boss hadn’t told you not to hurt Mu Yifan when you saw him in person, would you still not have helped?”

   The boss?

   Mu Yifan’s ears perked up.

   Who was the boss Liu Xing was talking about?

   Why did their boss tell them not to hurt him?

   Did their boss know him?

Mu Yifan thought about it and said: “Their boss is not Zhuang Ziyue, is he?

Chen Qihao didn’t bother to talk to her, turned around and went to the first-floor room.

Li Wei, who was never one to talk, picked up the crystal nucleus from the table and goes back to his room to continue sucking up energy.

“Old… Boss, if only… If only… You attacked Mu… Mu Yifan, it would… I’m sure he’d be… he’d be furious.” Zhang Huo strained to say.

“Zhang Huo, if you tell the boss about this, I’ll kill you.”

   Liu Xing’s face was already horribly burnt, she was as angry as the devil and attacked Zhang Huo with her powers.

   Zhang Huo is a metal mutant, as soon as the fire comes, he used his gold mutant powers, the metal of his body turns into an iron plate and blocks the attack.

   He stopped arguing with Liu Xing and followed Chen Qihao’s example and goes back into the room to absorb the energy.

   Mu Yifan, who was hiding outside, saw Liu Yu’s face not looking good after hearing Zhang Huo’s words, he did not know what he had said to Liu Xing, Liu Xing looked a little scared.

   Liu Yu is very gentle, she speaks in a lower voice than the others, so, Mu Yifan can only hear a few words, one of which is ‘Nan’.

   Liu Yu reassures him, Liu Xing held back his anger, left Liu Yu on guard downstairs, took the crystal core and goes upstairs to train.

   Mu Yifan saw that there was nothing to see, so he quietly left the arsenal but, was very curious about the boss they were talking about.

   Whoever has Pan Renzhe, the senior zombie, at his back, must be something else but who could it be?

   After Mu Yifan left the arsenal, not daring to be distracted, he withdrew his mind and used his wind powers to speed up as he had done before and only after the danger had diminished, did he stop.

   He fingered the ancient gun in his backpack with glee, after he had taken down Master Lao Zhan, the rest of the Zhan family would not say a word, then he and the Zhan Beitian…

   Mu Yifan thought of this and immediately thought of sleeping with Zhan Beitian the other day and wilted again.

   He and Zhan Beitian couldn’t even take the next step, how could he be happy?

   Mu Yifan thought about it and decided he couldn’t do it anymore.

   Otherwise, he’d be suffocated.

   Watching but not eating, what a pain!

   Mu Yifan suddenly thinks of something and immediately took out the hand drawn map the survivors gave him, to find out if there are any towns nearby.

Then, he saw a town 15 kilometres away, the county of Wutong and his eyes lit up.

“Wutong, it’s a county, it’s got to be big, there must be something I want.”

Mu Yifan quickly loads the map back up, used his powers again and rushes 15km to Wutong County.

The city of Wutong is just like its name, full of Wutong trees.

Thankfully, after the mutation, the trees only grew taller and larger, they did not attack the powers, otherwise, he would not have been able to walk the streets so peacefully.

However, the taller and bigger sycamore trees covered the whole county, making the whole of Wutong County dark and eerie, as if it were the netherworld.

Mu Yifan took out his torch to light up the street and seeing the zombies walking around, he drove them inside, so that they wouldn’t be scared by the sudden appearance of the zombies.

“Where are they?”

Mu Yifan had been driving around the county for half a century and still hadn’t found what he was looking for.

And, Wutong is not a big county, it’s not a small one, it’s not easy to find, it took him more than three hours to go halfway around.

Then, he thought, this was not a big city, what he was looking for should not be on the street but in a rather obscure alleyway.

Mu Yifan went down another alleyway and finally, he found it, the words ‘Adult Pleasure Shop’ on the door, just about blinding him.

He immediately blows the door off with his powers and enters the shop, dazzled by the variety of adult products inside.

Mu Yifan looked around the shop, looking first for what he needs, like condoms, to prevent the spread of the virus and found a big bag in the shop and stuffs all the condoms in the big bag.

There was also lube, which is essential for sex, so he filled a big bag with that too. Finally, he also found a few discs of gay men in the corner.

Mu Yifan stared at the disc with the two men naked and hugging each other, his brow furrowed, a bit disgusted by the fact that the disc shows men hugging each other, even a bit disgusted.

   He hesitated and finally, stuffs the disc into his bag, after all it’s his first time, in case he doesn’t know how to do it then.

   He packs up what he wants and then he has the heart to look at the other items in the erotic shop, most of which are for women.

   Mu Yifan took a quick look around and settled on the men’s underwear.

   He picked it up, it’s made of netting and, there’s an elephant design, the trunk part looked like a real elephant with a long trunk, it’s for a man’s penis, he looked at it and laughed.

   Whoever came up with these pants had to have a big brain to make them but, on a Zhan Beitian, I wonder how they would look.

   Mu Yifan can’t stop laughing at the thought of that scene.

   Should he take one back to Zhan Beitian to try on?

   But he didn’t have the guts to let Zhan Beitian try them on and what worried him most was that they would end up on his body.

   Mu Yifan put the panties back in place, picked up the two large bags packed up and left the adult shop and walked out into the alley.

   Thinking, how to get the two large bags back to B City unchecked, in any case, he doesn’t want anyone to find out he’s carrying two large bags of condoms and lubricant.

   Just then, there were footsteps in the distance.

Mu Yifan sniffs the air with his nose, it smells like people and, there are five of them.

As he hesitated to meet them, he heard the distant man shout: “Who is standing there.”

Immediately afterwards, a blinding light came towards him.

Mu Yifan’s eyes immediately narrowed.

“Don’t move, put your hands in the air.” he barked.

Mu Yifan looked vaguely as if he had a gun and put his hands up with the bag.

Then, he said again: “Drop what you are holding.”

Mu Yifan let go of his hand, the two bags fell from the height to the ground, with a snap, the plastic bag was scraped by the box inside and immediately, scattered all over the floor.

   Mu Yifan looked down and a few black lines slide down his forehead.

   What a bummer!

The man in the distance came closer and closer and when he saw Mu Yifan, he was surprised: “It’s you, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan: “…”


   I thought I didn’t want anyone I know to find out, now I’ve met someone I know!



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