Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 157: The wind power disappears

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 157: The wind power disappears

Xia Donghai did not expect Mu Yifan to suddenly unleash a big move on them, nor did they expect Mu Yifan’s power to be so strong.

A hundred and eighty-degree wind blade kill, it was like a hurricane of 12th level or more, the walls of the surrounding houses burst open and the roofs of the houses flew off, so violent that the roots of the trees were uprooted.

Xia Donghai rushes to resist the wind with his own powers, the wind is blocked by his powers, it splits in two and sweeps over him and into the house behind.

Bang, the house is overwhelmed by the wind, it collapses on the spot.

Ya Wei immediately used his ice powers, slicing a thick wall of ice in front of him and Ye Shu, blocking the wind from his opponent.

Pan Renzhe does the same, the young man beside him, Guang Junjie, quickly used his wood powers, wrapping numerous vines around him and Pan Renzhe, forming a cocoon, so that his opponent’s powers cannot hit them.

He can also block rocks and other objects falling from the roof.

Xia Donghai, after avoiding the opponent’s powers, flickered and arrived in front of Xiang Guo.

Xiang Guo and the others were startled and were about to strike, when Mu Yifan stepped between them and Xia Donghai and said: “You go first, I’ll deal with him.”

Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo looked at each other, without hesitation and took the three soldiers into the car they had driven before.

   They were not acting out of fear of death, they did not want the others to die in vain.

   On previous missions, there were always a few of their teammates in the rear, clearing the way for the retreating team to clear the danger behind them.

   If they hesitated at that point, or followed the team to take on the enemy, it would have been a waste of time and more people would have been sacrificed.

   So, when it’s time to make a decision, make a decision, don’t delay, because in the face of danger, it doesn’t give you time to hesitate.

   Of course, it was because they could see that Mu Yifan was capable of dealing with Xia Donghai, that they got into the car and left.

   Once they were in the car, the soldiers started the car.

Xiang Guo quickly spoke to Mao Yu on the walkie talkie: “Mao Yu, what’s the situation with the boss?”

Mao Yu also asked: “Xiang Guo, are you guys in trouble? I thought I heard you say that there are zombies coming is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true, we’ve encountered five powerful zombies and, we’re no match for them.”

“Where are you now?” Mao Yu sounded anxious.

Xiang Guo looked at the streets and said: “We don’t know where we are, we’re just driving around, not giving the zombies a chance to catch up with us.”

Sun Zihao grabbed Xiang Guo’s walkie talkie and asked: “Mao Yu, how’s the boss doing?”

Mao Yu paused for a moment and said: “The boss is fine, the communication just didn’t connect, that’s why I was in a hurry to inform you.”

Sun Zihao was puzzled, Mao Yu was not a fickle person, he would not have rushed to inform the others just because the comms were not connected, leaving the rest of the team in disarray.

But, he didn’t think too much about it and said: “I’m glad it’s okay but, we’ve had a few surprises.”

“What kind of accident?”

“Mu Yifan, we’ve met Mu Yifan, he’s holding off five of the best zombies for us, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have got out.”

If anything happens to Mu Yifan, what will they tell the boss.

Mao Yu expressed surprise: “He… He’s holding off the zombies?”

Sun Zihao looked at the sky behind him and, not knowing what he saw, said urgently: “No.”

Mao Yu asked anxiously: “What is it?”

   Xiang Guo and the other two soldiers looked back.

   In their eyes, Mu Yifan was more than capable of taking on Xia Donghai but, an ice powered zombie joined them in the fight.

   Immediately afterwards, the soldier in the car suddenly made a sharp turn, when, they are blocked from view by the tall house, they don’t know what’s behind them and, they fall under the seat with a roll.

“How do you drive?” Xiang Guo rubbed his arm, which was sore from the fall and got up, angry at the soldier who was driving.

The soldier rushed to say: “They’re catching up, the zombies are catching up.”

Sun Zihao looked out, the walls of the houses on either side of the road, suddenly full of branches, growing faster than their car.

“Quick, attack with your mutant powers.” He immediately used his earth powers, trying to block the branches from following him but the wood powers overpower the earth powers.

The opponent passes through the wall of earth created by Sun Zihao and continued to pursue.

Xiang Guo immediately attacked the growing branches with his fire mutants, trying to use the fire to burn the pursuing zombie, unfortunately, his fire cannot even burn the thin roots of his opponent.

However, not knowing if this had angered them, the trees on the wall turned into numerous wooden swords and stabbed them fiercely.

The soldier in the car saw this, he stepped on the accelerator and, at top speed, he ran out of the alley and the branches behind him hit the ground.

The men in the car breathe a sigh of relief, they thought they were going to be stuck in a nest of horses.

At that moment, the ground rumbled, their car rolled with the ground, up and down.

“The tree element zombies are coming from underground.” Sun Zihao said.

As he said this, twenty metres ahead, there was a sudden blast, a ‘bang’ and a hole in the ground exploded.

Then, a huge sycamore tree burst out of it and blocked their way, at the same time, a thick branch slapped them.

The car immediately rolled ten metres away like a football and with it the car was deformed, the people in it were almost crushed to death by their own people.

Sun Zihao and his men crawled out of the car in pain.

But, before they could get up, five snake like branches flew towards them and, wrapping around their lower legs, lifted them high into the air.

It was as if they were playing with them, not taking their lives directly.

“Can’t run away, can you?” Guang Junjie flew over with a vine branch hanging from a tall sycamore tree, stopped in front of them and looked at them with a sneer.

Sun Zihao, head down, stared at him sternly, quickly draws the pistol strapped to his thigh, points it at Guang Junjie’s head and slams the trigger.

‘Bang’, hits Guang Junjie.

Guang Junjie did not panic, as the shot was fired, a thick tree branch suddenly appeared in front of him, deflecting the bullet for him.

At the same time, a small branch pierces the back of Sun Zihao’s hand holding the gun, instantly, creating a bloody hole.

Sun Zihao grunted in pain, the tiny twig kept drilling holes in his hand, so much so that he can no longer grip the pistol.

The pistol fell to the ground as the five fingers slowly unclench.

Guang Junjie retracted the twig stuck in Sun Zihao’s hand, looked at the hole in Sun Zihao’s hand and sneers: “Humans, how fragile.”

If it had been the senior zombie, this little wound would have been nothing, it would have healed completely in minutes, leaving no wounds.

Xiang Guo asked hurriedly: “Sun Zihao, are you alright?”

Sun Zihao shook his head, looked at Guang Junjie and sneered: “You sound like you like being a zombie but, don’t forget, you used to be human too.”

Guang Junjie was about to say something, when a low voice said: “Guang Junjie, stop playing around.”

Pan Renzhe came out of the alley, looked at the man hanging from the tree and said: “We have to go find the other cores.”

Guang Junjie raises an eyebrow and said: “Okay.”

He raised his hand, five thin, sharp branches grew from his fingertips and, flinging them at Sun Zihao, stabbed Sun Zihao fiercely in the head.

Just half a metre away from Sun Zihao, suddenly, a strong wind swept through, breaking off five of Guang Junjie’s branches and, at the same time, severing the roots that bound Sun Zihao to them.

Xiang Guo fell down, luckily they were all trained soldiers, their reflexes were very sharp and the moment they fell, they made a flying heel, landing safely on their feet.

Guang Junjie said with a ‘snort’: “What’s wrong with Hai? He can’t even stop a mutant.”

“Damn, that guy is too cunning, when he saw me and Ya Wei attacking him together, all we did was dodge and not attack, you should know how fast wind powers are, it’s not that easy to hit him.” said Xia Donghai, who was coming from the rear.

Guang Junjie frowned: “Where’s Ye’zi(Ye Shu)? Where did Ye’zi go? Hasn’t Ye’zi dealt with him?”

“Here he is.” Ye Shu came slowly from behind and said: “I saw that you were fighting hard, so I didn’t bother and let you deal with him but I didn’t know, two of you couldn’t beat one.”

Mu Yifan saw Ye Shu’s girlish appearance and without thinking, he gave Ye Shu a wind blade.

Don’t blame him for not taking pity on her, against a mutant, one thought is all it took to kill Sun Zihao and the others.

The blade was about to hit Ye Shu, when suddenly, a wall of ice appears in front of Ye Shu, blocking the blade.

Ye Shu laughed coldly and said: “What a stupid thing to do.”

She looked at Mu Yifan and the others, with a stern look in her eyes.

Immediately afterwards, Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo’s minds felt like they were about to explode, they were in pain.

“What’s wrong, my head hurts.”

“It’s the spirit… Mental… Psychic powers…” Xiang Guo remembered that the boss had told them about the various mutant powers in the world, one of which mentioned mutant powers in detail.

   It is said to be a very powerful power, it can kill people without being seen.

   Mu Yifan knew Ye Shu had used his mutant powers when he saw Xiang Guo covering his head and crying out in pain.

   In order not to let them see that he has invalidated his powers, Kagyu also held his head, pretending to be in great pain.

   Thinking about giving Ye Shu another big windblade kill when they’re not looking.

   Mu Yifan was shocked.

   What’s going on?

   His wind powers have disappeared.



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