Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 158: A Powerful Force

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 158: A Powerful Force

   Mu Yifan was anxious, how could he deal with the five zombies in front of him when his wind powers had disappeared in such an emergency.

   He secretly works his wind powers again, still no response, after several attempts, he suddenly remembers that his true power is not wind power, it’s copying other mutants power.

   It must have been because Ye Shu had used his mutant powers on him, he had accidentally copied them and turned his wind powers into psychic powers.

   Although his psychic powers were powerful but, he didn’t know how to use his newly absorbed powers, how could he deal with Ye Shu and the others?

   He’ll have to learn how to control his powers, it’s not always good to copy other people’s powers, it’ll get him killed sooner or later.

   Mu Yifan looked at Ye Shu and the others quietly, wondering if he should use his mutant powers to control them like Ye Shu. If the operation failed, he would try to manipulate them with the zombie pressure, it was better to reveal his identity than to be killed anyway.

   With that in mind, his eyes suddenly lit up, using mutant powers to control them would be similar to using necromantic pressure.

   But, what could he do to manipulate his mutant powers?

Just as Mu Yifan’s mind was racing, Pan Renzhe suddenly said: “Kill it.”

Then, he looked up at the sycamore trees above him and through the layers of left, faintly, he saw a fuchsia light shining in the sky.

Ye Shu, Guang Junjie, Ya Wei and Xia Donghai also seem to notice this, as it is dark under the sycamore trees, if the light shines from the top, it will shine through the layers of left, to the bottom of the trees.

Ye Shu immediately increases his mutant powers, the three soldiers can’t take it anymore and roll on the ground in pain.

Suddenly, there is a loud bang, five purple red thunderbolts blast down from the top of the sycamore tree.

The five zombies turned pale.

Xia Donghai took Ye Shu and Pan Renzhe out of the way as fast as he can.

Guang Junjie hastily jumped out of the way with a branch, Ya Wei then used his ice powers to create a thick ice umbrella over his head, taking advantage of the time it took for the thunderbolt to explode, to stall and run away from his position.

   Immediately afterwards, the powerful thunderbolt blew off the ice umbrella, it hits the ground, with a loud bang, a huge hole is made in the ground, fire rises from the hole, the debris inside bursted under the terrifyingly high temperature.

   The tops of the trees also as the thunder and fire passed over them, the trees burst into flames, instantly, the flames were huge, lighting up what was happening below.

   The nameless zombies fleeing from their spot look in shock at where they were standing before.

   Pan Renzhe’s gaze grows hotter and hotter, as a lightning mutant, he saw the powerful thunder and fire power and thinks to himself that he could be so powerful.

Ye Shu murmured: “What a power.”

   Mu Yifan’s eyes shone brightly.

   It was Zhan Beitian who came.

   Or it spreads instantly to the other trees, burning brighter and brighter.

   The fire is getting out of control, suddenly, the fire stopped.

   Then, a light layer of ice formed on the flames, freezing the fire, stopping it from burning, then, a large slide of ice spread from the top of the tree to the ground.

   As the crowd watched, a military buggy drove down the tree tops to the road on a slippery slope made of ice.

Ya Wei, who had never been able to get excited about anything, his eyes shone brightly and he murmured: “So this is how ice powers can be used.”

It had never occurred to him, that ice powers could be used to freeze the tops of the trees, so that they could walk on them unharmed.

At that moment, the door of the military SUV was pushed open by someone inside and a tall, powerful figure stepped out from inside.

“Zhan Beitian! “Ye Shu’s eyes widened and he said: “Brother Hai, it’s Zhan Beitian, how did he get here.”

When Xia Donghai heard Ye Shu say the word ‘Zhan Beitian’, he took Ye Shu back a few steps.

The moment Zhan Beitian saw Xia Donghai and the others, his eyes snapped open and several thunderbolts fell from the sky, blasting at Xia Donghai and the others.

Xia Donghai rushes to avoid the blasts, knowing full well that his opponents are powerful, they are no match for him, he took Ye Shu and used his powers to leave.

Ya Wei and Pan Renzhe look at each other, they too quickly leave the scene.

Zhan Beitian didn’t let them off the hook so easily, he blasts them with a powerful thunderbolt and the trees around them collapse under the blast.

The whole scene was like the thunderstorm you see on TV when a practitioner is on a reincarnation, the sound of the thunderstorm rumbled, the purple thunderstorm was so powerful, it sent a few zombies running for cover.

Not only that, he used his ice powers to block their path, forcing Pan Renzhe to use his powers to their fullest extent, blasting through the ice wall in front of them and Ya Wei to get out of Wutong County.

For the first time since they became conscious, they fled in such a mess.

In the sky Xia Donghai was able to fly and is fast but, with a human in tow, he has a hard time dodging, dodging left and right, not only to protect himself but also to protect Ye Shu from harm.

Now he, no longer at ease with himself at the beginning, curses under his breath: “Damn it.”

Ye Shu tried to deal with Zhan Beitian’s mutant powers but, being stronger than her is unable to penetrate Zhan Beitian’s mind.

“Her opponent’s powers are too strong.” She saw Ya Wei and Pan Renzhe, who were advanced level 3 zombies on the ground, running for their lives.

Then, she thought of something and said: “Where is Guang Junjie? Where did he go?”

“The boy will escape on his own.” Xia Donghai brought his speed powers to their highest point and with a single breath, led the men out of Wutong County.

On the other side, Guang Junjie, mentioned by Ye Shu was hiding behind the tree behind Zhan Beitian, looking for a chance to kill him.

Then, while Zhan Beitian is concentrating on Xia Donghai and the others, he quickly attacks Zhan Beitian with his wood powers.

Mu Yifan saw a sharp root behind the tree that was about to pierce Zhan Beitian and shouted anxiously: “Beitian, watch out.”

Zhan Beitian already knew that there was a zombie behind him, turns around, burns the fat branch with lightning fire and blows away the trunk in front of Guang Junjie.

The moment Zhan Beitian saw Guang Junjie, his eyes grew even more ruthless, as he was reminded of his previous life.

The horrific look in his eyes sent a shiver down Guang Junjie’s spine and that’s when he knew what fear was.

He turns and tries to flee but unexpectedly, a wall of ice blocked his way.

The next second, lightning strikes him.

Guang Junjie dodged and used his powers to attack his opponent but, before he can hit him, the branches he swings at are all burnt to ashes by the lightning fire.

In front of Zhan Beitian, he has no power at all.

Guang Junjie glances around fearfully, looking for a way out but, his eyes fall on Sun Zihao and there is a quick glint in his eyes.

He used his powers, pretending to attack Zhan Beitian, while using his wood powers to roll up Sun Zihao, who is lying weakly on the ground.

When Zhan Beitian saw this, he tried to burn the branch with lightning fire but Guang Junjie suddenly covered his head and let out a painful cry: “Ouch, that hurts.”

The pain distorted his face and then, he suddenly stood still, with his eyes wide open and staring straight ahead and then, slowly fell forward, revealing the man standing behind him.

Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan with a silver spear in his hand and his eyes startle.

The shock of this scene is quite strong, after all, Mu Yifan was a zombie king in his previous life, he was with Guang Junjie and now he is surprised to see Mu Yifan kill Guang Junjie with his spear.

Mu Yifan looked dumbly at Zhan Beitian and said: “I…I killed someone…”

This is like the second time he’s killed someone in the novel.

Although the other party was a zombie, although he didn’t have to go to jail after killing, although he could kill mutated plants and animals without changing his face, even when he saw other people killing zombies, he didn’t feel bad.

But, after actually killing someone himself, he still feels a little uncomfortable.

Sun Zihao said weakly: “He’s a zombie, not a human.”

Xiang Guo saw Mu Yifan looking like he had killed someone for the first time and rolled his eyes helplessly and said: “You’ve killed many people before, haven’t you?”

Thinking about his previous missions, he had killed hundreds if not thousands of enemies, now he was worried about being arrested by the police for just killing a zombie.

   Zhan Beitian walked up to Mu Yifan, wrapped one arm around him, pats him on the back as a comfort and gives Xiang Guo a look to tell them to dig out the crystal core from Guang Junjie’s brain, then, took Mu Yifan back to the car.

Xiang Guo struggled to help Sun Zihao up, looked around and exclaims: “Boss, that was amazing.”

The scene before them gave them the impression of a ten-magnitude earthquake, all the houses around them had collapsed, the trees had been uprooted and half of Wutong County, which had been silent and dark, was now in ruins.

Sun Zihao, assisted by Xiang Guo, comes to Guang Junjie’s body, pulled out the dagger in his thigh, cuts open Guang Junjie’s head, took out a green crystal core, said: “We still have to work hard, or else, we’ll slow him down. Otherwise, we will hold the boss back.”

   After this, they realised how incompetent they were, they couldn’t even fight back.

“Let’s go later, we have to pick up a few things now.” Xiang Guo said as he pulled Sun Zihao up.

Sun Zihao said with a baffled face: “What’s that?”

   Xiang Guo did not answer him, called the soldier on the ground and went back to the buggy.



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