Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 159: My future father in law’s father

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 159: My future father in law’s father

As soon as the five men got in, they saw Mu Yifan sitting in the third row of seats with their boss and, with his chin on their boss’s shoulder, he kept saying: “One more, one more, one more for me.”

He didn’t even look frightened, he was like a child who couldn’t get any candy, he didn’t know what their boss had done to Mu Yifan, he had changed so quickly.

Actually Zhan Beitian didn’t do anything either, he just gave Mu Yifan a kiss on his muzzled mouth when he was comforting him.

It was a kiss that was more effective than any other comfort, it immediately distracted Mu Yifan, who couldn’t get enough of being kissed on the mouth with his mask on, he pulled it off and kept asking for more.

Mu Yifan saw Sun Zihao getting into the car, he just gives up and rested on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder.

Zhan Beitian, seeing that he was indifferent, his long eyebrows knitted, dips his head sideways as the car starts and gives Mu Yifan a quick kiss on his bloodless lips.

Mu Yifan’s eyes light up, like a husky being rewarded by his master and he quickly lifts his head, smiling and kissing Zhan Beitian several times on the cheek, with a look of satisfaction that made Zhan Beitian laugh and cry, letting him sneak around and kiss him when the people in front of him are not looking.

Suddenly, the car skidded and nearly crashed into the house.

The crowd is shocked, Xiang Guo, who is sitting in the passenger seat, looked at the soldier in the driver’s seat and said: “What’s wrong?”

The soldier hurriedly said: “Just now my arm suddenly went weak and the steering wheel slipped.”

“Do you want someone else to drive?” Sun Zihao asked with concern.

“No, no.” The soldier looked sheepishly at the road ahead.

He didn’t dare say he had slipped the steering wheel because he saw Mu Yifan happily kissing his boss on the cheek through the rear-view mirror.

And the boss wasn’t even angry, he let Mu Yifan get away with it, even when he kissed him on the corner of his mouth, he didn’t look upset at all, he had a big smile in his eyes.

Zhan Beitian, in the back seat, glances through the lens and asked: “Earlier, what happened? How did you come across those five zombies?”

How did Pan Renzhe, Xia Donghai, Ya Wei, Ye Shu and Guang Junjie end up together? And they’ve been promoted to the senior zombie, even more powerful than Xiang Guo and the others.

By the way, what about Liu Xing, Liu Yu, Zhang Huo, Li Wei and Chen Qihao? Are they with Pan Renzhe too?

Zhan Beitian thought of this and narrowed his stern eyes.

“They came out on their own.” Mu Yifan said simply and then, remembering what Mao Yu had said over the intercom, asked: “What about you, are you hurt? What did you book earlier?”

His eyes kept running over Zhan Beitian’s body, trying to see if Zhan Beitian was hurt.

Zhan Beitian looked at the man sitting in front of him and said in a quiet voice: “Nothing.”

Mu Yifan asked again: “Why are you looking for supplies in Wutong County?”

   On the way here, he had noticed that there were very few people looking for supplies here, which meant that there were not many supplies left and he was sure that Zhan Beitian would not be unaware of this but, why were you in Wutong County?

Instead of answering, Zhan Beitian asked: “And you? And why are you in Wutong? It’s so dangerous here, why are you the only one?”

Mu Yifan laughed dryly, looking at the five men in front of him and did not answer.

Zhan Beitian saw that he was concerned about Sun Zihao and the others being in the car and didn’t press the issue.

Five minutes later, the car comes to a halt at the entrance to the underground mall.

Xiang Guo, Sun Zihao and the three soldiers are the first to get out of the car.

Zhan Beitian pulled Mu Yifan, who wanted to get out of the car, into the car and hesitated, before saying: “I deliberately arranged to come to Wutong County.”

Mu Yifan blinked at Zhan Beitian.

“Because I knew you were here.”

Mu Yifan laughed and said: “Did you not want to leave me, to have a chance meeting with me?”

Zhan Beitian said in a soft voice: “No.”

Mu Yifan said with a baffled face: “If you came to Wutong because you knew I was here but, not because you couldn’t leave me, then why did you come?”

“After I knew you would come here, I deliberately arranged a scene where I was in distress, so that you and Xiang Guo would come to rescue me…”

Mu Yifan didn’t wait for him to finish and said angrily: “You’re not trying to test me again, are you?”

If that was the case, he would be devastated.

“Hear me out.” Zhan Beitian rubbed his hair and said: “I just want Xiang Guo to change their mind about you through something.”

   He had a very simple idea, he just wanted Xiang Guo to stop looking at Mu Yifan with the same distant light as before, no one else would want his men to look down on someone they liked, that’s why he hadn’t said it in front of Sun Zihao and the others. That’s why he didn’t say it in front of Sun Zihao and the others.

   But, the man he liked had done something outrageous, so, he wanted to do something, to explain to his men, that Mu Yifan was not the same trouble as before.

   Now he had told Mu Yifan what he wanted to do, with the intention of telling him the truth when it was over.

   Unexpectedly, Xiang Guo and the others came across Pan Renzhe and the others, this was beyond his expectations. Luckily, he got there just in time, so that Sun Zihao and the others didn’t get hurt too badly.

   If he hadn’t been worried that Pan Renzhe and the others were deliberately trying to distract him, he would have gone after them and killed them all.

As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, he understood his intention and said: “Then how did you know I was coming to Wutong County?”

He had only come to Wutong on a whim, Zhan Beitian could not have had the foresight to bring people here.

“Li Lao used his powers to overhear that you were coming to Wutong County, I came here.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes widened, as he looked at the map, he did use his voice again to say Wutong County Road: “So did you know I was coming to the arsenal too?”

When he went to the arsenal, he didn’t stop talking about going to the arsenal.

Zhan Beitian nodded and said: “Can you tell me the purpose of going to the arsenal?”

Since he knew he was going to the arsenal, Mu Yifan didn’t hide it from him: “I went there to please my grandfather.”

Zhan Beitian knew that he was trying to please Zhan Guoxiong but he asked, pretending not to know: “Grandpa? You want to impress your grandfather?”

Mu Yifan said in an unpleasant way: “It’s your grandfather, the old man of your family, the child’s great grandfather, the Old Commissioner Zhan, Lao Zhan, the grandfather Zhan Guoxiong, my future father of my father in law, so you understand, right?”

   His grandfather is still lying in bed, I don’t know if he’s awake yet.

   Zhan Beitian heard the latter name, finally he couldn’t keep his handsome face serious and indifferent and laughed out loud.

Mu Yifan looked at him and said: “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” Zhan Beitian quickly withdrew his smile, pulled him into his arms and was overcome with emotion.

At first he thought Mu Yifan had left B City to go with the Mu family to find supplies but he hadn’t expected him to leave alone.

What he didn’t expect was that the normally straight-laced man, who had thought long and hard about the future, would go to the arsenal alone for the sake of his family’s happiness.

He couldn’t have been more angry, he was more hurt.

For he had learned from Li Tianqing that Mu Yifan had suffered many injuries during his time there.

“By the way, those five zombies came out of the arsenal and there are, five medium and high level zombies in the arsenal.”

Mu Yifan didn’t want to say anything but, these ten unknown people had gathered without him, so, he was worried that something bad was going to happen here.

“Five more zombies in the arsenal?” Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed sternly: “Are two of them twin sisters?”

“Yes, yes, how did you know?” Mu Yifan asked, pretending not to know.

Zhan Beitian explained simply: “I’ve seen all ten of them before.”

He let go of Mu Yifan and said: “I’ll arrange for our group to return to B City, we’ll see what happens back in B City.”

Mu Yifan got out of the car with him, then, seeing Li Tianqing chatting with the other mutants, he suddenly thought of something and ran over to him: “Li Lao, Li Lao, I have something to ask you.”

Li Tianqing was pulled aside by him and asked: “Mr Mu, what is it?”

“It’s like this, I just heard Beitian say, he asked you to use your powers to eavesdrop on my location these days…”

Li Tianqing didn’t wait for him to finish, he quickly explained: “Major General Zhan did it because he was worried about your safety, you shouldn’t blame him.”

“I’m not blaming him, I’m asking you, when I was at the arsenal, did you overhear anyone else’s conversations?”

Li Tianqing shook his head and said: “Major General Zhan told me not to eavesdrop on you too much, just to listen from time to time to see if you were in danger, so, I didn’t dare to eavesdrop on you too much.”

Mu Yifan said, somewhat disappointed: “That’s all right.”

He looked over to Zhan Beitian, saw Zhan Beitian talking to Mao Yu about it, left him alone and went back to the car.

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything to Mao Yu either, just told him to get back to B City.

But Mao Yu said: “Xiang Guo is not back yet.”

“Xiang Guo?” Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow and said: “Didn’t he come back with me?”

“He went out again, said he didn’t get something important back and drove off alone, said he’d be back in ten minutes or so.”

“He’s not from Wutong, what could be important in Wutong?” Zhan Beitian thought Xiang Guo was not a messy person, so he said nothing more and asked: “Is Sun Zihao’s hand okay?”

Mao Yu wrinkled his brow and said sadly: “It’s a broken bone, his hand may not be as flexible in the future.”

Zhan Beitian took a small bottle of water out of his pocket and said: “Pour this into his wound.”

“Yes.” Mao Yu did not ask what was in the bottle, he took it and went to find Sun Zihao.

Soon, Xiang Guo drove back and, carrying four or five large bags, got out of the car and went to Zhan Beitian and said without expression: “Boss, this is a gift from Mu Yifan.”

“Mu Yifan gave it to me?” Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows: “What is it?”

Xiang Guo didn’t specify what was inside: “He came to Wutong County to find this for you, he left it there to get us away from the zombies, so I went to retrieve it for him.”

Zhan Beitian is even more curious and, at the same time, surprised.

I didn’t expect Mu Yifan to come to Wutong County for him.

“Boss, I hope you’re strong enough to fuck Mu Yifan to death.” Xiang Guo put the bag on the ground and left.

Zhan Beitian: “…”



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