Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 160: The Dose, who is it?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 160: The Dose, who is it?

Looking at the five big bags of gifts in black bags, Zhan Beitian couldn’t help but feel curious, he decided to take a quiet look at what it was, that Mu Yifan had gone to the trouble of going to Wutong County to get it for him.

He knelt down and opened one of the bags and there was a red chicken head, no body and it was sewn onto a triangular piece of red cloth.

Zhan Beitian is puzzled.

   A Muppet toy?

   He took it out and looked at it, there was a red band less than a centimetre wide sewn onto each of the three ends of the triangular red cloth and the ends were connected to each other, so he couldn’t tell what it was for a while.

   It is not clear why Mu Yifan would give a Muppet toy to a man like him.

   Zhan Beitian saw the box in the black bag, picked it up and looked at it, the words ‘male underwear’ and immediately realises what he is holding.

   His face darkens, he quickly stuffs the underwear back in, ties the bag in a knot, then, looking up quickly, made sure no one has noticed what he has done, his face lightens up.

   Zhan Beitian furrows his brow, looked down at the other bags, they are not all underwear, are they?

   He opens the other black bag, a variety of SM toys appear in front of him, his eyes immediately twitch, he immediately ties a knot at the mouth of the bag, with a black face, he looked in the direction of the car they were in.

   I don’t know what was going on in that man’s head, to risk coming to Wutong County to find these things, was it necessary?

   Do you really want him to use it all on himself?

   Zhan Beitian had no intention of opening the other bags, carried the five away to the back of the car and when no one was looking, took the five bags into the space.

   Sitting in the car, Trouble has no idea what’s going on outside, not to mention that Xiang Guo went to the sex shop to get him some extra stuff when he went to retrieve the lube and condoms.

   He is now looking at his hands with interest, his nails are completely back to their previous state but, there is no blood, they look pale.

As soon as Zhan Beitian gets into the car he saw Mu Yifan looking at his hands and giggling.

When Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian get into the car, he held up the back of his hand happily and said: “Beitian, look, it’s not dark anymore.”

Zhan Beitian looked at his pale hands and said: “From now on, you don’t have to wear gloves anymore.”

“That’s not good, what if you cut someone later?” Mu Yifan took back his gloves, hugged the person sitting next to him and yawned: “I’m tired, I’ll take a nap.”

He had not slept for several days and nights and soon fell asleep.

Zhan Beitian looked sideways at the man who was holding him firmly and resting his head on his shoulder and was angry and helpless and finally, could not help but pinch his nose.

The sleeping Mu Yifan was uncomfortable with the pinch and muttered: “Stop it.”

“Bastard.” Zhan Beitian laughs, lets go of the hand on his nose and rubs his hair instead.

   Mao Yu, who was about to report to Zhan Beitian, saw this scene and stopped in his tracks and looked at Zhan Beitian with a gentle face, for a long time.

   He had been with the boss for six or seven years but he had never seen such a gentle side to him, it seemed that the boss really liked Mu Yifan.

“Something wrong?” Zhan Beitian asked without looking back.

Mao Yu looked back, Zhan Beitian returned to his indifferent face and quickly said: “The count is complete, no casualties, you can leave for B City at any time.”

“Back to B City.”


Once Mao Yu had arranged everyone, he and Xiang Guo, Sun Zihao and the two soldiers got into the car that Zhan Beitian was in and with them leading the way, the convoy behind them slowly followed them out of Wutong County.

Half an hour after they left, Xia Donghai and his men returned to Wutong County, looking for Guang Junjie and, at the spot where they had fought, found Guang Junjie’s body.

They saw that Guang Junjie had been ripped out of his crystal, his eyes were red, Ye Shu said angrily: “Damn Zhan Beitian, I’ll get him for this sooner or later, Brother Yan, should I tell the boss about this?”

Pan Renzhe nodded: “Wait until you see the boss, then tell him about it, for now, bury the body, then, find more cores to improve your abilities.”

“Boss, he won’t be spared.” Ya Wei said lazily.

“Yeah, no.”

As Pan Renzhe buried Guang Junjie’s body, Zhan Beitian’s caravan was slowly making its way twenty kilometres away and the ‘husky’ sleeping on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder ‘ woke up with a start, looked out of the window and exclaimed: “Oh no, I forgot to take him with me.”

Zhan Beitian, who was resting his eyes, opened them and said: “Who?”

Mu Yifan ignored him, muttering to himself: “My dose.”

How could he have left something so important behind, how depressing.

Mu Yifan covered his chest and said: “My heart hurts.”

   Actually he thinks his asshole hurts more, without it, it must be hard to get by.

“Dose, who is it?” Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes at Mu Yifan.

He’s only been gone a few days and he’s already in love with someone else and he’s acting all distressed.

Mu Yifan looked at him helplessly and said: “You wouldn’t know it if I told you, anyway, I’m sad to be without it.”

   Zhan Beitian looked at him with a pained look on his face and his face grew darker and colder.

   The five men in front of him suddenly felt a chill, sat up straight, shivered and, saw a thin layer of frost on the walls of the car.

Mu Yifan was very depressed and said: “I forgot about you.”

Sun Zihao, sitting in front of him, was so cold that he couldn’t help asking: “Who is the agent? If it’s so important to you, do you want to go back and get him?”

It was better if he didn’t say anything, then the chill in the car became even colder.

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up and he said: “Is that okay? It’s no trouble?”

The temperature in the car dropped a few degrees again.

“…” Mao Yu rolled his eyes.

Can’t you see the boss’s face is freezing? I can’t believe he keeps talking about that ‘dose’, if we really pick this guy up, it’s going to be a cold day in their camp.

Sun Zihao said: “We’ve only travelled twenty kilometres, it should be quick to go back.”

As soon as he said that, Xiang Guo immediately snorted and finally, couldn’t help but turn his head and say angrily: “Damn, lubricant is lubricant, why are you calling it so ambiguous?”

Didn’t you notice that the boss had a big problem with the ‘dose’?

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mao Yu: “…”

“…” Sun Zihao decides to ignore Mu Yifan, at this point and thinks about lubricants.

The corners of the two soldiers’ mouths twitched in front of them.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes in frustration and said: “You know what’s in your heart, why say it out loud.”

   When he does, Zhan Beitian will know what he wants.

   Xiang Guo gave him a blank look.

   If they don’t say it, the whole bus will freeze to death.

   Zhan Beitian continued to close his eyes and ignores him.

   But, Mu Yifan couldn’t sleep, he kept poking his fingers at Zhan Beitian’s body.

Zhan Beitian pushed the restless man right into his arms and said: “Sleep.”

Mu Yifan lifted his head, his mouth was right next to Zhan Beitian’s ear and whispered: “When we get back, we’ll do it, do it, what?”

Zhan Beitian already knew he was looking for lubricant and wasn’t afraid to tell him about it.

Without opening his eyes, Zhan Beitian asked: “What’s that?”


   In fact Mu Yifan was nervous, not sure he thought Zhan Beitian would want to have sex with him.

   After all, in his novels, the male protagonist likes women and now that he’s suddenly with a man, he’s not sure if the male protagonist will accept it.

   Just as he knows he likes men now but, he can’t accept seeing two other men naked and cuddling.

   So, he’s worried that Zhan Beitian might be able to kiss his face or something but he might not be able to handle two big men doing it for real.

Zhan Beitian asked: “What kind of sport?”

“Bed sports.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian was hesitant to say anything, so he said: “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes.”

Zhan Beitian remained silent.

Mu Yifan gives him an excited kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Zhan Beitian’s mouth curves up in a curve.

Xiang Guo in front of him: “…”


It’s as if they don’t exist, whispering so loudly.

Sun Zihao: “…”

   Is it necessary to show love so loudly?

Mao Yu: “…”

   He can’t hear anything, can’t hear, can’t hear!



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