Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 162: Really awesome

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 162: Really awesome

Zhan Guoxiong laughed at this and said: “Qinyang, they are here? The boys haven’t come to see me as an old man for a few days, this time, they must be here to see the Beitian children.”

As expected, Shen Qinyang, Jing Junlin, Yan Lei and You Jinfeng, all four of them with toys in their hands, walked into the backyard and saw the children standing next to Cai Yuan, Jing Junlin, Yan Lei and You Jinfeng.  The four of them, Yan Lei and You Jinfeng, all walked into the backyard with toys in their hands.

Shen Qinyang stared in amazement at the two or three year old child, for a long time without making a sound.

“Needless to say, this must be Beitian’s son.” He looked just like Beitian when he was a child, he really looked like him.”

Jing Junlin smiled gently and said: “I thought the baby was only a month or two old, I didn’t realize he was two or three years old.”

Shen Qinyang murmured: “I thought the baby was only a month or two old too.”

He had heard that Zhan Beitian had brought back a son, he thought the baby had been born prematurely to the man but now he didn’t think so and wondered what had happened to the man, if he had died of cancer and hadn’t had the baby in time.

You Jinfeng walked over with the toy and said: “Uncle Cai, what is the name of this child?”

Cai Yuan laughed and said: “It’s called Mu Tian.”

You Jinfeng squatted down and coaxed Mu Qingtian, who was standing next to Cai Yuan: “Mu Tian, Uncle is your father’s friend, now Uncle has brought you a toy to play with, will you come and let Uncle hold it?”

Mu Qingtian looked at them and blinked, then, turned around, ran to Mu Yifan and said: “Daddy.”

Mu Yifan smiled and hugged the child and kissed him on the little cheek.

The boy is so strong, in times of need, he never forgets his father.

You Jinfeng and the others stared, they had heard the soldiers say that Zhan Beitian was not at home, now he was.

They looked in the direction the child had run and saw the man sitting next to Zhan Guoxiong and were again stunned, especially Shen Qinyang who was almost dumbfounded.

Yan Lei immediately asked: “Uncle Cai, this… What’s this? Isn’t the baby Beitian’s?”

It can’t be!

The child looked so much like a Beitian, it can’t be a Zhan Beitian.

“It’s First Young Master’s but he’s adopted Mr Mu as his godfather.”

Cai Yuan explained and went back to the hall, to get someone to bring out the tables and chairs and to get the fruit to serve the guests.

“Is that so?” Shen Qinyang’s eyes involuntarily swept over Mu Yifan’s flat stomach.

At this point, Zhan Guoxiong grunted: “Have you seen the baby and forgotten that I am an old man?”

You Jinfeng laughed: “How dare you forget Grandpa Zhan, we have come here today, not only to see the baby but also to keep Grandpa Zhan company, after dinner, we will leave again.”

Zhan Guoxiong nodded his head in satisfaction and said: “Then go and play with the child, I want to play a game of chess with this boy, can you stay for dinner.”

He looked to Mu Yifan and said: “Mr Mu, you can stay for lunch or not, it depends on your ability.”

Mu Yifan smiled and said: “Grandpa, if I win, apart from staying for lunch, I hope you will call me Mu Mu instead.”

Zhan Guoxiong agreed.

Mu Yifan rubbed the child’s head and said: “Go and play with your uncle and the others, when Daddy has finished with your grandfather, I will have lunch with you.”

“Daddy, go for it!” Mu Qingtian gave Mu Yifan a kiss on the cheek.

Zhan Guoxiong saw the child kissing Mu Yifan and grunted in displeasure.

Mu Qingtian immediately runs to Zhan Guoxiong, kisses him on the face, saw Zhan Guoxiong’s satisfied face, then runs to You Jinfeng and the others.

Shen Qinyang looked at the child, with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

Mu Qingtian notices Shen Qinyang’s look and looked up at him with a thoughtful smile.

Shen Qinyang is slightly startled.

He felt as if the child’s smile had a deeper meaning in it, a strange feeling that could not be explained.

Shen Qinyang wrinkled his brow.

Could it be that he was thinking too much, how could an innocent child have such a smile.

Jing Junlin at his side put a hand on Shen Qinyang and whispered: “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you always want to see the child? Now that you’ve seen him, why are you so upset.”

Shen Qinyang looked at Yan Lei and You Jinfeng, who were playing with the children and turned to the door of the hall.

Jing Junlin, aware of this, also walked over and asked in a low voice: “Is there a secret in this child?”

“Do you remember what I said when I heard the news that Beitian had a child?”

Jing Junlin thought for a moment: “You said with surprise, so soon, that it was not premature, was it?”

He remembered it so well, because they Yan Lei they kept asking Shen Qinyang if it was the baby and the baby’s fucking business.

Unfortunately, Shen Qinyang was very tight lipped, she had to wait to see the baby, before she could be sure.

“Yes, I said that at the time, because Zhan Beitian had brought someone to my hospital for a check up, she was only five months pregnant.”

Jing Junlin said in surprise: “You mean, he had a child? He’s too good to be true, he’s suddenly got two more children without a word.”

Shen Qinyang shook his head and said: “That’s not what I’m talking about, the point is, the person he brought in for the check up was a man.”

Jing Junlin’s gentle eyes flashed with shock.

“And, the pregnant man is sitting across from Grandpa Zhan at this very moment, playing chess with Grandpa Zhan.”

Jing Junlin said even more incredulously: “The man… A man is pregnant?”

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it either but, I did the ultrasound myself, it was indeed a baby and it was conceived without a uterus and now the man’s belly is changed, it’s possible that he has already given birth to the baby.”

Jing Junlin’s brow knitted tighter and tighter and quickly understanding what Shen Qinyang was trying to say, he asked: “You don’t mean that Beitian brought a man to your hospital for a check up and, you checked that he was five months pregnant? You found out that this man was five months pregnant and that it was Beitian’s child and now that the child has been born, it could very well be the child we are looking at, right?”

Shen Qinyang nodded hastily.

Jing Junlin felt Shen Qinyang think of the child and said: “How is that possible? Even if a man could really get pregnant and give birth to a child, it couldn’t be this big, could it?”

“Why is it impossible, you see we all have powers and the flowers and trees and animals out there have mutated, so why can’t a human child grow to be two or three years old in a short time?”

“It’s…” Jing Junlin, for a moment there was nothing to say in reply.

Shen Qinyang continued: “Well, even if it wasn’t the child the man had conceived but, this child may have been born a long time ago, as you can see, the child is calling the man her father, I don’t think Grandpa Zhan knows about this yet, otherwise, he would have been furious. Otherwise, he would have been furious, how could he play chess with his opponent so leisurely.”

Jing Junlin thought about the scene just now, he couldn’t deny that the child was very close to Mu Yifan, even if he was his godfather, he couldn’t have been that close.

When they arrived, they asked the soldier at the gate if the mother was in the Zhan family and if he knew who the mother was but the soldier said he had never seen the mother.

“Well Young Master, Young Master Shen, please have some tea.” Suddenly, a low voice sounded behind them.

Shen Qinyang and Jing Junlin were startled and relieved to see it was Cai Yuan: “Uncle Cai, you scared us to death.”

Cai Yuan laughed and said: “It’s the two Young Masters who were so absorbed in their conversation.”

He walked over to Yan Lei with his tea and hands it to them.

You Jinfeng took the cup, took a small sip and whispers to Cai Yuan: “Uncle Cai, who is that man, he is quite good at chess.”

He did not go up to see the game but, from the seriousness of Zhan Guoxiong’s face, he could tell that his opponent’s skill was extraordinary, to make Zhan Guoxiong take it seriously.

Cai Yuan looked at Mu Yifan, his eyes deepened and he said: “The First Young Master of the Mu family, Mu Yifan.”

“What? He’s a member of the Mu family?”

You Jinfeng was surprised, who in the whole of B City now, didn’t know about the Mu family and the Zhan family, so, he didn’t think that someone from the Mu family would come to the  Mu Yifan is the godfather of the Zhan Beitian child, it’s a complicated relationship.

“Well, the Mu family and the baby’s mother could be from the Mu family too.” Cai Yuan’s words have a deeper meaning and his eyes grow darker.

You Jinfeng was even more surprised.

Then, thinking that the child had been born before the fall out between the Mu family and the Zhan family, it was no longer surprising.

You Jinfeng saw Zhan Guoxiong’s frown grow tighter and tighter and wondered over to see how they were doing at chess.

When he was a child, he and Shen Qinyang used to come to the Zhan family to play, so, having been trained by Grandpa Zhan, he knew a bit about Go.

When You Jinfeng saw the amazing and spectacular, game of Go, he was in awe and gradually became fascinated, they were able to kill at key points with great skill and with great excitement, to make the most of their Go skills.

I have to say that this man, Mu is a very good player, someone who can keep up with Grandpa Zhan, must have studied Go since he was a child.

Time flies, You Jinfeng stands and watches for almost two hours.

Finally, Zhan Guoxiong put down his pieces and said: “I have lost.”

Mu Yifan was relieved.

If he could sweat, he could sweat buckets.

If he hadn’t been in reality, he had been learning chess from Zhan Guoxiong since he was a child and knew Zhan Guoxiong’s style of play so well, he would never have beaten a man who had been playing Go for decades.

Zhan Guoxiong looked up at Mu Yifan, this is the first time he has looked at this young man, he really didn’t think he could beat him.

He suddenly smiled brightly and said: “Good boy, you can stay here for lunch.”

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows and grunted unhappily.

Zhan Guoxiong thought of something and immediately changed his words: “Mu Mu, Mu Mu, right?”

Mu Yifan then smiled in satisfaction.

Finally a step closer to Zhan Guoxiong, more to come.

“Dad, that’s great.” Mu Qingtian lunges at Mu Yifan.

Shen Qinyang and Jing Junlin watch the close interaction between father and son, no words are spoken.

Mu Yifan held Mu Qingtian in his arms, laughing: “Your grandfather is the best, if your grandfather hadn’t given way to your father, your father would have lost.”

Zhan Guoxiong laughed even louder.

“Master.” Cai Yuan suddenly walked up to Zhan Guoxiong and called out.

Zhan Guoxiong stopped laughing, looked at Cai Yuan and said: “What is it?”

Cai Yuan hesitated and finally said: “It’s time for lunch.”

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