Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 164: I’m in love with a man

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 164: I’m in love with a man

Mu Yifan, who was visiting Mu Xiaohu on the seventy ninth floor, had no idea of what was happening on the eightieth floor.

At this moment, he is almost drowned by his two aunts and two uncles, because he has been away for so many days with his children and has not returned.

It was only when the aunts and uncles had had enough to talk about, that he asked about Nurse Sue.

Liu Linghong said: “She only said that a man she didn’t know told her to do it, the man said that if she did what he said, he would bring food to her house every day, to feed her family, as to who the man was, he couldn’t say, she didn’t know his name and, every time he came to see her, he would bring food to her house, to feed her family.  She didn’t know his name and, he always wore sunglasses when he came to see her.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Is it possible that Nurse Su is lying?”

Liu Linghong murmured: “We’ve even used electrocution, she can’t be lying, she’s not a specially trained soldier, she can’t withstand electrocution to extract a confession.”

Li Caiyu said: “Whoever made Nurse Su harm her father should have thought that we would probably find out what she was doing at any time, that’s why they were so careful and prepared so that we could not extract a confession. With all the people in B City, it’s not easy to find this guy. And, as your uncle said, the person who killed your grandfather is probably out there watching our every move, which made it even harder to find him.”

Liu Linghong went on to say: “Another thing is, we found out that the medicine Nurse Su gave to Dad, was something that can cause severe dementia in humans, no wonder the doctors couldn’t check the old man’s health, now we don’t dare to give Dad any medicine unless we double check, to make sure there’s nothing wrong, before giving it to him. unless he’s really OK.”

Mu Yifan wrinkled his nose at Mu Xiaohu’s room and asked: “And how is Grandpa doing now?”

First Uncle smiled and said: “He is very stable now and showing signs of improvement, when he wakes up, he can’t talk yet but his eyes are much clearer, he seems to recognise who we are and, when he is fed, he can chew on his own, no longer like before, he can only be fed special food.  He was no longer fed only very thin gruel.”

Mu Yifan was relieved to hear this and planned to give Mu Xiaohu some water from the space after he had eaten.

Second Uncle’s mother took the child in her arms and said with a smile: “You have a son, without a word and a beautiful baby.”

Li Caiyu said: “He’s got a sweet little mouth too, I’d like to take him home as my grandson.”

Lori Fai laughed: “You’re too good to be true, you’d have to be my grandson.”

First Uncle’s mother said: “I think you should push your own son to get married and give you a grandson to bring up.”

Mu Yifan saw them talking about marriage and ran to Mu Xiaohu’s room, before they could talk about him again.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Mu Xiaohu’s eyes slowly opening, probably woken up by his opening the door.

“Grandpa, you’re awake.” Mu Yifan quickly ran over, sat down on the bed and took the old man’s hand in his.

Mu Xiaohu’s eyes twitched and he looked over at Mu Yifan.

As First Uncle’s mother had said, his eyes were much clearer and he now looked, as if he were paralysed, not talking but conscious.

Mu Yifan quickly asked: “Grandpa, can you hear me? If you can, just blink your eyes.”

Mu Xiaohu blinked his eyelids.

“Excellent.” Mu Yifan said excitedly: “Grandpa, I want to tell you something important before you can’t open your mouth, otherwise, it might be hard for me to talk to you again.”

Mu Xiaohu: “…”

“Here’s the thing…” Mu Yifan saw Mu Xiaohu’s eyes not moving and looking at him, he felt very weak and felt that he was saying these things when they were not moving and not talking, it was a bit unethical.

But, as he had said before, to say it now, he was afraid it would be difficult to say it later.

Mu Yifan took a deep breath and then, quickly said: “Grandpa, I’ve fallen in love with a man.”

Mu Xiaohu looked at Mu Yifan with eyes wide open and disbelief in his eyes.

Mu Yifan continued: “His name is Zhan Beitian, although he is cold but, he is very nice, decent, capable, a Major General at a young age and, very cool looking and very handsome  and, he’s got a great body and a great bedside manner…”


He hasn’t tried it yet, you can skip this one.

Mu Xiaohu: “…”

“That’s a long story, back to the point, he’s the eldest grandson of the Zhan family Old Commissioner Zhan, although we in the Mu family are now at odds with the Zhan family but, I I just love him, Grandpa, you would have approved of us being together, wouldn’t you?”

Mu Xiaohu: “…”

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes.”

Mu Xiaohu: “…”

Mu Yifan smiled and said: “Thank you grandpa for helping us, I’m counting on you to convince my dad, it’s hard for your grandson to like someone, you must support us, my happiness depends on you.”

Mu Xiaohu: “…”

At that moment, the door of the room was pushed open, the person who entered was Liu Linghong who said:” Yifan, it’s time to eat.”

She saw that the old man in the bed had woken up and said: “Dad, you’re awake, I’ll bring in the food and feed you later.”

Mu Yifan and Liu Linghong left the room together.

The old man in the bed stared at the door, for a long time, before opening his mouth and spitting out a few words from his throat: “This… A… Rabbit… Son of a… Son of a…”

Outside the room, Mu Yifan and Liu Linghong walk down the hall and see Zenyushin talking to Second Uncle and her mother with her back to him, while, from time to time, letting out a happy laugh.

Mu Qingtian, who was being held by First Uncle, saw Mu Yifan coming out and immediately called out: “Daddy.”

Zhao Yunxuan is immediately startled and turns around, seeing the man less than two metres away from her, as if he had seen a ghost and quickly moves back three metres.

The First Uncle mothers looked at the frightened Zhao Yunxuan in confusion and said: “Yunxuan, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Yunxuan quickly regained his composure, smiled slightly and said: “I just saw a man standing behind me, so I was scared.”

Mu Yifan looked at Zhao Yunxuan, thinking she was not acting as she said she was.

Zhao Yunxuan saw Mu Yifan looking at her and smiled at him.

At this point, Mu Yuecheng and Mu Yuezhi took the lift to the seventy ninth floor and the other cousins came up the safety stairs to eat.

Since Yifan came to B City, people who hadn’t met Yifan yet, all came up to talk to each other and bonded. At once, the whole 79th floor was buzzing with activity, like a New Year’s Eve.

Soon, the soldiers arrived on the 79th floor with their meals in the lift.

Everyone immediately took their seats, First Uncle Father laughed and said: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much excitement.”

Normally, everyone was out looking for supplies, rarely did they get together to eat and when they did, they ate on their own floor.

Several people happily agreed: “Yeah, yeah.”

Mu Yifan looked at the soldiers serving the food and wrinkled his brow.

It reminded him of Zhan Beitian, except when he was at the G City villa and when he left G City and lived in the hamlet, there was no large dining hall for everyone to sit and eat together, Zhan Beitian always ate with everyone in the large dining hall himself.

This did not make the team feel that their leader was a superior figure, impossible to get close to and it made the team feel much better about the leader, less prone to disaffection.

“Yifan, it’s dinner time, why are you still wearing gloves?” Zhao Yunxuan suddenly said.

The others looked at Mu Yifan.

The First Uncle mothers also said with a baffled face: “It’s a hot day, aren’t you hot with gloves on?”

Mu Yifan laughed and said: “I’m not feeling well, I’m feeling a bit frothy, that’s why I’m wearing gloves, I’ll take them off now.”

He took his gloves off immediately, after all, it’s not polite to eat with gloves on, he also took them off when he ate at the Zhan family.

Thankfully, his fingernails are no longer black.

Everyone here knew Mu Yifan had cancer, so they told him to put his gloves back on.

Mu Yuecheng also said: “Since you’re not feeling well, wear them for dinner and, as we’re all here, no one will say anything about you.”

Zhao Yunxuan looked at his hands and said nothing.

Mu Yifan didn’t put it on in the end.

During the meal, Zhao Yunxuan keeps talking about the senior zombies.

The others follow suit and talk about the increasing power of the zombies and how the senior zombies are not much different from humans now, only recognisable by their eyes, face and nails.

Of course, a mutant can also recognise a zombie but only if the mutant is more powerful than the zombie, otherwise, it is difficult to detect the other person’s scent.

Mu Yifan interjects from time to time, reminding those present.

He’s not doing this because he’s afraid that people will know who he is but because he doesn’t want the Mu family to get hurt, so, his thoughts are very simple.

However, he found Zhao Yunxuan’s behaviour today strange, someone who is not angry and looking for supplies but keeps talking about the senior zombie, this is really interesting.

Mu Yifan watches Zhao Yunxuan’s movements as he eats, he notices that he is constantly looking his way but, as soon as he meets his gaze, he immediately looked away.

He thinks about Zhao Yunxuan’s behaviour since he saw him and suddenly, a thought occurs to him, that Zhao Yunxuan might have discovered his identity as a zombie.

If that was the case, how did he find out?

Mu Yifan remembered the scene in the novel where the zombie king was discovered by Zhao Yunxuan and Mu Yihang, at that time, they knew that the original master was a zombie, because Mu Yihang’s friend from the National Research Institute mentioned it.

Thinking about this, he suddenly remembered seeing the man in the suit today, a man who acted just like Zhao Yunxuan when he was scared.

Could he be…

After Mu Yifan had finished his meal, he quietly gave Mu Xiaohu some spring water, then, he took the child back to the 80th floor, when he saw the soldier at the lift door, his eyes flashed, he asked the soldier: “When did Mr. Duan Yuanhong leave?”

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