Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 165: Letting me fly my plane

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 165: Letting me fly my plane

[1] fly a plane means masturbate

“Around five o’clock in the afternoon.” the soldier replied.

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow.

Sure enough, the man in the suit was Duan Yuanhong, Mu Yihang’s friend, a researcher at the National Research Institute.

So Zhao Yunxuan and Mu Yihang already suspected him of being a zombie, all that was left to do was find the evidence.

But, unlike Mu Yihang in the novels, he was found out, because his fingernails were still black and he was exposed by Zhao Yunxuan and the others.

Now he is just like a normal person, it’s not easy to reveal his identity, so, what he needs to do now is to improve his abilities and when he has done so, he can think about how to deal with Zhao Yunxuan and Mu Yihang.

Mu Yifan returned to his room with the baby in his arms, locked the door and, while taking the hundred or so crystals out of his back pocket, asked: “Qingtian, did you know that Zhan Nantian was a zombie?”

“Zhan Nantian is a zombie?” The other looked at Mu Yifan with wide, beautiful pupils.

Mu Yifan saw him looking at himself with disbelief and said with a baffled face: “Don’t you know? When you were in my belly, back in G City, I met him once at the gate of the villa, his face and lips were very pale and, there were red coils in his inner eyes and his nails were black, which meant he was already a zombie but, he was self aware and he managed not to bite, so, I guessed he was probably a zombie.  I guessed that he had probably become the senior zombie but, at that time I didn’t know he was a Zhan Nantian.”

Mu Qingtian explained: “When I was in your belly, in order to become human as soon as possible, I often slept to conserve my spiritual energy, so, I didn’t see Zhan Nantian. But, how did he turn into a zombie? And before the end of the world, he became the senior zombie, it’s unbelievable.”

“It is true, when I met him the other day, I found out that he is stronger than me, when you meet him at the Zhan family in the future, try to avoid him, don’t be alone with him, so he doesn’t hurt you.” Mu Yifan feels that the current Zhan Nantian is not a good person, otherwise, he would not have warned Mu Qingtian.

Mu Qingtian hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Mu Yifan sat down on the bed and said: “I’m going to absorb the energy of the crystal core, please guard the door for me, if someone comes to call for food, just tell them I need to rest and ask them to bring up the food for you.”


Mu Yifan smiled and gave him a kiss on the little cheek and then, using the method Zhan Beitian had taught him, sucked all the cores into himself.

There are a lot of them and, after sucking the energy into his body, he has to slowly digest it to convert it into his own power, so, it took a little longer.

While Mu Yifan was trying to absorb the energy to level up, Zhan Beitian drove his car to the vicinity of the Northwest Arsenal.

Since he was alone, he was relatively fast and whenever he encountered a mutant plant or animal in a hurry, he used his ice powers to freeze it and then, he accelerated away. So, by the time he reached the arsenal, it had only taken him a day and a night.

Zhan Beitian stopped his car at the gate and walked in, so as not to alert the senior zombie in the arsenal.

When he saw the zombies coming towards him, he immediately used his ice powers, freezing all the zombies outside the workshop and without being attacked by them, he is soon outside the entrance to the workshop.

Zhang Huo, who was guarding the workshop, smelled the scent of living people and was so close that he was startled and pressed the alarm bell.

Xia Donghai and the others, who are upstairs absorbing energy, immediately rush to the ground floor.

“Zhang Huo, what’s happening?”

“The door… The door… Outside the door… There’s someone there.” said Zhang Huo to the men rushing downstairs.

Xia Donghai sniffed, there was indeed a human scent.

They looked towards the door and saw Zhan Beitian striding gracefully into the workshop.

Everywhere he walked, there was a large layer of frost, like his face, cold, without any expression.

“Zhan Beitian.” Ye Shu took a step backwards in horror at the sight of Zhan Beitian.

The others were nervous at the name, especially Liu Xing, Liu Yu and Zhang Huo and in addition to being nervous, they were terrified, because Guang Junjie, who was more powerful than them, had died at the hands of Zhan Beitian.

Pan Renzhe said: “I didn’t expect him to find his way here.”

“He came here, to get rid of us, I think.” Chen Qihao said.

Liu Xing asked fearfully: “Boss said we are no match for him now, should we run?”

Chen Qihao said: “We can’t run, look at the zombies outside, they’re frozen, we’ll end up the same way.”

Xia Donghai frowned and said: “Even if we can’t get away, we have to fight to the death, maybe we can still get out of here.”

With that, he waved his hand and whipped out a harsh wind slash towards Zhan Beitian, the others also used their powers.

Zhan Beitian used his adamantine ice shield to protect himself, deflecting all the attacks from the group and then used his ice powers to freeze Pan Renzhe and the others.

Immediately, Pan Renzhe’s nine men are frozen into ice sculptures.

Zhan Beitian didn’t use his lightning power because he was afraid that it would destroy the cores in their brains, so, he used his ice power to freeze them.

Zhan Beitian looked around, to make sure there is no danger and then walked over to them.

Five metres away from Pan Renzhe, suddenly, several strong white flashes of light.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes half squinted abruptly, the intense white light strikes the ice sculpture and the ice frozen on Pan Renzhe’s body shatters.

Pan Renzhe blinked without the ice restricting his movement, thinking he was dead, soon, he realised what was happening and said: “It’s the boss, let’s get out of here.”

The others came back to their senses and fled through the back door of the workshop.

Zhan Beitian tries to follow but, just as he took a step, the white light outside comes at him again.

He used his ice shield to block it, with a bang, the light hits the shield, it immediately made a ‘popping’ sound and cracks appear in the hard ice shield.

Zhan Beitian is stunned.

He didn’t expect another powerful zombie to come to Pan Renzhe’s rescue and, his powers were almost on par with his.

He quickly used his powers, to restore the ice shield to its original state and at the same time, used his lightning fire mutants to strike the direction of the white light.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Half of the workshop collapsed in an instant.

Zhan Beitian saw a white light like a ghost before the workshop collapsed, it disappeared into thin air and was nowhere to be seen.

It was fast, much faster than a wind power, something he had never seen before.

Who is this person? And how did he become Pan Renzhe’s boss?

Was it possible that in this life, after the loss of Mu Yifan, the king of the zombies, another great king of the zombies had been born?

Also, they didn’t seem to have any intention of fighting him, they saved him and left immediately, what was the purpose of this?

Zhan Beitian was puzzled.

Looking at the empty workshop, knowing he couldn’t catch up with Pan Renzhe, he walked out of the workshop and drove away from the arsenal.

Back at the B City camp, it’s the next night and he goes straight to his room.

Just as he opened the door, suddenly, there was a ‘ping’, like a balloon bursting.

Zhan Beitian is startled, he quickly turns on the light in his room and scans the room warily.

The room was simply furnished, except for the cupboard and the bathroom where he could hide, everything else was visible.

Next, he notices something wrong behind the door, something seems to be pushing against the door, can’t push the door against the wall, opens it all the way.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes narrowed, he pulled the door open quickly and saw four balloons stuck to the wall, one of them had been punctured and there was a needle stuck to the handle behind the door, someone could have punctured the balloon if they had pushed the door open.

The noise, which must have come from here.

Also, the four balloons had the words written on them in big black marker: ‘I’m so mad at you for letting me fly my plane’ ‘that I made a balloon to scare you! ‘‘ Mu Yifan Stay’.

These were made by Mu Yifan before he left the camp.

Zhan Beitian saw the writing on it, it made him laugh and cry.

When he left that night, he wanted to talk to Mu Yifan but he was in such a hurry that he ran back to his dormitory to take a shower, he didn’t even have a chance to talk.

He forgot to come back to tell Mu Yifan because he had to explain something to Mao Yu and the others and drove away from B City.

But, where did he find the balloons?

Zhan Beitian stared at the balloon for a while, before realising that it was blown up with condoms and with a twitch of his eye, he said with a smile: “I’ll have to make it up to him.”

The next morning, after breakfast, he drove his car to the Mu Tower.



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