Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 166: Taking You Home

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 166: Taking You Home

Zhan Beitian got out of the car and came to the entrance of the building and said directly to the soldier guarding the entrance: “My name is Zhan Beitian, I am looking for Mu Yifan.”

When the soldier saw Zhan Beitian’s aura of righteousness and his erect posture and serious face, he knew he was a soldier and, his surname was Zhan, the second grandson of Old Commissioner Zhan, Zhan Nantian, so he was just one word away, so he was a soldier. Nantian, so, without saying a word, he picked up the intercom and said to the soldiers on the 80th floor: “A gentleman called Zhan Beitian is here to see the First Young Master.”

Although the other man’s family had problems with their  Admiral Mu’s family had a problem with them but, he was still a member of the Zhan family, they had to inform him, even if they didn’t welcome him and let the people above them decide how to receive him.

Mu Yifan was happy about his upgrade when the soldiers from the 80th floor came to inform him.

But, only at the moment of promotion, he felt his body filled with power and then, as if he had never taken a crystal before, he did not react.

But he knew he could absorb both powers at the same time, so, he was attracted to be able to copy the wind power again, because it was good, at least he couldn’t go anywhere without a car.

“Qingtian, did anyone come looking for me when I was at the top?”

It’s okay to be disturbed when absorbing a crystal core but, the most important thing to avoid during a level up is interference from outside, it can lead to failure.

Mu Qingtian said: “Grandpa, he came once, he saw you hadn’t been out of your room for two days, he was very worried about your health.”

“And how did you convince him to leave?”

“I said you thought your powers had run out the other day, so, you needed a couple of days rest to recuperate.”

Mu Yifan picked up the baby and kissed it on the pink cheek and said: “You’re so smart.”

The child giggled.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Mu Yifan got up and opened the door and heard the soldier say: “First Young Master, there is a gentleman downstairs called Zhan Beitian looking for you.”

“Zhan Beitian?” Mu Yifan looked at him in surprise: “Are you sure you heard him right? Is it really the Zhan Beitian who has come to see me?”

Counting the days, Zhan Beitian should be back too.


That’s more like it, come to him when you know you’re back, then forgive him for letting him fly.

“You heard me right.”

“Then you tell him to wait, I’ll come down later.”

Mu Yifan closed the door quickly, took a pile of clothes out of the cupboard and said: “I haven’t had a bath for days, I’ll have a shower before I go down, Qingtian, pick out something nice for your father.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

It’s not a date, is it necessary?

Mu Yifan quickly runs into the bathroom, thinks that the baby hasn’t had a bath for days, comes right back out, carries the baby into the bathroom with him, scrubs together for 20 minutes, comes back out to change, blows his hair dry, put on a nice hairdo, put on a little perfume.

Put on your backpack and leave the room with the child, it’s half an hour later.

The soldier at the gate gives a silent thumbs up to Mu Yifan, their First Young Master is a big shot, he put on a show for the Zhan family, even Admiral Mu couldn’t keep the Zhan family waiting for half an hour. family for half an hour.

Zhan Beitian is thinking that Mu Yifan is either really angry, or he’s upstairs dawdling about something.

If he was really angry, how to get him back but, he was obviously over thinking it.

The moment Mu Yifan saw him, he smiled big, shouted ‘Beitian’ from afar and ran out the door as fast as he could saying: “You’ve been waiting.”

Zhan Beitian saw him looking fresh and smelling a faint perfume, hooked his lips and asked meaningfully: “Showered?”

No wonder it took so long to get down.

Mu Yifan hemmed and hawed.

Zhan Beitian took the child in his hands, looked at the little face that looked like his own, raised his hand and cupped the child’s jaw and asked: “Did you miss me?”

Immediately, someone replied: “Yes.”

But, it was Mu Yifan who answered.

Mu Qingtian: “…”

Zhan Beitian is amused.

This one could always make him happy easily.

“Get in.”

Mu Yifan rushed to Zhan Beitian’s car.

The soldiers in the building saw the distant figure and wondered if they had been mistaken. Otherwise, why did they think the First Young Master’s son looked like the Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan got in the car, closed the door and immediately jumped at Zhan Beitian, kissed him on the cheek and asked: “Where have you been since you got back to B City that day?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t hide anything from him: “To the arsenal to find Pan Renzhe and the others, the ones we met in Wutong County.”

“Are you going to kill them?”

“Yeah but their boss saved them.”

Mu Yifan asked curiously: “Is their boss very powerful?”

Zhan Beitian thought of the zombies he had met the day before and narrowed his eyes: “Well, his powers were on a par with mine and, using powers I had never seen before, faster than wind, like a ray of light, he was gone in no time.”

“Light powers.” Mu Yifan blurted out.

But, his novel doesn’t mention light powers, could he be mistaken?

“I’m just saying, I heard you say he was like a light, so, I thought it was a light power, you think the speed of light is faster than the speed of the wind.”

Zhan Beitian frowned and said: “It’s possible, if it is light, as you say, his speed is unmatched, which means this zombie is very dangerous and…”

At this point, he paused.

His main concern was that Mu Yifan would be under the control of this zombie.

“Yes.” Mu Yifan said suddenly.

Zhan Beitian looked back and said: “What is it?”

“There are faster than light mutants.”

“What kind of powers?” Zhan Beitian couldn’t think of any powers that were faster than light.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian’s face, with a small struggle in his heart and said: “A Space moving ability.”

In his novels, the male protagonist learns to use his spatial mobility near the end of the novel, it’s a very sick skill, he can appear behind his enemies instantly and kill them.

Also, this is one of his powers that cannot be duplicated, unless, he has a space too.

“A space zombie?” Zhan Beitian said with confusion in his eyes: “Isn’t space only for storing things?”

Mu Yifan wondered whether or not he should tell Zhan Beitian, if not, in case he was really a light mutant, then wouldn’t that hurt Zhan Beitian.

This was not something he wanted to see and now that the plot was in disarray, there was no harm in saying it Dao Dao: “It depends on how strong one is in space, it depends on one’s understanding, if one cannot understand it, one can only store objects for the rest of one’s life but if one can understand it, one may return to the second path and be able to cut through anything But if you can, you may be able to return to two blades of space that can cut through anything and a barrier of space that has great defensive power.”

“Also, the ability to move through space, to move behind an enemy in an instant, to deliver a fatal blow, this is commonly known as instantaneous movement.”

In addition to this, the ability to shift through space and the space storm but, Mu Yifan is not going to say, the two powers of shifting are too difficult to master, unless Zhan Beitian can master the first three powers and use them to their fullest extent, then he will be able to master them.

The other thing he was worried about was, if there was a light ability, then, did that mean there was a dark ability.

The scariest thing is that a person with both light and dark powers, light and dark in one is Taiji and can consume everything.

Let’s hope it’s not what he thinks it is.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flickered and without asking Mu Yifan if he was telling the truth, or how he knew, he put the baby on him and drove away from the Mu Tower.

Mu Yifan asked: “Where to?”

Zhan Beitian looked at him and said: “To take you home.”

Hearing him use the word ‘home’, Mu Yifan excitedly put the child on the seat, sat himself on the armrest, threw his arms around Zhan Beitian’s neck and said: “Are you going to take me back to my parents and introduce me to them?”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows and said: “You want me to introduce them?”

Of course Mu Yifan wanted Zhan Beitian to introduce himself to his family but after thinking about Zhan Guoxiong, he wilted again.

He doesn’t have the courage to face Zhan Guoxiong as the child’s ‘mother’ yet, let’s let Zhan Guoxiong’s impression of him really change first.

“Let’s wait a little longer.”

Zhan Beitian looked at the wilting man, hooks his lips, said nothing more, speeds up, back to the Zhan family.



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