Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 169: He is my lover

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 169: He is my lover

Two hours later, the two men were still struggling valiantly on the bed, their limbs were intertwined, they were in a frenzy, their panting was getting huskier and huskier and, the pace was getting faster and faster and finally, they were grunting with pleasure, finally releasing all the desire in their bodies.

Mu Yifan slumped on the bed satisfied, as if tired and unwilling to move but with a sweet feeling in his heart, to make love to the one he loves, to be one is a real blessing.

He’d do it again if it didn’t hurt him so much.

In all honesty, if this had happened a few months ago, he wouldn’t have believed he was being held down by a man, making love to a man and, over and over again, as if he wasn’t satisfied.

Zhan Beitian lies on Mu Yifan’s back, kisses the white neck and asks in a muffled voice: “Does it hurt down there?”

“I’m a zombie, I have a strong healing power, how can it hurt, by the way, where did you get your lubricant? Did you used to…”

Zhan Beitian interrupted his thoughts and said: “The lubricant you left in Wutong County, Xiang Guo brought it back to me for you.”

“Why didn’t he say so earlier, I was so worried about it.” Mu Yifan looked puzzled, then, seeing the used condoms in the bin, worried: “Are you sure it’s not contagious?”

There were nearly ten condoms in there, of course, half of them were his and he was afraid that his ejaculate would soil the blanket, so, he put them on too, to avoid infecting Zhan Beitian with his ejaculate.

Zhan Beitian laughed lightly and said: “After all these times is it too late to ask?”

Mu Yifan tightened his brow and said: “I’m really worried that I’m having fun and that I’ll give you the virus.”

Zhan Beitian kissed him on the back of the ear: “Don’t worry, I’m not so easily infected.”

Mu Yifan thought that after Zhan Beitian was done, he could take a bath in the spiritual spring in space and didn’t worry so much.

Then, thinking of something, he exclaimed: “Oh no.”

“What is it?” Zhan Beitian looked at him.

Mu Yifan turned around quickly and said: “Didn’t you say you were going to talk to your grandfather? It’s been over two hours now, your grandfather must be very angry.”

Zhan Beitian ruffled his hair on his forehead and said in a soft voice: “Uncle Cai, that’s a lie.”

“Why would he lie?”

Mu Yifan asked in confusion but soon understood the reason for it, asking: “Does he disapprove of us being together?”

“No.” Zhan Beitian got up and picked Mu Yifan up, went to the bathroom and cleaned them both up, then took them out to the bed and said: “It’s still a few hours before dawn, get some rest.”

Mu Yifan couldn’t sleep, so he turned over on the bed, kissed Zhan Beitian on the cheek and asked: “We’re getting closer now, aren’t we?”

Zhan Beitian looked at him, lifted his hand and rubbed his hair, no sound was made.

“And will you trust me more?” Mu Yifan asked again.

Zhan Beitian’s brow twitched, thinking that Mu Yifan’s mind was still very much in the shadow of his previous suspicious behaviour towards him.

He took the man in his arms and promised: “Whatever happens in the future, I will never doubt you, so, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.”

“I know, it’s just that with what I’m about to say, I’m still worried that you’ll think I’m trying to sow discord.” Mu Yifan certainly believed Zhan Beitian now but this was a special case, it was better to make it clear in advance.

That’s why he chose to talk about it after the two of them had become more involved.

Zhan Beitian was intrigued by what he said, he looked at him with his head in his hands and said: “Tell me what it is, when I have heard it, I will make my own judgement, I will not misunderstand you.”

Mu Yifan hesitated, before speaking: “Your cousin Zhanmutian is a zombie, the senior zombie, a zombie more senior than me.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes fluttered.

How could he not have expected Mu Yifan to say such a shocking thing, no wonder Mu Yifan was worried that he thought he was trying to sow discord.

“I met him in front of the G City villa before the end of the world, he had already turned into a zombie at that time and, had reached the rank of the senior zombie. I didn’t know who he was but he told me to come to B City if I needed anything, I didn’t know he was Zhan Nantian until I got to B City.”

Mu Yifan said, looking at Zhan Beitian quietly, to see how Zhan Beitian would react.

Zhan Beitian’s brow grew tighter and tighter as he said: “How could Nantian have turned into a zombie, he…”

In his last life, he was a mutant, how could he have become a zombie before the end of the world.

Then, Zhan Beitian thought of what Zhan Guoxiong said today, his eyes changed and he said to Mu Yifan: “I believe what you said.”

“Really?” Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up.

He was really worried that Zhan Beitian wouldn’t believe him, after all, Zhan Nantian hadn’t been a zombie in his previous life.

Zhan Beitian said, with a soft voice: “What was he doing in G City with you?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t say anything, when I met him the other day, he just told me to improve my abilities, asked him why he was dealing with Mu Yihang and didn’t say.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes and said: “So, he knows you’re a zombie?”

“Well, I knew I was going to be a zombie back in G City but, I hadn’t really seen him before.”

Mu Yifan, in retrospect, thinks that Zhan Nantian either has precognition, or he’s reborn like Zhan Beitian.

If he had been reborn, Zhan Nantian would not have been so kind to him, he would have wanted him dead as much as Zhan Beitian did at the beginning, he would not have given him time to improve his powers.

And for what purpose did Zhan Nantian visit him, when he sounded so familiar.

“Tell me what happened.”

Mu Yifan immediately recounted his encounter with Zhan Nantian in G City.

Zhan Beitian nodded and said: “I see.”

He pulled Mu Yifan into his arms and said: “I’ll take care of this, go to sleep.”

“Yes.” Mu Yifan finally let go of a preoccupation and found a comfortable position in his arms to sleep.

Zhan Beitian, however, did not close his eyes, looked at the ceiling in contemplation and waited for the person in his arms to fall asleep, before quietly withdrawing his hand and getting up and going to the bathroom.

It was just after dawn, when he came out of the bathroom and seeing that the person in bed was still asleep, he changed into a gym suit and went downstairs, where he met Cai Yuan who was also going out to exercise.

“Young Master, Good morning.”

“Uncle Cai, Good morning.”

“Are you going out for a workout?”




They leave the villa together, Zhan Beitian deliberately slows down to match Cai Yuan’s pace.

Cai Yuan looked at the expressionless Zhan Beitian and said: “Young Master, you and Mr Mu…”

Zhan Beitian didn’t like to beat around the bush, he said directly: “As Uncle Cai saw, he is my lover.”

“But, have you ever thought that the Master would not accept you two men together, if he knew the truth, he would not be able to stand the excitement, especially in his present state of health, without having a heart attack.”

He had gone up to harass them last night, just to keep them from getting too close under Zhan Guoxiong’s nose but, the fact that Zhan Beitian had stayed away from his room last night, meant that he was determined to make it known.

“Uncle Cai, don’t worry, I’ll wait until Grandpa is better, before I tell him what’s going on, it’s just a matter of letting him notice, so he won’t be overwhelmed by having it suddenly put in front of him later.”

As soon as Cai Yuan heard this, he knew that Zhan Beitian had prepared for this.

Thinking that Zhan Beitian was a man of discretion, he didn’t say anything more, he had warned him where he needed to and hoped that when he found out about it, he would look on the bright side.

With this in mind, Cai Yuan sighed and said: “Where is Little Young Master? Whose child is he?”

Zhan Beitian treated Cai Yuan as if he was family, so he didn’t shy away from saying: “It’s Mu Mu’s.”

Cai Yuan’s eyes widened and he said: “Is Little Young Master really born to Mr Mu?”

When he heard Shen Qinyang’s story that day he didn’t believe it, he had half expected it, thinking how a man could have a child.

But now that he had heard Zhan Beitian admit it himself, he was still surprised.


Cai Yuan knew that Zhan Beitian would not lie to them about this and sighed: “It is unbelievable that a man could have a child but, for the sake of Little Young Master, His Lordship might accept it.  Mr Mu.”

At least Zhan Beitian wasn’t cut off, Zhan Guoxiong shouldn’t have objected strongly.

The two work out outside until eight o’clock, Cai Yuan saw the car parked in the courtyard, his eyes light up and he said: “It’s the Second Young Master back.”

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