Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 170: Zhan Nantian is here

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 170: Zhan Nantian is here

Zhan Beitian paused in his steps, looked at the black SUV of the ‘Kingpin’ brand and walked towards the hall.

Zhan Guoxiong’s pleasant voice was heard coming out of the hall: “How long has it been since you came to spend time with me as a grandfather and where are your parents?”

This was followed by Zhan Nantian gentle voice: “They are busy with something, they will come back in the evening with their aunts and uncles and their aunts and uncles to have dinner with grandpa.”

Zhan Guoxiong was particularly pleased to hear that everyone was coming back for dinner: “OK, I want Lao Cai to prepare the meal for tonight.”

Cai Yuan, who had just entered, smiled and said: “Er Young Master, you have finally come back to see the Master.”

“Uncle Cai.” called the gentle man sitting on the sofa.

“Cai, you’ve come back from your workout, after breakfast, prepare more food for tonight, it’s been a long time since we’ve all been together.”

“OK, I’ll go and see if Little Young Master is awake.” Cai Yuan smiled as he walked up to the first floor.

Zhan Nantian looked at Zhan Guoxiong in confusion and said: “Little Young Master?”

Zhan Guoxiong smiled happily and said: “It’s your elder brother’s son, the boy had a child without fail, now the baby is about to be three years old, tonight, when everyone comes back, let them see the child.”

Zhan Nantian looked surprised and said: “Big brother has a son?”

“Grandpa, good morning.” A low voice intervened between them.

Zhan Guoxiong laughed: “Beitian, just when I was talking about you, you’re back.”

Zhan Nantian looked quickly at the entrance to the hall, at the sight of the tall, erect figure, a gentle smile paused for a moment, then, smiling, stood up, spread his arms and walked towards Zhan Beitian: “Brother, it’s been a long time.”

Zhan Beitian, too, spreads his arms, wrapped his arms around Zhan Nantian and pats each other on the back and shoulders, a greeting of brotherly intimacy: “Long time no see.”

He quickly let go of Zhan Nantian and said: “I just got back from a workout, I’m sweaty, I’ll talk to you when I get changed.”


Zhan Beitian turned and walked up the stairs.

Zhan Nantian stood there until Zhan Beitian was out of sight and then went back to the sofa and took his place, chatting with Zhan Guoxiong.

Zhan Beitian returns to his room, saw Mu Yifan still asleep in bed, goes over and pats him.

Mu Yifan woke up slowly, the moment he saw Zhan Beitian, he immediately hugged him like an octopus and said: “I don’t want to get up, stay with me a little longer.”

Then, he asked with a faint smell of sweat: “Have you been working out?”

“Yeah.” Zhan Beitian rubbed his unruly hair and said: “Get up, don’t keep Grandpa and the others waiting.”

“But, I haven’t had my morning workout yet.” Mu Yifan’s restless hand reached inside Zhan Beitian’s trousers and said: “How about you do a morning workout with me?”

Zhan Beitian hooked his lips, slapped the ‘octopus’ away from him and turned to the bathroom.

Mu Yifan smiles happily, jumped up and rips off his clothes, runs into the bathroom and lays hands on the man who is undressing for the shower.

In a few moments, the bathroom is full of sex, moans and ragged gasps are coming out of the bathroom along with the sound of the water.

It took about fifteen minutes for the sounds to die down.

Mu Yifan emerges from the bathroom with his towel on, fresh and refreshed, looking as if he has had a good meal, almost as if he has taken out a toothpick and shaved his teeth.

He took a change of clothes out of his rucksack and put them on.

Zhan Beitian, who came out behind him, went to the cupboard to get his clothes and said: “Nantian is here.”

“What?” Mu Yifan asked as he pulled on his clothes: “Zhan Nantian is back? Should I go down for breakfast? If he saw me here, he might tell your grandfather that I’m a zombie.”

Zhan Beitian wrinkled his nose and said: “You’re worried about him telling Grandpa about you being a zombie, he’ll be worried about you telling us about him being a zombie, so, don’t worry about that.”

Mu Yifan thought that was right and felt relieved.

“Also, my parents and aunt and uncle are coming home for dinner tonight, the boy needs to be introduced to other relatives at the Zhan family.”


When Zhan Beitian was dressed, they left the room together and came downstairs, they heard Zhan Guoxiong say: “Mutian, this is your cousin uncle, call him cousin uncle.”

Zhan Nantian also coaxed: “Mu Tian, come here, let uncle hold you.”

Mu Qingtian looked at Zhan Nantian and silently turned his head to lie on Zhan Guoxiong’s body without speaking.

Having spent some time with the child, Zhan Guoxiong knew that he was a cheerful child, with a sweet tongue and would call out to anyone he met, even to soldiers and would call out sweetly to his uncle.

But today he was silent, he was very worried.

He looked to Cai Yuan and said: “Is the child not feeling well?”

“I don’t think so.” Cai Yuan said uncertainly.

When he had dressed the child earlier, the child had been talking to him in a loud voice, it did not look sick, it had only been in the hall for a short time, how could a person be sick.

Zhan Guoxiong said uneasily: “Let’s find a doctor to look at the child.”

At that moment, the child in his arms stirred and quickly straightened up, calling happily to the man coming down the stairs: “Daddy.”

Zhan Nantian and Zhan Guoxiong and Cai Yuan looked towards the stairway.

When he saw Mu Yifan coming down the stairs with Zhan Beitian, Zhan Nantian was stunned and a flash of disbelief passed through his eyes.

But, soon, he regained his composure, as if there had been no other emotion.

“So the child misses her father.” Zhan Guoxiong tasted.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Nantian, smiles and walked up to the child, kisses him on the face and said: “Did you sleep well last night?”

Mu Qingtian nodded, covered his stomach and said: “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

“Papa?” Zhan Nantian asked Zhan Guoxiong, unable to contain his shock any longer: “Isn’t the baby…? Isn’t he my brother’s son?”

Zhan Guoxiong explained: “Mu Mu is the baby’s godfather.”

“Mu Mu? Godfather?” Zhan Nantian heard Zhan Guoxiong call Mu Yifan intimately, his eyes deepened, with an emotion that no one could understand.

“Mu Mu is from the Mu family, the elder brother of Mu Yihang, called Mu Yifan, okay, let’s have breakfast first, we’ll talk about it after breakfast.” Zhan Guoxiong because Mu Yifan is here, so, don’t want to talk too much.

Zhan Nantian looked deep into Mu Yifan’s eyes, gets up and helps Zhan Guoxiong to eat in the dining room.

Mu Yifan sighed with relief.

From the way Zhan Nantian is acting, he doesn’t want to reveal that he is a zombie and, seems to be trying to pretend that he doesn’t know each other, in which case, he can just pretend that he doesn’t know him.

Zhan Beitian, who had been silent, said: “Let’s have breakfast.”

During breakfast, Zhan Nantian and Zhan Guoxiong chatted and from time to time I glanced at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan pretended not to see his gaze, feeding the child noodles, while chatting casually with Zhan Beitian.

After breakfast, he can’t stay at the Zhan family for a while, after all he hasn’t made his relationship with Zhan Beitian clear to the Zhan family yet, it’s not convenient for him to stay at the Zhan family.

When Zhan Beitian heard that Mu Yifan was leaving, he got up to see him out and handed Mu Yifan his car keys saying: “I have things to do today, I won’t see you home, you can drive the car.”

Mu Yifan took the keys.

When he got to the garage, when no one was around, he immediately hugged Zhan Beitian, kissed him on the lips and said: “When are you going back to the camp, I’ll come to you, you know my status now, I can’t go to the Zhan family everyday.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll go back to the camp but, I’ll be back at night with Grandpa.”

Mu Yifan let go of him and smiled: “OK, I’ll meet you at the camp tomorrow, I’m off then, miss me.”


Mu Yifan got into the car, rolled down the window and, pointed at Zhan Beitian’s face.

Zhan Beitian walked up to him, gives him a kiss on the cheek and said: “Drive carefully.”

“I will, I’ll keep my life with you for the rest of my life.”

Mu Yifan smiled happily, then, started the car and left.

Zhan Beitian looked at the departing car and laughs, until the car is out of sight, before returning to the hall.

Seeing Zhan Guoxiong and Zhan Nantian chatting happily, his eyes flicker, he turns to the kitchen and while the kitchen is empty, he took out a cup and fills it with the spring water from the space spring.

Then, walking out into the hall, he handed the cup to Zhan Guoxiong and said: “Grandpa, it’s time for you to take your medicine.”

Cai Yuan, beside him, took Zhan Guoxiong’s usual medicine out of his pocket, pours it out in portions and hands it to Zhan Guoxiong.

Zhan Guoxiong took the medicine and wanted to talk with Zhan Nantian but suddenly, he felt a pain in his stomach and got up quickly and said: “My stomach is not feeling well, you guys talk, I’ll be right back.”

Cai Yuan was not sure about Zhan Guoxiong, got up and went back to the room with Zhan Guoxiong.

Mu Qingtian knew that Zhan Beitian and Zhan Nantian had something to say and followed Cai Yuan to Zhan Guoxiong’s room.

Finally, Zhan Beitian and Zhan Nantian were the only ones left in the hall.

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