Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 171

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 171

Zhan Beitian sat opposite Zhan Nantian and made them two cups of tea, before he said in a light voice: “I heard from grandpa, before the end of the world, you went exploring in the deep mountains and got sick from it, are you better now? Are you feeling better now?”

Zhan Nantian picked up his cup and took a sip of tea before saying: “That was a long time ago, I’m fine now. I say brother, you’re so unkind, you’ve had a child with another woman and now you’ve brought it back for us to see, by the way, where’s your sister in law?”

“I just want to talk to you now about your sister in law.” Your sister in law is a member of the Mu family, she is afraid to come to see Grandpa because of the two families, so, I want to ask you about your relationship with Mu Yihang.  I want to ask you what is going on between you and Mu Yihang.”

“Sister in law is of the Mu family?” Zhan Nantian was stunned and said in disbelief: “How can you be of the Mu family?”

Zhan Beitian asked him: “Is it strange to be of the Mu family?”

“No, it’s just… How could…” Zhan Nantian looked as if he could not accept this, his brow knitted.

Then, thinking of something, he said: “Brother, as far as I know, those of the Mu family who are of marriageable age are already married, those who are not seem to be very young, how can your sister in law be of the Mu family?”

“Don’t get hung up on that, I’m just asking you, what happened with you and Mu Yihang?”

Zhan Nantian’s gentle face looked chilled and with a bit of hostility in his eyes he said: “Brother, don’t get involved in my affairs with Mu Yihang and, even if you tell us, you can’t solve my affairs with him.”

Zhan Beitian saw that he was determined not to talk about it and looked at him with half smiling eyes.

When Zhan Nantian saw that Zhan Beitian looked at him and did not say a word, he quickly put on his gloomy face and said with gentleness: “Brother, I just want to solve it myself, as for the First Young Master, I am sorry.”

Zhan Beitian looked at him, still silent.

Zhan Nantian was not afraid to be looked at by Zhan Beitian and faced him with a gentle face.

Just then, Cai Yuan rushes down the stairs and said: “Young… Young Master, Second Young Master, it’s not good, Master has been having diarrhoea and, for no apparent reason, his body is covered in black dirt, go up and see what’s going on, I’m sending someone to fetch Dr. Wang to check on the Master.”

Zhan Beitian got up and ran to the first floor.

Zhan Nantian followed him.

As soon as they reached the first floor, they smelled a terrible stench.

“Why does it smell so bad?”

Zhan Beitian walked into the room and immediately asked Zhan Guoxiong in the toilet: “Grandpa, are you all right?”

Zhan Guoxiong in the toilet felt a pain in his stomach, he kept having diarrhoea but, feeling more and more energetic, he replied with a strong voice: “No, I just can’t stop leaking, don’t stay in the room either, get out.”

In fact, he was embarrassed to have his grandchildren smell his stinky shit.

Zhan Beitian heard Zhan Guoxiong’s voice loud and strong, he relaxed and opened all the windows in the room.

Half an hour later, Dr. Wang is received by the soldiers at the Zhan family and asked to examine Master Lao Zhan and found that he is healthier than ever.

In order to find out more about Zhan Guoxiong’s health, Dr. Wang persuaded him to come to his clinic for a check up.

While Zhan Guoxiong was travelling to Dr. Wang’s clinic, Mu Yuefeng returned to the Mu Tower.

He went up to the eightieth floor and the soldier at the lift door immediately said: “How many, Admiral Mu wants you to come to his office.”

Mu Yuefeng nodded and went to Mu Yuecheng’s office.

The office door is open, inside are Mu Yuecheng, Mu Yuezhi, Mu Yuefeng and Liu Linghong, Li Caiyu and Zhao Yunxuan, discussing something, the atmosphere is somewhat dull.

“Dad, you wanted to see me?” Mu Yuefeng enters the door, all except Zhao Yunxuan and greets the others.

Mu Yuecheng suddenly sank down and said: “Where were you all day yesterday? You didn’t come back without telling us, did you know we were worried about you.”

Mu Yuefeng then said: “Yifan, I heard from the soldiers that you left him with Zhan Beitian is that what happened?”

Mu Yifan nodded and said: “Yes.”

“What did he come to see you for? He’s not in trouble with you is he?”

Mu Yifan made a random excuse: “No, just taking me to see some friends.”

Mu Yuefeng put his mind at rest and said: “That’s good, you don’t know how worried we are that the Zhan family will come after you.”

At this point, Li Caiyu noticed that Mu Yifan was not followed by the child and asked: “Where is the child?”

Mu Yifan had thought of an excuse before he returned, so, when Li Caiyu asked, he said: “The child is at his mother’s, in a few days, I’ll pick him up again.”

The six elders immediately thought that Mu Yifan had spent the night at his mother’s place.

Men, who are always looking for someone to take care of their physical needs, did not ask Mu Yifan where he was staying last night.

“Yuecheng, Yifan probably didn’t sleep well all night, just send him to his room to get some rest, don’t let him get tired, if there’s anything, wait until he wakes up.” Zhao Yunxuan suddenly said.

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows.

Why is this ‘mother’ so nice to him all of a sudden, she’s afraid he’ll get tired.

Mu Yuecheng got up as if remembering something: “Yunxuan reminded me of something, Yifan, if you want to sleep, you have to wait for a medical check up, you have to come with me to Dr Ye’s to check your body now.”

Mu Yifan said with a baffled face: “A check up? I’m fine, why do I need a check up?”

“You are well?” Mu Yuecheng snorted: “Have you forgotten that you have bone cancer?”

Liu Linghong also spoke up: “Yifan, your father is doing this for your own good, just listen to him.”

Others also spoke up, Mu Yifan was in a difficult position.

He’s a zombie, he can’t go for a check up, it will definitely reveal his identity as a zombie.

But, how could she refuse to do this?

Mu Yuezhi was straightforward after all, he got up and dragged Mu Yifan out of the office saying: “Come on, Second Uncle will go with you for the test.”

The other five men got up and followed, following them into the lift.

“Second Uncle, my…”

Mu Yifan was trying to find an excuse not to go, when Mu Yuezhi interrupted: “Yifan, don’t worry, whatever the outcome, Second Uncle I will do my best to get you the best doctor to fix you up.”

Mu Yuefeng also said: “Third Uncle will also find you the best medicine to cure you.”

Mu Yifan was touched by everyone’s concern and was brought to Dr Ye in a daze.

Mu Yuecheng pulled Dr Ye to a corner and said: “Dr Ye, you will examine Yifan, see if his bone cancer has worsened.”

Zhao Yunxuan also came forward and said: “Yuecheng, since Yifan is here, take the opportunity to check his whole body, to see if there are any other problems.”

Mu Yuecheng nodded and said: “That’s fine.”

Li Caiyu, who saw Zhao Yunxuan talking to Dr Ye, said: “Zhao Yunxuan has a conscience, remembering that Yifan has bone cancer.”

As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, he thought it was wrong and immediately asked: “Third Aunt, what do you mean by that?”

“I thought that Zhao Yunxuan, as a stepmother, would not be too concerned about you but to my surprise, last night at dinner, she suddenly mentioned that you had bone cancer and asked Mu Yuecheng to advise you to come for a check up, so as not to delay the best diagnosis. If she hadn’t mentioned it, we wouldn’t have wanted to have you examined.” Li Caiyu sighed: “Speaking of which, Yifan, don’t blame your father for not remembering, he’s been so busy lately that he forgot about your bone cancer.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes narrowed abruptly.

No wonder Zhao Yunxuan had suddenly become so kind, sending him to his room to rest, to remind his father of the test.

And, by doing the test, to see if he was a zombie.

“Yifan, come here, Dr Ye wants to give you a full examination.” Mu Yuecheng called out.

Mu Yifan came back to his senses, walked over to Dr Ye and, to Zhao Yunxuan, said: “I have just heard Third Aunt’s words and realised that Auntie has been thinking about my health, so thank you for caring for me.”

The word ‘aunty’ is used with a deliberate emphasis.

Zhao Yunxuan didn’t seem to hear the sarcasm in his words, he smiled slightly and said: “Auntie also wants you to be well, you don’t want us to give away our hair in the dark, do you?”

Mu Yuecheng patted Mu Yifan on the shoulder and said: “Be good at the examination, okay?”

Mu Yifan looked at Zhao Yunxuan and went into the medical room with Dr Ye.

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