Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 172: This is the last time

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 172: This is the last time

Once in the medical room, Dr Ye gets busy.

Mu Yifan saw him with a small syringe and a swab and knew that he wanted to draw his blood.

“Dr Ye, I had breakfast this morning, did you have any problems with the blood test? I remember that after breakfast, a physical examination, can affect the results.”

Dr Ye paused in his movements, smiled and said: “It’s okay, I’m doing other tests, it won’t affect the results.”

“That means the tests that affect the results will have to be repeated tomorrow, right? Then why not do it all tomorrow, why come back twice.”

Dr Ye saw Mu Yifan getting up, he took Mu Yifan by the arm and said: “First Young Master, wait.”

Mu Yifan stopped, looked at him.

Dr Ye said: “First Young Master, you can see that your father, your aunt and your uncle and aunt are waiting outside anxiously for your test results, if you go out now, you will make them wait anxiously for another day and by the way, I am not only I’m not only going to take your blood, I’m going to look at your thighs later, so, First Young Master, don’t rush off either.”

Mu Yifan said in a deep voice: “After all, you must have the test today, right?”

Dr Ye looked away and nodded.

Mu Yifan sits back down and said: “Go on then, don’t regret it afterwards.”

Dr Ye hears that he is willing to draw blood and speeds up, not caring what he said afterwards.

Mu Yifan saw Dr Ye’s fear that he might regret it and sneered: “Dr Ye, I heard from the others, that you and the nurses here were recruited by my aunt.”

Dr Ye heard Mu Yifan’s question and stiffened and with a forced smile said: “Yes.”

Mu Yifan said nothing more but kept his eyes on Dr Ye as he expertly tied a tourniquet around his hand and then, stuck the needle hole into his arm.

Twenty minutes later, Mu Yifan and Dr Ye came out of the medical room, the six men outside the door immediately gathered around and said: “Dr Ye, how is Yifan’s health? Has his condition deteriorated?”

Dr Ye looked at the six anxious people in front of him, for almost ten seconds, before saying slowly, word by word: “First Young Master is in good health and his condition has not deteriorated.”

Except for Zhao Yunxuan, the other five breathed a sigh of relief.

“And what treatment is needed?” was asked by Zhao Yunxuan.

“We need to find a bone cancer specialist to treat the First Young Master.”

Zhao Yunxuan’s eyebrows tightened, his eyes fixed on Dr Ye and he said suggestively: “Dr Ye, don’t you know something about bone cancer? Why do you need another doctor?”

Dr Ye was silent.

Mu Yuezhi said: “I’ll take care of the doctor.”

Zhao Yunxuan glared at Dr Ye, pursed his lips and said nothing more.

Mu Yuefeng said: “Then when Fourth Brother has found a doctor to see Yifan, I will go and find medicine for Yifan.” Mu Yuecheng patted his two brothers on the shoulder and said: “Thank you.”

“There is one more important thing, I need to speak to Admiral Mu.” Dr Ye said again.

Zhao Yunxuan thought that Dr Ye was going to reveal that Mu Yuefeng was a zombie, his eyes lit up and he said: “Dr Ye, just say what you have to say.”

Mu Yuecheng was worried that Dr Ye was going to say something about his eldest son’s illness or something like that, his eyebrows tightened and he asked: “What is it?”

Liu Linghong asked: “Do we need to avoid it?”

Dr Ye did not say whether he needed to be excused or not, he said straight away: “The examination I did on Mrs. Mu, that is Ms. Zhao Yunxuan, revealed that Mrs. Mu is severely mentally ill.”

Zhao Yunxuan stared at first and then, looking at Dr Ye with incredulous eyes, said: “What…? What?”

The other five were stunned by this, not expecting Dr Ye to say such a shocking thing.

Zhao Yunxuan came back to his senses, red faced and sinewy, he rushed to Dr Ye’s face, grabbed Dr Ye by the collar and shouted: “Dr Ye, who are you calling crazy? And, when did I ever ask you for a check up? Don’t smear me with this nonsense.”

The shrill, harsh voice caused everyone to frown.

Dr Ye said without changing his face: “Mrs. Mu, you must stop hiding your condition, otherwise, your condition will get worse and the best time to treat it will be delayed.”

Zhao Yunxuan’s whole elegant face was distorted as she said: “Where is my mental illness, Dr Ye, you…”

She paused at this point, her furious face suddenly turned frantic and slightly dull as she said: “You said you would hide my illness, you…”

Mu Yuecheng looked at her incredulously and said: “Yunxuan, what did you say? You really are…”

The word ‘psycho’ stuck in his throat, he couldn’t get it out.

Mu Yuefeng and Mu Yuezhi looked at them in shock, the normally well dressed and socially competent woman was a psychopath.

“I’m a psychopath! I’m really a psychopath! I’m a psychopath.” said Zhao Yunxuan, clutching Li Caiyu’s arm in a frenzy.

Li Caiyu hid behind her husband in fear.

Mu Yuefeng pushed Zhao Yunxuan away.

“Zhao Yunxuan, what are you doing?” Mu Yuecheng pulled Zhao Yunxuan’s arm and said angrily.

“Yuecheng, I’m a psycho and I’m letting people…” Zhao Yunxuan was dumbfounded.” said Zhao Yunxuan dully but before she could finish her sentence, a cold, deep voice came through, cutting her off.

“Well, what are you doing here?”

Everyone looked over at the lift and saw Mu Yihang staring at Zhao Yunxuan, walking with difficult steps.

Zhao Yunxuan suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her head, her dazed gaze grew clearer, she shook her head off and saw her son, her eyes were confused, as if she did not remember what she had just done.

She said with a baffled face: “Yihang, what are you doing here? Your feet are not healed yet, how can you just walk on the ground.”

Zhao Yunxuan tried to help her son but was stopped by Mu Yuecheng.

She raised her eyebrows and said: “Yuecheng, what are you doing?”

Mu Yuecheng said in a quiet voice: “Yunxuan, I think you need to rest now.”

He picked up the walkie talkie and told the soldiers to send Zhao Yunxuan back to his room and not to come out until he gave the order.

When Zhao Yunxuan saw Mu Yuecheng forcing himself back into his room, he became furious and said: “Yuecheng, what are you doing? Are you trying to put me under house arrest? You…”

Then, remembering Dr Ye’s words, she said anxiously: “You don’t believe Dr Ye’s words, that I’m insane, do you? I’ve been married to you for years, don’t you know if I’m sick or not? How can I be mentally ill?”

Mu Yuecheng explained: “I didn’t believe Dr Ye, I just thought you were mentally ill, go back to your room and rest, I’ll come back to see you later.”

Mu Yihang followed: “Mum, just listen to Dad, I’ll see you later.”

Zhao Yunxuan saw her son wink at her and left with the soldier.

Mu Yihang immediately said: “Dad, I’m sure Mum is not mentally ill, someone must have drugged her, or used her mutant powers to control her to make her psychotic.”

With that, his cold gaze turned to Mu Yifan who had remained silent.

Mu Yifan was not afraid of Mu Yihang looking at him.

He did do it, he used his mutant powers to control Dr Ye and Zhao Yunxuan.

If Zhao Yunxuan hadn’t pushed him harder and harder, only to not come back overnight and come up with another way to verify his identity as a zombie, he wouldn’t have thought to use his mutant powers to control them.

Also, things were going well but Mu Yihang didn’t come along, otherwise, he could have forced Zhao Yunxuan to reveal the secret in his heart.

It also means that he can’t control his mutant powers very well, it took him some time to control Dr Ye.

Mu Yuecheng rubs his sore forehead.

Feeling particularly unlucky lately, one thing after another, first his father was drugged into dementia, then his son was beaten up by the Zhan family and now his wife was diagnosed with a neurological disorder by a doctor.

“I know, that’s why I’m worried that your mother was controlled by someone else and hurt someone else, that’s why I had her taken back to her room, when she’s better, you’ll go see her again.”

Mu Yuecheng looked to Dr Ye and said: “Dr Ye, you said my wife is mentally ill, what is going on?”

“Dad, I suspect that Dr Ye is being manipulated too.” Mu Yihang said.

Mu Yifan narrowed his eyes.

He remembered.

Mu Yihang was also a mutant.

No wonder he was able to unlock his hold on Zhao Yunxuan.

If Mu Yihang hadn’t appeared earlier, Zhao Yunxuan would have been judged to be a psychopath.

Mu Yuecheng saw Dr Ye’s dazed eyes and immediately had Dr Ye arrested.

Mu Yuezhi said angrily: “Third Brother, this must be investigated, who is trying to get at us the Mu family.”

Mu Yuefeng said: “It should be the Zhan family.”

Mu Yifan: “…”


He just wanted to teach Zhao Yunxuan a lesson, how did he add another charge to the Zhan family.

Mu Yuecheng’s eyes half narrowed as he said: “Let’s talk about this back at the office.”

The five men turned and walked to the lift.

Behind them, Mu Yihang turned to Mu Yifan and said in a lowered voice: “You did it, didn’t you, you manipulated my mother and made her admit she was a psycho, didn’t you.”

Mu Yifan didn’t admit it, he just looked at Mu Yihang and warned in a cold voice: “This is the last time, next time you mess with me, I’m not going to be nice.”

With those words, his eyes widened, Mu Yihang immediately felt a stab to the head, a sharp pain and screamed.

Mu Yifan pretends to hold Mu Yihang, who is leaning back, in a frenzied manner, using the momentum to hit the wound on Mu Yihang’s leg.

Mu Yihang grunts in pain, looked at Mu Yifan angrily and said: “You…”

Mu Yifan smiles and said: “Brother Yihang, are you all right?”

Mu Yuecheng, walking into the lift, hears the shout and quickly turns around and said: “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yifan said: “Dad, Yihang just hit his wound by accident, I’m holding him, it’s okay.”

Mu Yihang: “…”

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