Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 173

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 173

Mu Yifan knew that Mu Yuecheng and the others had something to discuss and, it had to do with the Zhan family, so he found an excuse to go to his room. Because he was afraid that if he heard something about dealing with the Zhan family, he would not be able to resist telling the Zhan Beitian.

Especially when it’s the person he likes on one side and his family on the other, so, he doesn’t want anything to happen to either side.

Mu Yihang doesn’t have the heart to listen to the elders’ conversation either and when he returns to the 80th floor, he goes to Zhao Yunxuan.

Zhao Yunxuan saw her son arrive and asked: “I’m sorry, your father doesn’t really believe Dr Ye, that I’m mentally ill, does he?”

Mu Yihang said soothingly: “Mom, you’ve been with Dad for decades, wouldn’t he know if he was mentally ill?”

Zhao Yunxuan sneered: “If you know I am not mentally ill, why do you keep me under house arrest. And Dr Ye, that bastard, how dare he tell your father and the others that I am mentally ill, how dare he slander me when we have been so kind to him, what have I done to him?”

Thinking about how angry Dr Ye was when she said she was mentally ill, no one would want to be called mentally ill again.

It’s good that it’s the end times, if someone thought they were mentally ill before the end times, they might have been sent to a mental hospital.

“It’s not Dr Ye’s fault, Dr Ye was also controlled by someone with mutant powers, that’s why they accused you of being mentally ill.”

Mu Yihang’s face turned cold as he thought of Mu Yifan’s warning.

Zhao Yunxuan looked at him in surprise: “What? Dr Ye is being controlled by someone with mutant powers? Who is controlling him?”

Mu Yihang said in a cold voice: “It was Mu Yifan.”

Zhao Yunxuan was even more surprised: “He… Isn’t he a wind power?”

“I think he’s a dual mutant, apart from wind mutant, he’s also a mutant, Mom, you’ve just been controlled too, you kept telling your aunt and uncle that you were crazy and, you almost told them what you were hiding, if I hadn’t wanted to see it too If I hadn’t wanted to see Mu Yifan’s examination report, otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.”

Zhao Yunxuan turned white: “I was controlled too, I was surprised that I didn’t see you coming down but suddenly, you appeared in front of me, I was controlled, luckily, luckily you were here, otherwise…”

Looking back now, I’m afraid, if I told you what I did, I don’t know what the consequences would be.

Mu Yihang narrowed his eyes: “Mum, I want to put off dealing with Mu Yifan for a while, we’ll talk about it later and you should try not to stay alone with Mu Yifan in case he does something to you, I’m not as good as him now, I have to find a way to I have to find a way to improve.Besides, we’ve put up with it for decades, it’s not as if we’ve had to do it for a while, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to deal with him later, especially now that he has bone cancer, it’s questionable whether he’ll get better.”

Zhao Yunxuan felt she had been a bit hasty lately.

But, could she not be anxious?

It’s the end times, it’s not like before the end times, half the company is owned by Mu Yifan and they have to put up with it.

But, it’s the end of the world, there are no legal restrictions, if they don’t get their team and supplies under control, someone else might take them over later.

That’s why, she couldn’t wait to get rid of Mu Yifan, especially since Mu Yifan was a soldier, she was worried that Mu Yuecheng would hand over the army to Mu Yifan and she and her son would be like they were before the end of the world and they would feel like subordinates again.

Zhao Yunxuan, thinking that she had no powers and could not revenge against Mu Yifan for the time being, nodded and agreed to do as her son said.

Mu Yihang was relieved to see Zhao Yunxuan’s nod but when he thought that Mu Yifan’s powers were stronger than his own, there was a look of resignation in his eyes.

He must find a way to improve his powers.

On the other hand, Mu Yifan returns to his room and immediately begins to learn how to manipulate his mutant powers.

This power is not like the other powers, it can be used in a variety of spectacular and powerful ways but, if used properly, it can be very powerful.

Mu Yifan spent the day practising in his room and on the second day, he got up and had breakfast with his family and drove off in a hurry from the Mu Tower, to the Zhan Beitian camp.

He couldn’t be blamed for being too eager, he and Zhan Beitian were in the midst of their marriage and having only had their ‘wedding night’ the day before, he wanted to be with his beloved every minute of every day.

Mu Yifan arrived at the entrance to the Zhan Beitian camp and saw two middle aged men and women stopped by soldiers at the gate and not allowed to enter.

The man was tall and thin, quite civilised but with a tired face and torn clothes, he looked very badly beaten.

The woman is well dressed, with light make up on her face but she has a nice smile on her face, not very pleasant.

Mu Yifan just took one look at them and with the approval of the soldiers, drives straight into the camp, parking the car in the required spot.

As he got out of the car, he suddenly found himself unable to move, looked down and found himself covered in vine branches, then, tied up in a ball, in the form of a cocoon.

“Don’t move.” A deep, cold voice sounded behind him: “Mu Yifan, I have something to say to you.”

Mu Yifan heard Lu Lin’s voice and rolled his eyes: “Just say what you have to say, why do you have to tie me up with your powers.”

“I can’t say it without tying you up.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

After waiting for half a day and not seeing any sound from the back, he said in a bad mood: “Say what you have to say, I have to go find your boss.”

Lu Lin said: “Boss, not in camp yet.”

“Then you can take your time, I’m not in a hurry.”

Lu Lin: “…”

Mu Yifan waited for a few minutes, still no word from Lu Lin, so he said to himself: “What do you want to say, what’s so hard for you to say? You don’t want to confess, do you? I’m telling you, you’re out of luck, my heart and my body are with your boss and they’ll never change.”

Lu Lin gave him a blank look: “No.”

“Then what is it?”

Lu Lin coughed uncomfortably: “That… Mu Yifan…”

Mu Yifan stopped talking and waited for him to finish.

Lu Lin took another moment to think, before saying quickly: “Thank you.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Mu Yifan heard the footsteps of the man behind him running away at a fast pace.


Just to say thank you?

But, for what?

Mu Yifan was confused.

Then, remembering that he was still tied up with a bunch of vine branches, he called out: “Lu Lin, you haven’t untied him yet, come back here, damn it, how can you thank someone like that?”

As soon as he said that, all the vine branches were taken into his body.


Mu Yifan lifted his hands in surprise and looked at them.

He had untied the vines himself, hadn’t he?

Did he just suck Lu Lin’s wood power over to him?

In other words, he’s got wood powers in addition to his mental powers?

Mu Yifan tries it out at random.

The grass under his feet immediately grew to a meter high.

Mu Yifan tsked twice.

He thinks the replication power is amazing.

Mu Yifan tries a few more times and indeed he has absorbed Lu Lin’s wood power, before leaving the car park, to find Zheng Guozong in his dormitory.

On his way past the office building, he meets Mao Yu.

Mao Yu is the gentler of the four, not too prejudiced and, this man is sensible, he doesn’t hold a grudge against Mu Yifan because of the past.

That’s why Mu Yifan came up to Mao Yu and asked him about Lu Lin, he knew Mao Yu would answer him.

“Lu Lin, what just happened? Why did you thank me for some reason?”

Mao Yu raised his eyebrows, smiled and asked: “Did you just meet Lu Lin?”

“Not only did I meet him, he tied me up with his powers and said he couldn’t speak unless he tied me up and finally, he said ‘thank you’ and ran away, I don’t know what he thanked me for.”

Mao Yu laughed: “He was thanking me for the wood crystal.”

“Crystal cores? What crystal cores?” Mu Yifan was even more confused by his comment.

“Do you still remember the wood zombie zombie that we killed in Wutong County?”


“At that time, you killed that zombie, we dug out his crystal core afterwards. When we got back, we gave it to Lu Lin. The other day, he sucked all the energy from the core into his body and was promoted to level 3, do you think he should thank you?”

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