Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 174: Satisfying You

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 174: Satisfying You

“…” Mu Yifan didn’t expect Lu Lin to thank him for this and suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “Although I killed the zombie but…”

He hadn’t finished his sentence, when an urgent voice came from the distance: “Captain Mao, Captain Mao.”

Mu Yifan and Mao Yu heard the voice and turned to see Li Tianqing hurrying over.

Mao Yu immediately asked: “Li Lao, what’s wrong? Have you heard some important news?”

“Indeed… I have indeed heard some important news.” Li Tianqing said, panting: “I… I’ve just heard rumours that people outside are absorbing the energy from the crystal cores of zombies and mutant plants and animals, to raise their levels and now almost every mutant in the city has gone out to find the cores to raise their powers.”

Mao Yu frowned abruptly, he thought it could be hidden for a while but he didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon.”

“No, anyway, they said it had been confirmed and that it was 100% certain that absorbing the cores would enhance the powers.”

Li Tianqing thought of something and hurriedly said: “By the way, Captain Mao, I also heard something that would make all mutants worry.”

Mu Yifan quickly asked: “What is it?”

“It’s said that when a mutant absorbs a mutant’s core, they have the chance to become a dual mutant and now all the mutant’s out there are worried that their cores will be taken by someone stronger than them.”

Mao Yu: “…”

Mu Yifan: “…”

This is a serious matter, it could lead to a loss of trust between the alters and the alters.

If the mutants lose their unity, then, when there is a wave of zombies, the human race will fall and that’s the worst thing that can happen.

At that moment, a white sports car pulled up in front of them.

Mu Yifan saw the man in the car, his eyes lit up and he said: “Beitian.”

Mao Yu immediately said: “Boss, I have something important to tell you.”

Zhan Beitian got out of the car, looked at Li Tianqing beside them and said with a wrinkled brow; “I know you want to talk about the crystal nuclei, I’ve already encountered these on the way here, it’s not good, what we need to do now What we need to do now is to stabilise the team and, in a short time, set up rules, if anyone on the team dares to dig up the crystal cores of other mutants, they will be punished severely.”

While the team is still unaware of what’s going on out there, the leaders will meet in the office building and in half a day they will have several days of strict rules.

Afterwards, the camp will gather in the playground and tell the team what’s going on in the outside world, so that they don’t overhear something they can’t make up and get upset.

Everyone was worried at first when they were told about the outside world but, after hearing the team rules, they were reassured.

Anyone who digs up the cores of a member of the team or an zombie from outside the team will be punished severely, the maximum penalty being death.

Even if an zombie has dug up a core and escaped, they will be wanted for food and it is believed that many people will report the whereabouts of the wanted person to the Zhan Beitian for food.

The death penalty rule is a desperate one, if it doesn’t instill fear in the squad, it won’t keep them down.

I don’t think anyone in the team would dare to take the cores of other people, after all, taking the cores of a half zombie might not be enough to gain the powers of another person, to become a dual zombie but instead they would be wanted everywhere and would not be able to stay in the safety of B City.

Also, everyone realises that the only way to stay in the team is to follow the rules, so no one wants to live in fear.

Besides, the squad was full of soldiers and their families, there were only a few survivors, so they didn’t do anything random.

After all was done, it was night time and Zhan Beitian had to stay in the camp to stabilise everyone, so he sent someone back to tell Zhan Guoxiong and the others, not to go back to the Zhan family for dinner.

Mu Yifan also stays with Zhan Beitian in his camp.

When he returned to his room, he immediately told them what he had been worrying about all day: “The rumour that there is a chance that a mutant who absorbs a mutant crystal will become a dual mutant, made me very worried that our two families might have more conflicts over this matter.”

Zhan Beitian said: “I’m worried about that, too.”

Now he was thinking about how to manage the relationship between the two families, in the last life, the situation between the two families had not deteriorated to such an extent.

“Especially after the hate I put on you the Zhan family yesterday, I don’t know what my dad and the others will do to you the Zhan family.”

Zhan Beitian said with a baffled face: “What’s going on?”

Mu Yifan didn’t hide anything from him, he told him everything that had happened yesterday.

Zhan Beitian’s frown grew tighter and tighter, he felt that Mu Yifan’s bone cancer was a hidden problem and that he would not be able to get rid of it and would not be able to stop worrying about it.

And Mu Yifan’s stepmother’s brother, if they don’t teach them a lesson, they will find a way to get at Mu Yifan, to reveal that Mu Yifan is a zombie.

Zhan Beitian heard him out and quickly grasped the point: “You are a dual mutant?”

Mu Yifan looked hesitant, then, nodded: “To be correct, I am a dual mutant but, because of my special ability, it is possible that my mutant ability could be a triple, quadruple, or seventh mutant.”

He didn’t hide anything from Zhan Beitian, he explained his powers to Zhan Beitian and told him how his wind powers had become spiritual powers and how he now had wood powers while being a spiritual power.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with surprise.

In his previous life, he had never heard of such a special ability, the ability to nullify and the ability to duplicate and the fact that, the higher the level of duplication, the more multiple abilities he could possess at the same time.

Zhan Beitian used his ice ability directly on him and it has no effect on Mu Yifan.

But, he wonders: “If it’s ineffective, then why is Lu Lin able to bind you with his powers?”

“He used a solid, that means the rattan branch Lu Lin used was real, so, it could bind me but, it couldn’t attack me, it would have been ineffective.”

Zhan Beitian probably knew about his powers, they were quite perverse but, there were advantages and disadvantages, even perverse powers are not omnipotent, once you get used to nullifying them, you lose a lot of your alertness.

“Don’t rely too much on nullification powers, keep your replication level up and, don’t let anyone else know about them.”

He was very worried that someone might be interested in Mu Yifan’s powers, although Mu Yifan was a zombie, the powers could only be upgraded if they absorbed Mu Yifan’s core energy but they didn’t know that Mu Yifan was a zombie and they could take advantage of Mu Yifan’s core at any time. But they don’t know that Mu Yifan is a zombie, at any moment they will try to take Mu Yifan’s power for themselves.

“I know.”

Mu Yifan looked over his hands absentmindedly, Zhan Beitian had just hit him with his ice powers, he couldn’t have copied them, could he?

Immediately afterwards, flowers and plants sprouted from one hand, ice spikes sprouted from the other.

Mu Yifan wailed: “My mutant powers are gone.”

He had only managed to control his mental powers yesterday, today they are gone.

Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow: “You can’t control yourself to replicate your powers?”

“I haven’t learned to control it that way yet.” Mu Yifan threw himself on top of Zhan Beitian: “You made me lose my mutant powers, tell me, you’re going to pay for my mutant powers like this, huh?”

Zhan Beitian held his body, a smile flashed in his eyes: “How do you want me to compensate you?”

“You can pay me with your body.” Mu Yifan quickly hooked his neck and kissed his thin lips.

Zhan Beitian asked in a muffled voice: “Is it enough to make it up to you with your body?”

Mu Yifan kissed him on the corner of his lips: “Not enough, if you don’t make me feel good tonight, or else, you won’t be able to live in peace for a few days.”

“Satisfy you.” Zhan Beitian quickly carried him to the bed.

The two of them are eager to undress each other, completely naked and roll in a ball on the bed.

The two men, who have already had one experience and are much better acquainted with each other, easily find each other’s sensitive parts and make each other even more addicted to the lovemaking.

It is not until an hour or so later, when they are satisfied and released, that they stop pumping but their lips keep kissing each other’s cheeks and their hands keep caressing each other’s bodies, making them even more intimate.

Mu Yifan looked at the handsome face in front of him, suddenly he rolled over and pushes Zhan Beitian down, kissing the nape of his throat and then, kissing his way down, until he reaches the corner of his beautiful lips.

“Beitian, there’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you.”

Zhan Beitian wrapped his arms around his waist, looked at him and asked: “What is it?”

“I…” Mu Yifan looked at him a little nervously: “After all the things I’ve done to you together, how can you forgive me so easily?”

Even accepting him, making love to him.

Something important was puzzling him, so, he felt that if he didn’t ask, there would be a knot in his heart.

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