Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 175

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 175:

The Zhan Beitian’s eyes pause slightly, the thumb of the hand that is holding Mu Yifan, suddenly moves, rubbing gently back and forth on the smooth back, as if thinking about how to answer his question.

Mu Yifan was relieved to see that his eyes did not deepen and sink, nor were they cold and angry and was worried that Zhan Beitian would get angry and leave because he had brought up the matter of his past life’s hatred.

Then he would have to spend the rest of his life, trying to find ways to make the man happy.

Zhan Beitian suddenly stopped rubbing, his eyes met his body: “Because I think the trouble now is not the trouble before, maybe the body is still the same but the soul is definitely not, do you think I’m right?”

He subtly threw the words back to Mu Yifan in reply.

Mu Yifan looked at him in awe, at the deep dark eyes expecting an answer, as if compelled and nodded unconsciously.

Zhan Beitian, seeing that he had admitted it and not asking who was inside him now, smiled slightly and got up and carried him to the bathroom to take a shower.

The moment Mu Yifan was hit by the water, he quickly came back to his senses: “If you had already guessed, why did you do that to me before?”

In fact he guessed that Zhan Beitian must have sensed that he was not the same Mu Yifan, after all, his every action was different from the old Mu Yifan.

If he had been his old self, he would never have shown any kind of kindness to the male protagonist.

Zhan Beitian paused in his actions, he felt bad about it, because it was the thing he regretted most.

But, it was not his fault.

When he found out that Mu Mu was Mu Yifan, apart from the feeling of having been lied to, there was also anger and hatred for Mu Yifan’s murder in his previous life, so, he could not calm down at that time.

When he found Mu Yifan, he saw Mu Yifan jumping on a man and thought he had turned into a zombie and wanted to bite him, so he kicked him hard.

It was not until he got out of the police station that he calmed down.

When he returned to the villa, he thought about the time he had spent with Mu Yifan.

Whether it was because he had been reborn into another parallel world, or for some other reason, this Mu Yifan was definitely not the Mu Yifan he knew.

The Mu Yifan he knew was not like Mu Mu, who could be cajoled with a few words, nor was he like Mu Mu who was defenseless in front of him and who did not come back quickly after his kick.

Now that he had revealed his identity, there was no point in Mu Yifan hiding it, he should have fought him hard and hit him hard, with all his tricks but instead, he ran away with the help of the company staff.

So, during those few days at the villa, he couldn’t believe that he, who had always been a good observer, had been fooled by Mu Yifan for almost a month and because of that, he was particularly upset whenever people mentioned the same word as ‘wu’.

But when Mu Yifan wasn’t around, he was even more upset, his heart was empty, he felt something was missing.

Finally, he couldn’t resist taking out his tracker to check Mu Yifan’s location, he found out that Mu Yifan was at the Shui village and drove there overnight.

The tracker, which he had put in after getting Mu Yifan’s mobile phone from Rong Xue, was designed to make it easier to find out where Mu Yifan was.

When he found Mu Yifan’s house, he saw Mu Yifan coming out with a net, heading towards the fish pond.

To find out what Mu Yifan wanted to do, he followed him, not realising that Mu Yifan thought he was hungry and wanted to catch fish, to make sashimi to fill his stomach.

When he heard Mu Yifan say ‘but this is the only way I can eat’, he felt a sharp shock in his heart and once again felt that he was not the Mu Yifan he knew.

The Mu Yifan of his past life, who would not have been willing to feed himself with sashimi, would have done everything he could to get someone to solve his stomach problem.

That’s why he gave Mu Yifan the sashimi and, he gave him more, so that Mu Yifan would have extra sashimi to give to Zheng Jiaming.

He had not touched Zheng Jiaming and Zhuang Ziyue until now, for Mu Yifan’s sake, otherwise, they would have ended up like Guang Junjie and would have met the King of Hell.

“At the time, I hadn’t made sure you were the trouble I knew, before I did this to you.” Zhan Beitian said, spreading his hands: “I’ll kick you back now, how about that?”

Mu Yifan grunted: “I think you know I can’t be bothered to hit you, that’s why you’re being so generous.”

Zhan Beitian smiled and gave him a kiss on his watery cheek.

He was so easily amused by this one.

If it was the old Mu Yifan, he would have kicked him in the balls.

“If you want to make it up to me, wash my body and serve me to sleep.”

Zhan Beitian smiles even more and speeds up to clean both of them back to bed.

Mu Yifan thought of something else and asked curiously: “When and how did you find out for sure that I was not the same Mu Yifan?”

Zhan Beitian said simply: “After leaving G City, while living in a small village.”

Mu Yifan suddenly thought of something, his eyes widened and he said: “You were listening to Qingtian and me, weren’t you?”

Zhan Beitian did not deny it.

“No, it took a while to get from upstairs to downstairs but, I didn’t see anyone on the stairs, ran back to my room, when I looked out the window, you were talking to Mao Yu, not like someone who was in a hurry to get downstairs.”

Zhan Beitian explained: “I went straight down the stairs, it only took a second or two and as you ran to the stairs to see if there was anyone there, I was slowly coming out of the hall, leaving Mao Yu to distribute the work.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Special Forces are different and they went straight down the stairs, who else would dare?

“If you overheard me, why did you run away? Why didn’t you just come in and ask me a question?”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

When he heard that Mu Yifan was not from this world, he felt an inexplicable panic and fear, a sudden feeling that this person would disappear at any moment.

How else, as a specially trained soldier, could he have been found standing outside.

“At the time, would you have said it if you’d been asked?”


Mu Yifan immediately said in his mind.

If Zhan Beitian had come in and pressed him, he would have denied it.

“Aren’t you curious where I’m from?” Mu Yifan looked at him curiously.

“Tell me when you want to, I’ll wait.” Zhan Beitian did not want to continue the question, turned off the light: “Go to sleep.”

Mu Yifan was relieved.

If the Zhan Beitian kept pressing him, he might not be able to resist telling the truth.

Actually, it’s not that he couldn’t, it’s just that Zhan Beitian, being so clever, would have guessed why he was in the Shui village when he told him where he was from.

I wonder what Zhan Beitian would have thought if he had known he was going to kill him, if he would have been angry and stopped talking to him.

So, it would have to wait, when the two of them were more settled, he would have told Zhan Beitian the truth.

Zhan Beitian sighed softly when he noticed that the person in his arms was asleep.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to know what world Mu Yifan is from but he has a sneaking suspicion that this Mu Yifan is something else.

On the day of the bombing of G City, he had been to Zheng Guozong’s house before going back to G City to look for Mu Yifan, so, when he opened the door, he saw the note Mu Yifan had left for Zheng Jiaming.

The four words ‘more black rain’ caught his attention, it must be a hint from Mu Yifan to Zheng Jiaming, it means Mu Yifan knows that it will rain black and it is worthwhile for the zombies to get stronger and stronger after the rain and possibly gaining powers.

But, black rain is something that happens only after the Great Burning.

He thought Mu Yifan was reborn like him but, after hearing Mu Yifan say in the village that he was not from this world, he had to re examine Mu Yifan’s identity.

A man who is not of this world but knows something about it and even predicts what will happen later, what does this mean?

Zhan Beitian did not think about it, nor did he want to think about it, which is why he did not ask Mu Yifan about his identity.

He turns around, looked at the sleeping face, reaches under the covers, touches Mu Yifan’s swollen thigh and frowns abruptly.

The bone cancer thing, it had to be sorted out soon.

Suddenly a ‘pop’ and Zhan Beitian was slapped.

And then, the person in his arms muttered: “Stop it, I’m sleepy now, I’ll fight you again tomorrow, until you’re dead.”

Zhan Beitian heard this and, at once, burst into tears and laughter.

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