Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 177: It’s hard to pick a title

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 177: It’s hard to pick a title

Zhan Beitian didn’t ask what was going on, he quickly got into the car that had come before him and left the Shen family camp.

Mu Yifan was driven back to the Mu Tower by Sun Zihao, on the way, Mu Yifan asked: “What happened to Beitian’s father?”

Sun Zihao hesitated for a moment, before saying: “I heard from the soldiers of the Zhan family, that Mu’s men had wounded the boss’s father, you will have to go back and ask what happened.”

Mu Yifan’s heart sank instantly.

Last night, just when he was worried about the two families, this happens today, I wonder how Beitian’s father is hurt.


He’s managed to make a good impression on Zhan Guoxiong, now it’s all gone, he’ll never be on the Zhan family again.

Mu Yifan back at the Mu Tower.

The atmosphere in the building is not as peaceful as before but there is no tension or agitation either, apparently his dad, like Zhan Beitian, has been working with the team and has set some rules to keep the people in the building in check.

Mu Yifan enters the lift and presses the button for the 80th floor.

As the lift keeps going up, his mind wanders a million miles away, he doesn’t know what he’s thinking.

As the lift stopped on the 80th floor, his eyes fixed, as if he has made up his mind, he walked with a steady pace towards Mu Yuecheng’s office.

Before he reached the door, he heard the man inside explain, with a slight urgency: “I didn’t hurt him at all.”

This was the voice of Mu Yifan’s First Uncle Mu Yuebin.

“Whether or not Big Brother hurt Zhan Leigang, as long as someone from the Zhan family is hurt, it’s still a way for my son to get some justice.” Zhao Yunxuan said.

Mu Yuebin looked at Zhao Yunxuan with an unhappy face: “Zhao Yunxuan, you are clearly saying that I have injured Zhan Leigang, do you think that I am afraid that the Zhan family will come to my door to settle the score? I dare not admit it?”

Zhao Yunxuan quickly explained: “Brother, you misunderstand me, how could I possibly think that.”

Mu Yuebin didn’t want to argue with a woman, he grunted and stopped talking.

Mu Yifan walked into the office, without asking what was going on and said in a serious tone: “Dad, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, you’d better ask the water powers to store a lot of water in the building, the weather is likely to reach over 50 degrees in the future.”

The people in the room gasped: “Fifty degrees or more?”

That temperature could kill you!

Zhao Yunxuan said in disbelief: “It’s almost September, it’s only going to get colder, how can it get any hotter.”

Mu Yuecheng glanced at Zhao Yunxuan and asked: “Yifan, who did you hear this from.”

In fact he also felt that the weather was not right, he had been thinking about the water.

“I have a source of information, of course, Dad, you have to get the men to bring in water now, as much as possible, it will only do good and not harm.”

Mu Yuecheng agrees with this and, thinking that water is the same as house, so, without saying a word, he picked up the walkie talkie and gives the orders to lose.

Mu Yifan turned to his four uncles while Mu Yuecheng was explaining things: “First Uncle, Second Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, you will go out to the city to look for supplies. , The hotter it is now, the colder it gets, the colder it is likely to get, we need to be prepared, better to have heating in the building.”

The four elders nodded.

It’s the end of the world, B City will not be able to heat the people like they used to, they will have to take matters into their own hands.

Mu Yifan, after Mu Yuecheng had explained what had happened, said: “Dad, there are rumours all over B City that a mutant who absorbs a mutant’s crystal core has a certain chance of becoming a dual mutant…”

At this point, the hearts of all the mutants in the room were heavy.

“The whole of B City is in fear, everyone is in danger, the whole of B City is like a paralyzed system, sooner or later something will go wrong, so, I suggest that Dad, in your name, call a big meeting of the B City camp administrators, to make new laws to regulate all mutants.”

After the end of the world, the old laws no longer work for the people of the end of the world, only new laws can be made to effectively control the people of B City.

Mu Yuecheng feels that there is something different about his son today and so, thinks hard about his words and feels that doing so, will not only benefit himself and everyone else but will also allow him to build up more of a threat in B City.

Others echoed Mu Yifan’s words.

“Before, I thought that Yifan had come to B City and was doing nothing but running around all day and not helping your dad with the team and keeping him busy but now, it seems that Second Uncle misunderstood you.” Mu Yuexuan said with a smile.

“Yifan is new to B City, many people in the team don’t know him and we haven’t assigned him a team, so of course he has nothing to do.” laughs Mu Yuefeng.

Mu Yuezhi also said: “I think it’s time for Third Brother to give Yifan some of the work, otherwise, everyone in the team will think Yifan is a free man.”

The more Zhao Yunxuan listened, the harder she looked, it was obvious that she wanted Mu Yifan to take over Mu Yuecheng’s hands and she was getting anxious again.

Especially as her son was still in bed, would that not give Mu Yifan more opportunities to act.

Mu Yuecheng grunted: “Who dares to say that my son is idle, Yifan, tomorrow you will come with me to the camp, pick some men, you will be in charge of them and other things in the team, you will also be in charge of them for me, you know?”

He had wanted to do this for a long time but he had thought of his eldest son’s health, so, he had put it off and waited for his son to ask for men, before giving it to him.

But now, it seems, his eldest son is intent on taking over his affairs today.

Mu Yifan did have such an idea.

So, when he was in the lift, he thought about a lot of things.

He thought that since he had decided to stay in this world, he should not do nothing as he had done before, it was time to take over some of Mu Yuecheng’s soldiers and use them for him.

The only way to slowly resolve the feud between the two families is to slowly get involved in Mu’s ranks, to take control of them and only then, to gain Zhan Guoxiong’s acceptance of him.

“I know, from tomorrow, I will go to the camp with Dad.”

As Mu Yifan said this, he looked to Zhao Yunxuan whose face was as ugly as it could be and said with a small smile: “I won’t let you down.”

This smile was very harsh in Zhao Yunxuan’s eyes, as if it was a demonstration.

Mu Yuezhi smiled: “Yifan was a special forces soldier, he must be able to manage Third Brother’s men very well.”

Mu Yifan got the approval of everyone, before turning to Mu Yuebin and saying: “First Uncle, I would like to ask you what happened with Zhan Leigang, the eldest son of Old Commissioner Zhan? What happened?”

Mu Yuebin’s frown tightened a bit at the mention of this again and he said: “You have been in B City for so many days, you should know that our relationship between the Mu family and the Zhan family has reached the point of incompatibility. , Just this morning, when I came back from leading the team, I met Zhan Leigang’s team who had also destroyed B City.” I don’t know who started it but there was a fight at the back of the group and then, as it got worse, Zhan Leigang and I got into it. You all know that Zhan Leigang is a soldier, his powers are definitely superior to mine, at that time, I had a hard time blocking Zhan Leigang’s powers, let alone using them to attack Zhan Leigang.”

“Then, Zhan Leigang seemed to be hit by something and, after a scream, he fell to the ground and, spurted a mouthful of blood, it looked serious, the Zhan family’s team saw their leader fall and, stopped, leaving the team behind. The men of the Zhan family saw their captain fall and stopped and left with harsh words and took their men away.”

Mu Yuebin said helplessly: “Now everyone thinks I hurt Zhan Leigang but, I didn’t do anything and somehow I’ve been branded. It’s not that I’m afraid they’ll come after me, it’s just that I feel bad that I’ve somehow taken the blame for someone else.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes narrowed as he said: “Did First Uncle think that someone was trying to frame Zhan Leigang for what happened to us, the Mu family? Is that right?”

If that’s the case, who could be trying to drive a wedge between the two families.

Mu Yuebin clapped his hands, thinking that Mu Yifan had hit the nail on the head: “Yes, that’s what I think, there’s a good chance that someone is trying to put us at odds and of course, it’s not out of the question that someone from our team is trying to take action against Zhan Leigang.”

Mu Yuecheng’s eyes glazed over.

They were at odds with the Zhan family but, that was their business and they would not allow someone to blame the Mu family for injuring Zhan Leigang.

Mu Yifan nodded: “I see.”

He looked to Mu Yuecheng: “Dad, I want you to leave our business with the Zhan family to me, how about that?”

“You?” Mu Yuecheng thought about it and thought that maybe if someone else took care of it, it might have a different outcome: “Okay, you take care of it.”

Zhao Yunxuan opened his mouth, he was about to say something but then he thought of what his son had warned him about and swallowed his words.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhao Yunxuan: “Dad, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go down and see Grandpa.”

“Go on.”

Mu Yifan went down to the seventy ninth floor, Liu Linghong told Mu Xiaohu that he was sleeping but, he decided to go in and see the man.

He went into the room, closed the door and whispered: “Grandpa, I’m coming.”

Mu Yifan only wanted to say that he had come to see Mu Xiaohu, he didn’t mean to wake him up.

As soon as the words were spoken, the person lying on the bed opened his eyes suddenly and in a very sharp movement he pulled out the pillow under his head and threw it at Mu Yifan.

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