Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 178: How dare you show me this one

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 178: How dare you show me this one

Mu Yifan caught the flying pillow and looked at the person on the bed with joy and surprise: “Grandpa, you can move now?”

Mu Xiaohu grunted in displeasure: “If I can’t move anymore, I’ll be pissed off by your little grandson, come here, tell me what happened that day, what do you mean ‘I fell in love with a man’? , What do you mean ‘I’m in love with a man’?”

Mu Yifan laughed and went to Mu Xiaohu’s side: “It means literally, I really like Zhan Beitian, I don’t want anyone but him.”

“No one?” Mu Xiaohu said, poking him in the forehead in anger: “Do you still want your son? If your son found out that his father is living with another man, how will he feel, how will he face his classmates and friends? You could have been with a woman, why did you choose a man?”

After hearing Mu Yifan’s words the other day, I was really angry with this grandson.

If it could be corrected, he would still want his grandson to marry and have children like a normal person.

Mu Yifan rubbed his sore spot: “Grandpa, didn’t I tell you that day?”

“What did you say?” Mu Xiaohu looked at him in confusion.

“That my son is my own, that I gave birth to him myself.” Mu Yifan said and jumped two steps away, for fear of being poked in the head by the old man again.

Mu Xiaohu’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Mu Yifan and then, he came to his senses and said angrily: “Don’t you just want to be with that man? Why make up such an outrageous excuse to deceive an old man like me, I’m not old enough to believe that a man like you could have a child.”

Mu Yifan put on a serious face: “Grandpa, I really did give birth, there was a doctor, oh, no, two doctors to prove that I was really carrying a child.”

At these words, Mu Xiaohu stared angrily at Mu Yifan, unable to speak for a long time.

He could see that Mu Yifan did not seem to be lying and, for a man, who would want to take such a thing upon himself if it were not so absurd, it would be a shame to speak of it and no good would come of it.

When Mu Yifan saw that Mu Xiaohu believed what he was saying, he took advantage of the situation: “Grandpa, apart from the fact that we are of the same sex, what is the difference between us and other ordinary couples? They can have children, we can have children and give them to me at the end of my life too, right?”

Mu Xiaohu stared at him: “You like him that much?”

Mu Yifan nodded his head quickly.

Mu Xiaohu asked: “What about him? Does he like you? You’ve been back for so many days, why didn’t you bring him to me? If he liked you, he would have come back with you to see me as an old man, wouldn’t he?”

Mu Yifan hurriedly defended Zhan Beitian: “Grandpa, you don’t know, how much trouble we had with the Zhan family during the days you couldn’t move, Beitian’s cousin hurt Yihang with his powers, Dad and the others were all upset. Beitian’s cousin injured Yihang with his powers, Dad and the others are angry, how can they come to see you and this morning, First Uncle was returning to B City, when he met Beitian’s father, the two teams fought for no apparent reason, in the end, the Zhan family thought First Uncle had injured Beitian The two families are now very tense and could come to blows at any time.”

Mu Xiaohu said with a tightened brow: “Since the two families are in such a state, you should know that not only your father will be against you, even the Zhan family will be against you being together, do you think your relationship will stand up to the opposition of both families? Do you think your relationship will stand up to the opposition of both families?”

Mu Yifan didn’t say anything.

But, he thought they could.

“How about this, if you can stay together after all the opposition from both families and the Zhan family is coming to terms with the fact that you’re together but only your father is still against it, I’ll go and convince your father, how about that?”

Mu Yifan knew that Mu Xiaohu was slowly accepting him and Zhan Beitian and happily gave Mu Xiaohu a kiss on the cheek: “Okay.”

Mu Xiaohu laughed: “You son of a bitch.”

He felt that his grandson was different from before, much more cheerful and lively, much more humane than before, not as gloomy and unhappy as before, it really made him uneasy as an old man.

I wonder if the man is responsible for the change in his grandson.

“By the way, your aunt and uncle don’t know that I’m back to normal, so, don’t tell them yet, let me pretend for a while, okay?”

Mu Yifan frowned slightly: “Grandpa, do you want to…”

Mu Xiaohu’s eyes sank and he said: “I don’t feel comfortable not catching the person who did this to me, so, I thought I’d pretend for a few more days and see if that person would do it again.”

He told Mu Yifan, because he didn’t want his grandson to worry too much, he knew he could still move and talk because of his grandson.

That’s why, when he knew it was his grandson coming in, he threw a pillow at his grandson, to let him know he was almost well, to put his mind at ease.

Mu Yifan nodded: “I want to find out who it is, Grandpa, do you have any idea who is trying to kill you?”

Mu Xiaohu thought about it, shook his head: “I don’t need to pretend if there is someone I suspect, don’t stay here too long, go away, come and see me when you can.”


“Wait.” Mu Xiaohu suddenly thought of something and stopped Mu Yifan in his tracks.

Mu Yifan turned to look at him: “Grandpa is there anything else?”

Mu Xiaohu coughed a little uncomfortably and asked sullenly: “Can you have sex with another man?”

Actually, he thought he had asked a stupid question, how could two men have a baby if they couldn’t have sex or anything.

But, he was just curious, after 70 or 80 years of living, he couldn’t understand how men could have a harmonious life in bed with men.

Mu Yifan knew what Mu Xiaohu wanted to ask and smiled cheekily as he took some CDs from his backpack that he had found in an adult sex shop in Wutong County and slipped them into the old man’s hands, saying: “Grandpa, take your time and watch them when no one is around.”

said, ran out of the room in a flash and closed the door for the old man.

“What is it?”

Unexpectedly, his eyes moved from the doorway to the disc in his hand and immediately, he saw two naked men intertwined, with the words ‘Sexual Battle’ next to them.

With a sudden shake of the hand, the discs were scattered on the floor and he cursed: “Mu Yifan, you son of a bitch, I’m telling you, I’m taking back what I said, I’m not going to intercede with your father for you.”

Unfortunately, he was the only one in the room, no one answered him.

Mu Xiaohu glared at the door, slowly, his eyes turned to the floor, stared at the two men on the disc for a moment, then, quickly got up and shoved the disc under the mattress.

“How dare you show me this one, I’ll show it to Zhan Guoxiong later.”

Mu Xiaohu mutters and lies back down on the bed and goes back to pretending to sleep.

In fact, Mu Yifan didn’t expect to show the disc to his grandfather, it was just a way to let the old man know more about men and men, not that men and men don’t have feelings and sex together.

Once back in his room, he started to plan his future, since he was going to take some people over from his dad’s team, he should be prepared and find out who to use and who not to use.

How to use those who should be used and how to keep them loyal to you.

Mu Yifan recalls the novel, which members of the Mu family are to be put under his command.

It took him a long time to come up with five names but there was one thing that was difficult for him.

These five men were destined to fight with the Zhan Beitian in the novels, as loyal as Lu Lin and the others and as long as they knew and approved of them, they would stick to them.

So, this is where he gets stuck, if he took the male protagonist’s men, doesn’t that cost the male protagonist a few arms?

Mu Yifan was in the room thinking and thinking and finally, decided to take the man into his hands.

He was a Zhan Beitian anyway, so, his people were Zhan Beitian’s people, if he made his relationship with the five clear later, I’m sure they would help Zhan Beitian, just as they helped  Rong Yan.

However, he felt he was over worried, the five men might not have intended to follow him and might have ended up, leaving the camp and following Zhan Beitian.

With Zhan Beitian’s ability and drive he could definitely convince these men, why should he worry about that. The most important thing now is to keep the five men loyal to him.

The next morning, Mu Yifan got up early and cleaned himself up, made himself look serious, then, after breakfast with Mu Yuecheng, drove to the Mu family camp.

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