Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 179

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 179:

The military academy in B City East, where the top generals were trained is now Mu’s training camp, home to 40,000 to 50,000 soldiers, all under Mu Yuecheng’s command.

On weekdays, the survivors and soldiers from the building come here in trucks to train, at noon, they drive back to eat and rest and in the afternoon, they come here to train again.

Mu Yuecheng’s car arrived at the gate, the soldier on guard left and salutes Mu Yuecheng’s car.

In the car, Mu Yuecheng keeps telling Mu Yifan about the general situation in the army, hoping that his son will soon take up his part of the job.

After listening, Mu Yifan asked: “Where is Yihang? What does he usually do in the army?”

Mu Yuecheng wrinkled his brow: “He is capable of running the Rong Finance Group but, after all, he has never been in the army, he doesn’t know how to lead people on missions and how to deal with unexpected situations. , So, I’m not letting him in on this side of the camp yet, I’m just letting him learn how to lead the survivors of the building to the supplies and when he passes my test, then I’ll let him take on this side, otherwise, none of the soldiers here will want to obey him.”

At this point, the car stopped.

Mu Yifan and Mu Yuecheng got out of the car together.

The soldier who passed by the car immediately saluted Mu Yuecheng, saying: “Admiral Mu.”

Mu Yuecheng returns the salute, turns to Mu Yifan: “What are you going to do now?”

Mu Yifan looked at the soldiers training in the distance: “I want to walk around first, then come back and pick someone.”

“Do you want someone to accompany you?”


Mu Yifan walked towards the training ground without looking back, first standing outside the training ground for a while watching the rigorous training, before asking the soldier who was walking by: “Excuse me, comrade, do you know Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi?. Zhou Quan, Kong Zixu?”


Mu Yifan asked several soldiers in quick succession, before he found out that the five men were over at the dormitory.

He went to the dormitory building but was stopped by a soldier outside the building who said: “This is the soldiers’ dormitory, if you want to go in and find someone, please register.”

Mu Yifan didn’t expect the rules to be so strict after the end of the world, he had to ask while registering: “Comrade, do you know where Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu are? Which floor?”

“The fifth floor.” the soldier at the door replied simply.

“Thank you.”

Mu Yifan put down his pen and walked up to the fifth floor of the dormitory, when he hears loud noises coming from the 510 dormitory.

“Gao Fei, what are you doing?”

“Yes, where are you going to pack your clothes?”

Mu Yifan heard that something was wrong and walked quickly to dorm 510, to see a large group of people blocking the door.

He pads his feet and looked inside the dormitory, to see several soldiers in uniform putting their clothes and belongings into their suitcases.

Mu Yifan knew at first glance that they were trying to leave and thought badly.

In the setting of his novel, Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu all have no powers at the beginning.

After the end of the world, they were able to fight the zombies with guns and knives at first, they brought back a lot of supplies for the team, they have been recorded in Mu Yuecheng’s book, they are the elite soldiers of the team.

But after the Black Rain, plants and animals mutated and some of the zombies gained powers, ordinary soldiers like Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu were almost always zombies when they went out to look for supplies.

Going out with the mutants to look for supplies, although they could save their lives but, they would hold the mutants back and over time, a phenomenon developed within the group, that the mutants were responsible for finding supplies and those without mutant powers were responsible for logistics.

But, a soldier who is used to fighting in the battlefield, can’t stay in camp every day and do chores like a woman.

One day or two is fine but after a while, they feel so uncomfortable and feel so useless, that they want to leave the army and go out on their own.

Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu were like that, they didn’t just want to be a coward, they stayed in the camp washing dishes and cooking, they were like babysitters.

And, at times, they are angry with the other mutants.

Because of the superiority complex they have nowadays, they feel they are superior to ordinary people and when they are wronged or hurt outside, they come back to take it out on others.

Especially for those with fire mutants, they have a violent temper, when they are upset, they will use foul language, or use their powers to attack the other person and when they see the other person being scared, they feel happy.

For a long time, no ordinary soldier had a grudge, although the attitude of the majority of the team was not so obvious, there was a vague sense of their superiority.

Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu were the ones who wanted to leave because they couldn’t take it anymore.

Mu Yifan came to his senses and immediately asked aloud: “Who are Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu?”

The crowd turned their heads at the sound of the voice and saw a tall Qing man standing in the doorway.

Gao Fei asked in confusion: “I am Gao Fei and you are…?”

Mu Yifan looked at the wheat skinned Gao Fei: “You are Gao Fei? What about Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu? Are they here?”

“I am Chen Hao.”

“I am Deng Xiaoyi.”

“I am Zhou Quan.”

“I am Kong Zixu.”

The other four replied.

Mu Yifan scanned the five faces and found that they all had one characteristic, that they were all righteous and that they were instantly recognisable: “The five of you get ready, come with me and look for supplies.”

“Huh?” The five of them stared.

The other soldiers at the door spoke up.

“They don’t have powers, going out to find supplies is a death sentence, how can we let them go to find supplies.”


“Who are you? The way you’re dressed, you don’t look like you’re in our army.”

Mu Yifan looked at the soldiers in the doorway and then at the five men in the dormitory: “Don’t go yet.”

With these words, he did not linger, he turned around and headed downstairs.

Gao Fei The five men looked back, looked at each other and followed.

Mu Yifan didn’t wait for them to ask questions, he told them who he was: “My name is Mu Yifan, ask the leader for an application form for a car and ammunition for the pistol, I’ll wait for you in Admiral Mu’s office, you’ll be approved then.”

The Gao Fei five members team, hearing the name Mu and that it was only one word away from Mu Yihang, soon realised who they were, their eyes lit up but, soon dimmed again.

Gao Fei said: “You really want to take us on a mission but, you should have heard that we have no powers, we will slow you down.”

Mu Yifan urged as if he hadn’t heard Gao Fei again: “Get up and get the application form.”

Down the stairs, he went straight to Mu Yuecheng’s office.

The five men behind him look at each other, Chen Hao asked: “Gao Fei, do you think he’s trying to take us out to find supplies?”

Gao Fei shook his head: “I can’t figure this guy out, it looked like he really wants to take us out to find supplies, otherwise, why would he want us to get the application forms. Why go to all this trouble if it’s just to fool us, what do you think?”

Zhou Quan nodded: “True or not, we’re going to give it a go, we were going to look for supplies out there anyway after we left the camp, now we can apply for pistols and bullets, all the better.”

Gao Fei nodded: “Come on, let’s get the application forms.”

The five of them went over to the weapons store.

Mu Yifan, who had walked away, looked back, relieved to see that they hadn’t gone back to the dormitory and was worried that the five men wouldn’t go with him to find supplies.

In fact, he had wanted to get to know the five men first and then, from the training, develop an understanding of each other before going out to the city to look for supplies.

But he didn’t expect to see them packing up and leaving, so he just told them to go out and look for supplies.

Only then, would they feel useful in the group and not think of leaving.

Mu Yifan arrived at Mu Yuecheng’s office.

Mu Yuecheng, who was listening to his men’s reports, saw Mu Yifan arrive and raised his hand to signal the two soldiers in front of him to stop reporting and asked: “How was your visit? Is there anyone you want to take with you?”

“Yes, just picked five men, will go out for supplies later.”

Mu Yuecheng asked with interest: “What are their names?”

“Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan, Kong Zixu.”

Mu Yuecheng wrinkled his brow abruptly.

Naturally, he knew all five of them, their abilities were quite good but not their powers.

“Are you sure it’s them?”

Mu Yifan nodded affirmatively.


Mu Yuecheng was about to say something, when a soldier at the door shouted: “Report.”

“What is it?” Mu Yuecheng looked to the door.

“A soldier claiming to be from the Zhan family wants to see the Admiral.”

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