Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 193: Thinking about you

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 193: Thinking about you

The fruit trees and vegetables in the space grew very quickly, they planted them in the morning and they were ripe by midday, they picked them and took them to the storehouse and put them away.

But, the sweet time goes fast, when the ten days are up, Mu Yifan has to come out of space, because he has just returned to B City and has to go back to Mu Yuecheng to report on the search for supplies and the Mu family and the Zhan  family, he has to supervise them, he can’t be the boss. family, he had to oversee them too, he couldn’t just leave them alone.

“I’d like to pack you up and show you to my dad.” Mu Yifan hugs Zhan Beitian as soon as he left the space and looked at his man with reluctance.

Although the two had been in space for ten days but, in their hearts, they couldn’t stay apart, they wanted to be together all the time.

Zhan Beitian rubbed his hair: “Let’s eat before we go back.”

Mu Yifan nodded in agreement, thinking that he could spend some time with Zhan Beitian.

After eating, he drove slowly away from Zhan Beitian’s camp, back to the 80th floor of the Mu Tower, to Mu Yuecheng’s office.

As soon as Mu Yuecheng saw Mu Yifan, he grunted: “You’ve just returned to B City and you’re out of here right away.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that his son had just brought back a truckload of supplies and that one of the soldiers had turned from a normal human into a mutant, he would have wanted to give him a piece of his mind.

Mu Yifan’s eyes flickered, he pulled a chair over to Mu Yuecheng’s table: “I’m just going to see my daughter in law, I haven’t seen her for ten days, I miss her.”

Mu Yuecheng looked puzzled, hesitantly asked: “The child’s mother?”

By the way, his son was thirty years old, he was old enough, it was time for him to get married.

Before the end of the world, he had intended to introduce a man to his eldest son, so that he could find a wife to carry on the family name but at the time he was diverted by his eldest son, who clearly did not want to talk about marriage.

After the end of the world, he became even busier.

He was so busy that he forgot about his eldest son’s marriage, especially when he suddenly came back with a two or three year old child, so he didn’t even think about his eldest son’s marriage.

Now that he thinks about it, it’s time to find a wife for his eldest son.

Mu Yifan nodded: “Yes, I went to see him.”

Mu Yuecheng wrinkled his brow and said with a hesitant look on his face: “If… If you really like her, bring her back to see me as her father.”

“But, he’s very special, I’m afraid Dad will dislike him.” Mu Yifan said cautiously.

“Is that why you haven’t brought her back to see me?”

Mu Yuecheng immediately thought of her as a woman of the world, the eldest son was worried that he would not accept his daughter in law.

Mu Yifan nodded vigorously.

“You…” Mu Yuecheng decided that this was something to think about and changed the subject: “Did you encounter anything special in your search for supplies this time and how did Gao Fei suddenly gain his powers?”

Mu Yifan knew that Mu Yuecheng had changed the subject but would be thinking about his daughter in law and, not to push Mu Yuecheng too hard, so as not to make things worse.

He briefly explains his search for supplies and also explains Gao Fei and talks about Rong Xue, so that Mu Yuecheng can be on his guard.

Later, the two men also talk about the Zhan family, for nearly two hours, before Mu Yifan left the office.

Mu Yuecheng rubs his sore temples and sighed, wondering how he can resolve the matter of his eldest son.

At that moment, Zhao Yunxuan came in with a cup of coffee: “What are you sighing about?”

Mu Yuecheng looked at her: “Close the door.”

Zhao Yunxuan closed the office door, put the coffee on the table: “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Mu Yuecheng took a sip of coffee and said straight away: “Yifan is not young anymore, it’s time to find someone to marry and settle down but he only has Qingtian’s mother in mind now but as you know, Qingtian’s mother is very likely to be a woman of the world, we the But as you know, Qingtian’s mother is probably a woman of the world, we in the Mu family are not a prestigious family but at least we are a family of cleanliness, how can Yifan marry such a woman.”

Zhao Yunxuan’s eyes shifted slightly and he said: “Let’s not say that Yifan likes her or not, just because she is Qingtian’s mother, Yifan should marry her, otherwise, if word gets out, it will be said that we hate the poor and love the rich otherwise, it would be bad for the reputation of the Mu family to say that we disliked the rich and the poor and abandoned the others when we had children.”

Mu Yuecheng said in a deep voice: “Is it good for the reputation of the Mu family if she is a woman of the world?”

If she were a common woman, he would have no objection.

“Yuecheng, there are things I don’t know whether to say or not.”

Mu Yuecheng looked at Zhao Yunxuan: “We are alone now, what can we not say.”

Zhao Yunxuan hesitated for a moment, before saying: “What you just said, although it is good for Yifan but, have you thought about whether Yifan is happy? Also, you know Yifan’s health, if you’re lucky, you might be able to heal it, if not…”

She paused here: “Isn’t that a disservice to other girls? Also, the woman who marries her may not be kind to Qingtian, the child will be wronged, especially if Yifan is away with his team looking for supplies, who knows how the woman who marries her will treat Qingtian.”

Mu Yuecheng looked deep into Zhao Yunxuan’s eyes and moved his mouth, to say if she had done the same to Yifan but in the end he did not say anything.

He lifted his hand and waved it away: “You go out, I want to think about it in peace.”

Zhao Yunxuan didn’t want to upset him, he turned and left the office, closing the door for Mu Yifan.

“Mum, what are you and Dad talking about in there?”

Mu Yihang, who had just come back from outside and was about to go back to his room, saw his mother coming out of his father’s office and asked curiously.

Zhao Yunxuan sneered and came forward and whispered: “It’s about Mu Yifan’s marriage, he wants to marry the dusty girl back to the Mu family, that is, to Mu Qingtian’s mother.”

Mu Yihang raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Really?”

“Your father told me himself, what else could be false? I can’t wait for Mu Yifan to marry that woman.”

Zhao Yunxuan now wants to see how Mu Yifan will be judged, when the Mu family is disgraced by Mu Yifan, to see if Mu Yuecheng still thinks highly of his son.

And, if Mu Yifan does marry such a woman, it will be less of an asset than marrying the daughter of another actor’s leader.

Zhao Yunxuan thought of this and immediately looked at his son: “Yihang, you are not young, it is time to find someone to marry, I know quite a few people, do you want me to introduce you to some?”

Mu Yihang wrinkled his brow: “I’ll wait until Mu Yifan gets married, besides I’m keeping my powers and the Mu family under wrapped, I don’t have time to think about marriage.”

“But, the world is in such a mess, you…”

Without waiting for Zhao Yunxuan to finish his sentence, Mu Yihang opened the door and went in and, closed the door behind him.

“This child.” Zhao Yunxuan is so angry that he walked back into the room.

In the other room Mu Yifan, unaware that people are becoming concerned about his marriage, took a shower and immediately calls his family man on the satellite phone.

As soon as the caller answers, he smiles, he looked as if he’s making his first phone call.

“Daddy, did you miss me?”

Silence from the other side.

Mu Yifan looked at the phone in confusion, it is indeed on the line: “Hello? Beitian?”

Immediately afterwards, the person on the other end said, in a full blown rage: “Thinking about you, my ass.”

Mu Yifan froze.


The voice wasn’t Beitian’s, did he call the wrong number?

No way!

Zhan Beitian’s number is stored here.

That’s right, it sounded like Zhan Guoxiong.

It occurred to Mu Yifan that Zhan Beitian might have returned to the Zhan family and then, Zhan Guoxiong took the satellite phone.

Thinking about it, his whole body tensed up.


How could he be so bad?

The first time he called, it was Zhan Guoxiong who answered.

“Mu Yifan, you’re Mu Yifan, right?” asked Zhan Guoxiong aggressively on the satellite phone.

Mu Yifan was afraid to answer Zhan Guoxiong when he thought of what he had said when the call came in and, judging by Zhan Guoxiong’s angry tone, he was sure of his relationship with Zhan Beitian.

“Are you still here?” Zhan Guoxiong asks angrily.

“Sorry, the subscriber you are dialling has powered off. please try again later.” A regular southern voice reached Zhan Guoxiong’s ears.

Zhan Guoxiong froze, looked at the satellite phone in his hand, it was still on the line and said angrily: “You’re still pretending, you’re still pretending, if you pretend again, you won’t be coming to the Zhan family.”

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