Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 181

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 181:

Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu immediately felt that the Mu Yifan in front of them was a different person, with a calm and steady breath. It was a far cry from the Mu Yifan they had been laughing and joking with, as if he were another twin brother of Mu Yifan.

The five men quickly regained their composure and quickly got out of the car to open the door for Mu Yifan.

Mu Yuebin, in the car behind, saw Mu Yifan get out and follows him out, into the office building with Mu Yifan.

The soldiers at the front door see Mu Yifan and Mu Yuebin arrive and immediately take them to the welcome box on the ground floor.

As soon as the door is opened, a serious atmosphere ishes over the room.

Mu Yifan’s breath tightens, as the door opens fully, to see Zhan Guoxiong sitting at the head of the round table with a stern face, Zhan Beitian to his right and Zhan Beitian’s mother Yang Fengqing, Zhan Guoxiong’s second son Zhan Guoxiong to his left. Guoxiong’s second son, Zhan Leiping, on the left.

If you ask him why he recognizes Zhan Beitian’s mother and uncle, it is because they both look and identify as real people, of course.

Mu Yifan’s eyes did not dare to linger too long on Zhan Beitian’s life, so, after skimming over Zhan Beitian’s body, they returned to Zhan Guoxiong’s body.

He walked towards Zhan Guoxiong at a steady pace, while extending his right hand in greeting: “Lao Zhan, hello, I am Mu Yuecheng Admiral’s eldest son Mu Yifan, my father is not available, so I am attending this dinner in his place.  My father is not available, so I will be attending this lunch in his place, I hope you will forgive me.”

Zhan Guoxiong’s sharp eyes narrowed slightly as Mu Yifan approached.

   The calmness and composure of his aura made him glance back and forth at Mu Yifan’s body.

   Was this really the man who played chess with him all day with a smile on his face and looked like he was trying to impress him?

   If not for the name, he really felt like a different person.

   Even Zhan Beitian’s eyes darted to Mu Yifan and, the more he looked, the more his brow tightened and the darker his eyes became.

   Zhan Guoxiong had anticipated that Mu Yuecheng would not be present at the lunch and so, without getting angry, just looked at Mu Yuebin with a slightly sunken gaze.

He reached out and shook Mu Yifan’s hand gently and then gestured for him to sit down: “Sit down.”

Mu Yifan shook hands with Zhan Leiping, Zhan Beitian and Yang Fengqing respectively and then the coloured box Mu Yuebin took the seat opposite.

Those who had come with Mu Yifan and Mu Yuebin were taken by the soldiers to the dining hall to eat, the only soldier in the room poured a cup of tea for those present.

Mu Yifan does not ask for the purpose of the meal, he just picked up the tea and took a sip.

Mu Yuebin is unlikely to say anything, as Mu Yifan has said before he arrived, that when he and the Zhan family is talking and eating, it is Mu Yifan who has to open his mouth and he only eats.

Zhan Guoxiong looked at Mu Yifan as he sipped his tea and wrinkled his eyebrows and said in a quiet voice: “I’m sure you’ll appreciate that the reason I’ve invited you here for this meal is to sit down and talk about the two families’ business.”

Mu Yifan put down his cup of tea: “It is time to talk about our two families, especially as I am curious to know why your grandson has to hurt my brother every time he saw him? If it was my brother Yihang who provoked you, said something nasty, or disrespected the Zhan family, then I can ask him to apologise to your son, even if it means getting down on his knees in front of everyone in B City and kowtowing to you.”

“But, before that, I want your Sun to give us the Mu family a satisfactory answer, what is it about, that made your Sun so angry and irritated? If he doesn’t tell us what it is, we, the Mu family, will not rest until he does.”

“Surely, you think that Zhan Nantian, who is usually a gentle man, polite and never angry about anything, must have said something unpleasant to my brother, to make Zhan Nantian fight so hard, every time he saw him. Every time he saw him. But, I also think that my brother Mu Yihang, as the manager of a big group, could not have provoked someone like an ignorant kid? If there was such a thing, I believe Mu would have been defeated at his hands but Mu the Rong Finance Group is getting better and better at his hands, which means he is not a brainless man.”

Zhan Guoxiong and Zhan Leiping were both sullen, they felt more or less guilty in their hearts about Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang.

They repeatedly asked Zhan Beitian what had happened with Mu Yihang, Zhan Nantian simply said that ‘Mu Yihang had provoked him first’ and would not tell them exactly what had happened. and not telling them exactly what happened.

At first they believed in the Zhan Nantian, they believed that the Zhan Nantian would not hurt someone for no reason but over time, they could not give the Mu family an answer and they felt that they had been wronged.

However, they still believed in the Zhan Nantian and thought that Mu Yihang must have said something that the Zhan Beitian would find difficult to say and that this had led to this.

Zhan Leiping spoke up: “I am Nantian’s father, I will give you an explanation for what Nantian did but, I need you to give us some time and, I will now apologise to you for Nantian’s injury to Mu Yihang. I’m going to apologize to you now for what Nantian did to Mu Yihang.”

He stood up and bowed to Mu Yuebin and Mu Yifan: “I’m sorry, it’s been a long time but I’m still going to get the best doctor to treat Mu Yihang’s wounds, until his scars are all healed..”

Mu Yihang and Mu Yuebin looked at each other, without speaking.

Zhan Leiping sat down, his apologetic eyes suddenly changed and he said: “There may be a misunderstanding between my son and Mu Yihang but, what happened to my brother Zhan Leigang, do you have to give us an explanation too?”

With anger in his eyes he said: “Although our families have had their differences, my son Nantian hurt Mu Yihang but not in a life threatening way, yet, your people from the Mu family almost caused my brother to never wake up again! , If you the Mu family don’t give an explanation today, in the future, the Zhan family and the Mu family won’t be able to stand it, we the Zhan family won’t have you the Mu family.”

Mu Yifan’s heart tightened, his eyes involuntarily looked at Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian’s face was cold, his eyes were dark and heavy, one could not tell what he was thinking.

Yang Fengqing stared at them with anger on his face.

Zhan Guoxiong’s sharp eyes grew more and more terrifying.

The whole atmosphere was as if they, the Mu family, would not walk through the door without a satisfactory answer.

Mu Yuebin sulked and was about to say something but Mu Yifan beat him to it: “I want to know what Zhan Liutenant General’s powers are? And what are his powers?”

Zhan Beitian knew Mu Yifan’s intention in asking this question and immediately said: “Third level medium, Thunder.”

Mu Yifan turned to Mu Yuebin: “First Uncle, what is your power again? How many levels are you now?”

Mu Yuebin said: “Just got to level 2, Wood.”

Mu Yifan looked to Zhan Leiping: “What are the chances of a level 2 wood mutant injuring a level 3 advanced Thunder mutant?”

Zhan Leiping said: “No matter how likely it is, a Level 2 can still injure a Level 3 without a Level 3 being defensive against it.”

“Then I would like to ask, does Lieutenant General Zhan’s body show any signs of being wounded by wood powers, usually people who are wounded by wood powers do not have large wounds, it will be such as small holes from bullets or strangulation marks.”

“No.” Zhan Leiping said honestly: “But it may not be you First Uncle who wounded my brother, maybe someone from your team attacked my brother, you’re saying all this now, just to avoid responsibility, don’t you want to admit it?”

Zhan Guoxiong patted Zhan Leiping, telling him to calm down and then, spoke up himself:” Mr Mu, you’re saying all this to prove that it wasn’t you First Uncle who injured my eldest son, what else do you mean?  What else do you mean.”

Mu Yifan said: “Our two families are almost at loggerheads and there is no need to avoid responsibility, or to be afraid to admit it but I First Uncle said, he did not injure Zhan Liutenant General, then I believe him. Of course, it’s possible, as Zhan Leiping Major General said, that someone else in our party did try to attack Zhan Liutenant General but, it’s also possible that you in the  But, it doesn’t rule out that there are also people in the  Zhan family who want to hurt Zhan Liutenant General.”

When he saw that Zhan Leiping wanted to say something else, he quickly interrupted him: “If it was someone from our team who wanted to hurt Zhan Liutenant General, I don’t think it would be a big deal but if it was But if it was you the Zhan family who attacked the Zhan family, you should think about it.”

“Also, I’m not trying to provoke, it’s not necessary, it’s useless to provoke you, we have no ill will towards the Zhan family and we don’t want anything to happen to the Zhan family, of course , It cannot be ruled out that someone else is lying around trying to hurt the Zhan Liutenant General, either way, we of the Mu family would not want someone to use the Mu family for some purpose.”

Mu Yifan looked to Zhan Guoxiong: “Lao Zhan, after all I have said, I am sure you have an idea in your mind.”


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