Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 183

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 183:

Zhan Beitian’s eyes grew hotter and hotter, pulling Mu Yifan’s hand away, he said in a muffled voice: “Stop it, Grandpa is still waiting for me to return.”

“Are you sure you don’t want it?” Mu Yifan kisses the corner of his lips, pulled down the chain of his trousers and stopped when he tenses up.

As he tries to pull back his trousers with Zhan Beitian, he slams him down on the seat, kisses him hard on the mouth and quickly unbuttons his shirt.

Mu Yifan said with a grin: “Sultry.”

Outside the ice wall, the Gao Fei five members team faintly hear the sound of a car vibrating from inside the wall, it seems to be very intense, unfortunately, they are blocked from view by the ice wall and have no idea what is going on inside.

Could the two have been fighting in the car?

The five were right about what was going on inside, only this was not a ‘fight’ and, the vibrations were silent for ten seconds or so and then, no more sounds were heard from inside.

Of course they couldn’t hear any more, because Zhan Beitian, after undressing Mu Yifan, suddenly realised that time in his own space was slower than time outside and, the next moment, they disappeared into the car.

Mu Yifan stared in amazement at the blue sky that had suddenly appeared: “This… Is this in your space?”

He had managed to enter Zhan Beitian’s space.

But, according to his description, no one can enter male protagonist space but why can he?

Zhan Beitian’s eyes were amazed too.

He had only wanted to see if he could bring this Qingtian related man into his space but he hadn’t expected it to work.

“It’s beautiful here.” Mu Yifan said.

More beautiful than he could have imagined, in addition to a large field, there is also a peaceful and quiet cottage.

The water flowed gently under the bridge and at one end of the stream was a large waterfall cascading down from the mountains, which fell into a deep, crystal clear pool and made a splash.

But, why is it different from the scenery he describes in his novels.

“It wasn’t really like this.” It’s changed a lot since you got pregnant with Qingtian,” Zhan Beitian explains.”

Mu Yifan tried to get up to get a better view but, instead, he was pinned down by Zhan Beitian.

“Shouldn’t you put out the fire you started first, hmm?” Zhan Beitian pushes his lower body against his.

Mu Yifan withdrew his gaze and looked into his hot black eyes, happily wrapping himself around Zhan Beitian like an octopus: “Let’s go inside and do it.”

Two days in space equals one hour outside, so, after he and Zhan Beitian have a good fuck, there’s still time to wander around in space.

Zhan Beitian quickly picked up the man and walked him into bed in the room where he usually sleeps and then, quickly undresses himself.

Mu Yifan feels as if he is being seduced by Zhan Beitian’s undressing, wails twice and jumped up and pounces on him, kissing Zhan Beitian’s body with excitement.

The two fuck standing up, first on the wall, then on the bed and then all the way to the bathroom.

Mu Yifan leaned lazily against Zhan Beitian, letting the man behind him rub his hair and bathe him and sighed comfortably: “I wish I could stay here with you for the rest of my life.”

“I’ll bring you in later.” Zhan Beitian quickly cleans the two of them up and took them on a tour of the rest of the space, taking a look at the vast supplies he has recovered.

He waits for the full five minutes to pass outside, before taking them out of the space.

“It’s amazing, it’s been four hours inside and only five minutes outside.”

Mu Yifan exclaims and then suddenly feels that the text is even more amazing, that he can not only travel into the novel but also make everything in the novel come to life as if it had a life of its own.

Zhan Beitian gave him a dry haircut: “Meet me when you get back.”

“Did you suddenly miss me? “Come, say something nice to me and I’ll take you out of town with me.”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with laughter and he called him brother: “Brother, if you’re in danger out there, run, don’t be a hero.”

“That’s a nice call, it made me feel good.” Mu Yifan sank onto Zhan Beitian’s body and gave him a happy smooch on the cheek: “Okay, I’ll make a note of it, I’ll bring you a present when I get back.”

Zhan Beitian thought of his grandfather and mother waiting for him in the box, so he didn’t stay too long, put away the ice wall outside and pushed the door open.

The Gao Fei five members team outside rushed to the car and asked: “Yifan, are you alright?”

Mu Yifan, with his hands spread out, said: “Do I look like I’m okay?”

The five men looked him over from head to toe and found that not only was he fine, he seemed to be in better shape than before, as if he had been moisturised, refreshed and soft and, they smelled a shower gel on him, as if he had just come out of a bath.

At that moment, Mu Yuebin came over and said with concern: “Yifan, what did Zhan Beitian say to you in the car?”

Mu Yifan said in a deep voice: “We were just exploring the technicalities of life.”

“What do you mean?” Mu Yuebin looked unsure.

Mu Yifan patted the seat next to him: “First Uncle, you come up, I want to talk to you. Chen Hao, you take my First Uncle’s car, go to the Mu Tower, you switch back.”

Chen Hao nodded: “Okay.”

When they had left the Zhan family camp, Mu Yifan said: “First Uncle, when you get back, lock up the men who went out with you for questioning, ask them if they saw anyone injure Zhan Leigang.”

Mu Yuebin nodded: “I know how to do that.”

Mu Yifan added: “Also, I said in the box that a system of rewards and punishments should be put in place today, those who cause trouble should be punished severely and those who report it should be rewarded with one to two crystal cores.”

The reason why he used the crystal nucleus as a reward, was because he thought that the troublemakers were usually mutants and nowadays mutants consider themselves to be superior to ordinary people, so, the people around them are usually accompanied by some mutants.

Crystals as a reward, to tempt other mutants to secretly report the troublemakers to their superiors.



“A crystal core? Is that useful? “Mu Yuebin believes that food is more suitable as a reward, for both ordinary people and mutants.

“Don’t underestimate these kernels, in a few days, they will become currency, they can be exchanged for hot river items and some will even buy kernels with food, so, kernels are very tempting for the Exalted.”

“Ok, I get it, you’ve given so much now, are you going out of town?”

“Well, I won’t be back for about ten days or so, we mustn’t let the Mu family get into trouble with the Zhan family again during that time.”

Mu Yifan drops Mu Yuebin off at the Mu Tower and then drives with Gao Fei to the entrance of B City.

After leaving B City, the Gao Fei five members team stared in amazement at the wilderness of the primeval forest.

Chen Hao looked in amazement at the towering trees: “This… What has happened to the outside of B City? These plants and trees are growing so fast.”

After the Black Rain, they had been out of the city a few times, it hadn’t changed that much then, now it’s only been a month or so and they can hardly recognise the world outside.

Kong Zixu said: “Yes, when I heard the team talk about the outside world, I thought they were joking, lying to me but I never thought it would be true.”

Gao Fei, Zhou Quan and Deng Xiaoyi were already speechless with surprise.

Mu Yifan said: “Drive carefully, don’t get distracted, watch out for the big trees that can attack people and, try to follow the caravan in front of you, it’s less dangerous.”

Chen Hao, who was driving, concentrated quickly, his heart sank when he saw the caravan of mutants in front of him taking out the mutant trees with ease.

The other four realise this too and their excitement turns to despondency.

The mood in the car suddenly fell silent.

They suddenly felt that their chances of coming back alive from their trip to the city for supplies were very slim.

Mu Yifan saw that neither of them said anything and knew what was on their minds.

He doesn’t think this is the way to go, he needs to get these five people to become mutants as soon as possible, after all, he has no one available, unlike the male protagonist who already has four reliable helpers, he can wait patiently for these people to become mutants.

The mood in the car is down and down again, no one is happy anymore.

Mu Yifan wonders what he can do to boost their morale, when the caravan in front of him comes to a halt.

Then, a burly man approached their car with a stern face.

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