Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 184: Recognition

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 184: Recognition

Mu Yifan and the Gao Fei five members team look on in confusion at the man approaching them.

The strong man knocks on their car window and when Chen Hao lowers it, he said angrily: “What are you doing sneaking around behind our convoy? You’re not trying to sneak up on us, the Exalted, to steal their cores, are you?”

It’s a very sensitive time, everyone is very nervous, whenever there is a slightest movement, everyone is very nervous.

Chen Hao wrinkled his brow: “We’re just following along, no other intentions.”

The burly man said with a look of disbelief: “Don’t follow us again, or else, we won’t be polite.”

Gao Fei and the others were not wearing uniforms, otherwise, the strong man would not have dared to be so arrogant.

Zhou Quan explained: “This is the only road at the east gate of B City, we’re going our own way, how can we be following you.”

“I don’t care where you’re going, you either back off now, or stay where you are and wait for us to get further away.” The strong man was outnumbered, he wasn’t afraid to bother the six of them.

Deng Xiaoyi’s eyes flashed with anger and he said: “You…”

Kong Zixu held Deng Xiaoyi down and said to the strong man: “None of us have powers, you don’t have to worry about us going after your mutants or digging up their cores.”

The strong man froze for a moment and said with a sneer on his face: “So you’re all ordinary people, no wonder you’re following our caravan, you’re afraid of being hit by the mutant plants on the side of the road, right? If you’re so afraid of death, I suggest you go back to the city and stay there, you might live longer begging in the city than outside.”

Gao Fei, Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu glared at the strong man with anger in their eyes.

To think that they were a soldier but in the eyes of others they had become beggars who needed to beg to survive.

Mu Yifan saw the resignation in their eyes, much better than the 17 they had lost before and said in a loud voice: “Chen Hao, you drive the car in front of their convoy.”

The strong man sneered: “Go ahead and die, without us, see how far you can go.”

Chen Hao glares coldly at the strong man, starts the car and drives past their convoy, seeing the mutants in the car staring at them coldly and warily.

Gao Fei suddenly feels sorry for these people, they feel superior to ordinary people and have almost lost the trust between people, so, what is left in these people’s hearts.

Mu Yifan turns his head, looked through the glass at the caravan behind him, raises his hand to do something but finally drops it and turns his head back to the front.

He had intended to use his ice powers to block the path of the convoy behind him to teach them a lesson, before they got too cocky.

But, if he did, it would make the Gao Fei feel even more useless and they would probably feel even worse than before.

“Shit, what the hell, I can’t believe I can’t find supplies with my hands and feet. I can’t believe I can’t find supplies with my hands and feet,” Deng Xiaoyi said angrily.

Kong Zixu followed: “That’s right, we’re going to get a truckload of supplies back in a few days, see if they dare to underestimate us.”

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

Mu Yifan smiled as he saw them return to the state they were in before they left the city, sometimes people succeed when they are ridiculed and looked down upon.

Next, Mu Yifan didn’t use his powers to block the mutant plant attacks on the road, allowing Chen Hao and the others to adjust to the mutant plants and animals everywhere.

Chen Hao’s driving skills were quite good, they were able to avoid the branches when they were attacked by the mutant plants and at the same time, they found that if they shot at the mutant plants, they were startled and then, the attacking branches would curl violently, or when they attacked with their powers, their movements would be slower Chen Hao took this moment to speed up the car and leave.

Fortunately, since it was known that the crystals could be absorbed by the mutants to increase their power level, most of the mutant plants on both sides of the road had been removed and two hours later, they arrived at the Cuihua village, 80 km away from B City.

Chen Hao said: “It’s getting dark, let’s go ahead and stay at the Cuihua village for the night.”

“How far is the Cuihua village now?” Gao Fei asks.

“About fifteen kilometres away.”

Mu Yifan sensed something and looked out of the window with an abrupt frown.

The car has travelled about two kilometres, the surroundings are getting quieter and quieter and there are fewer and fewer aggressive plants.

Chen Hao, slightly relieved just now, immediately raised his eyebrows again and with his eyes firmly fixed on the front, said: “Do you see something strange about the people in front of you.”

Kong Zixu looked out of the window, there were seven or eight people sitting on the trunk of a large tree in front of them, wearing the same style of sportswear and staring at them silently with dark eyes as the car came towards them.

One or two of them had a bloodthirsty look in their eyes and when they saw Mu Yifan’s car approaching, they slowly stood up, as if they wanted to attack.

But, not knowing what had happened, the two men who had stood up narrowed their eyes, looked at each other and slowly sat back down, letting the car pass them by.

Just as the car passed them, Mu Yifan looked at one of the seven or eight men, his eyes fluttered, he tried to make a sound but remembered something and shut his mouth.

Gao Fei withdrew his gaze: “Those guys do look odd and, they seem to be a real handful.”

“They’re zombies.” One of them is the senior zombie, the others are intermediate, their powers are comparable to those of a third or fourth level zombie.”

The other five people in the car looked surprised.

They hadn’t been outside B City for a long time and as soon as they left B City, they encountered the senior zombie.

Zhou Quan said with a strange look on his face: “If it’s the senior zombie, why didn’t it attack us?”

Deng Xiaoyi gave him a sour look: “Luckily they didn’t attack us, otherwise we would have been dead.”

Mu Yifan couldn’t say it was because he was in the car, they didn’t dare to move, so he explained: “I guess they wanted to attack us but, they didn’t because they sensed there was a convoy behind us, if I’m right, they were going to deal with the convoy next.  If I’m right, it’s the convoy they’ll be dealing with next.”

There was silence in the car, all thought that the convoy was dead.

There were 50 or 60 mutants in the convoy but at the lower end of the scale, it was impossible to deal with the medium and high level zombies.

Thinking about this, everyone was helpless, lost and sad, they had no powers, even if they wanted to save them, they couldn’t do anything.

Mu Yifan looked at the back of the car, deep in thought.

Just after their car was gone, one of the zombies who had tried to attack the car said: “There’s a senior zombie in that car.”

“Yeah, I felt it too, otherwise, I would have gone up and grabbed them for our dinner.”

Another zombie who had stood up before said, then, turning to the man sitting in the corner asked: “Jiaming, can you detect the level of the zombie sitting in the car?”

Zheng Jiaming looked at the car that was walking away and said in a soft voice: “Higher than me.”

The other zombies stop talking and quietly wait for the next group to arrive.

Soon, the killings begin.

The Mu Yifan six, already a kilometre away, can hear the thumping of bombardment in the distance, it seems to be quite intense.

“It’s a fight.” Deng Xiaoyi mutters.

The others look at each other, no word.

Mu Yifan gives the order: “We will rest in the Cuihua village tonight.”

Chen Hao looked doubtful: “But, this is not far from the Cuihua village, the zombies will probably come to the Cuihua village at night.”

Mu Yifan said: “There are zombies everywhere now, it’s just as dangerous to travel at night, we might as well find a place to hide in the village and spend the night in peace.”

The others had no further comment, by the time they reached the Cuihua village it was already night, they immediately found a cellar in the village and hid themselves there.

Mu Yifan, having eaten his rations, got up: “I have to go out, I will be back in about an hour or two.”

Gao Fei said: “You be careful.”

Everyone watched Mu Yifan leave and when they heard the car start, Deng Xiaoyi said: “Do you think he’ll leave without us?”

Gao Fei shook his head: “I don’t think so.”

“Then where is he going, it’s so dark out, something needs to go out.”

“I think he’s going to fight for a crystal to improve his powers.”

The others looked envious, I wish I had powers.

Mu Yifan left the Cuihua village, drives to the road where he came from, where he met the zombies before and saw the bodies of many mutants and a dozen cars parked along the road.

The cars were those of the convoy they had followed today, two of them had their lights on and were filled with the same group of zombies they had met today.

Mu Yifan drives slowly past them, then, not far from the convoy, he threw the things he has prepared out of the car and drives off again.

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