Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 185: Just Trust Me

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 185: Just Trust Me

The zombies in the car looked out warily as they watch Mu Yifan’s car drive by, making sure they were not coming for them, before they continue playing cards.

After Mu Yifan’s car has left for a while, Zheng Jiaming found an excuse to go outside and relax and then made his way to the back of the car.

A hundred metres away from the convoy, he picked up a book rolled up in the shape of a paper tube, turns it over and saw a bunch of words written on one of the pages and in the middle of the bunch of words is the word 木 in big letters.

Zheng Jiaming raised his eyebrows, tucked the book into his trousers and turned back to the back seat of the car and looked at the book by the light.

After reading it, the corners of his mouth curled up in a smile and he said: “You believe in me like that.”

When the zombie next to him, who was playing cards, heard him speak, he turned his head in confusion: “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Zheng Jiaming held his book out of the window, flipping it up and down, the book in his hand instantly turned into a pile of powder.

He looked at his watch and said to the people in the car: “I’ll take a break, don’t call me if there’s nothing else.”



Mu Yifan drives around outside, fills his car with fuel from the car left on the side of the road and, drives back to Flower Boy village.

The Gao Fei five members team saw Mu Yifan’s return and rested their eyes in peace.

When it was 4.30am, Mu Yifan woke Gao Fei up and asked him to go outside to see if there were any supplies they could still use in the village.

“Yifan, this is close to B City, if there were any supplies, they would have been searched already.” Gao Fei said but followed Mu Yifan out of the cellar.

“Take a walk, check out the surrounding area for danger, it’s not even dawn yet anyway, think of it as exercise.”

Since Mu Yifan had said so, Gao Fei could not say anything and followed Mu Yifan around the deserted village looking at every house aimlessly.

Just as they reached the eighth house, they found a huge pile of rice, at least a few thousand pounds, judging by the amount.

Gao Fei came into the room: “Yifan, look, it’s rice and, there’s so much of it but, it’s strange, how could no one have found such a huge pile of rice? Was it because it wasn’t hulled, that’s why, it wasn’t taken away?”

He quickly went forward, grabbed a handful of paddy and tossed it in his hand, turned: “Yifan, let’s go and get Chen Hao and the others to come over, put the paddy in the cellar and then take it away when we find the rest of the supplies?”

However, there was no sign of Mu Yifan at the door.

Gao Fei paused in his smile and called out to the door in confusion: “Yifan?”

Hearing no response, he put the rice back in his hand and walked out the door saying: “Yifan? Yifan, where are you?”

In the compound, still no one answered him.

He had to go out of the gate and looked to the left and right of the alley.

At the left alleyway entrance, Mu Yifan is fighting the two zombies he saw yesterday.

Gao Fei is startled, when did these zombies arrive, how did he not notice them.

He draws his gun and fires twice at the two zombies.

The zombie lunges at Mu Yifan, dodging the bullets.

“Yifan, get out of here.” shouts Gao Fei in anxiety.

Mu Yifan does not run but attacks the two zombies with his ice powers and shouts to Gao Fei: “Gao Fei, leave me alone, go and find Chen Hao and get them out of the Cuihua village.”

“That won’t do.” Gao Fei fired two more shots at the two zombies.

Mu Yifan shouted anxiously: “Your gun won’t hit them, take Chen Hao and the others and go, I’ll hold them off.”

Gao Fei fired several shots.

Mu Yifan said angrily: “You’ll only slow me down if you stay here, you know that.”

Just then, the two zombies attacking Mu Yifan suddenly used their fire mutants to hit Gao Fei.

Gao Fei rushed back into the compound, avoiding the fire attack, thinking that he would be slowing Mu Yifan down and with a grimace, he left through the back door of the house, heading for the cellar where they had been.

A hundred meters away from the cellar, he saw ten people standing on the house in front of him, four of them were Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu, the rest were the zombies he saw yesterday.

His heart went cold.

“Gao Fei, you have to go.” Chen Hao shouted anxiously.

Kong Zixu saw Gao Fei and called out in a panic: “Gao Fei, leave me alone, get out of here, don’t let them catch you.”

“Shut up.” One of the zombies slapped Kong Zixu with fury.

Kong Zixu’s face was immediately thrown to the other side.

“Damn it, how dare you hit my brother.” Deng Xiaoyi lunges angrily at the zombie who hit Kong Zixu.

The corpse holding Deng Xiaoyi down grunts, with one swift movement it took Deng Xiaoyi’s arm off.

Deng Xiaoyi screams, he drops to his knees in pain.

“Xiaoyi.” cried Gao Fei and Chen Hao as their eyes widened in horror and anxiety.

The zombie who had removed Deng Xiaoyi’s arm put the tasty hand under his nose and sniffed it, then stuck his tongue out and licked it: “That tastes good.”

Then, it opened its mouth and took a big bite out of the arm, chewed it in its mouth and then it went into its belly saying: “That’s good, try it too.”

He hands the arm to the others, then, looking playfully at the red eyed Gao Fei, he said: “Are you going to come here yourself, or should I force you to?”

“Gao Fei, don’t come any closer.” Zhou Quan shouted: “Get out of here.”

As if Gao Fei hadn’t heard Zhou Quan’s words, he yelled at the zombies: “Get the fuck out of here, or…”

He quickly raises his gun, aiming it viciously at the zombie.

The zombie pulled Deng Xiaoyi up in front of him: “Shoot me then, shoot me.”

Deng Xiaoyi, who almost fainted from the pain, struggled to open his eyes, holding back the pain and shouted in a mute voice: “Gao Fei, go away, leave us alone.”

Gao Fei looked at the four captured brothers and shook his head: “Impossible.”

How could he leave?

   How could he watch his brothers die.

   Even if he could get out of here, his conscience would not be clear.

   Besides, he couldn’t leave, because he was no match for them.

   At this moment, he was angry with himself, for not having his powers, if he did, he might have saved the others.

Deng Xiaoyi saw him shaking his head and immediately used his last ounce of strength to yell: “If you don’t leave, we won’t even be brothers, even in another life, I won’t be a brother to you.”

“Yes.” Zhou Quan echoed: “If you don’t go, we’ll never be brothers again, I’ll do what I say.”

The zombie holding Zhou Quan down snorted, raised his hand and with his black nails scratched Zhou Quan’s face: “Do you think you can be brothers in another life?”

Zhou Quan’s face was immediately cut with a scar, the bright red blood soon turned black.

“Zhou Quan, are you all right?”

“I…” Zhou Quan touched his face.” Zhou Quan touched his wounded cheek, when he saw that his blood had turned black, his eyes widened and he said: “Blood… The blood has turned black.”

The zombie who had cut Zhou Quan’s cheek sneered: “If your blood doesn’t turn black, how can you be one of us, one of our brothers?”

“You…” Zhou Quan suddenly felt cold and quickly wrapped his body around it, shivering in a ball: “It’s cold, it’s cold.”

“Zhou Quan, hold on.” Kong Zixu shouted, trying to rush forward but the zombie behind him tied him up with his wood powers.

Gao Fei saw Zhou Quan’s face getting paler and paler, as if he was about to turn into a zombie and he roared in anger: “You bastards, I’ll kill you.”

‘Bang’, ‘bang’, ‘bang’, like a firecracker, went off in quick succession.

The zombies use their powers to deflect Gao Fei’s bullets, one of them suddenly appears behind Gao Fei and kicks Gao Fei hard in the back of the knee.

Gao Fei loses his weight and falls to his knees, at the same time, his gun is knocked out of his hand by the zombie’s powers.

The zombie steps on Gao Fei’s hand on the ground and sneers: “How can you hit us with a gun, with no powers like you?”

Then, it grabbed Gao Fei’s head and made Gao Fei look up at the roof: “Just watch, how your companions are swallowed by us one by one.”

The two zombies went to the dead or alive Deng Xiaoyi, took off the rest of his limbs, distributed them to the others, then, they gutted Deng Xiaoyi, pulled out the guts and threw them in front of Gao Fei.

Chen Hao and Kong Zixu look at Deng Xiaoyi with only a head left and shout in anger: “No! Xiaoyi! Xiaoyi!”

Gao Fei lost his voice as he watched his brothers, one by one, being swallowed by the zombies.

The zombie laughed loudly: “Haha, how about that, seeing your brother die in front of you, was that fun? Want to see it again?”

Gao Fei turns around in anger and lunges at the zombie behind him saying: “I’ll fight you.”

The zombie dodged his attack with ease and looked at him with contempt: “How can you hurt me with a weakingling like you?”

He threw a wind power at him, slapping Gao Fei a few meters away: “Haven’t you all had enough yet? If not, continue.”

The zombie on the roof, with its bloody mouth wide open, walked towards Kong Zixu.

“Wait.” Don’t let him starve, he’ll be our companion.”

Chen Hao and Kong Zixu looked quickly at Zhou Quan, who was cowering on the ground, slowly rising to his feet, with an unidentified ‘ow’ in his mouth.

His eyes were dull, as if he was unconscious, he looked left and right, his eyes finally rested on Kong Zixu’s body, he opened his mouth: “Hungry.”

And then, lunged at Kong Zixu.

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