Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 187: A blessing in disguise

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 187: A blessing in disguise

Mu Yifan stopped and looked around, it was a pity that he had lost his mutant powers, otherwise, he could have used them to detect any other mutant fluctuations in the vicinity.

He withdrew his gaze, tosses Gao Fei upwards and walked back into the cellar.

Chen Hao and the others saw Gao Fei passed out on Mu Yifan’s back and asked anxiously: “What happened to Gao Fei?”

Mu Yifan put the man down and said simply: “We have just encountered the senior zombie, we have fallen under the illusion of the senior zombie, Gao Fei must have fainted because he couldn’t stand what happened in the illusion, he was so excited and passed out.”

Zhou Quan asked: “Is it going to be all right?”

“It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, we’ll wait for him to wake up before we leave.”

“What is this?” Deng Xiaoyi saw Gao Fei’s eyelashes glistening in the candlelight, she reached out and wiped a hand on Gao Fei’s eyelashes: “Are these tears?”

Mu Yifan looked at the water on his fingertips: “Apparently so.”

“Gao Fei is crying?” Deng Xiaoyi looked at Mu Yifan in surprise: “He’s crying?”

Thinking that no matter how hard they had been, they had never seen Gao Fei shed a single tear, so, he was really curious about what Gao Fei saw in his environment.

Kong Zixu laughed: “It’s rare to see Gao Fei’s vulnerable side, when he wakes up, I’ll make fun of him.”

But, when Gao Fei woke up, they couldn’t laugh anymore.

Gao Fei opened his eyes and saw all the people who died before him alive and well and stared at them in shock.

Kong Zixu was about to make fun of him when Gao Fei jumped on him: “Zixu, great, you’re okay, you’re not dead.”

Kong Zixu heard his voice choked with emotion, the words couldn’t come out of his mouth and raised his hand to pat Gao Fei’s back: “I’m alive and well, how could I die.”

Gao Fei let go of Kong Zixu, looked at the others who were still alive and said in amazement: “Are you… You’re all okay?”

What about what just happened?

Chen Hao raised his eyebrows: “Yifan said you were under an illusion.”

“Illusion?” Gao Fei muttered: “All this real stuff just happened and it was just an illusion?”


   He had been so upset, so desperate, so miserable, even a life and death experience, only to be told that he had just been under an illusion, that what he had seen was just a mirage.

   How can you be so stupid?

Gao Fei squeezed his inner thigh incredibly hard and immediately drew a cold breath: “Shit, that hurts.”

Zhou Quan couldn’t help but giggle: “Gao Fei, what are you doing? You don’t believe we’re still alive, do you? Do you want us to die so badly? By the way, what exactly did you see in the vision?”

From Gao Fei’s behavior and his words, he could guess a general idea but, he was still curious about what Gao Fei saw.

Gao Fei thought about what he had seen in the vision and was still haunted: “I saw something that I never wanted to happen.”

He recounted the events of the vision.

The others were silent, although they had never experienced it but the thought of it, they too could have broken.

Gao Fei rubbed his face in frustration: “I feel so powerless, I can’t even save my own brother, I can’t even fight back.”

Faced with a zombie with powers, not only can he not use his fists and kicks, his gunfire is useless against the zombies.

Chen Hao pats him on the shoulder: “Don’t think too much, if we were you, we’d be in the same position as you.”

Mu Yifan also said: “Yes, don’t think too much, you were devastated by the illusion but, you were blessed by it.”

“What blessing?” The five men looked at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan’s mouth curved and he said: “Gao Fei’s powers have been triggered by the illusion.”

The five men’s eyes lit up and in unison they said: “Really?”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes: “Do I have to lie to you to make you happy?”

“Gao Fei, you try it.” Chen Hao urged the four of them happily.

Gao Fei couldn’t help but say: “Yes.”


Mu Yifan’s smile faltered and he stopped but before he could finish his sentence, Gao Fei used his powers.

‘Bang’, a cloud of black smoke erupts from the doorway of the cellar.


The six men in the cellar, choking and gasping for air, push the door open and in the sunlight, six blackened figures scurried out of the cellar.

Mu Yifan took a breath of fresh air, smoothes out his burnt hair: “Who is it? Who told Gao Fei to test his powers?”

“Ahem, I thought Gao Fei was one of the five powers of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, that’s why I let him test his powers.” Chen Hao said as he coughed.

“I… I thought so too.” said Zhou Quan.

Kong Zixu asked angrily: “Damn it, what kind of powers are you using, Gao Fei? It’s like a smoke bomb.”

Not only had he never seen this power, he had never even heard of it.

Gao Fei said with a depressed look on his face: “How do I know what kind of power it is?”

“Hahahaha! Look at you.” Deng Xiaoyi covered his stomach and pointed at the five black men in front of him and laughed.

Mu Yifan and Chen Hao looked at each other.

“Puff”, all five of them burst out laughing in unison.

Especially when they look at Mu Yifan, the laughter is the most exaggerated, because of the six of them, Mu Yifan has the longest hair and after being blasted by Gao Fei’s powers, it looked like he has an exploding head.

Only when everyone was laughing did Mu Yifan say: “Gao Fei’s power was a blast.”

“Blasting?” the five looked at Mu Yifan in confusion.

“It’s just like what you’ve seen in the dry dishes, when you use it, it explodes in the air or on the enemy, luckily Gao Fei has just learned this power, it’s not powerful, otherwise, all six of us would have died from it.”

Chen Hao and the others were shocked.

Gao Fei was glad that Gao Fei was just trying out his powers, otherwise, dying by his own powers, would have been humiliating.

Mu Yifan pats Gao Fei on the shoulder: “Practice well, it’s a good power.”

Chen Hao asked: “How did Gao Fei suddenly get his powers?”

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday? Ordinary people have a certain chance of becoming mutants. If there are any conditions for having mutant powers, such as being in a very dangerous situation or having a strong determination, then it’s the conditions that bring out the potential mutant powers.”

Mu Yifan, seeing how eager they were to get their powers, reassured them: “Don’t be anxious, you have to let nature take its course, those who have powers will have them sooner or later, those who don’t, don’t force them, believe that ordinary people don’t necessarily lack the ability to believe that ordinary people do not necessarily lack the ability to survive.”

  If Chen Hao and the others could become mutants like Gao Fei, he would let Zheng Jiaming use illusions to push them out of their potential but…

   Mu Yifan frowned.

   Let’s hope things don’t change too much from here.

   Chen Hao and the others understood Mu Yifan’s point and nodded.

Mu Yifan looked at his watch, he had reached the hotel: “It’s getting late, let’s get going.”

Kong Zixu asked: “We are so dirty, what should we do?”

Mu Yifan used his ice powers, to make six pieces of ice and told them to rub it on their faces.

After everyone was cleaned up, Mu Yifan dusted off his hair, thinking, he’s not going to shave his head is he?

Deng Xiaoyi notices his movement and asked: “Yifan, do you want me to cut your hair?”

Mu Yifan silently scanned the flat heads of the five of them: “Can you cut it for me? I have to see my daughter in law when I get back.”

The five of them laughed.

At first they were worried that Admiral’s eldest son, like his second son, would be like a big conglomerate boss, unapproachable.

But, after a day or so with him, they found Admiral’s eldest son to be unassuming, very sociable, like a teammate.

Chen Hao laughs: “When will you show us your sister in law?”

“In time, I’ll show you.”

Deng Xiaoyi asked as she cut his hair: “Now can you tell us what your sister in law looks like?”

Mu Yifan said with pride: “My daughter in law is very handsome, tall, good looking and most importantly, she is very capable.”

Chen Hao was amused to see how Mu Yifan was on the verge of praising his daughter in law.

When the haircut was done, the six left the Cuihua village to look for supplies in a town 300 km away, during which time, Gao Fei kept contacting his mutant powers, absorbing the crystal nuclei he found into his body to increase his mutant level.

Chen Hao and the others were very envious and, at the same time, their confidence in finding supplies had increased.

Especially now that there were two mutants in the group and the other four were trained soldiers, they had little difficulty in finding the supplies, they soon received a truckload of supplies.

On the way back to B City, Chen Hao suddenly said: “Did you feel that someone was watching us all the way here?”

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