Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 188: She’s come to B City

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 188: She’s come to B City

“You noticed that too? “I felt someone was watching us the other day at the Cuihua village,” Chen Hao said, looking up from the back seat.”

Chen Hao said: “It was after I left the Cuihua village.”

Kong Zixu asked: “How many of you sensed someone was watching us, why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

Mu Yifan wrinkled his nose: “It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you earlier, I couldn’t sense anyone else or zombies nearby, so, I thought it was just my own illusion.”

Chen Hao said: “I didn’t say anything because it didn’t seem like the enemy was watching, so, not sure, anyway, there was a chill at my back, creepy.”

Zhou Quan said: “Let’s get back to B City as soon as possible before something happens.”

Mu Yifan agrees: “For the rest of the journey, we’ll take turns driving, we’ll rest in the car when we get tired, we’ll eat in the car too, we’ll stop when we need to relieve ourselves.”


On the way back to B City, we only stop to relieve ourselves.

As we were all men, it was easy to relieve ourselves by standing on the side of the road but it was more difficult to relieve ourselves by standing on the side of the road, no one wanted to squat on the side of the road naked and let others smell their own excrement, so we had to relieve ourselves in the grass.

Before they do so, they check the surroundings, to make sure there is no danger, before they go into the bushes to relieve themselves, the others are on the other side of the car and if anything happens they shout.

With caution, nothing happened on the road, they were about to reach B City when something happened, Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi were relieving themselves in the bushes, when they were suddenly dragged deep into the forest by something.

When Gao Fei and the others hear the screams, they turn around quickly and Mu Yifan immediately used his wood powers to imprison Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi’s bodies, so that they are not dragged too far away to catch up.

But, what is wrapped around Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi’s body is still pulling on Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi’s bodies.

Gao Fei quickly breaks it off and Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi are able to escape.

Mu Yifan quickly runs into the grass, saw Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi with a rattan wrapped around their waists: “Are you all right?”

“Yes, it’s a good thing you found them early, otherwise, they would have been dragged away.” Chen Hao and Deng Xiaoyi got up and put on their trousers.

Mu Yifan looked in the direction of the two men being dragged, there is a man standing under a large tree in the distance.

He was not sure because the distance was far, the person’s back was turned and, dressed in bark like clothing, he could only tell by the size and the long hair on his back that he looked like a man.

Just then, the figure turned back and immediately, showed purple lips and green eyes, while the skin on the face was like tree bark.

Mu Yifan was stunned.

This man looked like the strange man that Shen Qinyang had described.

“Oh my God is that a human being?” Deng Xiaoyi gasped as he looked at the figure in the distance.

The strange man stared eerily at Mu Yifan for a long moment and then slowly curled a grim smile.

Chen Hao looked at the strange man warily and lowered his voice: “The way he looked at us was similar to the way I said the other day that I was being watched, gloomy and uncomfortable.”

Deng Xiaoyi said: “He’s not the one who’s been following us is he?”

“Very likely.”

The strange man ‘giggled’, leaning towards a nearby tree and instantly disappearing into it.

Gao Fei, who is coming after him, immediately blasts the tree with his powers, ‘bang’, the tree made a loud bang and falls to the side with a shudder.

Mu Yifan saw the tree fall like any other tree: “It didn’t hit him, he’s gone.”

Gao Fei wonders: “Didn’t he go into that tree? How come it didn’t hit him?”

Mu Yifan explained: “The tree was just a junction for him to leave, his body would have been able to travel through it and connect to other trees.”

If that was the case, then, he also thought it was likely that whoever was watching them on the way was the strange man, because using the tree as a gateway to teleportation, it would not be difficult to catch up with the speed of their car.

“Yifan, do you know who that strange man is?” Chen Hao asks.

Mu Yifan furrowed his brow: “I think it’s a mutant.”

In his novel, these people were supposed to appear a year after the end of the world and Chen Hao, Deng Xiaoyi, Zhou Quan and Kong Zixu were the first examples in the novel, they were eaten by plants and animals and by their strong and unyielding will, they became one with the bodies of plants and animals. they become mutants with supernatural powers.


“It’s…” Mu Yifan explains briefly.

The Gao Fei five members team looked at Mu Yifan in amazement: “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Mu Yifan looked up at the sky: “It’s getting late, we’d better get back to B City.”

The six returned to the car, they arrived at the gates of B City at 11pm, first handed over a tenth of their supplies to the soldiers at the gates, then went to the examination area to check for wounds and then, were sent to the quarantine area to stay.

When they arrived at the quarantine area, they saw a woman in a white dress sitting in a corner in one of the quarantine rooms, quietly flipping through a book in her hand, her long hair blocking half of her face.

Also, the light in the isolation area is very dim, so, it is not possible to see what she looked like but in this quiet atmosphere, it looked a bit eerie.

Mu Yifan and Chen Hao could not help but look at each other a little more.

As the doors to each room were made of iron bars, so, as they walked into the isolated room opposite, they could still see the woman opposite.

The soldiers put them in the isolation room and left.

Deng Xiaoyi said: “We’ll be here for five or six hours, we’ll have to stay here for the night.”

Chen Hao casually lay down on the floor: “We’ve been tired for a few days, let’s get some rest.”

Mu Yifan also found a seat and was about to close his eyes, when he saw the woman in the opposite room stand up and take a short comb out of her skirt pocket, combing her hair as she walked over to the bars.

The woman put her hand down, raised her eyes, looked across the room, opened her red lips: “Mr Mu, it’s been a long time, do you remember who I am?”

Mu Yifan’s eyes widened at the sight of the beautiful face and he looked at the other side in surprise: “Rong Xue?”

What is Rong Xue doing here?

In fact, after Rong Xue left their group in K City, she was nowhere to be found and no one had ever heard of her, let alone what Zhan Beitian had done to Rong Xue.

Rong Yan and Mother Rong had asked Mao Yu and the others about Rong Xue but alas, no one knew where Rong Xue was.

Chen Hao and the others looked at Mu Yifan: “Yifan, do you recognise that woman?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Rong Xue smiled low: “Fortunately Mr Mu remembers me, does Mr Mu know how my mother and my sister are doing?”

Mu Yifan felt that the Rong Xue before him was somewhat gloomy, tightened his brow and was reluctant to say anything more about the Rong Yan girls: “Very well.”

Rong Xue then asked: “Does Mr Mu know where my mother and sister live now?”

Mu Yifan’s frown tightened a little, fearing that Rong Xue would come to the Zhan Beitian camp and cause trouble and after some thought, he said: “They live at 105 Minxiang Lane in the northern part of the city.”

He hadn’t made up the address, it was the address of Rong Xue’s father and stepmother, he had mentioned it when he wrote the novel, he didn’t know if Rong Xue’s father and stepmother were still there.

The address was given, just to tell Rong Xue to go and find her father and her stepmother and not to come back to the camp to trouble Rong Yan and the others.

“Thank you Mr Mu for telling me.” Rong Xue picked up the comb again and combed her hair.

Deng Xiaoyi saw Rong Xue combing her hair again and immediately shivered: “This woman is really weird, she’s combing her hair in the middle of the night, it made me feel like I’m watching a ghost movie, it gives me a creepy feeling.”

Kong Zixu laughed: “It’s a woman’s nature to love beauty, you don’t even know that, no wonder you can’t find a girlfriend.”

“You know, why don’t you have a girlfriend?” Deng Xiaoyi retorted in disgust.

Kong Zixu grunted: “I just don’t want to find one.”

“That’s right.” Rong Xue suddenly asked again: “Major General Zhan, how are you?”

Mu Yifan’s heart went out to her, this woman is not dead to Zhan Beitian is she?

Rong Xue didn’t wait for his answer, she said mockingly: “Look at me, how stupid, the Zhan family is famous and powerful in B City, how can it be bad.”

She stopped brushing her hair, her eyes fixed on Mu Yifan and then, her red lips parted in a lustrous, thoughtful smile: “I suppose Mr Mu and Major General Zhan are doing well too? I envy you both so much!”

With these words, a low chuckle escaped Rong Xue’s lips, he lifted his hands, grabbing the bars in front of him: “Mr Mu, please tell Major General Zhan for me, I, Rong Xue, have come to B City.”

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