Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 189: Shameless

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 189: Shameless

Mu Yifan had a sleepless night, especially with Rong Xue in the opposite room staring at him eerily and was unable to sleep.

At 4.30am, the soldiers finally open the door and let them out and in the meantime, Rong Xue is let out.

Rong Xue took one look at Mu Yifan and drives off in her own car.

Deng Xiaoyi immediately said: “Did you notice? Her hair seems a little longer than last night.”

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows.

Speaking of hair, it suddenly reminded him of something.

He remembered that back in K City, Zhan Beitian had burned off the front of Rong Xue’s hair with his lightning powers but, how come it had suddenly grown so long now?

Is she wearing a wig?

But, it doesn’t look like it, because the whole thing looked natural, it doesn’t look like a wig.

Kong Zixu teases Deng Xiaoyi: “Do you have a crush on her? How else, how do you know her hair is a bit longer than last night?”

Deng Xiaoyi rolled his eyes: “Last night, when I thought she was combing her hair, she looked like a female ghost on TV, so I couldn’t help but look at her a bit more. I noticed that last night her hair was only a little below her waist, a little above her hips but now I see that it’s up to her hips, it’s growing too fast.”

Kong Zixu teased: “Are you mistaken.”

“If it was just a millimetre long, maybe I’d be wrong but it’s over an inch long, how could I be wrong.”

Zhou Quan and Chen Hao thought carefully about the time they saw Rong Xue last night, the hair really did seem to be at waist level.

Just then, there was a sudden commotion in the inspection area, someone even shouted: “Four men, four men, one soldier is dead.”

Everyone heard the shout and quickly gathered around the inspection area.

Mu Yifan and Zhou Quan also went over and looked, a dry body in uniform was on the ground, the skin was crumpled, there was no blood, a small hole the size of the end of a finger was found in the area of the neck.

The blood around the hole had dried up, however, no blood came out of the hole and no blood was left on the ground, a very strange situation.

One of the soldiers went up and looked at the wound and said with a frown: “The blood seems to have been drained from the body.”

The crowd gasped at this, they all gasped.

“To the naked eye, it does look like the soldier has been drained of blood.”

“Shit, the zombie thing isn’t over yet, now there’s a bloodsucker, there’s no such thing as vampires is there?” said Deng Xiaoyi.

Zhou Quan knocked him on the head: “Don’t be so alarmist.”

Chen Hao said: “It is useless for us to stand here and watch, we can’t help, we should go back and wait for the soldiers at the gates to find out what is going on, we will come back to find out.”


They were about to get into their car and drive away, when they were stopped by the soldiers at the gates, saying that they would not be allowed to leave until they had found out how the soldier had died.

Then, they were put back into quarantine.

Deng Xiaoyi kicked the bars in anger: “Fuck, it’s not our business, why are we locked up?”

I knew they wouldn’t have been curious to see what was going on, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been locked up again, they wouldn’t have been able to get out.

Mu Yifan looked glumly at the barred soldiers and counted the days, it had been ten days since they had left B City to look for supplies, so, either today or tomorrow there would be a meeting of the camp leaders.

He hurriedly asked the soldier who had locked the door: “I want to have a little fun, what day does Admiral Mu invite the leaders of the camps to a meeting?”

The soldier who locked the door looked at him and said indifferently: “Today.”

Mu Yifan hurriedly said: “This comrade, my name is Mu Yifan, I am Admiral Mu’s eldest son, can you get someone from Mu to bail us out?”

He was afraid that the soldier would not believe him, he immediately took out the Mu family’s identity card and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier looked at the ID card, after confirming its authenticity, his attitude towards them changed immediately, he no longer said coldly: “OK, I’ll go and get the Mu family to come over.”

Mu Yifan saw him leave, expecting to be out in two hours but instead, the soldier came back and said, the Mu family who could talk had gone to a meeting with Mu Yuecheng.

Those who could not speak, were not sure, did not dare to come here.

Mu Yifan sits back where he sat last night, it looked like he won’t be able to make it to the meeting.

Another day passes, before the Mu family comes to bail them out and the bailor is Li Caiyu.

Mu Yifan gets into Li Caiyu’s car and saw an SUV parked opposite the entrance and can’t help but take a second look.

Immediately afterwards, the window was lowered.

Mu Yifan saw that it was Zhan Beitian inside, his eyes lit up and figured that Zhan Beitian must have come to pick him up after receiving the news that he was in the checkpoint.

Unfortunately, the Mu family got the jump on us.

Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan get into Li Caiyu’s car and drove off.

Mu Yifan withdrew his gaze.

Li Caiyu, who was following in the car, suddenly sighed: “Yifan, do you know what you missed yesterday?”

“I know that there was a meeting of the whole B City yesterday.”

Mu Yifan expressed his helplessness.

He didn’t expect that either.

Li Caiyu shook his head: “It’s not a big deal to miss a meeting but you missed your chance to show it.”

Mu Yifan said with a baffled face: “Third Aunt, what do you mean by that?”

“You don’t know, after you left B City, your father invited the leaders of the camps to Mu’s training camp, for the biggest meeting since the end of the world.”

Li Caiyu sighed: “Yihang knew about it and immediately prepared every day and night, to make a good show of it, seriously, he used to be the president of the Rong Finance Group, he did things right. Your father was very impressed with him.”

Mu Yifan said with a frown: “What did he do at the meeting?”

“Not anything but before the meeting, he wrote a law on the punishment for digging up the crystals of the Exalted and then, announced to everyone, that the crystals of the zombie Jinghe and plant and animal systems would become the currency of the future.”

“Everyone raised their hands in agreement, they all said your father had a good son, they didn’t even know you existed as an older son.”

Li Caiyu was furious when he said: “After I remembered, I overheard you First Uncle saying that you were the first to say that the cores could be used as currency but, when you First Uncle was talking to your men about the reward and punishment system, you said that you were the first to say it. Now everyone thinks it was Mu Yihang’s idea, so, from now on, all sales and purchases can be made with cores.”

At this point, she slammed the steering wheel: “Damn, what a shame.”

“Third Aunt, behave yourself.” reminds Mu Yifan.

He didn’t think it was a big deal, it didn’t matter who spoke up about the cores becoming currency.

But, if he wanted someone to say it, well, he wanted the male protagonist to say it and for the male protagonist to gain more popularity in B City.

After all, the person who stole the future of the male protagonist, will, I don’t know if it will be as good as it is in the novel.

Li Caiyu gives him a look that said: “You’re Third Uncle and you’re not here, who’s watching?”

Mu Yifan laughed at her comment and took two sets of cosmetics and care products out of his backpack and put them on the front of the car: “Third Aunt, I brought these for you and Second Aunt when I was looking for supplies.”

He only took these for Third Aunt and Second Aunt, because Second Aunt and Third Aunt were younger than First Uncle and Second Uncle’s mother and they were always dressed up, so they only took two., They only took two.

Li Caiyu saw the cosmetics and immediately smiled: “You’re a sweet boy, say, where are you going now, Third Aunt will take you there.”

Mu Yifan looked at the car following him: “I’m going to Dad’s training camp, I’ll hand over the supplies and go back to Mu.”


Li Caiyu dropped Mu Yifan off at Mu’s camp and drove off.

The soldiers in Mu’s camp see the truckload of supplies that Gao Fei and the others have brought back and they all stare.

When the Gao Fei five members team left ten days ago, no one in the camp thought much of Gao Fei, they thought Mu Yifan had no eyes and that taking five men with no powers to find supplies was a death wish.

So, they didn’t think much of Gao Fei, they thought the five of them would die on the way but not only did they not die, they brought back a truckload of supplies.

That’s not all, when they heard that Gao Fei had powers, they were even more shocked, many of them gathered around Gao Fei and asked what was going on.

Mu Yuecheng was very happy to learn about this and complimented Mu Yifan even more.

Mu Yifan was so preoccupied with Zhan Beitian that he did not want to hear what Mu Yuecheng had to say, after hearing a few words of praise, he immediately drove off in Mu Yuecheng’s car to find his daughter in law.

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