Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 190: Wife I am back

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 190: Wife I am back

Mu Yifan arrived at the Zhan Beitian camp and saw Zheng Guozong standing at the gate talking to the soldiers.

He stopped the car and called out: “Doctor Quack, what are you doing here?”

Zheng Guozong stopped talking to the soldier and said to him: “I am waiting here for you boy.”

“What are you waiting for me for?”

Zheng Guozong opened the door of his car and sat down: “Major General Zhan said that you might come over later and asked me to wait for you at the door.”

Mu Yifan gave him a puzzled look: “It’s not my first time in this camp is it necessary to have someone waiting for me at the gate?”

Zheng Guozong said with a narrow smile: “It wasn’t necessary before but it is today.”

“Just say what you have to say, it’s so mysterious.” Mu Yifan was whetted by his appetite.

Zheng Guozong was not going to play coy with him, he said: “Major General Zhan’s grandfather has come to the camp.”

Mu Yifan slammed on the brakes: “Zhan Guoxiong came here?”

“Yes, half an hour ago.”

Mu Yifan looked hesitant.

Zhan Guoxiong is here.

So should he go and see Zhan Guoxiong?

But, Zhan Beitian looked like he wanted him not to see Zhan Guoxiong, otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Zheng Guozong to wait at the door.

“Beitian doesn’t want me to see his grandfather.”

“He did say so.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Is there a reason?”

“He didn’t say…” Zheng Guozong wrinkled his brow: “But, I can probably guess what it is.”

“What is it…”

Before Mu Yifan could say anything, he saw Zhan Guoxiong walk out of the dormitory with a sullen face, followed by Cai Yuan who was carrying Mu Qingtian and the two adults and the child left Zhan Beitian’s camp in a car. The camp.

“What’s going on? Master Lao Zhan looked very angry, quack, tell me what’s going on?”

Zheng Guozong didn’t hide anything from him: “Lately, it’s been rumoured in the camp that Major General Zhan and you are a couple, some people say they saw you kiss Major General Zhan’s face and that Major General Zhan is the one who’s been in the camp.  Major General Zhan didn’t even get angry, he carried you down the stairs, so, now the rumours are getting stronger and stronger throughout the camp, almost the whole camp knows about it.”

Mu Yifan looked at the car leaving: “That means that Master Lao Zhan came here to visit and probably heard the rumours, that’s why, he left with a black face.”

But, how come the rumours are so strong, Lao Zhan is here, how come Zhan Beitian didn’t know to stop the rumours.


Did Zhan Beitian do it on purpose?

Trying to use someone else’s mouth, to let Master Lao Zhan know about him.


Zhan Beitian is really bad too.

Now that Zhan Guoxiong has heard the rumours, he wants to be angry but can’t be, because he doesn’t know if it’s true or not, he can only wait and see.

When the time comes, even if he found out the truth, Master Lao Zhan will not be so angry, after all, he already has his mind made up.

“I suppose so, otherwise, why did Major General Zhan ask me to stop you from seeing Master Lao Zhan at the door.”

Mu Yifan thought so too.

Later, when Zhan Guoxiong’s anger had subsided, he would go to see him again.

Mu Yifan remembered something, took the paper from Zheng Jiaming out of his backpack and gave it to Zheng Guozong: “This time out, I met Jiaming, this is what he asked me to give you.”

Zheng Guozong opened it in front of him and, with a fury, threw the note away saying: “That bastard.”

“What did he write, to make you so angry and, to read it so quickly.”

Mu Yifan picked it up and looked at it, it simply said ‘All is well’.

“…” That’s too simple.

At least say something comforting, to reassure the father.

Zheng Guozong said: “It’s because he didn’t write anything, that made me angry.”

In fact, he understood what his son meant, the real meaning of these four words, was that he, as a father, could see the writing and understand that his son was really well.

Otherwise, he would have asked Mu Yifan to convey it orally.

Mu Yifan slipped the paper back into Zheng Guozong’s hand, so that Zheng Guozong wouldn’t worry too much and said a few words to reassure him: “I think he looked fine, don’t worry about it either, by the way, he told me, he’s staying with  Zhuang Ziyue.”

Zheng Guozong wrinkled his brow: “Zhuang Ziyue? Mr Zhuang? He’s staying with Mr Zhuang?”

“Yes, he told me so himself.”

Zheng Guozong’s face looked chilled and he said: “Yifan, there’s something I don’t know whether to tell you or not.”

Mu Yifan heard him call himself Yifan in a serious manner, he knew he was talking about something serious and immediately put on his smile: “What is it?”

Zheng Guozong didn’t say anything directly, he just asked: “Mr Zhuang is it really a zombie?”

When he had left K City, he had heard that Zhuang Ziyue was a zombie, at that time, the whole city was looking for him.

While in K City, Zhuang Ziyue was known to many, so Mu Yifan did not hide it from him: “Yes, he is indeed a zombie, does that have anything to do with what you want to say?”

Zheng Guozong’s face looked chilled a little more and he said: “Do you remember how my wife died?”

Mu Yifan immediately replied: “She was bitten to death by a zombie.”

After saying this, not knowing what had occurred to him, he looked at Zheng Guozong with wide eyes: “You mean, your wife was bitten to death by Zhuang Ziyue?”

Zheng Guozong nodded: “Ever since I heard the news that Mr Zhuang was a zombie, I always suspected this, so, I wondered if Jiaming had gone to avenge his mother’s death. In the past, my wife loved Jiaming, mother and son were very close, like family and friends, they talked almost everything, although Jiaming didn’t cry when he saw my wife bitten to death, I knew he was very sad, very sad.”

“It’s…” Mu Yifan suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“Seriously, I don’t want Jiaming to take revenge, because I don’t think Mr Zhuang turned into a zombie, not of his own volition, so, I’ve been thinking for a while, that when he bit my wife, he bit his parents as well.”

“Bite.” Mu Yifan said sadly.

Zheng Guozong was stunned: “What?”

“Ziyue told me himself, he had bitten his parents, even taken bits of their flesh into his stomach and after he came to his senses, it was so painful, that, he hated the man who had turned him into a zombie.”

Mu Yifan looked sadly at Zheng Guozong: “You know what? I’m the one who turned him into a zombie. And the reason why he turned into a zombie was because my brother wanted me to die sooner so he could get a share of the Rong Finance Group, so he went to his friend to ask for a potion that could not be found. His friend, a researcher at the National Research Institute, gave my brother the zombie virus that was extracted from Zheng Jiaming and his colleagues and injected it into my body.”

He looked at Zheng Guozong’s stunned face and laughed bitterly: “Isn’t it funny, to turn around and have the source of the trouble come back to Jiaming?”

“It’s…” Zheng Guozong said for a long time.” Zheng Guozong could not speak for a long time.

Mu Yifan patted Zheng Guozong’s shoulder: “Don’t think too much, Jiaming didn’t turn into a zombie because he wanted to, I’ll talk to Jiaming when I see him.”

Zheng Guozong nodded: “Just tell him, I don’t want anything, I just want him to live.”

“Okay.” Mu Yifan started the car and drove Zheng Guozong back to the dormitory, before driving back to the office building, just in time to meet Mao Yu coming back from the dormitory.

When Mao Yu saw him, he said: “Did you know that Old Commissioner Zhan was so angry when he heard the rumours about you and the boss that he left in his car?”

Mu Yifan asked: “When Old Zhan heard the rumours, why didn’t he come to Beitian and ask him about it?”

Mao Yu said helplessly: “The boss told me to tell the old military commission that he was out.”

Mu Yifan heard this and put his sadness behind him and, laughing heartlessly, said: “Ha ha, where is he now?”

“He’s hiding in the office lounge, said if you come, to meet him there.”

Mu Yifan smiled: “I’m on my way to your boss, by the way, if you don’t have anything to do, don’t bother us.”

Mao Yu: “…”

This one’s a bit too direct.

Mu Yifan rushed to Zhan Beitian’s office as fast as he could.

Seeing the office door open, he immediately climbs in and closed it.

Seeing that the door to the lounge was also open, he ran in quickly: “Wife, I am back.”

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