Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 191: He is your sister in law

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 191: He is your sister in law

   Mu Yifan entered and saw Zhan Beitian with his hands in his trouser pockets, leaning elegantly against the left hand window, bathed in sunlight, his handsome face sculpted like a carving, cold and handsome.

   He was mesmerized, he jumped up and hugged his man, he kissed him on the cheek: “I haven’t seen you for ten days, I missed you so much.”

Zhan Beitian held the man hanging on to him, a dazzling smile spreads at the corners of his lips, raises his hand to rub his burnt hair, wrinkles his dark brows, asks in a deep voice: “What happened to your hair?”

After receiving the news that Mu Yifan had been locked up in the B City gate inspection area, he had noticed that his hair had broken a lot and, it was curled up, as if it had been permed.

Mu Yifan stopped kissing and simply explained: “A teammate didn’t know he’d developed blasting powers and then, his hair got blasted like this.”

He traced circles on Zhan Beitian’s chest with his fingertips, asking suggestively: “Father, did you miss me?”

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed with amusement, he quickly grabbed the unruly hand: “Nantian is here.”


Mu Yifan stared back, stiffly, to see Zhan Nantian leaning against the opposite wall, dazed, staring at the two hugging men.

I don’t know why, he felt a little weak, he quickly jumped off Zhan Beitian and said with a sarcastic smile: “So Second Young Master Zhan is here too, well, what you just saw, it was all a joke between me and  Beitian was joking, don’t take it seriously.”

When he came in, all his attention was on his man and, before he came in, he didn’t hear any conversation in the lounge, so, he didn’t notice anyone else in the lounge.

Luckily he didn’t come in and pull down Zhan Beitian’s trousers, otherwise, it would have been embarrassing.

“…” Zhan Nantian tries desperately to keep his stunned expression away but after several attempts, he can’t keep it down, his heart feels like it’s been hit hard, he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Even if what Mu Yifan had said was true, that it was all a joke, how could Zhan Beitian’s doting smile and indulgent gestures be explained, they were clearly expressions of a lover.

But, how could they…

Zhan Beitian pulled Mu Yifan’s shirt down around his waist and looked at Zhan Nantian and said in a soft voice: “This is your sister in law.”

“…” Zhan Nantian looked at the two of them in shock, for a long time and could not find his voice.

Mu Yifan saw the completely bewildered Zhan Nantian and whispered to Zhan Beitian: “You’re scaring him.”

“Just don’t get sick.”

It’s not like Zhan Guoxiong has a heart condition that doesn’t scare him, nor is he Zhan Beitian’s elder parent, voice, he has no intention of hiding this from his cousin.

Mu Yifan gave him a blank look: “But I am a man, how can a man be called sister in law by anyone else.”

Zhan Beitian curled his lips, he couldn’t help but tease him: “What do you mean if not sister in law? The baby’s mother?”

“Fine, if you dare to say it, I’m not afraid to admit that I gave birth to the child.”

The whispers grew louder and louder, not caring that there was a third person in the room, their conversation was like a thunderstorm, it blew Zhan Nantian’s brains out.

Zhan Beitian looked at Zhan Nantian, who is trying to keep his face gentle by suppressing his shock and anger and quirks his eyebrows.

“Should we get someone to carry him out and have him checked by a quack to see if he’s scared out of his mind?” Mu Yifan asked in a whisper, looking at Zhan Nantian who was frozen in place.

Zhan Beitian put his arm around his shoulders and tried to call Zhan Nantian: “Nantian?”

Zhan Nantian looked back at the two men standing together, suddenly he feels the sunlight outside the window is particularly blinding, it shines on the two men in front of the window, it blinds his eyes.

He took a deep breath: “Brother… I’ve got things to do, I’ll visit your camp next time.”

Zhan Nantian turned around quickly, took one step, kicked a small stool under his feet and, as he walked out of the room, his right arm hit the door as he was distracted.

After leaving the door of the lounge, turn to the right.

Mu Yifan looked up and asked: “I don’t think the office door is that way.”

Both men immediately look out of the window and see Zhan Nantian tumbling down from the third floor and then, landing smoothly, walking towards the car Mu Yifan drove earlier, taking out the keys, only to find that he can’t get them in.

It took almost ten seconds for Zhan Nantian to realise that the car is not his, he walked coldly to his own car, opens the door and gets in.

Starts the car, steps on the accelerator and goes off, luckily he turns the steering wheel quickly, otherwise, he would have crashed into a tree.

Mu Yifan turns to Zhan Beitian: “He seems to be very upset, he doesn’t seem to be able to accept us both, do you think he will go back to your grandfather and scold you about us now.”

Zhan Beitian frowned at the distant car and narrowed his eyes.

From what he knew about Zhan Nantian, even if Zhan Nantian didn’t accept a man with a man, he wouldn’t reject someone else, especially if he was his brother, Zhan Nantian would send his blessing whether he accepted it or not, instead of looking like he was devastated.

“Definitely not before, not so sure now, you really haven’t met Nantian before?”

“Of course, by the way, what’s Zhan Nantian doing here?”

“He came with Grandpa.”

“And is Zhan Nantian still not telling us why he wants to deal with Mu Yihang?”

“Yes.” Zhan Beitian withdrew his gaze and nodded.

Mu Yifan asked again: “And in the ten days I’ve been away, have the two families gotten any worse?”

“There were two or three incidents but after they were punished, no one dared to do anything and, you, First Uncle, were very serious about my father’s injury, later on, some of the mutants in your clan said that the light that hit my father was a ray of light, from behind him. Afterwards, we asked the Zhan family about the light that hit my dad from behind but they didn’t think too much about it and assumed it was one of the Mu’s. So, we concluded, that it was probably someone else who had targeted my dad.”

Mu Yifan said with concern: “And how is your health now?”

“I’ve woken up, nothing serious.”

“That’s good.” Mu Yifan suddenly thought of something: “Beitian, I saw Rong Xue.”

“Rong Xue?” Zhan Beitian’s eyes narrowed abruptly: “She’s not dead yet?”

“I met her in the inspection area, she told me to tell you, she’s in B City. When you were in G City, did you do something to her? And, the hair you burned off her head, grew back and, became long.”

Zhan Beitian gives a brief account of the day.

“She was dragged away by the old vine tree?” Mu Yifan frowned abruptly: “After being dragged away by the old vine, she didn’t die?”

Could Rong Xue have merged with the old vine and become a mutant?

“Could that be her?”

“What weirdo?” Zhan Beitian asked.

“When we went to the Shen family camp, didn’t Shen Qinyang mention a strange person? I suspect Rong Xue is the weirdo, by the way, you don’t know about the mutants.”

Mu Yifan remembered that the current Zhan Beitian did not know about the existence of mutants, because when he died in his last life, there were no mutants.

“What mutants?”

Mu Yifan immediately enlightened him.

“Maybe it’s her, be careful when you meet her, she’s here in B City now, she must be looking for revenge.”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Zhan Beitian looked at his watch, the time was eleven o’clock: “Let’s go and eat first.”

Mu Yifan remembered that he had been locked up in the inspection area, he had not eaten for almost two days, nodded and followed Zhan Beitian out of the office.

On the way to the cafeteria, many people look at them frequently.

“Does the whole camp know about us now?” Mu Yifan asks Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian scanned the nearby people: “Sooner or later, we will know.”

“Are you ready to tell your family about us?”

“I have to be in better health these days too.”

Mu Yifan could not help but laugh at this answer.

Zhan Beitian looked at him: “What about you?”

Mu Yifan chuckled: “When we get back, I’ll hint at my dad and get you a name sooner rather than later.”

Zhan Beitian hooked his lips.

“Then you can change your name to Mu Zhan Beitian, ha ha.” Mu Yifan smiled and put his hand on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder: “Mu Zhan Beitian, smile for me.”

Zhan Beitian raises an eyebrow: “Personally, I think, you’d better change your name to War Mu Mu.”

Mu Yifan paused in his smile and asked: “Beitian, are you still unable to accept the name Mu Yifan?”

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