Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 195: My wife gave me this

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 195: My wife gave me this

“He will agree.” Zhan Beitian affirmed.

If his grandfather could be soft on the child now, well, he would be soft on him and Mu Yifan for the sake of the child.

Mu Yifan sighed in frustration: “Maybe, I don’t know when I’ll be able to say yes, by the way, how did your grandfather determine our relationship? Did Zhan Nantian really go back to your grandfather and tell him about us?”

“Uncle Cai did, Uncle Cai knows about us.”

“Now that your grandfather knows about us, what about your parents?”

“They don’t know yet.”

Mu Yifan gave a sudden giggle.

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows: “What are you laughing at?”

“I was so worried about your family finding out about us, when your grandfather questioned me, I felt so nervous too but after it was over, I felt relieved, I don’t have to worry about them finding out about us anymore.”

Zhan Beitian pursed his lips and said with a small smile: “I’ll bring my son to you tomorrow.”

“Good, I haven’t seen him for days either, I miss him so much, when I went to look for supplies, I found some toys for him, when he comes tomorrow, I’ll bring them to him, now that your grandfather and the others know about us, I’ll have to hurry up and let my father know about us too. They know about us too.”

Mu Yifan could not have imagined that the morning after he said that, over breakfast, Mu Yuecheng would suggest that he bring his mother back for them to meet.

Mu Yifan almost choked on his porridge when he heard this: “Dad, are you sure you want me to bring the baby’s… His mother to see you?”

Mu Yuecheng said: “I thought about it all night last night, it’s time for you to get married and settle down, we can’t have you running away every time you come back with supplies, so, no matter what the identity of the person is, it’s my grandson’s mother, we have to meet her, before we can judge whether she’s suitable for us.  I’d never approve of you two being together… if she was a bad person or something.”

In fact, he thought Zhao Yunxuan was right when he said last night.

His eldest son has bone cancer, it’s not clear if he can be cured.

If something were to happen and his eldest son were to die without having enjoyed the happiness of a family because he had stopped him, he would not feel well and his grandson was still so young, he would need to be looked after.

So, he thought, as long as the woman’s character and reputation were not too bad, he would just put up with it and with the status of the Mu family in the B City, he was sure that no one else would dare to gossip in front of the Mu family knowingly.

“He’s absolutely fine.” Mu Yifan doesn’t like to be called a bad man.

“I hope so.” Mu Yuecheng wrinkled his brow: “Since I’ve agreed to see her, bring her to me sometime.”

Mu Yifan stammered: “Well… Dad, it’s not that I don’t want to bring him to you, it’s just that, he’s a bit special.”

“I know, you already said that yesterday.”

“And, he’s a special person, it’s possible he’s not as… special as you think. like this.” Mu Yifan draws the shape of a gourd in the air with both hands.

Mu Yuecheng said with a baffled face: “What do you mean by that gesture?”

Mu Yihang, who was sitting opposite, looked at Mu Yifan in awe.

If he was right, his elder brother was drawing the curves of a woman’s body.

Is his future cleaning lady a flat bodied person?

“Anyway, the guy I’m looking at is not what you think, if I bring him to you and you don’t accept, I’m going to be with him.”

“Eh, you son of a bitch, I finally agreed to meet her and you’re putting on a show, I’d like to see what she’s got that’s got you smitten and you don’t even care about me as a father.”

“He’s got a lot to offer.”

If it wasn’t for the Mu Yuecheng in front of him, Mu Yifan would have wanted to say something more.

Just then, the satellite phone rings, Mu Yuecheng pulled it out of his pocket and it’s not his satellite phone ringing.

“It’s my satellite phone.” Mu Yifan took out his satellite phone.

Mu Yihang and Zhao Yunxuan look at the satellite phone in Mu Yifan’s hand with red eyes.

The satellite phones were developed by the Zhan family, on the day of the conference, the Zhan family gave each camp two free satellite phones, so that everyone could breathe and communicate with each other and the team.

However, if you want to have a satellite phone in the future, you have to buy one from the Zhan family with crystals and only their satellite phones that have been modified by the Zhan family can be used, the satellite phones found outside are just junk.

In addition to this, the Zhan family also control the entire satellite communication, anyone who owns a satellite phone in the future, will have to pay the Zhan family for the satellite phone with a crystal, otherwise, it won’t be able to call out.

Now that the Zhan family has issued two satellite phones to each camp, there are no more satellite phones for sale, you have to wait half a month or a month before you can buy one.

Also, the satellite phones are limited, so if you don’t get them early, you’ll have to wait a while.

That’s why Mu Yihang and Zhao Yunxuan were particularly jealous and, the first thing that came to their minds was that Mu Yuecheng had given Mu Yifan another satellite phone.

What they found most annoying, was that Mu Yuecheng lied to them about giving Mu Yuebin the other satellite phone to use first.

Mu Yuecheng looked at Mu Yifan in surprise: “Where did you get your satellite phone?”

Mu Yihang and Zhao Yunxuan looked at Mu Yuecheng, amazed as if they really didn’t know how Mu Yifan had a satellite phone.

“My wife gave it to me.” Mu Yifan smiles smugly.

“How can that be.” Mu Yuecheng’s instinct is to think that a woman of the world would have a satellite phone that hasn’t been released yet.

“Why is it impossible? I told you my wife is very capable.” Mu Yifan doesn’t say anything more, he picked up the phone immediately, answers a few times and gets up: “I have to go down, I’ll bring my wife to see Dad as soon as I’ve made an appointment with her.”

He quickly ran to the lift and left the 80th floor.

When the lift doors closed, Mu Yihang came back to his senses and asked: “Dad, who is his wife? How come he has a satellite phone for his brother.”

“How should I know?” Mu Yuecheng said with a sigh of relief: “Until just now, I thought the mother of his child was a woman of the world but now it seems that I wasn’t, the person who had the satellite phone must be a camp leader.”

His mind kept going back to which camp leader was a young woman.

Zhao Yunxuan, sitting next to him is annoyed, if he had known that the person Mu Yifan liked was a big deal, he should not have spoken up for Mu Yifan last night.

Mu Yuecheng is very happy to know that his eldest son is not a woman of the world and he has worked up an appetite, drinking three bowls of meat porridge in a row.


Mu Yifan walked out of the Mu Tower, looked left and right, found Zhan Beitian’s car in the shadows under the building.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, hardly anyone wants to go out, let alone walk in the sun, even if the car has air conditioning, it can’t beat the heat outside.

Even the soldiers guarding the entrance stand in the hall as far as possible to check the identity of people entering and leaving the Mu Tower.

Mu Yifan ran to Zhan Beitian’s car and as soon as he got in, he hugged Mu Qingtian, who was sitting on top of Zhan Beitian: “Son, Daddy missed you so much.”

He kissed the child on the cheek several times, then, kissed Zhan Beitian on the cheek again: “My father said he wants to see you.”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows: “Your father already knows about me and you?”

Mu Yifan chuckled: “Not yet but he said he wanted to see the mother.”

“The baby’s mother?” Zhan Beitian gave him a long, meaningful look.

“Don’t bother me with that name, tell me if you want to see my father again after I explain? Or do you want to see him in a couple of days?”

“There are more and more survivors in my camp now, so, I’ll be busy for a few days, we’ll meet at your dad’s camp in three days, preferably alone, after your dad acknowledges our relationship and see the rest of the family.”

“Okay, as you wish.” Mu Yifan added after a moment’s thought: “Then don’t say who you are yet, in case he doesn’t want to see you then.”


Mu Yifan left Zhan Beitian to his other duties, gave Zhan Beitian a kiss on the lips and got out of the car with the baby in his arms.

He watches Zhan Beitian’s car leave, before turning around and walking back to the building.

Just as he reached the door, the soldier at the gate said: “First Young Master, there’s a gentleman here to see you.”

“Who is it?” Mu Yifan wondered.

The soldier lifted his finger and pointed to a black ‘Kingpin’ SUV parked outside the gate.

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