Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 197

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 197:

Everyone looked at the golden ID badge in confusion, not understanding what Mu Yifan wanted with it.

“The identity badges should be the same colour, just because you’re a member of the Mu family doesn’t mean you should be treated differently, I think it’s good to have them in black. So, as of today, everyone will be black, no difference, if they commit a crime, they will be treated the same.”

Mu Yifan later learnt about the identity cards, the gold cards are for people from the Mu family, the purple cards are for people related to the Mu family, there are also blue and green cards, needless to say, they are for people with special status, only black is for people with special status. Only black is for the lowest level, this made it easy for people in the lower levels to feel bad for people in the higher levels.

“I will have this done.”

Mu Yuezhi, who had been in the top management of Mu’s branch, agreed with him, it was the only way, to win everyone over.

Mu Yifan nodded: “Also, every Sunday, everyone in the building will have to write a letter of opinion or a letter of report, to be collected at lunchtime. Of course, if there is nothing to write, just write a letter with no word in it, it doesn’t take much, or you can leave it unsigned. If the suggestion is accepted, or if the report is true, there is a reward.”

He scanned the crowd, noticing that some were frowning and seemed to disagree with him: “That’s all I have to say for now, any comments on my words? If you have any comments, make them known.”

“No.” everyone replied.

Mu Yifan said what he said for the good of the building, he didn’t say anything too much, even if some people had a problem with it they wouldn’t dare to say it.

“Then let’s disperse.”

As everyone dispersed, Mu Yuezhi happily came over and patted Mu Yifan on the shoulder: “You’ve done well, like eating upstairs, I’d never have thought of that.”

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t had a hard time in the past, it was just that when he got rich and got a big house, he got a bit uncomfortable eating with people in the canteen and crammed into a table and accepted that the kitchen staff would bring the food upstairs.

Also, the issue of identity plates was first raised by Zhao Yunxuan, who agreed at the time that the building should be run like a company, with plates for various positions, so that it could be easily managed.

However, after a period of time, they came to realise that while leading a team and managing a company are similar in terms of management, as long as the pay is good, people will work hard but when you compare the two there is a big difference.

In the old days the employees of the company worked for them, they did their business for them, they were paid by them, so they did what they were told.

But in the post apocalyptic world the members of the team are starting on the same footing as they are, risking their lives to find supplies, forming a team with them, just to have better security, no need to treat them like grandfathers.

So, if we continue as before, we will slowly lose touch with the people below us and they will move further and further away, no longer being close to them.

Mu Yifan smiled: “I’m doing this, I just want Mu to get better and better.”

At this point, Mu Yuefeng came over: “Yifan, you Second Uncle have found a famous orthopaedic surgeon for you, he is very good, he will be able to fix your leg.”

Mu Yifan cried out in disbelief.

How could he have forgotten about this.

Without his mutant powers, he couldn’t control the doctor to lie for him.

Mu Yuezhi slapped himself on the forehead: “Look at me, I’ve forgotten something so big, tomorrow you’ll go out with Second Uncle, I’ll take you to see your leg.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Second Uncle, who’s the doctor you’re looking for?”

“The Third Young Master of the Shen family, Shen Qinyang, I heard he studied abroad, he’s very good, he also researches bone cancer.”

Mu Yifan was relieved.

So it was Shen Qinyang, he’s really good and, it’s a lot easier to deal with.

“That said, this man is not easy to hire, when he heard we were from the Mu family, he refused my request without thinking, because the Shen family and the Zhan family are family friends, they don’t want to help against the Zhan family  the Mu family, who were dealing with the Zhan family, then when they heard that we had made up with the Zhan family, they agreed to see you.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Can he say that Zhan Beitian asked Shen Qinyang to see him and he didn’t even want it?

Mu Yuezhi continued: “I asked Shen Qinyang, he said that the chances of curing bone cancer in the early stages are relatively high and also that it would be less likely to recur and much less difficult to treat, so, we’ll see Shen Qinyang first thing tomorrow morning.”

He patted Mu Yifan on the shoulder: “I’m sure Shen Qinyang will be able to cure you.”

Mu Yifan nodded: “Good, by the way, Second Uncle, why didn’t I see Yihang and Zhao Yunxuan at the meeting just now, where did they go?”

Mu Yuefeng explained: “Yihang, in order to improve his powers quickly, almost every day after breakfast, he took his team out of town to hunt for crystal cores, it took him two days to return, as for his sister in law…”

He wrinkled his brow: “I think he’s out playing cards.”

Everyone had a problem with Zhao Yunxuan going out to play poker almost every other day but seeing as she did her best to look after Dad, they turned a blind eye to it.

Mu Yifan asked some more questions and went to First Uncle Mu Yuebin to ask about the Mu family and the Zhan family, to make sure that there were severe punishments for the troublemakers and that was all that mattered.

At noon, the upper echelons of the Mu family went to the ground floor canteen for lunch.

The lower level people were stunned, they didn’t dare to move, they stood still, they didn’t dare to queue up for their meals, even when the upper level people walked past them, they would step back to make way for the upper level people.

It wasn’t until Mu Yuebin called out to everyone to make themselves comfortable that the lower level people came to their senses.

Mu Yifan, who was taking his son through the queue, saw that the kitchen staff had given him some extra food and immediately said: “It’s all the same, how much food for everyone else, how much food for us.”

The man who was distributing the food laughed: “Master First Young Master, I am not giving you any special treatment, don’t forget, Little Young Master has to eat too.”

Mu Yifan looked down at Mu Qingtian who was following him and smiled: “That’s fine, you give me a small bowl and a small spoon for Nadu.”


Mu Yifan took a seat with his son, the man sitting next to him quietly looked over at Mu Yifan from time to time, not daring to move too much and not daring to make a sound.

Mu Yifan noticed this and rubbed the boy’s head: “Son, say hello to your uncle.”

“Hello, Uncle.” Mu Qingtian looked up: “Uncle, do you want to compete with me to see who can eat faster?”

The man froze.

“Whoever wins, gets to eat an extra bowl of rice.”

The man asked: “And if you lose, what happens?”

Mu Qingtian tilted his head in thought and giggled: “I will be punished by watching people eat.”

The man laughed at him, looked at his little bowl full of rice and asked: “If you win, can you eat a second bowl of rice?”

Mu Qingtian shook his little head: “No, I can’t my stomach is too small, so, Uncle will win.”

Everyone around him was amused by his childish words.

“Okay, we’ll start now then.”

Mu Qingtian rushes to take the little spoon, feeding it into his mouth, his face soon puffs up, so cute, the sisters, aunties and mothers around him want to squeeze it.

At the same time, very worried about the baby choking, quickly made a noise to tell him to slow down, the atmosphere came alive.

The rest of the Mu family see Mu Yifan and Mu Qingtian getting better acquainted with the people around them, not to be outdone, they are talking to the other people at the table and slowly, everyone blends in.

The people at the lower level gradually let their guard down and talked to the people at the top.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yunxuan, unaware of the upheaval in the Mu Tower, returned to the 80th floor of the Mu Tower and exiting the lift, immediately told the soldier at the lift door: “Tell the kitchen to bring up a meal.”

The soldier said: “Madam, First Young Master said that from today onwards, everyone must eat downstairs in the canteen, otherwise, no more meals.”

The First Young Master’s approach and he agreed with it, would be more humane for the building to be free of high and low floors.

It would not make the upper echelons of the building look like royalty, they would be too high and mighty to be approached.

Zhao Yunxuan wrinkles her brow, without showing her displeasure in front of the soldiers, goes to her room, changes her clothes, goes downstairs to the canteen and queues up for her meal, then, walked to her seat at her mother’s table.

As soon as she sat down, the sister in law next to her said something bad about Mu Yifan.

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