Why R U? Because of Love?  Chapter 01: My annoying rival

Why R U? Because of Love?  Chapter 01: My annoying rival

Saifah Zon

The atmosphere in the faculty of engineering’s cafeteria looks frustratingly chaotic, for me, although I am not used to the noisy atmosphere or shouting across people’s tables but finally, he can’t help it because the faculty of communication’s cafeteria has been closed for renovations for almost a week.

Many of my friends and I in the faculty of communication chose to eat here rather than at the central cafeteria, maybe because it was close and the food was quite palatable, even deep inside I didn’t want to come here to eat.

“Really!!!” Ai’Junior or Ai’Jia shouted out in a shocked voice. Natee I told them the story at home


“It’s strange, usually your parents seem to support all their children you and your sister, right? Why did they suddenly give such an ultimatum?” I don’t understand too as Ai’Tee wondered, usually whatever I do, returning late, or where I go, they never say anything at all but I don’t know why this has become such a big deal

“The grade has dropped…” well, as Ai’Junior said, because if I was a parent and seeing a falling grade child like this, wouldn’t it be the same? “If I was his mother, I would not just stop him from composing fiction as well”

“What will you do more?” Tanthai asked

“Trampling him to sink his face the soil like a bug, scold like there is no tomorrow!! Sent you to study and you get a grade just like this.”

“Okay, if it’s me, I will do evil after seeing the grade on the web.” Ai’Tee speaks in support of the idea. Junior laughed as if it was fun, unlike another friend of mine who sent a look of concern

My close friends group with whom the group is, 5 people include me and there are, Junior, Natee, Tanthai and then zen, the first three people almost even copy of each other, only Ai’Zen is nice and a little dependable

“Ma and father are sorry, may I ask you a little question, how many grades of your last semester did you get? How far is you grade?”

“How many points are you not far from you as well and Ai’Thai”

“A more than Khun Jia”

     I don’t care what the three of them argue, because now only the problems that arise are more than I can handle, I still don’t know how to find a way to stop my parents from framing this, the more you think, the more your headache is.

“A few points better than mine, I still have a face to speak… Ai’Thai”

“Is it better than yours?”

“Have you had enough…” It was Zen who interrupted badgering between Ai’Thai and Ai’Junior, “Can you be serious yet?”

The low tone is not equal to Ai’Zen face looking at my friends, when his face gets tough, it’s scary too

“Uh … Seriously and you can, invite Phii Zon to continue talking about you.” Junior spoke, nodding to me to hurry and tell my story before Ai’Zen went down more

“Actually, my story is just like this, now I’m just bored of what to do next.” I don’t know if I should stop composing the kind of novel that my parents asked for me to stop, or should I keep composing it.

Yes, my heart wants to keep composing anyway but if the plot continues and my parents find out… it could lead to weekly allowance deduction and if the snack fee has been deducted and what will I eat, this kind of thing must come first

“Then up the view in the novel? Let ’em see the hundred thousand digits of pageviews…”

“Hey, it makes sense.”

“I agree with Ai’Thai because if the views hit the hundred thousand in addition to proving to your parents that you can write professionally, you would have also accomplished your challenge with Nong Zol.” Actually, the choice Natee and Tanthai offered me, it was fine but …

“If I do myself like that, then I wouldn’t be proud of it.”


“Never mind, I guess I can get it and after this I just go back and pay attention to studying for good grades. Come and let two of them see.”

“A Student Grade story, it’s that Zon would have better grades in the story but the story is fiction, is this something you like?” I like it but what do you want to do, the choice is hardly available like this, while following a dream but without eating and being dormant it’s a cute baby but having something to eat, I better choose the latter.

“Yes, I like but you can see that what I like and what my parents like is the polar opposite, so should kids can just follow them?”

“Is that so, you can try to write in the same style as your sister.”

“How is it different from the way I am writing sci-fi?”

“Well, what a misunderstanding, I see that people read a lot of it, maybe it will boost your views, write something short and still stupid, can’t you?” In addition to Ai’Junior speaking in a foul tone, his countenance is equally attractive, I saw it like this and I really wanted to put my shoes on his face.

“There, isn’t he coming this way, maybe he’s the kind you’ve been looking for, Zon.”

“True, I guess let’s start with your Zon Zen pair, let me spin the tag, dear friend, dear friend, hey look here…”

“What the fuck Ai’Tee, is it possible or is it not possible …” Both junior and Natee, each of them is my story spinners and Ai’Zen, when he saw that there was a hole, he hurriedly offered his face to come in Natee included.

“I got my foot first, right?”

“Ha, ha” I didn’t finish speaking yet, they laughed beforehand.

“Really if you cut out the nonsense of these two bastards and you can write up something, it’s okay, Zon.” But the person who appears to be the most serious about this is Tanthai who offers another round of thinking about composing a novel in a fictional character

“No” I shook my head in denial, “I can’t write it, it is not going to be read”

“Never read, you have to try to see if they will read it first.”

“I don’t try anything and I don’t even think about trying, be honest, I can’t imagine what this fictitious novel is, how is it better than the novel which I am currently writing?” I don’t understand why the sci-fi novels I am composing are less attractive than the Y-fiction that Ai’Zol wrote

“Late, shit.” Junior suddenly interrupted us all

“Who is late? Today we don’t have any more classes, isn’t that right?”

“No, I mean them.” that done, Junior nodded to the back of me

Which we saw was three men walking into the cafeteria, the first being the name’s Tutor who is my high school friends, but he finished before me, I and him often went home together. But after going up to the university, Ai’Tor moved to the dormitory, partly because at home he has financial problems, his parents put the money to invest and something happened and the business go bankrupt, now he has to do part-time work both tutoring and working at a cake shop, his life is so pitiful, it looks like flipping from front of hand to back of feet

Be honest, I can’t imagine if I changed my life to live like Ai’Tor, will I still be able to endure like him and persevere, I would have died when I first started looking for a job. I don’t have to go to tutoring other people at all, a stupid moron like me who’s going to let me teach them.

The second person’s name is Day, I’m not friends with him, just known him Ai’Tor’s friend

And the last one is one of the football club members known to Ai’Junior, so he wouldn’t be surprised if they would walk straight like a group of me but I don’t want him to walk because the guy I don’t like to dissuade is the last person named Saifah

Hey, I let out a light sigh. And turn around back to the same place I had looked before, I just thought I had to see his face up close. I felt like I wanted to walk away to know and survive, in the end, I chose to pick up my phone instead of paying attention to him

“Hey you, this evening practicing soccer, Phii Jay was hounding me and follow me. Telling me if the second year don’t show up its going to be jump, rolls and squats till evening…” The jay that Junior talks about is Japan, a fourth-year senior at a football club

“Oh, I know.” Ai’Saifah’s lows respond comfortably. I didn’t look at what kind of face he was doing but from the sense of touch it is definitely my hair look at it and know that trolling feet, every time we meet, they keep walking like this all the time

“You know and better go too, knowing and not going, because if you only know your mouth again and not show, I would be punished.” Junior complains, doesn’t stop

“Erna and this is why you guys are eating here?”

“The Faculty of Communication canteen is closed for renovation, so we wandered to eat here.” Tanthai answered

“Well, well, because aside from you all the Faculty of Communication girls are here.”

“Whatever floats your boat, Ai’Day.”

“Eergh, I’m comfortable like this.”

I didn’t listen to Ai’Day and Ai’Junior arguing and how much they talked, in my hand I keep ploughing Facebook in a feeling of boredom, in addition to being bored of Ai’Saifah, in my head I was thinking of my own fiction as well, even though I had to stop writing to get the allowance money deducted, he ultimately denied that composing a novel is something I really love

“And this is alright.” Somebody puts a hand on my shoulder, looking up and looking up to know that it is Ai’Tor, “Acting like a dying person with no hope in life…”

“Oh, really dying person a little more like someone working at the crematorium” Junior replied


“It’s his parents …” Before Junior slips out and open his big mouth, Ai’Zen who sat next to him poked him trying to shup him up. I hurriedly winked eyes to tell Natee to hit the crap pout him to stop him and his big mouth, not different from Tanthai who hurriedly poked his curls until Junior fell away and hurriedly changed the matter, “Uh, it’s his parents …, screaming at him at home cause the grade fell from three to two, almost got a restudying an entire year, even…”

“You for real?” Tutor was confused, “I remember when we were at secondary school Zon was very good at studying he got really top marks.”

“I guess you remember the wrong person Tor.”

“Hey, he was really good, I remember, but even so there will be a bad place, it’s just okay but one is unlikely to pull the grade down to just two.”

Ai’Tor looked at me wrongly, actually he knows my novel has been flopping but I don’t know if he guessed that I was annoyed and wanted to add more. Comes from the fact that parents forbid writing but I think a smart person like him would be easy to guess if he got the point.

“Huh” without looking up, I know that bastard was on my back muttering something, “Some people may not be as good as you know, Tor.”

Besides Ai’Saifah insulting me, the look he gave me was super condescending, when you saw it like this, she wanted to hit her face with a plate

“Are you talking about me?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you definitely mean me.” Not really in the mood for his shit, he messed up with me lot, both with looks and words, finally it was me who pounced on the guy in front of him and was ready to throw the tie on his face and mess his fucking face but because his friends, who were all around him, I couldn’t do that.

“Enough Zon, just leave it…” Ai’Tor says, dragging his fellow engineer backward, while the Ai’Junior stopped me from going after that buck fuck Ai’Saifah

“I, I don’t get it, Tor, I try not to mess with ’em but your friend, what a fucking annoying thing he is to me?” Last sentence I turn to Ai’Saifah and look at his face, in addition to not being conscious but also sending eyes, “Damn it!!! Who tha fuck you think you are? Huh tha fuck? Why do you like coming up on my face like that? Huh!!”

Cursing with my feet stretching out, pretending to kick ’em too, don’t think that just cause your friends can get in the fray that I won’t beat this freak dead…

“Tutor can you take Saifah to another table first?” A friend of mine shouted to Ai’Tor, which he nodded and led Saifah actually went to sit elsewhere but that’s the only opposite of my table but hey as long as he is in my eye sight he is an eyesore.

Finally, I sighed and moved to sit down in the same place, all the friends in the group turned to apologize to the entire cafeteria, I don’t care what kind of person is looking, I’m not ashamed if I really want to punch Ai’Saifah. Well the person he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like it anyway

“Hey, here water…” Tanthai sent me water, did he think it will help to put me in a good mood


“Oh, no or no but let me ask you Zon, what is with that Ai’Saifah? Why do you hate each other so much that you two freaks almost hit each other every yall see each other like this, it was not like this before?”

“Fuck Thai, don’t you remember, Ai’Saifah how did he went after the woman that Ai’Zon was hitting on plus almost anything else in the bathroom, if Ai’Zon hadn’t seen it first, it would have been more fun.” Junior answered the question


“But the point is that you and Fai haven’t talked anymore, have you? Ai’Saifah too, things are getting like this, he should end it like that, why do you have to fight again?”

“You forgot…” Natee asked one more time, I had previously evaded not to answer them, again this time not to speak either

“Is there anything more that we don’t know, Zon?” They began to find fault and jest at me, the four pairs of eyes are tightly looking straight forward at me wanting me to provide an answer.

“No, he just hates me like I hate him.” Finished speaking, I raised my hand up to my chin before raising my head to the feeling that someone was staring at and looking back to know that it was Saifah looking at me.

Ai’Saifah condescending eyes remained the same, there is no slight change from the word messing with and when he saw that I was looking, he smiled at the corner of his mouth and raised his eyebrows, defiantly wording

“The – Fuck – You – Looking – At?”

I moved my mouth to speak without sound and cussed to the person sitting at the next table, Saifah grinned at the corner of his mouth and shrugged his shoulders lightly. He looked straight at me, Tutor must have known that Saifah was taunting me and moved his seat to block Ai’Saifah’s eyes

I don’t know what the two of them talked about, the distance between my table and Ai’Tor table is wide enough to not hear but anyway, I don’t want to mess with ’em, because the pain is just going to be felt by none other than me


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