Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 03: Swearing

Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 03: Swearing

Saifah Zon

Chapter 03:

“What is this again?” I don’t know what is wrong with my laptop, suddenly it won’t turn on, here, if I didn’t think I had to make a class report to my teacher today, I wouldn’t be nervous like this, “In conclusion, can I use it today?”

It gets frustrating every time I have to rush to do something and there is always a problem to hinder me.

I sat looking at my laptop for a while and finally, because I had to do some work, I decided to go to Ai’Zol’s room to borrow her laptop for an hour.

In Zol’s bedroom what is decorated expresses her style of writing, there is a picture of a Korean singer on the side of the cover, there are some Thai artists or celebrities who are male and female partners, in the corner of the bedroom is full of books and Y cartoons, this does not include the paintings Zol painted and designed herself.

Deep down and I am very proud of my sister but I don’t know why the thin line between me and her is so big that I can’t get better like her.

I reached Ai’Zol’s desk, about to walk away, unplug the laptop and take it to my own room but the image that appeared on the screen drew the initial attention to the screen, because what I saw is a file word, dozens of docs with my name and Ai’Saifah, this does not count the ones with Phii Fai and Ai’Tor, I’m not sure what my sister is doing with these names, in my heart but I pray not to be the way I thought.

But as I read what I hoped for waned less and more

“Fuck, what is this?” The whole love scene, kiss scene, or even a scene of men doing things like that, I don’t know where Ai’Zol got the idea of ​​writing something like this, why are imaginary ideas so many? And see, Ai’Saifah and I kiss passionately…

What the fuck is this!!!!!


“Phii Zon?” The room owner voice rang after opening the door, “What are you doing? Are you messing with my laptop?”

“I don’t want to mess it up but my laptop is broken.”

“Then why don’t you go down and tell me first? Coming in like this, so rude, you know, Phii Zon.”

“Then if I don’t enter like this, I would probably never know what Zol is doing?” The listener did not answer me, Ai’Zol hurriedly walked over and picked up her laptop and hugged her tightly, as if I was afraid of stealing, “Zol, why are you doing this?”

“So… what did I do? Not seen doing anything.”

“Will you try that innocent face again, you my little sister know what you have done.”


“Let’s be honest, Zol, what are you thinking about taking me into a fictional character in the novel with Ai’Saifah? What is this about Ai’Tor again?”

Ai’Zol did not respond, she clenched her mouth as if she had never spoken about it.

“You have no answer, that’s fine but Zol has to erase these novels, also delete it in the publishing site, don’t think I don’t know you published this on the public site.”




“I will not delete…” After a long silence she finally opened her mouth to speak, “The name of my novel character might not be Phii Zon and Phii Saifah, or Phii tor, any Phii Zon friend, there are a lot of people with these names.”

“How could it not be us, Zol? When it has both names, faculty name and a lot of other things that are linked to you, so Zol hurry and delete him right away.”

“No.” Ai’Zol answered and embraced the laptop tighter, “I will not remove it, it takes a long time for me to write this much, I know how difficult it is for you to write each chapter, please Phii Zon, don’t tell me to delete these novels… Phii Zon.”

Aside from the sight of pleading, a tone that is normally hard is noticeably weaker but excuse me, let’s do it this much, who’s going to be weak?

“No, delete now.”

“Why is Phii Zon angry? Are you afraid that others will know about your secret relationship with Phii Saifah? What time are we living now?”

“Zol wait, who is dating who?”

“Phii Zon and Phii Saifah.”

“Hey Zol!! Stop being funny? I never dated him, never liked, plus hate him to death, Zol, so hurry up and delete the novel right now.”

“Phii Zon and Phii Saifah are arguing?” Zol’s expression looked so sad that her almost looked weird, I don’t know where she got this ideas from, “Phii Zon you have to be understanding and talk to your boyfriend. You have to learn to listen to each other.”

Not mistaken enough, she thinks she has the right to lecture me.

“Zol, I told you that me and he are not in a relationship.”

“How can you not be together Phii Zon, since I saw in my eyes that you two kissed.”

“Wait, what a kiss, never, you have gotten this completely wrong, you know? Shouldn’t you get to understand first?”

“The one who should be understanding is Phii Zon, because Phii Zon how can you reject it? The fact that I had seen with my eyes that the two brothers kissed is not a made-up thing.” Ai’Zol speaks in a confident tone, the look that she sent me was that she was ready to find fault with me

“Zol what day did you see? Don’t be misunderstand my tone doesn’t seem to flutter, right?”

“That day, the day before freshies welcome night, Phii Zon made an appointment for mom to be pick h up at the building of the school building, third gate of the Faculty of Engineering canteen.”

“Yes… So, what?”

“When mom was done picking up Zol, then drive to pick up Phii Zon over there…I called and texted Phii Zon many times but you refuse to respond, so I finally went down on my own and after that, Phii Zon should have already known what was going on.”


“Phii Zon and Phii Saifah you two were kissing in front of the bathroom, I didn’t want to bother the two of you but I really saw it and when your boyfriend saw Zol, he quickly came out and walked away.”


“You are silence because its real, isn’t it?”


“Phii Zon don’t lie to me and I understand it’s tough but since the two seniors are in a relationship, you don’t have to care about other people thinking, Zol, do they tease Phii Zon?”

“It’s not the kind which you understand, because of the incident at that time he…”

It was an accident

Double Zon: I am waiting in the cafeteria, if you arrived before me, line me, tell me

I LINE’d into the family group, tell both mom and Ai’Zol where I was waiting

Double Zon: Tonight, is freshy night, where many students gather to enjoy a concert that takes place in the middle of the football field but because he is late at night and quite late, mother, I volunteered to help out at the university instead.


The voice prompts line sounded again, I picked up the phone and looked again, thinking that mum and Ai’Zol might have arrived but the person who line came to me is Ai’Junior instead

Junior: Ai’Zon, are you still in the cafeteria?

Junior: I walked past the Faai group a while ago, he told his friend to go around the third school building.

The Faai that junior talks about is someone I’ve been talking to for almost two months now, which in the past me and her have eaten and watched a movie but most of the time we just talking in LINE.

Junior: so, when you said you will hurry and wait for your mother, actually, you were waiting for your girlfriend?

Junior finished the message and sent a line sticker to tease him like he did for the chance of having a fondling moment with the girlfriend, Faai and I actually didn’t have a date, today we only talked in the morning and why…

“Faai…” Ai’Junior doesn’t lie, Faai was really walking straight at the third school building but the building was quite dark, the building lights weren’t even bright like I was sitting around waiting for her, in the end, it was because of concern that I followed Faai to make sure she was okay.

But the sight that I saw after following them shocked me so bad

Faai was embracing a man, so that doesn’t look worse, but if the man who hugged Faai’s waist and walked into the bathroom was not Ai’Saifah… the Ai’Junior and Ai’Thai talked about.

Ai’Saifah and I are not close to each other to meet our face and say hello, we only know each other as a friend of a friend but being a friend of a friend, he should at least know which friend is chatting to which girl so we don’t have jealous rivalry, I wanted to see what Ai’Saifah doing, if he finds out that Faai and I talked to each other and still do it like this, it’s so bad cause you just don’t hit up your friend’s friends crush.

I came and stopped in front of the bathroom door that the two of them had just walked, walked around several times before deciding to knock on the bathroom door to check if Saifah and Faai were talking to each other, the first knocked round, no response sounded, the second round, I started to knock harder and harder but the harder I knocked, the more people inside didn’t seem to open the door for me anyway, finally, in anger, decided to kick the door with full force, kicking it a few laps in anger, the bathroom door opened.

“Ao… you are Ai’Thai friend, right? Is there something you want?” Ai’Saifah asked me in a doubtful tone but my eyes focused on the red hickies in his neck instead.


“What is it you want? Do you have anything you want to say? If you don’t have it, don’t interrupt me.”

“For fuck sake, is the person you’re going to…”

“So, who is it Saifah? Who?” I didn’t finish speaking yet, Faai came out of the bathroom first, “so…Zon.”

When Faai and I met each other’s eyes, she was full of tears

“Hey Faai.” I say

“Is that…”

“I think the two of us are going on well… In conclusion, Faai, are we not?”

“Let’s talk.” Faai, who at first looked worried, changed her attitude by raising her hand over her chest with a feeling of tiredness instead, “But it didn’t mean I can talk to Zon alone… I also flirted with Saifah.”

“For real, how is this even right.” Ai’Saifah, who had been silent for a long time, spoke some, “so what is wrong with Faai chatting me up?”

“Well…” Aside from me who was already looking, Ai’Saifah was another one who sent a questionable expression to Faai, until she starts to worry again

“You are with Faai?”


“Answer me, who exactly did you talk to?”

“Uh… Ugh, the phone…” Faai suddenly took out the phone from her pocket, “I was waiting, I will go pick up my friend’s phone first, hello, hey…”

Faai finished speaking and hurriedly walked away from where the two of us stood there, I looked at her, followed by a feeling of imparting, it was bad and disappointing but would I want me to go after her afterwards? Probably not because what I saw was no different from being betrayed

!!! ??

“Fuck, what’s your problem?” Ai’Saifah suddenly crashed into my shoulder with great strength

“You… Blocking – the – path.”

“I can block… is it any of yours?” I could not be silent, I walked after Saifah, who also pretended to walk away, “Let’s talk for real, Saifah, you really didn’t know Faai and I chatting?”


“At least my friends like Ai’Thai or Ai’Ju who go in the same club as you, they should have told you a little, I was chatting to Faai.” Because for a man it’s taboo to go after a friend’s woman or, a woman of a friend of your friend is also a taboo

“They never said anything.”


“And even if you actually talked to Faai, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the right to talk to other people, just talking… Don’t think you’re in a relationship with her.”

“What the fuck… Was it like you were still angry at Faai for talking to me? Then why do you sound like she hasn’t the right to talk to another person? I’m totally confused.”

“Then I asked, just tempted to accept the truth.”

“Are you and Faai were in a relationship?”

“Meeh…” Here they have talked for less than a week but what is she doing in the bathroom with him? I’ve been talking with her for a month and my hands haven’t gotten to hold onto her tits.

This world is too standard

She saw this guy is more handsome, taller then she chose him first like this…

“And she’s the one who made me come here too.” Saifah continues to speak


“You… need to take a good look at your own looks.” Ai’Saifah said looking at me from head to toe, “No woman will want someone like you to be her boyfriend, believe me na.”

“What did you say? Do you want say it again?”

“I said…” Saifah smiled at the corner of his mouth and moved in to whisper in my ear, “No woman will want someone like you to be her boyfriend.”

“Damn it Saifah!” I finished shouting at Ai’Saifah, then raised one hand and pulled his collar of the person in front of me but he got a hold of my hand first and there was also a face with eyebrows and eyebrows that you pissed the fuck outta me, “You ass, let me go.”

“No.” Ai’Saifah looked crossed, he shrugged and pulled my hand harder, he probably wanted to make fun of me but because I’m not as tall, as Ai’Saifah pulled harder and he made me move in until…


Our lips were directly joined together, I was glisteningly looking at Ai’Saifah’s face with an incredible feeling, Ai’Saifah, I bet he would not have thought this would happen either, the silence was all around, the most obvious sound is the beating heart, I’m not even sure if it’s my heartbeat or his heartbeat but it doesn’t feel normal.


It was me who had regained consciousness and pushed the person in front of me first, I quickly turned left and right to look to see if anyone accidentally saw what happened just before, when I was sure that I didn’t, I lifted my hand, wiped my lips vigorously and walked pass Ai’Saifah’s shoulder without saying anything, I am afraid that if I speak out, he will make me lose my face because of kissing someone I don’t know and this kind of guy is not good.

No!! It’s not a kiss at all, mouth touching the mouth, just only the mouth touches the mouth

I furrowed my brow firmly, recalling that moment with a dull expression that it should have ended since the last freshie night but it didn’t end, because from that day until today, Ai’Saifah and I met more often and there were always conflicts.

Initially I was worried about whether he will share the story with others or not but when I saw that no friend made a joke, I feel very relieved… I think Ai’Saifah at least wouldn’t want to tell anyone that I had kissed a man before

“Phii Zon.”


“Phii Zon!”

“Huh, what… What?”

“Why are you quiet? Phii Zon, because of what happened at that time.”

“Well… Well, at that time, how were you and him going to fight? And by chance you saw it, it might be a hidden angle, like a camera angle that you thought he and I kissed but really nothing happened.”


“No kissing, there’s nothing like that at all.”

“Phii Zon you are lying.”

“What am I going to lie for, Zol? Delete the novel.”

“Not happening.”


“The title part, it can be replaced, so it doesn’t have to connect with the two brothers secretly dating, is this ok?”

“Zol how many times will I repeat it? That Ai’Saifah and I are not in a relationship.”

“But you were kissing each other?”

“Not kissing.”

“How was that not a kiss? Zol saw… Phii Zon dare to swear that he didn’t really kiss Phii Saifah?”

“Dare, go ahead.” My sister’s defiant words made me confidently accept my words, “I swear to the shrine in front of our house that I never kissed Ai’Saifah.”

“Yes.” Zol defiantly looked back at me, “Then I swear by the divine thing in this house that if Phii Zon ever kissed Phii Saifah, the heavens will let everything in the fictional Y story, including everything related to the Y in all of Zol’s rooms. To really happened to Phii Zon, amen, absolutely all!”

I looked at the person in front of me, raised her hand and vowed vigorously in spite of holding her laptop tightly in her hand

“Oath is done yet.”


“When the oath is done, Zol, delete your novel.”

“I didn’t swear to delete it, so… I will not delete it.” finished speaking, my bastard little sister suddenly stuck her tongue out before rushing out of her room

“Zol!” I tried to shout after my sister to come back to erase the novel but the response was Ai’Zol yelling to my mother that I was bullying her again

Fuck, what did I swear for?

Where will I report to my teacher tomorrow? Oh oh

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Saifah Zon

Chapter 03:


I was startled, awoke and quickly looked left and right around me, I wanted to see if I’m in my room and if anything was wrong, seeing that everything was normal, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief

I never thought that making that oath to Ai’Zol last night would make me so stressed that I dreamed of being Ai’Saifah lover like that, as if I really had to be a boyfriend with him, was I not stressed enough? Because my dreams are still this heavy.

Huff, huff

I was busy thinking about things in my head while I was in bed, looking at the door that was opened with a confused expression.

“S… Saifah.”


“How did you get into my room?”

“Why should I not get in your room?”

“How is this your room? Isn’t that my shirt and pants? Why did you put mine clothes like this? Take it off, my, take it off now.” I say, pointing my finger to the person approaching me.

“What is wrong Zon?” Fuck, what the fuck is this reality? Usually just saying hello or smiling is a rare moment between us yet, this talking has been going on because he is in my clothes.

“What the bleeping fuck are you doing here?”

“Zon, that’s wrong, are you feeling well?” Saifah said, stretching out a hand on my face but slap I brushed his hand away.

“Don’t touch me and what’s wrong with you? Get out of my room, Saifah, or I will call the police that you are intruding.”

“Tell something.”

“Tell me did you do something to me?”

“Thinking like this… you are making me into a bad guy…” He said as he came closer to me.

“And why are you moving closer to me? Get the freaking outta ma room.” I cursed at the man who kept coming close to me but seem like a hollow-minded person like him can’t understand to human language, because he’s moving closer, “I told you to get out of my room, who told you to come to my house?”

“Then why can’t I come?”

“Because I don’t allow it.”

“Zon, you are being funny.”

“But I’m not being funny with you.” I shouted but he laughed, “What a funny thing.”

“What’s the joke is that you my Zon saying that I am not allowed to come to your house? Even though we are lovers, what was wrong with visiting your lover’s house?”

“What a fucking lover is you talking about? I have never had a love affair with your freaking face.” I said, throwing pillows on the face of the person who came closer than ever

“Calm down Zon.” Saifah said this to keep me calm but his hands are not cold at all, Ai’Saifah, look at me and suddenly pinned my arm over my head and the weird thing is, I just allowed him easily, I was not being my usual persistent at all, my heart tells me to resist but my body doesn’t follow it at all, why is this? My heart doesn’t belong to me now? What is wrong with me? Whatever it is can it go out now, “Keep calm Zon.”

“Calm down my left foot, nothing is calm about this, we are nothing, then don’t have to come and put my clothes on, I and you don’t have to talk about anything because we are sure as hell ain’t together.”

“We are lovers na, so it’s like written somewhere that we can wear each other clothes, isn’t it?”

“What else? I told you that I am not your lover, Ai’Saifah and… And you don’t have to move close to me, go out, your face doesn’t have to come close to me, fuck!! Get out.”

“Not getting out.”

“Eh, this thing, do you speak in a non-human language?”

“Zon you talk too much.”

“You or me, who talks too much?”


“No, you talk too much, I don’t know what you are hearing with me telling you to get out and you coming closer to me, do you want to die?” The most knowledgeable person in the world like me has to come and talk to the illiterate Ai’Saifah, life is too funny.

“Not getting out, because this will prove to Zon that we are not lovers, what kind of relationship is that going to be.” Not many words but the smile and eyes that Saifah gazed at me gave me goosebumps.

“What kind of relationship.” my voice asking him didn’t shake right? And why do I ask? I didn’t want to know, “Whatever type I don’t want to know.”

“The things we did last night.”

The things we did last night.

We did.

We meaning me and him together and what do we did is… Playing cards?

No, life can’t be funny right now.

“Damn it, get out!! You get out now Ai’Saifah.” I shouted his name to the room, I hope someone will hear my voice but I don’t know why, the voices sounded like being absorbed into silence, the more I thought about moving away, he locked me away from going anywhere and he’s still moving his freaking white face closer than before.


“What do you say khrap?”

“Khrap, your father.”

“You know my father does have a name.”

“Who the fuck cares, go far away from me.”

But the more I shouted Ai’Saifah didn’t listen. In the end, all I could do was to close my eyes and escape the approaching lips.

“Ahhh, Ai’Saifah.” I shouted all the way before I was startled again, “Pant, Pant, Pant.”

A short breath, like someone who just ran away, I looked around my room again, and leaned to look at the door to see if anyone has opened the door like it was before or not, when I saw that nothing was wrong and it was like yesterday, I just gulped down my throat, right now I’m not sure if I’m dreaming. Finally, what a smart person like me can do is pinch full force into his arm.

“Oh my gosh, that freaking hurt.” I ran my hand on my arm where it was curly a while ago, it hurts so real, you haven’t dreamed anymore, right?

I look left and right again, picked up the phone to see if it is the date and time, opened the Facebook page to see if everything is the same or not, seeing that it was still the same, I let out a sigh of relief, one hand raised a hand, crushed my head before getting out of bed to prepare to take a shower to go to the university, in my heart I hope there will be nothing else to give me headaches.

When I have to go to college all I have to do is to ride a motorcycle from the house to the front of the alley to the bus stop, connect to a small bus and then come to the Skytrain, after that, go up to the university faculty tram and and go into the assigned class, just traveling is like time will take off  half of my life, sometimes I really want to stay in the dorm but this period this is something I can’t ask for, because I just don’t have the grades to ask for leisure like this, what am I hoping for to go to the dorm

While I am like this, Ai’Zol is different because people like my sister wake up early so that they could get a ride in my mother’s car to the campus every day, we both study in the same campus but I can’t do what she does, I can’t get up before six o’clock to take a shower, eat and get stuck in my mom’s car, I’m lazy, I recently have classes from after ten until the afternoon, who will wake up early when there are no classes?

I yawed and walked up to the bus to sit at the back seat, there were two men sitting there first, I didn’t notice anything at first but because of the two-people talking but after a while one couldn’t help but turn to look with interest, why is he looking at me and it is conspicuous, what the fuck is that? Your elbow is going to hit my face.

“What do you want to do? Stop it.”

“Just holding your hand, no one will see it.” I glanced at the two men slowly resting on their shoulders, their fingers and their fingers joined together lovingly and the two of them also turned strange smiles at me.

Although I am okay with all forms of love, who will be your girlfriend in any way is never my problem, I am never serious about these things but I just passed the vow of Ai’Zol on the novel, so it made me feel weird, afraid, everything would be the way Ai’Zol swore.

Even this morning I just dreamed of the person who was the subject of the said swear, it made me even more anxious, at this point, when I encountered something that was not normally seen in the end, I looked around myself to see if there was anything different from it, is the tree pink? A man and a man walking together with each other hand in hand? But everything is still the same, everything stays the same as I used to be, so I wouldn’t have fallen into a novel like Ai’Zol told me.

Unlikely to happen.

I comforted myself

“What are you embarrassed about? Its normal.”

“But how will people look at us, the short one next to us still looking at us.”

Short, fuck you I am taller than 170cm.

I glanced at him, annoyed, fall into a novel, no matter what I do but damn, I guess this shorty wants to kick them off both trams, lastly, before entering the school building, I stopped by to photocopy at a regular store, I borrowed Ai’Zen sheet last night and I didn’t make a copy.

“Brother, a set of copies.” I passed the sheet to the shopkeeper, then picked up the headphones and put them on both sides, mouth mumbles, sings to the beat that sounds in the head.

“You.” but his music isn’t loud enough? Because the voice of someone not far away, “This guy, in Zol’s novel.”

“Yes, this person, cute.”

“Unfortunately, he didn’t come with Phii Saifah.” To sum up, these women read Ai’Saifah and me BL novel written by my little sister?

“Be quiet, senior has already looked here.”

“When you look at him, he won’t hear it, he is wearing headphones.”

“That’s it.” and the women smiled at me happily, “I think Phii Zon and Phii Saifah are real lovers.”

“I guess so, the way Zol said he was secretly dating but just didn’t reveal it.”

I first asked myself what time did I hide my relationship.

“Yesterday Zol released the last episode, it seemed like two people had a fight.”

“I want to walk and hold Phii hand and tell them to talk calmly.”

“That.” and the whole group sent their looks of concern and pity, the person who should be calm is that they are not hair, yee, what is this? What the fuck happened to me? In the past I have never encountered a situation like this, no one has ever spoken to be heard in person like this, I don’t know if because before I didn’t care or because now it has changed in the way I was thinking a lot.

But either way, it’s all bad.

“Twenty baht.” after accepting the photocopy sheet, I walked up to the Communications building, in my head I tried not to think of many dreams or unusual things this morning and try to smile at my friends who are now sitting together.

“Hey you, your face looks tired, come on.”

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep well.”

“You couldn’t sleep. Where were you looking at?”

“Pornhub you fuck.”

“Ha, ha, he can do it.”

“Let him do this, my friend.” Natee and Tanthai laughed with fun, it’s so funny, something like this, I shook my head at them annoyingly, as if not much care, until each of them began to whisper to each other softly but I still heard it.

“Zon, what the fuck is wrong? Your face looks dull like you think about everything all the time.”

“I said so.”

“Or is the porn web is down.”

“The divine web never crashes.”

“I said so.” they argue and their arguments add to the headaches I have to the next level

“I think it’s better not to mess with Zon right now.” The moment Zen spoke, he was just as he walked in, everyone lost interest and sat back to themselves.

I, even if I heard what my friends were talking caring about, or I didn’t know, I didn’t reply to them, probably because I thought too much about everything that happened so unusual today, I don’t want to think too much but all the signs that are out right now indicate that I might have actually transmigrated into a novel.

But my other heart thought it wasn’t… Until I raised my head and saw the person next to me as someone I had never seen in person before.

The man Zol said to draw from imagination.

The man who is the hero of the Y story that my younger brother had finished with.

I asked Ai’Zol at that time, who was this man? And the answer is that it doesn’t exist, it’s just an imaginary person and why would the imaginary person sit next to me?

If he… Didn’t really come off the novel

“What the fuck are you looking at.” he asked me, Zol’s imaginary bastard actually he asked me.

“I’m… Not.” I gulped down my throat and look at the man, the hand that is trying to hold onto the pen now because I doesn’t want it to shake.

Damn!!! He’s probably not what I thought, right? Probably not like that, right?

Even when the time I sit in class is close to each other, I try not to look at the person next to me but he couldn’t help but turn to look, maybe I want to make sure that the person I see in front of him is the Ai’Zol fantasy? And when I look, the more he made a frustrated face at me, until finally, I turned to apologize softly

“Sorry, I’m familiar with your face.”

“But I’m not familiar with you either.” I don’t really want to be familiar with your face, oh, make it dark, so die-cast you, I skewed my mouth on the person next to me and pretended to ignore him, although in my heart it was so hard I wanted to ask many things but because I was still studying, let go, I think that when the class is over, turn to ask him again

“Okay, today, enough for today, how to see you next time, students, make sure to read the next chapter in advance, wait for the pre-test.”

“Thank you, Professor.”

After the teacher has ended the class, I expected to turn to and ask the dumb guy who he was, where did he come from, is he studying here? But he suddenly disappeared, disappearing like I haven’t even seen him.

“What’s the matter? Zon, why does your face look so awkward?”

“Did you see the person sitting next to me?”

“Which person.”

“Someone with a frustrating look, in his face as if the he fell out of love, don’t tell me you don’t see him.”

“…” Zen looked confused

“Goddamn it.”

“Zon wait, calm down, the person probably just walked out, if you follow him now, you should be able to catch up.”

“Sigh.” I felt relieved, I think I’m already haunted, because if it was up to that level I would have actually gone to the hospital, “Then I’ll go out and talk to him first, as for you guys, it can be reversed, don’t wait for me.”

I quickly packed my stuff and ran out for Zol’s imaginary person.

“You, wait.” The man turned to look at me and frowned a little dissatisfied with it, “I have something to talk to you about.”


“Are you studying here?” When I finished asking, he made a tired face like I was annoying him, please don’t give me that tired face, I’m just being stressed out with your stressed face, please answer me if you study here or not, or you are just an imaginary person and come out of a novel, “What?”

“If I didn’t study here, would you see me here? What a strange question.”

“I know but you would not be coming out of nowhere?”

“What wrong with you?”

“I think…”

“What’s up?” A loud voice in the back made the tumultuous hair look back and seeing the face of another person walking into it made me feel even more stressed.

That’s already lost.

Wha… This is also a man in the Zol imagination, this person that Zol said was a boyfriend to the man sitting next to me and… And these two are in this fiction too, right?

“Nothing, let’s go.” Finished speaking, he walked over to my shoulder, the other person, despite the doubtful expression, he didn’t say anything, just ran after the person who was sitting next to me.

“Fuck…” I fell to the ground, both hands lifted up, rubbing my head in confusion

   So, the two people in Zol’s novels came out and are in real life? The weird part in the real world has fallen into fiction instead.

   What do I have to do here? How do I correct what I swear by?

“Zon…” A familiar sound is heard in the auditory nerve, I am not sure if he is the haunt that I have come up with myself, finally but quietly did not respond to that sound, “Zon? What are you sitting here doing?”

This time his voice was clear enough for me to look up, what you see here is tor frowned upon me, confused about me.



“Are you real?”

“What the fuck did you say?”

“I asked if you were the real Tutor, who is my friend who graduated from the same high school as me?”

“Yee, I am real.”

“Huh, Tutor.” I quickly got up and hugged the person in front of me the tutor confirmed that he was the real one, his mouth mumbled and called his close friend in high school without stopping, “Ai’Tor.”

“Oh, what?”

“I… I guess I am falling into fiction world.”


“Really Tor, I really fell into fiction world.” My voice seems so nervous that Ai’Tor raised a hand to slap me on my back like a comfort.

“Well, life is like a fiction.” Ai’Tor speaks out with sympathy, although he frowned a little confused but he still took me to the cafeteria to hear what I had to say.

I told the tutor every story, whether it is a story that my parents did not let me compose a novel, the story that Ai’Zol sworn in and the most recent narrative that happened today, events in which he is different from what he is supposed to be

“What do you think, Tor?” After finishing everything, I asked the owner of the name sitting across the street, “Do you think I am falling into a yugi novel? His environment is normal right now, isn’t it?”

I spoke with confused knowledge, two hands are lifted, holding my head, and crushing around like a person who tries to regain consciousness.

“I say Zon you should calm down first? Maybe the story you are telling is not true.”

“And why since I swore, I feel that there has a lot of strange things been happening, the whole dream, about men holding hands this morning, the story of the man Zol wrote, that an imaginary person was in real life again, how could it not be true, tor?”


“Or you could say I thought too much by myself…”

“He might as well, maybe Zon you have been too stressed about it, stressed about what your parents tell me, it made you think a lot.”

“Right?” Zon spoke in a weak tone, “But why do I feel that everything that happened is going in the direction that I swore to Ai’Zol?”


“Tor, can you please help me? Please give me some idea of ​​what I can do.” I’m really stressed about what’s happening right now, I don’t know if Ai’Tor will see me as crazy but I believe he has already happened, he really happened, even though Ai’Tor reached out to slap him on his shoulder as if to encourage.



“Zon, do you not think scientifically? I think things like this are impossible in real life.”


“Yes…” Tutor nodded, “But Zon, dude you like really shouldn’t have sworn to your sister in the first place, because if you didn’t do that, you wouldn’t have to be confused like this.”

“Ai’Zol took me name and used it write a novel with a lover.”

“I know.”

“If you were me you would do the same and become stressed.” The last sentence I spoke to Ai’Tor, instead of nodding or retaliating, he remains silent, “Or you don’t, you didn’t swear like I did for Ai’Zol?”

“No.” Tutor answered

“Oh? And why would I do that too? My headache is getting worse.” I’m not complaining

“I think you should stop worrying now, stop thinking too much, probably the best, because what Zon is confusing or worried about right now he is not true… Stop thinking too much.” Finished speaking, Ai’Tor reached out to crush my head as if comforting, although he normally never did this, why did you suddenly come to comfort each other by crushing your head like this.

I hurriedly tilting my head away until Ai’Tor stopped.

“No need to look and feel confused, you look at your behaviour first, tor, you mouth says it doesn’t want to fall into fiction but you rub your head back, crush my head like this, where do you usually do this?” I finished, Ai’Tor switched from the hand patting my head to pushing my head, “Oh yeah, fuck Tor, if my precious brain is damaged from all this hitting what should I do?”

“You have to do it, because the precious brain is thinking a lot of nonsense.”

“Not nonsense.”

“Trust me Zon, it is really nothing.” Ai’Tor said, moving up to his feet like a returning person, he reached out to hit me on my shoulder again, as if telling me not to think too much.

“Let’s go home.”

“Oh, let’s go back.” I moved up and followed Ai’Tor but soon it seemed to remember something, so I hurriedly said in an excited tone again, “Yes, Ai’Tor, I haven’t told you one more thing yet.”


“Besides my name and my friend Ai’Zol wrote a novel, your name is in fiction too.”

“Our name.”

“Yes, your name is in the fiction too, you too should be careful, slipping into a novel and will find that fore warned is best.”

“Okay, thank you for the warning.” Tutor shook his tired head and walked out of the cafeteria with me.

And even though I tried to think like Ai’Tor told me.

I thought he was just my crazy belief but the last thing I tried to think about, try to believe, he fell apart till when I got home, when Ai’Zen line came to tell me to see the latest Cuteboyxxx page.

The page is not just captions or plain text but it is a message that comes with a single picture of me and Ai’Saifah rating of our couple-ship, their scores are overwhelming, the comments were people filled with hope the outcome of what we do will be us meaning me and Saifah joining the project, ‘Singing’, of the football club, the admin is secretly cheering for this couple lightly and the admin will announce the results tomorrow morning, good night everyone.

   How could I not believe in what I sworn? Now that everything is really going in the direction I swear by


If I have mistranslated please tell me, right. On. I’m translating Saifah x Zon right now so I can’t accelerate the translation.