Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 04: The Bathroom incident

Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 04: The Bathroom incident

CuteboyXXX; Finally, the votes are out. The people in the club are the 2nd year of Saifah the Faculty of Engineering, and the outside of the club is the 2nd year Zon the Faculty of Communications as well. Just seeing the name is great. By the way, I would like to invite everyone, both inside and outside the University to join in giving back to the society with a big project in the ‘Musical Festival’ of the football club soon.

   “Yeah, what?” I let out an annoyed sigh. Now I’m walking into the school building. Along the way, I plowed Facebook and looked at the page that was announced as well, even though I was expecting that it wasn’t me last night. Because the vote of Tor that was voted a lot is no different. I got picked for it from now on, I’m not going to ask for anything, because the results come out in the opposite direction of what I want.

In any case, if I didn’t accept this crazy project, the one who thought I would slip into a novel, or who thought it would go as he vowed would not have happened. I just have to be hard-hearted. Who begged for anything, I shut my ears off my eyes, pretending that I didn’t hear it.

“Your face is really stressful, Zon.” A voice from someone rang in the back. Zen walked over and greeted me with an anxious look in his eyes.

“I slept a little too late last night,” I replied with Zen like that because last night it was time to fall asleep. I was lying around and flipping for about the night. In the morning, instead of being at ease, he made more troubling than before

“You stayed up late because you were stressed about the football club’s votes.”

“You know”

“I look at your face and I already know …”

“My face, does it have that stressful character about the football club sticking to it? I guess I’ll try not to show it anymore.”

“Well, now there are very few things that you will be stressed about. So that’s it?”

“Edi,” I nodded in admitting to my close friend.” I’m so sick of it. I don’t know what they think. Vote for me to sing with Saifah. Because if they want me to dance the islanders on stage alone, I would be more likely to do it.”

“So, tell Phii Sodaa that you’re going to dance the islanders dance.”

“Well, well. Okay. Aren’t I just talking shit? I’m not really thinking of going to dance.”

“I listened to you saying you want to dance. I am just supporting it.”

“Are you infected with Jia? You’re going to be hit a lot, Zen, “I said, raising my hand, pretending to clench my good friend’s skull. But he raised his hand first, so he could just flick the forehead instead

“I was joking, but honestly, I think you don’t have to stress anything. If you don’t want to do it, just reject it.”

“Hmmm, I know, I have no way of doing anything like that anyway.”

There is absolutely no way to do it. Because besides, I was afraid of the oath and the dislike of Saifah. I still can’t play the guitar. Even when I go up on the stage I can’t play with no no-how, I would definitely be embarrassed.

“Then it’s fine. How should we go up and wait to study above? It’s hot right here.”

“That’s right”

“Zon!” But it was like the heavens gave me destruction first. The call from a familiar friend like Junior wasn’t the same as the one who waited in line with a few more people over there. Well, stay together, both the admin and my friend.

Get me early.

   That’ll let me go into the downline early in the morning.

   “Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan are also there … I know they are curious to talk about it for sure.”

“They’ve come like this so they probably haven’t asked me to get insurance, but it’s fine. Hurry up and we’ll talk so we can finish it.”

“Are you sure it’s going to end?” Here’s my friend Zen. Instead of encouraging me, he asked me if it would be over.

“It’s over. People like me will have to end.” My mouth said like that, but in my heart, fuck breakdance. Scared, afraid that it would not end as my mouth said. Because of the oath, maybe it might not be indifferent.

More importantly, how am I a fearful person? I’m afraid, but if they are going to lure me with something that makes me hard to deny, if they trade with tears or pity I think there may be a flip as well. Come on, if they came to make the drama together. I’ll take out some Oscar-level drama.

“Come on, Zon, I believe it will end.”

You’re so good. Zen. You told me it wasn’t over yet.

   I opened my mouth for Zen and sighed for a time, then walked over to the guys and the Junior who were standing there. The two of them waved their hands and smiled in a good mood. I saw and wanted to take off my shoes and hit him with it. Where is usually this enthusiastic? Flirted him out of his face like this, damn that he won’t be able to flirt at all, is it good?

Ahem, asks you to flirt without screwing with my luck…

   I wish he had a girlfriend.

   But if you are going to flirt, be sure there are many obstacles as well!

Who would see me as a bad habit, curse my friends, whatever I want, because I really do curse a friend like Junior who lures me into a cave like this.

“Phii Sodaa Phii Luktan hello.” As I walked up to where the two seniors stood. Zen and I immediately raised our hands to pay respect to them.

This kind of manners I hope the two of you will sympathize with me.

   “Come on, you sit first.” Of course, the enthusiastic person hurriedly pushed my shoulder to sit down across from Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan, who would have been impossible to find me in the crowd without my good friend, Junior.

“You’re in a hurry, Jia. Is there anything suspicious that I don’t know?”

“What kind of suspicious? I just let you hurry Talk to him with Phii Sodaa. I will not be able to go to school in time.”



Great! Only buffalo would believe people like it. I shook my head and turned to look at Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan, who gave me a big smile. They smile like this, you can see what they want from me. But I’ll just pretend I don’t know first.

“Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan have anything to say to me?”

“Do I have to say it?”

“Yes, say it.”

“Then it’s good as well. I also don’t want to surround yourself.


“I’m not sure if Zon knows the news about a football club project or not. In this activity, we will have outsiders and members of the club to sing the opening song together.”

“Yes, I know some about that.”

“The outsider that the people on the page voted until they won was Zon. So, we are going to come back with Zon again. Talk to me if you are okay with this project.”


“Zon, don’t you think you you are being too quick?” Phii Sodaa hurriedly said in a worried tone as soon as I refused.

“I already thought about that, Phii Sodaa. I’ve been thinking since I know the results. That I would not accept this project Also, I can’t play guitar too.”

“There is no need to worry about that. There are a lot of people playing the guitar at the football club. There will definitely be someone teaching Zon.”

“But if you really can’t play, this year you don’t have to play the guitar. You can just sing… I’ll go and talk to Champ about it,” Phii Luktan interrupted, feeling hopeful.

“You’re so deceitful, Brother Tan,” said the one, laughing. It would be funny to see both Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan talking to me to play music at football events.

Seeing this, I really can’t help but think. Did both of them read a novel that Zol wrote? Why does it seem strange to urge? I gazed at the two of them in a wrong way, and now I have 100 percent more confidence than Zen, Phii Sodaa and Phii Luktan have read Zol’s novels before.

“Zon, about the guitar, you don’t have to worry about it. Someone else will teach you the older brothers.”

“But even if someone teaches I don’t want to do it anyway Phii Sodaa “

“But it’s a great gig, Zon. In addition, there is a charity ticket sale in order to buy sports equipment for needy children in other provinces. If any of the people who got the most votes didn’t go like this Certainly the cards have to be sold for less.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Nong Zon”

“…” I didn’t answer anything, just made a guilt-free face sent to it. I don’t know if it’s enough for them to sympathize. I’m so sad Please be compassionate. I really don’t want to play with Saifah.

“Zon, you please help him.”

“Sorry, Jia. This work is really inconvenient. Also, I don’t like going to activities anyway, you know.”

The atmosphere around this talk seems to have become quiet and stubborn. I don’t want to be this bullish, but it’s about Saifah. So, it makes me not dare to do anything without thinking. If I resist, will the oath thing happen one day, will it really be the kind that I swore. Am I not that bad to do this?

“Well, Zon, 5 more minutes and class will start. Shall we go first? There will be no seats.”

Thank you very much, Zen.

You can be my world saver in the really awkward moment. Here, if not considerate friends I will bow down and bow down and bow down to it like Benjak (?) is made to see.

“Okay, will the two of you get up at the same time?” I turned to and asked Junior and the one who was standing.

“It’s okay … the two or more of you go first. You will leave to reserve the place for us.”

“Yep, okay.” I finished nodding to the two of them, following Zen, who walked in advance. My feeling now seemed to be relieved. But in the end, she didn’t know any plans to match me and Saifah again. But at least one level has passed and it is considered okay … Maybe

♫ ♬

“Okay, break ten minutes first, we’ll continue to do this again,” said the teacher in front of the room. Several students began to rise and leave the room. There were parts that fell on the table. One of them is Junior. As for the two Natee and Tantai, the two of them picked up the wallet to prepare since the teacher hadn’t even got to eat during the break. When the teacher released us, they got out almost immediately and ran to find food.

“Then I’ll go to the bathroom for a little while, Zen. I want to wash my face. I’m sleepy.” I finished telling Zen. I went out to the bathroom. But because of me, I’m going to be crowded with people. In the end, I walked upstairs.

“I don’t want to wear it” when the moment is about to walk in Instead, I heard someone’s voice so loud that I didn’t dare to walk further inside.

“Must be put in safety first.”

“But I don’t like it. Uncomfortable.”

“It’s not uncomfortable … I’ll help you wear it.”

What are you wearing?


“Put it on”

The sound of the fuck is serious. It’s a single one, probably doesn’t mean …

“No, it shouldn’t be the way I thought,” at least here it’s great. No one would dare to do such a crazy thing. On a shared school building like this



“You’re blocking my way. If you won’t get in, don’t stand in a hurry like this, “said the man, walking with full force into my shoulder.

“Excuse me …” I was about to turn around and tell the person who had hit the shoulder just now, why was it blocking my way? But seeing who it is the words that were thought to be said, it was swallowed up almost immediately. Saifah, “Uh-huh …”

I was fumbling for a long time. I didn’t tell the baffled person here that there was nothing inside until Saifah pretended to walk inside again, so I hurriedly crossed the path and reached out to grab both of his arms as if not. Before

“What’s with you?”

“Don’t you go in now?”


“It’s not good in there.”

“…” Saifah looked confused, wanting to answer me what was not good.

“Not good, it’s not good.”

“How is it bad?”

“It’s bad that the two men in the bathroom were probably going to be…” I didn’t go on, just showing Saifah what the people in there were probably going to do.

“What are you doing?” But the people in front of me are stupid. Being someone who can’t read to the eyes of the people, don’t you understand that I’m so distressed because I don’t want to speak “So what are you doing? If you don’t tell me, don’t get in my way.”

“It’s going to be there. Why are you so hard to understand?”

“What’s that with you? What language is this?”

Shit, are you stupid or buffalo? You don’t understand how I’m going to convey this. ”

“You’re the one who explains that you don’t know about it.”

“Well, I mean, the two people inside should probably …” I explained again visually. Saifah furrowed his eyebrows for a moment before showing an understanding expression.

“You mean, what are the two of them going to have in there?”


“In the bathroom”


“In the broad daylight”

“That’s right.”

“Haha, you are funny. This is on the campus’, who’s going to have sex in here … Dodge! “I refused to dodge, and I also raised my head against the person who was pretending to go inside.

“But even then, you were still going to do it with Faai, bastard.”

“But at that time, it was late at night, there were no people, here during the day, a lot of people passed by like this.”

Yes, it’s true as he said. Now it’s daytime People go in and out of the bathroom, not a few. No one really dares to do anything like that, but …

“But I really heard. They talk about wearing, not wearing, talking about safety I guess it should be referring to the condom for sure.”

When it comes to putting something on, keep it safe. It’s just one bag thing, isn’t it? Most likely.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, from one hundred percent, I’m sure one hundred percent.

“I said I didn’t want to wear it. This is awkward.” Before Saifah could say anything further. The noise coming out of the bathroom made both me and it glow again. Actually, it was only me that was excited. As for the tall person in front of him, he was just a little surprised. Furrowing an eyebrow that was not very trustworthy, even though she heard it with his ears. Still coming to make a face of disbelief in me

“It’s uncomfortable, just put it on. We only stay for a year and stay safe so you won’t get played. The seniors are even more cruel. If you refuse to follow, you will be hit hard.”

“Erna, I know.” The two first-year boys walked up to where Saifah and I stood. They saw Saifah’s face and immediately raised their hands to pay homage to them, thinking that it was a child of the Faculty of Engineering.

“Sorry, brother. Let me give you a way.” Both Saifah and I moved aside for the two first-year children who walked further and further. In my head, I am confident that after the two of us have hidden our eyes. That person standing next to each other now, what kind of eyes would they use to look at me? You don’t have to turn around and look in the eyes.

“Huh.” Just the throaty laughter has already messed up the tenth level, so I shouldn’t miss it, show him your stupidity.

“Smile at your father?” I turned to curse the person who was still smiling and laughing.

“Are you really confident hundred percent? Zon?”

“…” I’ll be confident at any level, it’s not about you I didn’t answer, but instead chose to walk away from Saifah.

“Oh, don’t you want to go to the bathroom?” Saifah shouted after, but I pretended not to hear “Zon!”

   Called my name one more time, but it was me who hurriedly ran away from him first.

   I really hate you

   I hate you damn ….

Saifah, I and you, this life will never be able to date.

♫ ♬


Saifah Zon

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