Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 05:  Screwed up

Why R U? Because of Love? Chapter 05:  Screwed up

“The two of you don’t have to look at me like that. I told you that no, it is no.” I spoke to Thai and Junior, who have kept their eyes on it for a while. Because since coming to the cafeteria the two of them still didn’t stop talking about letting me join a football club project. Maybe because the two of them got favourable offers from both Phii Japan and Phii Sodaa.

“Why?” Junior said immediately after I refused.” Can’t you really help your friends? You know I liked Phii Sodaa for a long time. This is an opportunity for me and her to be dating for a month.”

“As for me, I will be able to enter the field as a real person.”


“Zon, you accept this job. I promise I won’t ask you for anything again. This is really just one story.” Whether Tantai or Junior, they both raised their eyes and raised their hands to begging me as if it were the only hope at the moment.

“Well, Zon doesn’t want to. You guys are not going to force him.” Thank you so much, Zen. You can see how embarrassed my face is.

“Do you spoil Zon too much? Zen”

“Not spoiled, Tai you asked. I think you should agree with the reply … Yes.”

Aside from Zen helping to speak, he turned to ask for more support for the moment. Which this thing has nothing to do with this matter I also want to know if he will be on my side.

“On this matter, I don’t want to comment. But if to be honest I think you guys don’t make Zon’s life difficult. It’s kinder.”

“I know, but just this one time? Please help me.”

“That’s it, Zon, please help us, my friend. We may be a little bit selfish but want to understand me.”

“But what you guys do now is not a little bit like I said. I feel that they were both putting too much pressure on Zon.” Zen said so hard that Tantai and Junior dropped their insistence by more than half. Seeing these two facial expressions like this, I was almost relieved. It’s good to turn around and see Zen shaking his head first. So, I just kept silent.

“So, let me ask for you, why didn’t you accept this project? Just because you are not right with Saifah alone, it shouldn’t be the main reason you are not accepting this project, right … Is there any more reason, Zon?” Natee, who was sitting across the street, asked in a suspicious tone, not unlike Junior, who nodded along.

“I know you don’t like participating in activities. You also can’t play the guitar.” Zen once again spoke to me. But whether Natee Tantai or Junior, they still shook their heads like people who didn’t believe in it anyway.

“Regarding not playing the guitar I guess that’s not the real reason. As for the matter of not participating in this activity, you can cut it off. So, let me ask you straight away, Zon, the reason why you didn’t accept this job other than Saifah. Is there anything more?”

“…” I was silent, and still did not answer them. But because each eye sent it, it was like waiting and expecting a response from my mouth that there must be more. In the end, I nodded and told them everything to the end. Leaving only one unspoken story

It was the story that I accidentally kissed Saifah back then.

“The story is like this.”

“Damn, is this really true?” When I finished the story, the first person to exclaim loudly was Junior.


“Nong Zol, that sister of your is mean, yes, play you like this. What do your sisters think of you and Saifah to compose a fictional novel?”

“Where can I get the link to the story? I’m free, so I can go and read some.”

“Alright, me too.” Natee and Junior smiled wilily and raised their hands to tag each other as if it was fun, my life like this.

“You don’t have to go in and read anything at all. Because with this I have pain. The subject Zol won’t delete the novel will be bad.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“If you understand, it’s fine. Because I won’t explain anymore why I didn’t accept this project.”

“Others may understand. But I don’t understand, Zon.” Zen asked me in a curious tone.” Since the story goes like this, instead of Zon having him delete the good novel, it’s over, but you swear to Nong Zol. Which if you swear and don’t think too much, it’s good but here you are not I know that I am a sceptic, I still dare to swear to your sister.”

“Well …” I couldn’t be more stupid. I don’t know how to reply to Zen, who made a vow for lying to his sister that he had not kissed Saifah.” Well, at that time, my sister was angry and suddenly told me that I was a fan of Saifah, even though I hated each other, and at first, I thought Zol was going to erase the novel. I swear by it.”

I tried to cover it up as smooth as I could. Even some friends like Zen are not very trustworthy.

“So now you are haunted. Are you afraid that your life will be based on the Y story you sworn to Zol?” Tantai asked.

“Yes.” I shamelessly nodded.

“Oh, Zon,” Tantai pushed my head one minute.” How could it be like that? This is the real world Not an imaginary world I guess you wrote so much sci-fi novels that your brain has blurred.”

“It’s not certain you. Because after my vow was over, my life had only been encountered strange things. Like the person sitting next to the study I was in a picture of Zol that day. It even admitted that it was drawn from imagination. So why would the imaginary people of Zol walk through in real life, if not because they came out of a novel? This is because there are many signs to think in that direction, really.

“But that is not a guarantee that what you swear will be true.” You see, I said. I said that each of them used to give me any place, both Thai Jia and each of them used their reasons to fight me with all their strength. It’s not different from what I would think of what I believe is just as ridiculous.

“Seriously, Zon. Even though I had no stake in this matter, I still felt it was impossible, “said Natee first.

“Because if your life is going to follow the Y-novel as you really said, then the protagonist of the novel must be a faculty moon, right?” [1] Faculty moon is like a university Mr and Miss pageant.


“But last year, you weren’t too short. Well, if you get into a candidate, then you are a dude. So, wake up. Let’s go back to the real world now.” Tantai finished. Junior stood up and applauded his friend, almost hitting Natee, the two of them holding hands, as if Tantai had just finished a national speech.

It is different from me who still has a very unhappy attitude. You know, I wouldn’t tell them about it.

“Zon!” But soon after, someone’s hand hit my shoulder with great force. When I turned back to know that it was Pee Praew, who lived in my fourth year.

“Oh, Phii Praew Hello. Did you come to have a meal at the Faculty of Engineering cafeteria too?

“Yes … but I walked up to you because there was an important matter. I wanted to talk to Zon.”


“Well, that’s it. This year, the Student Organization He has events of the moon stars. Maybe the stars, months, each class, year to do activities on the stage, something like this. I’d like to come and talk to Zon about it.”

   Oh my god I told you that it was really going to happen.

   Of course, when Phii Praew spoke about faculty moon at the end of the stage activities, the whole group was stunned. Probably they all thought that what I said was true.

“What’s the matter?” I was so quiet that Phii Praew asked in wonder.

“No, Phii Praew. You can continue to speak.” Zen said.

“As I said, our organization has events. But in the year of our two faculties, right? So, I was going to let Zon go instead.”

“Phii Praew, but I …”

“You can’t deny it. Because I sent the name Zon already. How about this, we’ll talk again, brother? “As Phii Praew finished talking, she walked away from me. Not even waiting for me to say no.

“Do you guys see … You guys saw this.” I turned around and spoke to them who were now sitting in silence. Maybe I started to think that what I said might already be true.” I told you it was going to happen. So, stop begging me now I am never going to work with this crazy project.”

Everyone remained silent as though they didn’t know where to start.

“Well, you guys think this is, even if I haven’t got myself involved in Saifah, there’s still a lot going on. And if, assuming, I actually worked with Saifah. Me and him probably won’t …” I gulp down hard when I imagine myself going to really be lovers with Saifah.

At first, I didn’t know what I said earlier, whether it was going to stimulate a person’s gland to feel what kind of feeling. But when I looked up at Junior and Tantai right now I immediately realized what my own words just a moment ago made the two of them come up with a tricky idea.

“I guess I, Thai. That Zon didn’t accept this project because he was more afraid of falling in love with Saifah.”

“I don’t think much of you, Jia. You can already see how handsome Saifah is. Anyone who is close to it is all shaken. Are people like this Zon going to not be shaken with him? “

“It’s not at all. I just don’t want it to go the way I sworn.” I quickly argued.

“You don’t want it to go as you swear, because you know you’re going to fall in love with Saifah … Yes, ooh.” Junior turned and said with challenging eyes again.

“Right because you refused all the time Don’t talk too much, Zon. You’re afraid that you will like it better.”

“I will never like him.”

“So why don’t you accept this job? Are you afraid?”


“Or do you not dare”


“Then why didn’t you accept it? I said that I was afraid. Definitely lost on Saifah. His face looks amazing, Zon.”

“True … honestly admit that you are afraid of falling in love with my friend.”

“I can’t …”

“Don’t lie to yourself.”


“Or did you secretly like Saifah? Did you dare to accept this job?”

“Yes! I can accept this job.” Finally, I improvised in anger. Zen, who was about to reach out to grab Natee’s shoulder, fell to Natee, while Natee raised both his hands, held his head and shook his head gently. But it was not in time Right now, the Inner I only have the feeling of wanting to overcome the accusations of two of them instead.” I can join in with your football club. Because somehow, I never liked Saifah anyway. And the thing that I swore It will certainly never happen.”

“Okay …” Junior smiled on the corner of her mouth like a winner.” Then follow this Thai, I’ll call Phii Sodaa first. And you call and tell Jay that Zon has accepted the job.”

Junior finished speaking and hurriedly got up and called Natee, like Tantai, who smiled and walked away.

“I screwed up, right?” I said, at a moment when it seemed like I had some consciousness.

“Hmmm.” Zen couldn’t help but nodded his head. As for the Natee raised his hand and slapped it on my shoulder instead of sympathy.

I don’t want to screw and end up in this shit. In a fraction of a second, I missed and accepted them. But anyway, because I am sure, I feel myself that I will never feel with Saifah like a vow.

Absolutely no way

♫ ♬

“You don’t go with me, really Zen”

“I’m not.”

“Three of you,” I turned to ask three friends again. In case they change their minds to the music club room to be my friend but what I got back was a shaking of my head.” You guys are mean to me.”

“Who is this friend? You go to practice playing the guitar and not fight with anyone.”


“Stop, but hurry to go to the club building. Trust me, there’s nothing as scary as you imagine, “said Junior, pushing me to the other direction. Which is across from the side where they are going

“You can stop making that face now. Phii Sodaa awaits We need to hurry and practice football.” Tantai and Junior have continued to practice football. As for Zen, he seems to go home.

“Alright, alright.”

“If the acoustic club room is not known, I will call Phii Sodaa again.”

“Ughhhhh.” I accepted them and let out a sigh. Before turning back and walking to the direction in which the club building is located in my heart, I pray that everything will go well.

Just go through it well.


Saifah Zon

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