Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 160: The Dose, who is it?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 160: The Dose, who is it?

Looking at the five big bags of gifts in black bags, Zhan Beitian couldn’t help but feel curious, he decided to take a quiet look at what it was, that Mu Yifan had gone to the trouble of going to Wutong County to get it for him.

He knelt down and opened one of the bags and there was a red chicken head, no body and it was sewn onto a triangular piece of red cloth.

Zhan Beitian is puzzled.

   A Muppet toy?

   He took it out and looked at it, there was a red band less than a centimetre wide sewn onto each of the three ends of the triangular red cloth and the ends were connected to each other, so he couldn’t tell what it was for a while.

   It is not clear why Mu Yifan would give a Muppet toy to a man like him.

   Zhan Beitian saw the box in the black bag, picked it up and looked at it, the words ‘male underwear’ and immediately realises what he is holding.

   His face darkens, he quickly stuffs the underwear back in, ties the bag in a knot, then, looking up quickly, made sure no one has noticed what he has done, his face lightens up.

   Zhan Beitian furrows his brow, looked down at the other bags, they are not all underwear, are they?

   He opens the other black bag, a variety of SM toys appear in front of him, his eyes immediately twitch, he immediately ties a knot at the mouth of the bag, with a black face, he looked in the direction of the car they were in.

   I don’t know what was going on in that man’s head, to risk coming to Wutong County to find these things, was it necessary?

   Do you really want him to use it all on himself?

   Zhan Beitian had no intention of opening the other bags, carried the five away to the back of the car and when no one was looking, took the five bags into the space.

   Sitting in the car, Trouble has no idea what’s going on outside, not to mention that Xiang Guo went to the sex shop to get him some extra stuff when he went to retrieve the lube and condoms.

   He is now looking at his hands with interest, his nails are completely back to their previous state but, there is no blood, they look pale.

As soon as Zhan Beitian gets into the car he saw Mu Yifan looking at his hands and giggling.

When Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian get into the car, he held up the back of his hand happily and said: “Beitian, look, it’s not dark anymore.”

Zhan Beitian looked at his pale hands and said: “From now on, you don’t have to wear gloves anymore.”

“That’s not good, what if you cut someone later?” Mu Yifan took back his gloves, hugged the person sitting next to him and yawned: “I’m tired, I’ll take a nap.”

He had not slept for several days and nights and soon fell asleep.

Zhan Beitian looked sideways at the man who was holding him firmly and resting his head on his shoulder and was angry and helpless and finally, could not help but pinch his nose.

The sleeping Mu Yifan was uncomfortable with the pinch and muttered: “Stop it.”

“Bastard.” Zhan Beitian laughs, lets go of the hand on his nose and rubs his hair instead.

   Mao Yu, who was about to report to Zhan Beitian, saw this scene and stopped in his tracks and looked at Zhan Beitian with a gentle face, for a long time.

   He had been with the boss for six or seven years but he had never seen such a gentle side to him, it seemed that the boss really liked Mu Yifan.

“Something wrong?” Zhan Beitian asked without looking back.

Mao Yu looked back, Zhan Beitian returned to his indifferent face and quickly said: “The count is complete, no casualties, you can leave for B City at any time.”

“Back to B City.”


Once Mao Yu had arranged everyone, he and Xiang Guo, Sun Zihao and the two soldiers got into the car that Zhan Beitian was in and with them leading the way, the convoy behind them slowly followed them out of Wutong County.

Half an hour after they left, Xia Donghai and his men returned to Wutong County, looking for Guang Junjie and, at the spot where they had fought, found Guang Junjie’s body.

They saw that Guang Junjie had been ripped out of his crystal, his eyes were red, Ye Shu said angrily: “Damn Zhan Beitian, I’ll get him for this sooner or later, Brother Yan, should I tell the boss about this?”

Pan Renzhe nodded: “Wait until you see the boss, then tell him about it, for now, bury the body, then, find more cores to improve your abilities.”

“Boss, he won’t be spared.” Ya Wei said lazily.

“Yeah, no.”

As Pan Renzhe buried Guang Junjie’s body, Zhan Beitian’s caravan was slowly making its way twenty kilometres away and the ‘husky’ sleeping on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder ‘ woke up with a start, looked out of the window and exclaimed: “Oh no, I forgot to take him with me.”

Zhan Beitian, who was resting his eyes, opened them and said: “Who?”

Mu Yifan ignored him, muttering to himself: “My dose.”

How could he have left something so important behind, how depressing.

Mu Yifan covered his chest and said: “My heart hurts.”

   Actually he thinks his asshole hurts more, without it, it must be hard to get by.

“Dose, who is it?” Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes at Mu Yifan.

He’s only been gone a few days and he’s already in love with someone else and he’s acting all distressed.

Mu Yifan looked at him helplessly and said: “You wouldn’t know it if I told you, anyway, I’m sad to be without it.”

   Zhan Beitian looked at him with a pained look on his face and his face grew darker and colder.

   The five men in front of him suddenly felt a chill, sat up straight, shivered and, saw a thin layer of frost on the walls of the car.

Mu Yifan was very depressed and said: “I forgot about you.”

Sun Zihao, sitting in front of him, was so cold that he couldn’t help asking: “Who is the agent? If it’s so important to you, do you want to go back and get him?”

It was better if he didn’t say anything, then the chill in the car became even colder.

Mu Yifan’s eyes lit up and he said: “Is that okay? It’s no trouble?”

The temperature in the car dropped a few degrees again.

“…” Mao Yu rolled his eyes.

Can’t you see the boss’s face is freezing? I can’t believe he keeps talking about that ‘dose’, if we really pick this guy up, it’s going to be a cold day in their camp.

Sun Zihao said: “We’ve only travelled twenty kilometres, it should be quick to go back.”

As soon as he said that, Xiang Guo immediately snorted and finally, couldn’t help but turn his head and say angrily: “Damn, lubricant is lubricant, why are you calling it so ambiguous?”

Didn’t you notice that the boss had a big problem with the ‘dose’?

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mao Yu: “…”

“…” Sun Zihao decides to ignore Mu Yifan, at this point and thinks about lubricants.

The corners of the two soldiers’ mouths twitched in front of them.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes in frustration and said: “You know what’s in your heart, why say it out loud.”

   When he does, Zhan Beitian will know what he wants.

   Xiang Guo gave him a blank look.

   If they don’t say it, the whole bus will freeze to death.

   Zhan Beitian continued to close his eyes and ignores him.

   But, Mu Yifan couldn’t sleep, he kept poking his fingers at Zhan Beitian’s body.

Zhan Beitian pushed the restless man right into his arms and said: “Sleep.”

Mu Yifan lifted his head, his mouth was right next to Zhan Beitian’s ear and whispered: “When we get back, we’ll do it, do it, what?”

Zhan Beitian already knew he was looking for lubricant and wasn’t afraid to tell him about it.

Without opening his eyes, Zhan Beitian asked: “What’s that?”


   In fact Mu Yifan was nervous, not sure he thought Zhan Beitian would want to have sex with him.

   After all, in his novels, the male protagonist likes women and now that he’s suddenly with a man, he’s not sure if the male protagonist will accept it.

   Just as he knows he likes men now but, he can’t accept seeing two other men naked and cuddling.

   So, he’s worried that Zhan Beitian might be able to kiss his face or something but he might not be able to handle two big men doing it for real.

Zhan Beitian asked: “What kind of sport?”

“Bed sports.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Beitian was hesitant to say anything, so he said: “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes.”

Zhan Beitian remained silent.

Mu Yifan gives him an excited kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Zhan Beitian’s mouth curves up in a curve.

Xiang Guo in front of him: “…”


It’s as if they don’t exist, whispering so loudly.

Sun Zihao: “…”

   Is it necessary to show love so loudly?

Mao Yu: “…”

   He can’t hear anything, can’t hear, can’t hear!



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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 159: My future father in law’s father

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 159: My future father in law’s father

As soon as the five men got in, they saw Mu Yifan sitting in the third row of seats with their boss and, with his chin on their boss’s shoulder, he kept saying: “One more, one more, one more for me.”

He didn’t even look frightened, he was like a child who couldn’t get any candy, he didn’t know what their boss had done to Mu Yifan, he had changed so quickly.

Actually Zhan Beitian didn’t do anything either, he just gave Mu Yifan a kiss on his muzzled mouth when he was comforting him.

It was a kiss that was more effective than any other comfort, it immediately distracted Mu Yifan, who couldn’t get enough of being kissed on the mouth with his mask on, he pulled it off and kept asking for more.

Mu Yifan saw Sun Zihao getting into the car, he just gives up and rested on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder.

Zhan Beitian, seeing that he was indifferent, his long eyebrows knitted, dips his head sideways as the car starts and gives Mu Yifan a quick kiss on his bloodless lips.

Mu Yifan’s eyes light up, like a husky being rewarded by his master and he quickly lifts his head, smiling and kissing Zhan Beitian several times on the cheek, with a look of satisfaction that made Zhan Beitian laugh and cry, letting him sneak around and kiss him when the people in front of him are not looking.

Suddenly, the car skidded and nearly crashed into the house.

The crowd is shocked, Xiang Guo, who is sitting in the passenger seat, looked at the soldier in the driver’s seat and said: “What’s wrong?”

The soldier hurriedly said: “Just now my arm suddenly went weak and the steering wheel slipped.”

“Do you want someone else to drive?” Sun Zihao asked with concern.

“No, no.” The soldier looked sheepishly at the road ahead.

He didn’t dare say he had slipped the steering wheel because he saw Mu Yifan happily kissing his boss on the cheek through the rear-view mirror.

And the boss wasn’t even angry, he let Mu Yifan get away with it, even when he kissed him on the corner of his mouth, he didn’t look upset at all, he had a big smile in his eyes.

Zhan Beitian, in the back seat, glances through the lens and asked: “Earlier, what happened? How did you come across those five zombies?”

How did Pan Renzhe, Xia Donghai, Ya Wei, Ye Shu and Guang Junjie end up together? And they’ve been promoted to the senior zombie, even more powerful than Xiang Guo and the others.

By the way, what about Liu Xing, Liu Yu, Zhang Huo, Li Wei and Chen Qihao? Are they with Pan Renzhe too?

Zhan Beitian thought of this and narrowed his stern eyes.

“They came out on their own.” Mu Yifan said simply and then, remembering what Mao Yu had said over the intercom, asked: “What about you, are you hurt? What did you book earlier?”

His eyes kept running over Zhan Beitian’s body, trying to see if Zhan Beitian was hurt.

Zhan Beitian looked at the man sitting in front of him and said in a quiet voice: “Nothing.”

Mu Yifan asked again: “Why are you looking for supplies in Wutong County?”

   On the way here, he had noticed that there were very few people looking for supplies here, which meant that there were not many supplies left and he was sure that Zhan Beitian would not be unaware of this but, why were you in Wutong County?

Instead of answering, Zhan Beitian asked: “And you? And why are you in Wutong? It’s so dangerous here, why are you the only one?”

Mu Yifan laughed dryly, looking at the five men in front of him and did not answer.

Zhan Beitian saw that he was concerned about Sun Zihao and the others being in the car and didn’t press the issue.

Five minutes later, the car comes to a halt at the entrance to the underground mall.

Xiang Guo, Sun Zihao and the three soldiers are the first to get out of the car.

Zhan Beitian pulled Mu Yifan, who wanted to get out of the car, into the car and hesitated, before saying: “I deliberately arranged to come to Wutong County.”

Mu Yifan blinked at Zhan Beitian.

“Because I knew you were here.”

Mu Yifan laughed and said: “Did you not want to leave me, to have a chance meeting with me?”

Zhan Beitian said in a soft voice: “No.”

Mu Yifan said with a baffled face: “If you came to Wutong because you knew I was here but, not because you couldn’t leave me, then why did you come?”

“After I knew you would come here, I deliberately arranged a scene where I was in distress, so that you and Xiang Guo would come to rescue me…”

Mu Yifan didn’t wait for him to finish and said angrily: “You’re not trying to test me again, are you?”

If that was the case, he would be devastated.

“Hear me out.” Zhan Beitian rubbed his hair and said: “I just want Xiang Guo to change their mind about you through something.”

   He had a very simple idea, he just wanted Xiang Guo to stop looking at Mu Yifan with the same distant light as before, no one else would want his men to look down on someone they liked, that’s why he hadn’t said it in front of Sun Zihao and the others. That’s why he didn’t say it in front of Sun Zihao and the others.

   But, the man he liked had done something outrageous, so, he wanted to do something, to explain to his men, that Mu Yifan was not the same trouble as before.

   Now he had told Mu Yifan what he wanted to do, with the intention of telling him the truth when it was over.

   Unexpectedly, Xiang Guo and the others came across Pan Renzhe and the others, this was beyond his expectations. Luckily, he got there just in time, so that Sun Zihao and the others didn’t get hurt too badly.

   If he hadn’t been worried that Pan Renzhe and the others were deliberately trying to distract him, he would have gone after them and killed them all.

As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, he understood his intention and said: “Then how did you know I was coming to Wutong County?”

He had only come to Wutong on a whim, Zhan Beitian could not have had the foresight to bring people here.

“Li Lao used his powers to overhear that you were coming to Wutong County, I came here.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes widened, as he looked at the map, he did use his voice again to say Wutong County Road: “So did you know I was coming to the arsenal too?”

When he went to the arsenal, he didn’t stop talking about going to the arsenal.

Zhan Beitian nodded and said: “Can you tell me the purpose of going to the arsenal?”

Since he knew he was going to the arsenal, Mu Yifan didn’t hide it from him: “I went there to please my grandfather.”

Zhan Beitian knew that he was trying to please Zhan Guoxiong but he asked, pretending not to know: “Grandpa? You want to impress your grandfather?”

Mu Yifan said in an unpleasant way: “It’s your grandfather, the old man of your family, the child’s great grandfather, the Old Commissioner Zhan, Lao Zhan, the grandfather Zhan Guoxiong, my future father of my father in law, so you understand, right?”

   His grandfather is still lying in bed, I don’t know if he’s awake yet.

   Zhan Beitian heard the latter name, finally he couldn’t keep his handsome face serious and indifferent and laughed out loud.

Mu Yifan looked at him and said: “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” Zhan Beitian quickly withdrew his smile, pulled him into his arms and was overcome with emotion.

At first he thought Mu Yifan had left B City to go with the Mu family to find supplies but he hadn’t expected him to leave alone.

What he didn’t expect was that the normally straight-laced man, who had thought long and hard about the future, would go to the arsenal alone for the sake of his family’s happiness.

He couldn’t have been more angry, he was more hurt.

For he had learned from Li Tianqing that Mu Yifan had suffered many injuries during his time there.

“By the way, those five zombies came out of the arsenal and there are, five medium and high level zombies in the arsenal.”

Mu Yifan didn’t want to say anything but, these ten unknown people had gathered without him, so, he was worried that something bad was going to happen here.

“Five more zombies in the arsenal?” Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed sternly: “Are two of them twin sisters?”

“Yes, yes, how did you know?” Mu Yifan asked, pretending not to know.

Zhan Beitian explained simply: “I’ve seen all ten of them before.”

He let go of Mu Yifan and said: “I’ll arrange for our group to return to B City, we’ll see what happens back in B City.”

Mu Yifan got out of the car with him, then, seeing Li Tianqing chatting with the other mutants, he suddenly thought of something and ran over to him: “Li Lao, Li Lao, I have something to ask you.”

Li Tianqing was pulled aside by him and asked: “Mr Mu, what is it?”

“It’s like this, I just heard Beitian say, he asked you to use your powers to eavesdrop on my location these days…”

Li Tianqing didn’t wait for him to finish, he quickly explained: “Major General Zhan did it because he was worried about your safety, you shouldn’t blame him.”

“I’m not blaming him, I’m asking you, when I was at the arsenal, did you overhear anyone else’s conversations?”

Li Tianqing shook his head and said: “Major General Zhan told me not to eavesdrop on you too much, just to listen from time to time to see if you were in danger, so, I didn’t dare to eavesdrop on you too much.”

Mu Yifan said, somewhat disappointed: “That’s all right.”

He looked over to Zhan Beitian, saw Zhan Beitian talking to Mao Yu about it, left him alone and went back to the car.

Zhan Beitian didn’t say anything to Mao Yu either, just told him to get back to B City.

But Mao Yu said: “Xiang Guo is not back yet.”

“Xiang Guo?” Zhan Beitian wrinkled his brow and said: “Didn’t he come back with me?”

“He went out again, said he didn’t get something important back and drove off alone, said he’d be back in ten minutes or so.”

“He’s not from Wutong, what could be important in Wutong?” Zhan Beitian thought Xiang Guo was not a messy person, so he said nothing more and asked: “Is Sun Zihao’s hand okay?”

Mao Yu wrinkled his brow and said sadly: “It’s a broken bone, his hand may not be as flexible in the future.”

Zhan Beitian took a small bottle of water out of his pocket and said: “Pour this into his wound.”

“Yes.” Mao Yu did not ask what was in the bottle, he took it and went to find Sun Zihao.

Soon, Xiang Guo drove back and, carrying four or five large bags, got out of the car and went to Zhan Beitian and said without expression: “Boss, this is a gift from Mu Yifan.”

“Mu Yifan gave it to me?” Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows: “What is it?”

Xiang Guo didn’t specify what was inside: “He came to Wutong County to find this for you, he left it there to get us away from the zombies, so I went to retrieve it for him.”

Zhan Beitian is even more curious and, at the same time, surprised.

I didn’t expect Mu Yifan to come to Wutong County for him.

“Boss, I hope you’re strong enough to fuck Mu Yifan to death.” Xiang Guo put the bag on the ground and left.

Zhan Beitian: “…”



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Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 158: A Powerful Force

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 158: A Powerful Force

   Mu Yifan was anxious, how could he deal with the five zombies in front of him when his wind powers had disappeared in such an emergency.

   He secretly works his wind powers again, still no response, after several attempts, he suddenly remembers that his true power is not wind power, it’s copying other mutants power.

   It must have been because Ye Shu had used his mutant powers on him, he had accidentally copied them and turned his wind powers into psychic powers.

   Although his psychic powers were powerful but, he didn’t know how to use his newly absorbed powers, how could he deal with Ye Shu and the others?

   He’ll have to learn how to control his powers, it’s not always good to copy other people’s powers, it’ll get him killed sooner or later.

   Mu Yifan looked at Ye Shu and the others quietly, wondering if he should use his mutant powers to control them like Ye Shu. If the operation failed, he would try to manipulate them with the zombie pressure, it was better to reveal his identity than to be killed anyway.

   With that in mind, his eyes suddenly lit up, using mutant powers to control them would be similar to using necromantic pressure.

   But, what could he do to manipulate his mutant powers?

Just as Mu Yifan’s mind was racing, Pan Renzhe suddenly said: “Kill it.”

Then, he looked up at the sycamore trees above him and through the layers of left, faintly, he saw a fuchsia light shining in the sky.

Ye Shu, Guang Junjie, Ya Wei and Xia Donghai also seem to notice this, as it is dark under the sycamore trees, if the light shines from the top, it will shine through the layers of left, to the bottom of the trees.

Ye Shu immediately increases his mutant powers, the three soldiers can’t take it anymore and roll on the ground in pain.

Suddenly, there is a loud bang, five purple red thunderbolts blast down from the top of the sycamore tree.

The five zombies turned pale.

Xia Donghai took Ye Shu and Pan Renzhe out of the way as fast as he can.

Guang Junjie hastily jumped out of the way with a branch, Ya Wei then used his ice powers to create a thick ice umbrella over his head, taking advantage of the time it took for the thunderbolt to explode, to stall and run away from his position.

   Immediately afterwards, the powerful thunderbolt blew off the ice umbrella, it hits the ground, with a loud bang, a huge hole is made in the ground, fire rises from the hole, the debris inside bursted under the terrifyingly high temperature.

   The tops of the trees also as the thunder and fire passed over them, the trees burst into flames, instantly, the flames were huge, lighting up what was happening below.

   The nameless zombies fleeing from their spot look in shock at where they were standing before.

   Pan Renzhe’s gaze grows hotter and hotter, as a lightning mutant, he saw the powerful thunder and fire power and thinks to himself that he could be so powerful.

Ye Shu murmured: “What a power.”

   Mu Yifan’s eyes shone brightly.

   It was Zhan Beitian who came.

   Or it spreads instantly to the other trees, burning brighter and brighter.

   The fire is getting out of control, suddenly, the fire stopped.

   Then, a light layer of ice formed on the flames, freezing the fire, stopping it from burning, then, a large slide of ice spread from the top of the tree to the ground.

   As the crowd watched, a military buggy drove down the tree tops to the road on a slippery slope made of ice.

Ya Wei, who had never been able to get excited about anything, his eyes shone brightly and he murmured: “So this is how ice powers can be used.”

It had never occurred to him, that ice powers could be used to freeze the tops of the trees, so that they could walk on them unharmed.

At that moment, the door of the military SUV was pushed open by someone inside and a tall, powerful figure stepped out from inside.

“Zhan Beitian! “Ye Shu’s eyes widened and he said: “Brother Hai, it’s Zhan Beitian, how did he get here.”

When Xia Donghai heard Ye Shu say the word ‘Zhan Beitian’, he took Ye Shu back a few steps.

The moment Zhan Beitian saw Xia Donghai and the others, his eyes snapped open and several thunderbolts fell from the sky, blasting at Xia Donghai and the others.

Xia Donghai rushes to avoid the blasts, knowing full well that his opponents are powerful, they are no match for him, he took Ye Shu and used his powers to leave.

Ya Wei and Pan Renzhe look at each other, they too quickly leave the scene.

Zhan Beitian didn’t let them off the hook so easily, he blasts them with a powerful thunderbolt and the trees around them collapse under the blast.

The whole scene was like the thunderstorm you see on TV when a practitioner is on a reincarnation, the sound of the thunderstorm rumbled, the purple thunderstorm was so powerful, it sent a few zombies running for cover.

Not only that, he used his ice powers to block their path, forcing Pan Renzhe to use his powers to their fullest extent, blasting through the ice wall in front of them and Ya Wei to get out of Wutong County.

For the first time since they became conscious, they fled in such a mess.

In the sky Xia Donghai was able to fly and is fast but, with a human in tow, he has a hard time dodging, dodging left and right, not only to protect himself but also to protect Ye Shu from harm.

Now he, no longer at ease with himself at the beginning, curses under his breath: “Damn it.”

Ye Shu tried to deal with Zhan Beitian’s mutant powers but, being stronger than her is unable to penetrate Zhan Beitian’s mind.

“Her opponent’s powers are too strong.” She saw Ya Wei and Pan Renzhe, who were advanced level 3 zombies on the ground, running for their lives.

Then, she thought of something and said: “Where is Guang Junjie? Where did he go?”

“The boy will escape on his own.” Xia Donghai brought his speed powers to their highest point and with a single breath, led the men out of Wutong County.

On the other side, Guang Junjie, mentioned by Ye Shu was hiding behind the tree behind Zhan Beitian, looking for a chance to kill him.

Then, while Zhan Beitian is concentrating on Xia Donghai and the others, he quickly attacks Zhan Beitian with his wood powers.

Mu Yifan saw a sharp root behind the tree that was about to pierce Zhan Beitian and shouted anxiously: “Beitian, watch out.”

Zhan Beitian already knew that there was a zombie behind him, turns around, burns the fat branch with lightning fire and blows away the trunk in front of Guang Junjie.

The moment Zhan Beitian saw Guang Junjie, his eyes grew even more ruthless, as he was reminded of his previous life.

The horrific look in his eyes sent a shiver down Guang Junjie’s spine and that’s when he knew what fear was.

He turns and tries to flee but unexpectedly, a wall of ice blocked his way.

The next second, lightning strikes him.

Guang Junjie dodged and used his powers to attack his opponent but, before he can hit him, the branches he swings at are all burnt to ashes by the lightning fire.

In front of Zhan Beitian, he has no power at all.

Guang Junjie glances around fearfully, looking for a way out but, his eyes fall on Sun Zihao and there is a quick glint in his eyes.

He used his powers, pretending to attack Zhan Beitian, while using his wood powers to roll up Sun Zihao, who is lying weakly on the ground.

When Zhan Beitian saw this, he tried to burn the branch with lightning fire but Guang Junjie suddenly covered his head and let out a painful cry: “Ouch, that hurts.”

The pain distorted his face and then, he suddenly stood still, with his eyes wide open and staring straight ahead and then, slowly fell forward, revealing the man standing behind him.

Zhan Beitian saw Mu Yifan with a silver spear in his hand and his eyes startle.

The shock of this scene is quite strong, after all, Mu Yifan was a zombie king in his previous life, he was with Guang Junjie and now he is surprised to see Mu Yifan kill Guang Junjie with his spear.

Mu Yifan looked dumbly at Zhan Beitian and said: “I…I killed someone…”

This is like the second time he’s killed someone in the novel.

Although the other party was a zombie, although he didn’t have to go to jail after killing, although he could kill mutated plants and animals without changing his face, even when he saw other people killing zombies, he didn’t feel bad.

But, after actually killing someone himself, he still feels a little uncomfortable.

Sun Zihao said weakly: “He’s a zombie, not a human.”

Xiang Guo saw Mu Yifan looking like he had killed someone for the first time and rolled his eyes helplessly and said: “You’ve killed many people before, haven’t you?”

Thinking about his previous missions, he had killed hundreds if not thousands of enemies, now he was worried about being arrested by the police for just killing a zombie.

   Zhan Beitian walked up to Mu Yifan, wrapped one arm around him, pats him on the back as a comfort and gives Xiang Guo a look to tell them to dig out the crystal core from Guang Junjie’s brain, then, took Mu Yifan back to the car.

Xiang Guo struggled to help Sun Zihao up, looked around and exclaims: “Boss, that was amazing.”

The scene before them gave them the impression of a ten-magnitude earthquake, all the houses around them had collapsed, the trees had been uprooted and half of Wutong County, which had been silent and dark, was now in ruins.

Sun Zihao, assisted by Xiang Guo, comes to Guang Junjie’s body, pulled out the dagger in his thigh, cuts open Guang Junjie’s head, took out a green crystal core, said: “We still have to work hard, or else, we’ll slow him down. Otherwise, we will hold the boss back.”

   After this, they realised how incompetent they were, they couldn’t even fight back.

“Let’s go later, we have to pick up a few things now.” Xiang Guo said as he pulled Sun Zihao up.

Sun Zihao said with a baffled face: “What’s that?”

   Xiang Guo did not answer him, called the soldier on the ground and went back to the buggy.



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Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 157: The wind power disappears

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 157: The wind power disappears

Xia Donghai did not expect Mu Yifan to suddenly unleash a big move on them, nor did they expect Mu Yifan’s power to be so strong.

A hundred and eighty-degree wind blade kill, it was like a hurricane of 12th level or more, the walls of the surrounding houses burst open and the roofs of the houses flew off, so violent that the roots of the trees were uprooted.

Xia Donghai rushes to resist the wind with his own powers, the wind is blocked by his powers, it splits in two and sweeps over him and into the house behind.

Bang, the house is overwhelmed by the wind, it collapses on the spot.

Ya Wei immediately used his ice powers, slicing a thick wall of ice in front of him and Ye Shu, blocking the wind from his opponent.

Pan Renzhe does the same, the young man beside him, Guang Junjie, quickly used his wood powers, wrapping numerous vines around him and Pan Renzhe, forming a cocoon, so that his opponent’s powers cannot hit them.

He can also block rocks and other objects falling from the roof.

Xia Donghai, after avoiding the opponent’s powers, flickered and arrived in front of Xiang Guo.

Xiang Guo and the others were startled and were about to strike, when Mu Yifan stepped between them and Xia Donghai and said: “You go first, I’ll deal with him.”

Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo looked at each other, without hesitation and took the three soldiers into the car they had driven before.

   They were not acting out of fear of death, they did not want the others to die in vain.

   On previous missions, there were always a few of their teammates in the rear, clearing the way for the retreating team to clear the danger behind them.

   If they hesitated at that point, or followed the team to take on the enemy, it would have been a waste of time and more people would have been sacrificed.

   So, when it’s time to make a decision, make a decision, don’t delay, because in the face of danger, it doesn’t give you time to hesitate.

   Of course, it was because they could see that Mu Yifan was capable of dealing with Xia Donghai, that they got into the car and left.

   Once they were in the car, the soldiers started the car.

Xiang Guo quickly spoke to Mao Yu on the walkie talkie: “Mao Yu, what’s the situation with the boss?”

Mao Yu also asked: “Xiang Guo, are you guys in trouble? I thought I heard you say that there are zombies coming is that true?”

“Yes, it’s true, we’ve encountered five powerful zombies and, we’re no match for them.”

“Where are you now?” Mao Yu sounded anxious.

Xiang Guo looked at the streets and said: “We don’t know where we are, we’re just driving around, not giving the zombies a chance to catch up with us.”

Sun Zihao grabbed Xiang Guo’s walkie talkie and asked: “Mao Yu, how’s the boss doing?”

Mao Yu paused for a moment and said: “The boss is fine, the communication just didn’t connect, that’s why I was in a hurry to inform you.”

Sun Zihao was puzzled, Mao Yu was not a fickle person, he would not have rushed to inform the others just because the comms were not connected, leaving the rest of the team in disarray.

But, he didn’t think too much about it and said: “I’m glad it’s okay but, we’ve had a few surprises.”

“What kind of accident?”

“Mu Yifan, we’ve met Mu Yifan, he’s holding off five of the best zombies for us, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have got out.”

If anything happens to Mu Yifan, what will they tell the boss.

Mao Yu expressed surprise: “He… He’s holding off the zombies?”

Sun Zihao looked at the sky behind him and, not knowing what he saw, said urgently: “No.”

Mao Yu asked anxiously: “What is it?”

   Xiang Guo and the other two soldiers looked back.

   In their eyes, Mu Yifan was more than capable of taking on Xia Donghai but, an ice powered zombie joined them in the fight.

   Immediately afterwards, the soldier in the car suddenly made a sharp turn, when, they are blocked from view by the tall house, they don’t know what’s behind them and, they fall under the seat with a roll.

“How do you drive?” Xiang Guo rubbed his arm, which was sore from the fall and got up, angry at the soldier who was driving.

The soldier rushed to say: “They’re catching up, the zombies are catching up.”

Sun Zihao looked out, the walls of the houses on either side of the road, suddenly full of branches, growing faster than their car.

“Quick, attack with your mutant powers.” He immediately used his earth powers, trying to block the branches from following him but the wood powers overpower the earth powers.

The opponent passes through the wall of earth created by Sun Zihao and continued to pursue.

Xiang Guo immediately attacked the growing branches with his fire mutants, trying to use the fire to burn the pursuing zombie, unfortunately, his fire cannot even burn the thin roots of his opponent.

However, not knowing if this had angered them, the trees on the wall turned into numerous wooden swords and stabbed them fiercely.

The soldier in the car saw this, he stepped on the accelerator and, at top speed, he ran out of the alley and the branches behind him hit the ground.

The men in the car breathe a sigh of relief, they thought they were going to be stuck in a nest of horses.

At that moment, the ground rumbled, their car rolled with the ground, up and down.

“The tree element zombies are coming from underground.” Sun Zihao said.

As he said this, twenty metres ahead, there was a sudden blast, a ‘bang’ and a hole in the ground exploded.

Then, a huge sycamore tree burst out of it and blocked their way, at the same time, a thick branch slapped them.

The car immediately rolled ten metres away like a football and with it the car was deformed, the people in it were almost crushed to death by their own people.

Sun Zihao and his men crawled out of the car in pain.

But, before they could get up, five snake like branches flew towards them and, wrapping around their lower legs, lifted them high into the air.

It was as if they were playing with them, not taking their lives directly.

“Can’t run away, can you?” Guang Junjie flew over with a vine branch hanging from a tall sycamore tree, stopped in front of them and looked at them with a sneer.

Sun Zihao, head down, stared at him sternly, quickly draws the pistol strapped to his thigh, points it at Guang Junjie’s head and slams the trigger.

‘Bang’, hits Guang Junjie.

Guang Junjie did not panic, as the shot was fired, a thick tree branch suddenly appeared in front of him, deflecting the bullet for him.

At the same time, a small branch pierces the back of Sun Zihao’s hand holding the gun, instantly, creating a bloody hole.

Sun Zihao grunted in pain, the tiny twig kept drilling holes in his hand, so much so that he can no longer grip the pistol.

The pistol fell to the ground as the five fingers slowly unclench.

Guang Junjie retracted the twig stuck in Sun Zihao’s hand, looked at the hole in Sun Zihao’s hand and sneers: “Humans, how fragile.”

If it had been the senior zombie, this little wound would have been nothing, it would have healed completely in minutes, leaving no wounds.

Xiang Guo asked hurriedly: “Sun Zihao, are you alright?”

Sun Zihao shook his head, looked at Guang Junjie and sneered: “You sound like you like being a zombie but, don’t forget, you used to be human too.”

Guang Junjie was about to say something, when a low voice said: “Guang Junjie, stop playing around.”

Pan Renzhe came out of the alley, looked at the man hanging from the tree and said: “We have to go find the other cores.”

Guang Junjie raises an eyebrow and said: “Okay.”

He raised his hand, five thin, sharp branches grew from his fingertips and, flinging them at Sun Zihao, stabbed Sun Zihao fiercely in the head.

Just half a metre away from Sun Zihao, suddenly, a strong wind swept through, breaking off five of Guang Junjie’s branches and, at the same time, severing the roots that bound Sun Zihao to them.

Xiang Guo fell down, luckily they were all trained soldiers, their reflexes were very sharp and the moment they fell, they made a flying heel, landing safely on their feet.

Guang Junjie said with a ‘snort’: “What’s wrong with Hai? He can’t even stop a mutant.”

“Damn, that guy is too cunning, when he saw me and Ya Wei attacking him together, all we did was dodge and not attack, you should know how fast wind powers are, it’s not that easy to hit him.” said Xia Donghai, who was coming from the rear.

Guang Junjie frowned: “Where’s Ye’zi(Ye Shu)? Where did Ye’zi go? Hasn’t Ye’zi dealt with him?”

“Here he is.” Ye Shu came slowly from behind and said: “I saw that you were fighting hard, so I didn’t bother and let you deal with him but I didn’t know, two of you couldn’t beat one.”

Mu Yifan saw Ye Shu’s girlish appearance and without thinking, he gave Ye Shu a wind blade.

Don’t blame him for not taking pity on her, against a mutant, one thought is all it took to kill Sun Zihao and the others.

The blade was about to hit Ye Shu, when suddenly, a wall of ice appears in front of Ye Shu, blocking the blade.

Ye Shu laughed coldly and said: “What a stupid thing to do.”

She looked at Mu Yifan and the others, with a stern look in her eyes.

Immediately afterwards, Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo’s minds felt like they were about to explode, they were in pain.

“What’s wrong, my head hurts.”

“It’s the spirit… Mental… Psychic powers…” Xiang Guo remembered that the boss had told them about the various mutant powers in the world, one of which mentioned mutant powers in detail.

   It is said to be a very powerful power, it can kill people without being seen.

   Mu Yifan knew Ye Shu had used his mutant powers when he saw Xiang Guo covering his head and crying out in pain.

   In order not to let them see that he has invalidated his powers, Kagyu also held his head, pretending to be in great pain.

   Thinking about giving Ye Shu another big windblade kill when they’re not looking.

   Mu Yifan was shocked.

   What’s going on?

   His wind powers have disappeared.



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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 156: This is really bad

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 156: This is really bad

Sun Zihao looked at the trouble that was frozen in place and nodded his hand to the ground.

The ‘XXOO’ brand name caught his eye, with the line ‘Natural Latex Condoms’ underneath and the nine words just about blinded him.

Sun Zihao’s eyes twitched as he looked at the condoms, he wanted to put them all on Mu Yifan’s body.

This guy is looking for condoms when others are struggling to find supplies, it’s a good thing he’s not with them, otherwise, he could have smacked him to death.

Xiang Guo ‘snorted’, didn’t say anything else.

They weren’t with them anyway, it was none of his business what Mu Yifan wanted to do.

But, at heart, he wanted the boss to fuck this guy with these condoms.

The three soldiers behind him look at the box on the ground and, silently, look away.

“You’ve got the wrong guy, I’m not Mu Yifan.” Mu Yifan covers his face with one hand and took a black mask out of his pocket and put it on.


   What a disgrace.

   He’s gone so far to find a condom; how can he meet someone he knows?

   Also, weren’t Sun Zihao and the others on a mission with Zhan Beitian?

   How did they end up in Wutong County?

   What a coincidence!

   I have to say they are fucking ape shit!

Sun Zihao 5: “…”

I know it’s you, still pretending!

Mu Yifan saw that the bag is broken, can’t fit the condoms in it anymore, has to pick up 5 or 6 boxes and stuff them in his backpack.

“I’ll leave the rest for you to use.”

Sun Zihao Five: “…”

Mu Yifan was ashamed to stay any longer and left, before leaving, with another bag containing lubricant.

However, not even three steps away, the walkie talkie on Sun Zihao’s body blared: “Sun Zihao, something seems to have happened to the boss.”

It was Mao Yu’s voice.

Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo’s faces changed, they were about to ask what was going on, when a gust of wind blew by and the walkie talkie was snatched from their hands.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yifan asks anxiously: “Where is he now?”

Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo looked at Mu Yifan in awe, they hadn’t even seen Mu Yifan move and he had taken the walkie talkie, how could he have done it so quickly?

Mao Yu heard the wrong voice on the walkie talkie and paused for a moment before saying: “In the underground mall in the centre of the county.”

As soon as he said that, Mu Yifan immediately felt something strange nearby, his expression changed, his eyes swept around and said in a cold voice: “There are zombies coming.”

And, it was the senior zombies and there were five of them, Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao could only deal with intermediate level 3 zombies at most, so, they were no match for them.

“Go.” Mu Yifan said urgently.

Xiang Guo said with a ‘snort’: “It’s just zombies, what are you afraid of, it’s not like you’ve never killed a zombie before.”

His tone was disdainful but, alert, his fierce gaze swept around.

Immediately afterwards, the fallen left of the sycamore overhead turned into razor sharp blades and shot towards Mu Yifan and the others.

Mu Yifan was fast and in the moment when a few left came down, he was like a phantom, easily dodging the attack.

Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao were able to use their powers, blocking and attacking to deflect the attacks but some of the blades cut their arms and thighs.

The other three soldiers were not as powerful as Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao, they had more wounds than Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao and their clothes were torn and tattered.

“Brother Ren, we’re lucky, we’ve met six mutants at once.” A loud laugh came out of the dark alleyway.

   In the clear street, the man’s laugh was particularly loud.

   To Xiang Guo they were a little harsh, quickly grabbing a torch and shining it down the alley, only to see a thin man with his hands in his trouser pockets, walking out leisurely, looking like he didn’t give Xiang Guo a second thought.

   Mu Yifan saw the other man and his eyes were slightly startled.

   Wasn’t that one of the zombies who had left the factory with Pan Renzhe, to fight for the crystal core?

   They’ve come to Wutong County.

   This is really bad!

   Any one of them could have taken out Xiang Guo and the five of them.

“Hmm.” came the bland reply from another alley across the street and with it, out stepped a tall, strong man.

“Pity, a bit low level, they don’t have enough cores for me.” A lazy voice drifted out of another alleyway.

“Ya Wei, you don’t have to pick them, it’s not bad for a mutant to be at the level they are now.” The words were spoken by a woman, in a very young voice, like a young girl.

There are seven levels of the senior zombie, Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao are only at the peak of level two and the three soldiers are only at the peak of level one, when faced with the senior zombie, they are no match for the senior zombie without level four or higher at their side.

Besides, three of them were the senior zombies, Xiang Guo could not handle them.

The young man who came out with Pan Renzhe said: “If you don’t like their low level, let me have their cores, I’m the lowest level among you, I want to absorb more energy to catch up with you.”

Xia Donghai smiled and said: “OK, you can have them, Bother Ren, Ye Shu, Ya Wei, you don’t have a problem with that?”

“No.” The other three said no.

Sun Zihao and Xiang Guo see them laughing easily at how they are splitting the cores in their bodies, a sense of crisis comes over them, knowing that these zombies are no match for them.

“If things don’t go right, run.” Sun Zihao said in a lowered voice.

Xiang Guo responded: “Yes.”

He knew that sometimes it was not the time to be a hero.

Besides, when you have a green hill to live on, you don’t have to worry about the firewood.

“I’m afraid we can’t get away.” Mu Yifan stared nervously at Xia Donghai, lowering his voice to Sun Zihao and the others.

   Xia Donghai is a wind mutant, he is very fast, apart from his fellow mutants, speed mutants and space mutants, no one else can outrun Xia Donghai.

Sun Zihao looked at Mu Yifan and said: “How do you know we can’t run away?”

“I met them once before, one of them was a wind power.” Mu Yifan explained simply.

   He wasn’t sure if he could contain Xia Donghai but he was trying to stall for time and, he didn’t know what was going on with Zhan Beitian.

   If Zhan Beitian was there, Xia Donghai would not dare to do anything.

   Xia Donghai noticed Mu Yifan’s gaze and curled his lips playfully and then, in a flash, he was in front of Mu Yifan.

   Mu Yifan was on guard against Xia Donghai and quickly took his silver spear and deflects it, deflecting the spear with the harsh wind.

At this point, Sun Zihao cried out: “Watch out.”

The opponent was too fast, before he could shout, he was already attacking.

Mu Yifan looked at the spear in his hand and was a little surprised.

It was not cut off by his opponent’s wind power.

So, it’s a good spear.

Xia Donghai’s eyes flashed with amazement and then, looking at Mu Yifan with interest, he said: “A wind mutant? Well, I’ve never met anyone as fast as me, today I can finally have a go.”

   Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao were surprised.

   They didn’t expect Mu Yifan to have powers.

   Mu Yifan could see that his opponent would not stop until he fought him.

“You want to fight me, fine, you wait.” He put the bag in his hand gently on the ground and said: “That’s it.”

If he broke the bags again, he’d have no bags to carry them in.

Xia Donghai looked at the black bag at his feet and said with a baffled face: “What’s in it?”


   Mu Yifan said and immediately felt the urge to smack himself in the mouth!

   Why is he answering so honestly???????

Sun Zihao: “…”

   If it weren’t for the crisis, he’d want to yell: he doesn’t know this guy!

Xiang Guo: “…”

Three soldiers and four other zombies: “…”

Xia Donghai chuckled: “Pity, you won’t get to use them.”

Mu Yifan said with a smile: “You’ll be disappointed, not only will I have the chance to use them, I intend to use them all in a month.”

Xia Donghai: “…”

   A month?

   Every day from morning to night?

   Then, sleeplessly?

   Mu Yifan took advantage of his opponent’s distraction and sends a whirlwind towards Xia Donghai.

   Xia Donghai rushes back, dodges the attack and following it up with a 180 degree wind blade, sweeping across.

   Not only does it hit Xia Donghai, it also hits Pan Renzhe and the others.

“Get out of here.” Mu Yifan said quickly.

Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao didn’t hesitate, they ran before they could react.



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Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 155: How unlucky

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 155: How unlucky

“Mu Yifan, wait for me, I’ll make you pay back for what you did today.”

   Liu Xing’s roar came from behind, as Mu Yifan flew further and further away, the roar became less and less audible but, in his mind, his doubts grew.

   He was meeting these people for the first time, why did they know him?

   Mu Yifan was full of questions, after flying a short distance from the factory, he couldn’t contain his curiosity, he immediately changed direction and flew to the other side of the factory, then, quietly returned to the back door of the workshop.

   He hid himself by the corner window and cautiously peered in and from this angle he could see what was going on in front of the workshop.

   Liu Xing is still cursing towards the door, so furious that even the spittle from her curses is on fire and Liu Yu dares not come any closer.

Finally, the more she cursed, the more resentful she became and the sadder she became, she burst into tears and said: “Liu Yu, what about my face? Will my face ever heal?”

“It will heal, it will heal…” Liu Yu saw that Liu Xing’s clothes were half burned off in front of him, he quickly grabbed a man’s jacket from the sofa and covered Liu Xing’s body.

Liu Xing turned around and said: “Brother Hao, you saw me being bullied, why didn’t you help me to deal with Mu Yifan.”

   Her sobs were thick with resentment, accusing Chen Qihao of not helping her.

   Mu Yifan, who was peeking around the corner, the moment he saw Liu Xing’s charred and distorted face, he couldn’t help but gasp, not realising that the fire had burnt his pretty face to a crisp, almost unrecognisable as the Liu Xing from before.

   Still, he couldn’t be blamed, if Liu Xing hadn’t kept attacking him, he wouldn’t have used his wind powers to slap her back.

   If he had spoken nicely before, it wouldn’t have ended this way, he would have given them all the crystals he had in exchange for the ancient spear.

   When Chen Qihao heard her say this, he blushed and said: “By the time I got to the workshop, Mu Yifan had already flown away from the arsenal, how could I help you.”

   He had advised her not to do it before but had disobeyed him and now he was blaming him for not helping.

Liu Xing said angrily: “You didn’t help me because you wanted to keep the boss’s word, if the boss hadn’t told you not to hurt Mu Yifan when you saw him in person, would you still not have helped?”

   The boss?

   Mu Yifan’s ears perked up.

   Who was the boss Liu Xing was talking about?

   Why did their boss tell them not to hurt him?

   Did their boss know him?

Mu Yifan thought about it and said: “Their boss is not Zhuang Ziyue, is he?

Chen Qihao didn’t bother to talk to her, turned around and went to the first-floor room.

Li Wei, who was never one to talk, picked up the crystal nucleus from the table and goes back to his room to continue sucking up energy.

“Old… Boss, if only… If only… You attacked Mu… Mu Yifan, it would… I’m sure he’d be… he’d be furious.” Zhang Huo strained to say.

“Zhang Huo, if you tell the boss about this, I’ll kill you.”

   Liu Xing’s face was already horribly burnt, she was as angry as the devil and attacked Zhang Huo with her powers.

   Zhang Huo is a metal mutant, as soon as the fire comes, he used his gold mutant powers, the metal of his body turns into an iron plate and blocks the attack.

   He stopped arguing with Liu Xing and followed Chen Qihao’s example and goes back into the room to absorb the energy.

   Mu Yifan, who was hiding outside, saw Liu Yu’s face not looking good after hearing Zhang Huo’s words, he did not know what he had said to Liu Xing, Liu Xing looked a little scared.

   Liu Yu is very gentle, she speaks in a lower voice than the others, so, Mu Yifan can only hear a few words, one of which is ‘Nan’.

   Liu Yu reassures him, Liu Xing held back his anger, left Liu Yu on guard downstairs, took the crystal core and goes upstairs to train.

   Mu Yifan saw that there was nothing to see, so he quietly left the arsenal but, was very curious about the boss they were talking about.

   Whoever has Pan Renzhe, the senior zombie, at his back, must be something else but who could it be?

   After Mu Yifan left the arsenal, not daring to be distracted, he withdrew his mind and used his wind powers to speed up as he had done before and only after the danger had diminished, did he stop.

   He fingered the ancient gun in his backpack with glee, after he had taken down Master Lao Zhan, the rest of the Zhan family would not say a word, then he and the Zhan Beitian…

   Mu Yifan thought of this and immediately thought of sleeping with Zhan Beitian the other day and wilted again.

   He and Zhan Beitian couldn’t even take the next step, how could he be happy?

   Mu Yifan thought about it and decided he couldn’t do it anymore.

   Otherwise, he’d be suffocated.

   Watching but not eating, what a pain!

   Mu Yifan suddenly thinks of something and immediately took out the hand drawn map the survivors gave him, to find out if there are any towns nearby.

Then, he saw a town 15 kilometres away, the county of Wutong and his eyes lit up.

“Wutong, it’s a county, it’s got to be big, there must be something I want.”

Mu Yifan quickly loads the map back up, used his powers again and rushes 15km to Wutong County.

The city of Wutong is just like its name, full of Wutong trees.

Thankfully, after the mutation, the trees only grew taller and larger, they did not attack the powers, otherwise, he would not have been able to walk the streets so peacefully.

However, the taller and bigger sycamore trees covered the whole county, making the whole of Wutong County dark and eerie, as if it were the netherworld.

Mu Yifan took out his torch to light up the street and seeing the zombies walking around, he drove them inside, so that they wouldn’t be scared by the sudden appearance of the zombies.

“Where are they?”

Mu Yifan had been driving around the county for half a century and still hadn’t found what he was looking for.

And, Wutong is not a big county, it’s not a small one, it’s not easy to find, it took him more than three hours to go halfway around.

Then, he thought, this was not a big city, what he was looking for should not be on the street but in a rather obscure alleyway.

Mu Yifan went down another alleyway and finally, he found it, the words ‘Adult Pleasure Shop’ on the door, just about blinding him.

He immediately blows the door off with his powers and enters the shop, dazzled by the variety of adult products inside.

Mu Yifan looked around the shop, looking first for what he needs, like condoms, to prevent the spread of the virus and found a big bag in the shop and stuffs all the condoms in the big bag.

There was also lube, which is essential for sex, so he filled a big bag with that too. Finally, he also found a few discs of gay men in the corner.

Mu Yifan stared at the disc with the two men naked and hugging each other, his brow furrowed, a bit disgusted by the fact that the disc shows men hugging each other, even a bit disgusted.

   He hesitated and finally, stuffs the disc into his bag, after all it’s his first time, in case he doesn’t know how to do it then.

   He packs up what he wants and then he has the heart to look at the other items in the erotic shop, most of which are for women.

   Mu Yifan took a quick look around and settled on the men’s underwear.

   He picked it up, it’s made of netting and, there’s an elephant design, the trunk part looked like a real elephant with a long trunk, it’s for a man’s penis, he looked at it and laughed.

   Whoever came up with these pants had to have a big brain to make them but, on a Zhan Beitian, I wonder how they would look.

   Mu Yifan can’t stop laughing at the thought of that scene.

   Should he take one back to Zhan Beitian to try on?

   But he didn’t have the guts to let Zhan Beitian try them on and what worried him most was that they would end up on his body.

   Mu Yifan put the panties back in place, picked up the two large bags packed up and left the adult shop and walked out into the alley.

   Thinking, how to get the two large bags back to B City unchecked, in any case, he doesn’t want anyone to find out he’s carrying two large bags of condoms and lubricant.

   Just then, there were footsteps in the distance.

Mu Yifan sniffs the air with his nose, it smells like people and, there are five of them.

As he hesitated to meet them, he heard the distant man shout: “Who is standing there.”

Immediately afterwards, a blinding light came towards him.

Mu Yifan’s eyes immediately narrowed.

“Don’t move, put your hands in the air.” he barked.

Mu Yifan looked vaguely as if he had a gun and put his hands up with the bag.

Then, he said again: “Drop what you are holding.”

Mu Yifan let go of his hand, the two bags fell from the height to the ground, with a snap, the plastic bag was scraped by the box inside and immediately, scattered all over the floor.

   Mu Yifan looked down and a few black lines slide down his forehead.

   What a bummer!

The man in the distance came closer and closer and when he saw Mu Yifan, he was surprised: “It’s you, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan: “…”


   I thought I didn’t want anyone I know to find out, now I’ve met someone I know!



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Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 154: The Zombie King’s Best Men

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 154: The Zombie King’s Best Men

Mu Yifan quickly cowered into a corner.

I don’t know if it was because he was higher than the zombies, they didn’t notice his presence.

After the five zombies came out of the workshop, the junior zombies outside gave way to them and then, got into the car and left the factory.

“Jen… Jen and the others… They’re really good, one… One… one… one… one… In one… The dozens of crystal cores… The energy in the cores… The amount of energy in the cores… into his body.” Immediately the lowest ranking of the five zombies strained to say.

“Zhang Huo, you should not speak yet, wait until you have levelled up enough to speak quickly, otherwise, I’m struggling to speak to you.” This was said by a female zombie.

Zhang Huo?

Mu Yifan Suddenly this name looked familiar.

“Liu Xing, that’s a bit much, you can’t ask Zhang Huo to hold his tongue until after he’s been promoted, can you?” A female zombie defends Zhang Huo.

Mu Yifan blinked at the familiar name ‘Liu Xing’, then thought of something and his eyes widened.


Aren’t these two zombie names the names of the people under the zombie king in his novel?

Could it be them?

Liu Xing grunted: “Liu Yu, why do you always speak for Zhang Huo, I almost think you like him.”

Mu Yifan heard the name ‘Liu Yu’ again and was even more sure that they were the Zombie King’s right-hand men.

Just, how did they get here?

According to the novel, apart from Liu Xing and Liu Yu being twin sisters, the rest of them are not related to each other but, how did they suddenly get together.

Also, the person Zhang Huo just called Ren, couldn’t have been Pan Renzhe, could it?

Liu Yu blushed and stamped her foot: “What are you talking about?”

“Are you done arguing? If you don’t want to improve your abilities then go out and argue, we have to keep absorbing the cores, hopefully we can catch up with brother Ren and the others one day.”

   A man’s angry voice stopped them from arguing and the workshop fell silent.

   Outside the workshop, Mu Yifan quietly stands up and penetrates the window, to see what they look like.

   Immediately, he was taken aback.

   He didn’t expect a man to be standing in the window.

   He had a fierce look on his face, a black dragon tattooed on the underside of his neck, his eyes were cold and stern, like a gangster and the moment he saw Mu Yifan, his eyes flickered.

   Immediately afterwards, a hand raised and blew away the wall of the workshop and attacked Mu Yifan.

   Mu Yifan jumped back a few steps and swings a wind blade at him.

   The man quickly builds a thick wall of mud in front of him, deflecting Mu Yifan’s attack.

   In the workshop, Liu Xing and the others hear the noise, they turn their heads, see their companion fighting with the others and immediately run to help.

Mu Yifan saw that there were many of them and wondered if he should use his mind to overpower them because he was of a higher rank than them, when he heard someone shout: “Li Wei, stop!”

The man who had just stopped Liu Xing and the girls in the middle of a fight suddenly shouted.

Li Wei heard Chen Qihao’s voice and quickly stopped his attack, walking calmly back to Chen Qihao’s side.

Mu Yifan has also withdrawn his powers.

Chen Qihao looked Mu Yifan up and down, for a moment, before asking: “I wonder what the purpose of your sneaking around outside the workshop is?”

Mu Yifan noticed that Chen Qihao had no intention of killing him and said: “I am only here to find something, I will leave when I find it, I will not disturb you.”

He looked at the others, they looked at him warily at first, gradually, there was a gleam in their eyes, then, no longer saw him as an enemy.

Chen Qihao said nothing more, stepped to the side, made an entrance for him to enter.

The other four men also stepped aside.

Mu Yifan saw that they were not hostile, nor did they have any plans, so he looked inside the workshop, making sure that there was no one else but the five of them, before going into the workshop to look for the ancient gun.

As soon as he was far away, Liu Xing lowered her voice and said: “Brother Ho, he seems to be that Mu…”

Chen Qihao interrupted her with a look: “It’s him.”

Liu Yu said with a baffled face: “But, he’s a bit different from the photo the boss showed us, his looks are similar but, isn’t his temperament much different?”

“The temperament is much different but, the class is better than ours.” Li Wei said in a soft voice.

Liu Yu said: “The boss has warned us, not to mess with him and not to hurt him.”

Chen Qihao nodded: “Whatever he wants to take later, let him take it.”

As soon as he said that, Liu Xing next to him said angrily: “Brother Ho, he’s got my gun.”

   Chen Qihao looked over to where they normally sat and saw Mu Yifan picking up a golden gun from the table.

   Mu Yifan didn’t expect to find the ancient gun so easily, he held it in his hand and couldn’t get enough of it, no wonder Master Lao Zhan liked it so much.

   It’s a real piece of work!

   The entire pistol is twice as long as a modern pistol, it is made of a golden dragon, the muzzle is the mouth of the dragon, the handle is the tail of the dragon, the claws of the dragon are in the clasp, the whole body is golden, it is carved to life, the eyes are set with two sapphires, very unique and, it is exactly as described in his novel exactly as described in his novel.

   No wonder even Liu Xing, a girl is fond of it.

Mu Yifan said to Chen Qihao and the others: “This is the gun I’m looking for.”

Liu Xing said angrily: “That’s my gun, put it down.”

Mu Yifan twisted and said: “Your gun? Are you sure this is your gun? And it doesn’t belong to this factory?”

“I found it, it’s my gun, if you can’t put it away, I’m going to have a go at you.”

Liu Xing raised her hand quickly, two flames emerged from her fingertips.

“Liu Xing…” Chen Qihao said with a warning in his eyes: “Have you forgotten what the boss said?”

“No but, he’s going to take my gun, so don’t blame me for doing it.”

Liu Xing pointed angrily at Mu Yifan and immediately a red rocket flew from her fingertips, towards Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan dodged the rocket and came to the workshop door and said: “Sorry, I’ll take this gun.”

He had thought, he could give them a bunch of crystals to buy the gun but, instead, they hurt him, so don’t blame him for taking advantage of their superior rank to bully the zombies.

And, for the sake of his happiness, he will take the gun.

For the sake of Lao Zhan’s granddaughter in law… He must please the old man.


It’s not easy to think of him!

To please Master Lao Zhan, to offend the men who should have been his.

Still, he doesn’t need their help now, because he doesn’t need to deal with Zhan Beitian anymore.

“Bastard, get back here.”

Liu Xing saw Mu Yifan walking out of the workshop and immediately went after him but Liu Yu stopped her and said: “Liu Xing, calm down.”

“It’s no use going after him, you’re no match for him.” Li Wei said calmly.

Liu Xing, in her quest to get back her favourite gun, not caring about that, immediately drove the zombies outside to surround Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan saw the horde of zombies coming towards him, narrows his eyes, the horde immediately turns and disperses, back to its original position, no longer taking orders from Liu Xing.

Liu Xing, who is running behind him, used her fire mutants again to hit Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan, who is flying up, saw the fire coming and with a flick of his hand, he slapped it back, instantly, into the face of Liu Xing who is unable to dodge it.

“Ah!” Liu Xing screamed and slapped her face to put out the fire.

Liu Yu saw Liu Xing covered in fire and used her water powers to put out Liu Xing’s fire.

Liu Xing is not yet the senior zombie, so, he felt no pain but, has no healing power, her face is burnt on the spot and half of her hair in the front is gone.

Knowing the power of her fire, she took a look in the mirror from her trouser pocket and was immediately shocked by the horrible charred face in the mirror.

“Ah, my face, my face. Liu Yu, my face is ruined.” screamed Liu Xing: “Liu Yu, my face is ruined.”

A girl’s face is the most important thing to her, now burned like this, it’s hard to recover, although the senior zombie can heal but, she’s still a long way from the senior zombie.

Also, it is said that ascending to the senior zombie is very difficult, it is not certain if the face can be restored.

Liu Yu quickly reassured: “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, didn’t the boss say the senior zombie had the ability to heal?”

“But, I’m not sure I’ll make it to the senior zombie.” Liu Xing angrily picked up the mirror and threw it at the ground, shouting outside: “Mu Yifan, I’m not on your side.”

Mu Yifan, not yet far away, heard the yell behind him, his brow furrowed and wondered how Liu Xing knew he was Mu Yifan.



~Number One Zombie Wife~


Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 153: The Arsenal

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 153: The Arsenal

Within five kilometres of separating from the previous group, Mu Yifan’s tyres were blown out by a mutant willow tree on the road and eventually, the car was smashed in half.

He was lucky to get away quickly, otherwise, even his body would have been cut in half.

Mu Yifan saw the car in pieces, he felt very depressed.

He hadn’t gone far from B City and there was no car left, how was he going to get to the arsenal?

Then, thinking of Zhuang Ziyue’s ability to fly through the sky with his wind powers, he started to learn how to fly with his wind powers himself.

Although the wind power allows him to rise quickly, he only dares to fly about a metre and, because he is not very skilled, he gets a wobbly feeling when he flies and he goes left and right, very unstable, he could fall at any time.

Mu Yifan almost fell from a height on a few occasions.

However, he soon found his flying skills and kept himself in the air and rose higher and higher, out of the woods.

The view opens up and as far as the eye can see, there are tall trees and the world feels like a primeval forest.

Excitedly, he accelerates high up in the air, like a plane and in the blink of an eye he is ten kilometres away. But before he could get enough of the air, he was attacked by the mutant plants below and the mutant birds in the sky.

He rushes back to the ground, for the first time out on his own, not quick enough to react to the danger outside and has to deal with two mutant plants and animals in a frenzied manner.

In a matter of minutes, he was bruised and battered by the mutant plants and animals and on a couple of occasions he was even poked through the body by a mutant branch.

If it wasn’t for his healing powers, he would have been lying on the ground.

In the post-apocalyptic world, mutant plants and mutant animals are not much different, they don’t distinguish between their companions and will attack if they see someone or are in danger.

Mutant plants in particular do not care if you are a human or a zombie, they will attack anything that moves in front of them.

It took Mu Yifan half an hour to kill the mutant plants and the mutant animals and to dig out the cores of the two derogatory plants and animals.

He got up and looked at his tattered clothes, like a beggar and said to himself: “I need more exercise.”

   How was he going to get to the arsenal when he had to deal with two newly mutated animals and plants at the same time?

   And that’s why he went to B City, apart from finding the ancient gun and finding the crystal cores to improve himself and to train himself, now he has to improve his zombie level as soon as possible.

   After his encounter with the Zhan Nantian, he was worried that he might be controlled by the Zhan Nantian at any time, especially since the Zhan family and the Mu family were not on good terms and that the Zhan Nantian might be able to take over his life.  The Zhan Nantian might drive him against the Mu family, which is the last thing he wants.

   So, he wanted to improve his abilities in a short time. This is the first time since he crossed over into fiction, that he is so eager to gain strength.

   Mu Yifan rested in place for a moment and continued to use his powers to fly forward.

   Whenever he encounters a mutated plant or animal, he stopped to practice his reflexes and how to use his wind powers to their full potential.

   And so, Mu Yifan went from being an extremely unresponsive zombie, to a very responsive zombie and from being a zombie who fled with his wind powers for fear of being stabbed in the head, to being brave enough to take a silver spear and hit back.

   He has also trained his wind powers to perfection, especially as he is the author of the novels and is more familiar with the moves of the various powers than any other mutant.

   Whenever he is attacked, his first reaction is to use his powers to fight back, or to surround himself with a whirlwind, any danger that comes near will be rebounded or killed by his wind powers.

   Four days have gone by, Mu Yifan spent his days exercising his powers and his nights rushing, as he stays up in danger, he doesn’t dare close his eyes for half a second, for fear that if he does, he will lose his life.

   Now he feels like a special forces soldier who has been given a crash course and in a short space of time, has made a qualitative improvement.

It’s true, you have to be in a tough environment, to sharpen your skills, otherwise, you never know if you can do it.

In the past four days, he had killed many mutant plants and animals, extracted the crystal cores from their bodies and taken advantage of them.

Many of the mutant plants and animals that had been killed by the survivors had not had their cores removed, so he had taken advantage of them.

He did some rough calculations in his mind, in four days, he got about a hundred crystal nuclei, enough to advance his powers by one level and the thought of it, made him feel good.

When he returned to B City, he would have to get some more cores for Zhan Beitian.

Mu Yifan took the map of the Arsenal out of his backpack again, compares his surroundings and estimates that it will be another 50 kilometres before he reaches his destination.

But, the number of zombies and mutated plants and animals was increasing, every step was difficult and he had made it all the way here alone, not only because he was a zombie and didn’t have to worry about being infected by zombies but also because of his powerful healing powers.

He has recovered in no time from every wound he has received, all these wounds he has received have killed him many times, if it wasn’t for his healing powers, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

Mu Yifan put the map of the Arsenal in his backpack, thinking how he can get to the Arsenal in one go, in charge, he won’t last long here on his own.

Before, he thought if he met a group here, he would join them but the closer he got to the Arsenal, the less people he saw and the rest of the day, not a soul in sight.

Of course, one of the main reasons for this, was that there were not many supplies at the arsenal and, as he had arrived by air, it was only natural that he did not meet many people.

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and decided to use his wind powers, to speed up and enter the factory.

According to his novel, the arsenal is full of zombies, so, once he gets inside he is safe.

After Mu Yifan is in the air, he used his wind powers to speed up, almost instantly and heads for the factory.

The arsenal is located in the middle of a mountain, so remote that unless you look carefully you won’t know there is a large factory.

It took Mu Yifan about half an hour to find out where it was, thankfully there were no mutant plants or animals outside, otherwise he would not have got here so well.

Mu Yifan dropped down to the ground from a height, surrounded by the junior deadly people walking around.

Judging by the overalls they are wearing, a small number are factory workers and a large number are wearing ordinary clothes, they look like ordinary people.

It is likely that these zombies came here to look for weapons and were accidentally scratched by zombies and became zombies.

The moment Mu Yifan saw the zombies, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

It’s been three months since we entered the post-apocalyptic world but, seeing the rotting faces of the zombies, there’s still a small pang in my heart, I can’t look them in the face.

It’s especially eerie here with the trees blocking out the sunlight, so, after seeing the faces of the zombies, it’s even more terrifying.

Mu Yifan quickly withdrew his gaze, remembering that the ancient guns were in the production area and immediately searched the production hall. Having trained himself over the past four days, he had learned to be alert and observant, not to run recklessly into the factory.

He will only go in when he is sure there is no potential danger.

“I’ve sucked up all the crystals I called for, I need to go outside again to look for them, I won’t be back for another day or two, if you suck up the crystals don’t do it all at the same time, at least one of you has to keep watch for you, OK? “Suddenly, a man’s voice came out.

Mu Yifan heard the voice and quickly retracted his body.

He sensed that the speaker was a zombie and a senior zombie at that, besides, there were nine other senior and intermediate zombies inside.

Mu Yifan’s frown tightened a little.

When he described Rong Yan’s search for the ancient gun, he only encountered one the senior zombie, why did so many the senior zombie appear now?

It’s only been three months since the end of the world, how come there are suddenly so many the senior zombie and, they even know how to absorb crystals to enhance their abilities.

“I’m going out to look for crystals too.”

“Me too.”

“I’m going too.”

“I’m going too.”

“Then let’s go together.” said the male zombie from before.

In a few moments, Mu Yifan saw four men and a woman coming out of the factory.



~Number One Zombie Wife~


Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 152: Why did you attack Mu Yihang?

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 152: Why did you attack Mu Yihang?

The two men suddenly fell silent, looking at each other in silence, each with a certain amount of sizing up in their eyes, gauging how strong the other was.

The more Mu Yifan looked at them, the more alarmed he became, even if he did not feel that the Zhan Nantian was a zombie, the Zhan Nantian of Haifeng County was no different from a human, the red lines in the inner frame of his eyes were gone from the first time he saw them and the black sockets were gone, even his nails were red and smooth, they were no different from the zombie king he had described in his novels. It was no different from the zombie king he had described in his novels.

And, unpredictably, what had happened to Zhan Nantian before the end of the world, that he had become the senior zombie before the end of the world.

And why did Zhan Nantian suddenly turn into a zombie when he was clearly a human in the novel?

“Why did you do it to Mu Yihang.” Mu Yifan suddenly asked.

   Before he met Zhan Nantian, in his mind, he thought that Mu Yihang had provoked Zhan Nantian first.

   But, after he met Zhan Nantian, he felt that it was Zhan Nantian who really wanted to deal with Mu Yihang, because, he felt that the Zhan Nantian in front of him, did not look like the gentle and polite man in his novels, nor was he a good man as the previous survivors had said. a good man.

   But if it was Zhan Nantian who intended to do this to Mu Yihang, what was the real purpose?

   With Zhan Nantian’s powers, it couldn’t have been as simple as wounding Mu Yihang.

“Why did you do it to Mu Yihang?” Zhan Nantian said with a slow curl of his lips: “Would you believe me if I said it was a grudge from a previous life?”

   Mu Yifan wrinkled his brow abruptly.

   In a past life?

   Is this Zhan Nantian also…

Zhan Nantian laughed lightly and said: “I’m just kidding, how can one have a past life but, I’m surprised, Mu Yihang provoked me first, why would you say that I did it to Mu Yihang?”

And then, he narrowed his eyes, a dangerous gleam in his eyes: “You seem to care about Mu Yihang.”

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes inwardly.

His concern was not for Mu Yihang’s well-being.

If it wasn’t for the Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang thing, would the Zhan family not like him?

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be trying to make Lao Zhan happy right now and of course, it would be nice to settle the Zhan Nantian and Mu Yihang matter.

“I’m just curious, you can choose not to say anything.”

Zhan Nantian really had no intention of talking to him about it, looking at his wrist watch he said: “It’s getting late, I have to go back to the Zhan family, if you can’t solve something later, send someone to the Zhan family. And, in these two months you will have to improve your skills as soon as possible.”

With these words, he smiled thoughtfully and turned to leave.

Just as he was descending the stairs, he suddenly turned around and attacked Mu Yifan with a very hot fire.

Mu Yifan was startled and dodges the black and red fire.

Immediately, the fire strikes the window.

The glass burnt with the heat, it explodes, with a bang, sending the survivors below for cover and the frame of the window melts as the fire burns.

Zhan Nantian saw how quickly Mu Yifan is able to avoid his fire, the curve of his mouth grows wider, his eyes dart to Mu Yifan’s side and he used his powers to attack Mu Yifan again.

Mu Yifan, who has just dodged the fire attack, saw it coming at him, out of reaction, he immediately used his wind power and slaps it back.

Zhan Nantian saw his fire bounce back, he looked shocked and rushes into the stairwell, then, with a laugh, he said: “Mu Yifan, I’ll be expecting more from you and when I do, I’ll come back for you.”

   Mu Yifan stood still, looking steadily at the stairway and then, turning around, looked out of the window downstairs.

   A short while later, Zhan Nantian walked out of the union building, the crowd once again gathered around him, as if to see off the emperor and surrounded Zhan Nantian as he left the union camp.

   Mu Yifan stands in front of the window, for a long time.

   He doesn’t know if it’s just him, he feels that this Zhan Nantian cares for him, maybe because we are all the same.

   Also, he had a strong feeling that this Zhan Nantian was up to something and he was very worried that the Zhan Nantian would hurt the Zhan Beitian.

   But, Zhan Nantian was after all a member of the Zhan family, he wouldn’t do anything to the Zhan family, would he?

   If they really wanted to do something to the Zhan family, they would have done it already, they wouldn’t have waited until now.

   Yes, Mu Qingtian saw the zombie like Zhan Nantian with him in front of the G City villa when he was in his womb, he was wary of the Zhan Nantian and the child had a space, he would hide in the space if he was in danger.

   Mu Yifan, thinking about it, I don’t think so.

   Mu Qingtian was reborn with Zhan Beitian, he had supposedly met Zhan Nantian but after the baby was born, no mention of it, what was going on?

   Anyway, he’ll talk to Zhan Beitian about it when he gets back from the arsenal, Zhan Beitian is not in B City these days anyway.

“Hey, who, who, who, you broke the window of our union, you’re not just going to leave?”

Mu Yifan retraced his thoughts and saw two men approaching him.

They stopped Mu Yifan and said: “If you don’t pay up, you won’t leave.”

“…” Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “I didn’t break the window, you should have gone to Zhan Nantian.”

“He’s gone, you’re responsible.”


Mu Yifan thought it was the two men who were afraid to pay Zhan Nantian but, he didn’t have any food on him to pay them either.

“Huh, what’s that?” he said in surprise as he suddenly raised his hand and pointed behind them.

The two men looked back and saw nothing but an empty corridor.

When they turned back, there was no Mu Yifan in front of them, they were furious and said: “Damn it, you lied to us.”

Mu Yifan, who had used his wind powers to leave, in a corner of the camp, laughed with glee, feeling very comfortable with his powers.

Next, he walked around the camp again, still no sign of a group heading northwest, so he found someone who knows the terrain and asks for information.

“There is indeed an arsenal to the northwest but, there are more zombies and mutated plants and animals there, are you sure you want to go there?” asked an uncertain survivor who knew the terrain.

Mu Yifan nodded.

“Little brother, it’s dangerous there, if you want to go, you’d better find a team of mutants to go with you.” The survivor took a hand drawn map out of his backpack: “I drew this map half a month ago when I went to the northwest, back then, the trees weren’t so thick out there, so, I don’t know if it’s still useful now.”

Mu Yifan took the map, then, took the fruit Zhan Beitian had prepared for him out of his back pocket and handed it to the survivor saying: “Brother, thanks.”

The survivor’s eyes light up at the sight of the fresh fruit and he took it in his hand with delight: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such fresh fruit.”

Although there are many farmers growing fruit outside B City but, after the black rain, no one dares to pick it and eat it.

The survivors ask, worried: “Is the fruit OK?”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Mu Yifan took another fruit out of his back pocket, took a bite out of his mouth and said: “Look, it’s fine.”

The survivor carefully put the fruit in his bag and smiles: “I’ll take it back to my children.”

He didn’t expect to get a fruit in exchange for a hand drawn map, so, very happy.

Mu Yifan watches his movements, with mixed feelings.

It was possible to find food in the first few months of the post-apocalyptic world, later, when the weather changed, it would be more difficult to find food.

He took another fruit from his backpack and slipped it into the survivor’s hand: “This is for you to eat.”

Mu Yifan hurriedly took the map and left, when he looked back at the survivor after he had gone, he found the apple he had given him eaten down to a stalk.

He sighed helplessly.

In the old days, where the core was eaten, the apple would have been thrown away, no one would have eaten it down to a stalk.

Mu Yifan took the map and got into the car and drove out of B City.

The trees outside the city were even more lush than when they first arrived in B City and the mutant plants were many times larger than the ones they had seen a few days before.

Also, the plants, which were once gentle, have become extremely aggressive, attacking people on sight.

Fortunately, Mu Yifan had been following a group since leaving B City and that had kept him safe from the mutant plants.

He looked down at the hand-drawn map, it shows that B City is at least 500 kilometres away from the Arsenal, if he hadn’t had two days to get there, he wouldn’t have made it.

At this point, the group in front of him had come to a fork in the road, heading in the opposite direction of the arsenal and Mu Yifan had to drive on alone.



~Number One Zombie Wife~


Number One Zombie Wife: Chapters List


Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 151: Zhan Nantian

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 151: Zhan Nantian

The next morning at six o’clock, everyone in the camp was up for exercise.

Zhan Beitian’s sleeveless black T-shirt quickly caught everyone’s attention, not his clothes, of course but the hickeys on the outside of his shirt.

The hickeys are very visible, not only on his neck but also on his arms and it’s clear that Zhan Beitian has had some kind of intense workout last night, it’s just not clear who Zhan Beitian was working out with.

All eyes were on Zhan Beitian, only a few are on Mu Yifan.

“Did you have a good time with Major General Zhan last night?” Zheng Guozong whispers to Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said glumly: “Forget it.”

It was painful to watch and not get tired of eating, so, he couldn’t live with himself without sucking on Zhan Beitian’s body.

So, he didn’t think too much about it, or about showing off in front of everyone else but when he got up today and saw the way everyone was looking at Zhan Beitian, he thought he’d gone too far last night.

It’s not like it’s a cold day, his clothes can’t even cover the hickeys he left behind.

“Mu Yifan, you’re having sex with the boss, I don’t care but, could you please behave yourself?” Xiang Guo said angrily as he stepped forward.

   Mu Yifan was already depressed and was even more depressed when Xiang Guo said: “Watch out for what? Does it mean that if a woman left hickeys on your boss’s body, you’ll think your boss is particularly brave?”


   I was already upset!

   And he’s coming back for more!

   Xiang Guo was left speechless.

Mu Yifan lost his appetite and said to Zheng Guozong: “I’ve got something to do, I’ll skip breakfast, you tell Beitian for me.”

“When will you come back next time?” Zheng Guozong asked.

Mu Yifan knew he would be lonely without his family, he patted him on the shoulder and said: “I’m going out to B City today, I’ll come and see you in a few days, if I see Zheng Jiaming, I’ll persuade him to come back to you.”


Zhan Guoxiong saw Mu Yifan off, came to Zhan Beitian who was talking to Mao Yu and said: “Mu Mu said, he had to leave, he wouldn’t be here for breakfast.”

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows abruptly and said: “What’s going on?”

   Mu Yifan would have told him if he was leaving, he couldn’t believe he didn’t have time to tell him and now he was leaving without saying anything, something was wrong.

   Zheng Guozong is not hiding anything, looked at Xiang Guo and goes to the canteen for breakfast.

   Zhan Beitian’s indifferent gaze falls on Xiang Guo, then, he looked away again and continued to discuss the previous matter with Mao Yu.

   He knew it would be difficult to get Xiang Guo to accept Mu Yifan, even he had spent countless nights thinking about it, before slowly accepting Mu Yifan from the bottom of his heart.

   So, to get Xiang Guo to accept Mu Yifan in their hearts, it would take time, to get them to change their initial views.

   Xiang Guo was a bit embarrassed by Zhan Beitian.

   He can’t help but feel angry whenever he saw Mu Yifan, a habit he’s had since many years ago.

   Besides, Mu Yifan had done that to them, it was impossible to get them to forgive Mu Yifan for what he had done, if Mu Yifan didn’t have another relationship with the boss now, otherwise, he would have beaten him up.

    After Mu Yifan left Zhan Beitian territory, he drove straight to the union camp, where the survivors had gathered to go out for supplies.

   Any survivor who does not have a regular group can go to the union camp and find a group.

   Mu Yifan arrived at the union camp, found a place to stop his car and went to the camp to find a group in the direction of the arsenal.

   He originally wanted to go to the arsenal alone but now without a navigator, in the thick woods, the map doesn’t work, so, he has to find someone who knows the way to the arsenal.

   Mu Yifan searched around the camp but could not find a suitable group.

Just then, there was a commotion at the entrance to the camp and the survivors exclaimed: “Second Young Master Zhan is back, it’s Second Young Master Zhan.”

Mu Yifan heard them shout the word ‘war’ and with a twitch of his eyebrows, asked the man next to him: “Excuse me, Second Young Master Zhan is…”

The person asked looked at him like he was an idiot and said: “You don’t know who Second Young Master Zhan is? Then Old Commissioner Zhan’s second grandson, you know that, don’t you? If you don’t know, I’d advise you not to hang around B City.”

“Zhan Nantian? I’ve heard of him but, why is everyone so excited to see him?”

The man quipped: “Second Young Master Zhan is a good man, every time he took the Zhan family in search of supplies, he comes to the union camp and picked someone with little self-preservation to go with them so that we survivors wouldn’t starve to death in the short term.”

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “That’s a good man.”

   The Zhan Nantian in his novel, although a gentle and polite man, had never taken other survivors in search of supplies, at best, he was out helping those in need.

   But now this Zhan Nantian, who was even nicer than the Zhan Nantian he portrayed, made him very curious.

   Mu Yifan saw that there were too many people blocking the gate and had to go up to the union building to see what his Zhan Nantian looked like.

   Outside the gate, a crowd of people, a few of them out to thank Zhan Nantian for taking care of them before, others to butter up Zhan Nantian and some hoping that Zhan Nantian will take them out with him next time to look for supplies.

   Mu Yifan’s eyes glance around the crowd, soon settling on the white figure surrounded by the crowd, a tall figure that attracts attention easily.

   The man in white in particular was like a star in the sky, surrounded by a huge crowd, like a star in the sky, the crowd was very enthusiastic, only the people weren’t shouting for autographs.

   The only pity was that the White Clothed man had his back to him, so he could not see the man’s face.

Mu Yifan furrowed his brow and murmured: “Why don’t you turn around.”

   As soon as he said this, the other man turned and looked up as if he had heard him and suddenly met his eyes.

   Mu Yifan caught sight of the White Clothed man’s svelte face and, at once, was struck dumb.

   Holy shit!

   Wasn’t the White Clothed Man down there the man in white that he had met outside the entrance to his villa before the end of the world?

   Mu Yifan’s eyes are filled with shock, he stared down at the man below in disbelief.

   Oh my God!

   Is he Zhan Nantian?

   Zhan Beitian’s cousin?

   This… What the hell is going on here?

   He remembered that the White Clothed man was a zombie but, how could he be Master Lao Zhan’s second grandson?

   This was unbelievable and beyond his wildest dreams.

   Zhan Nantian curled his lips slightly, motioned for someone to get out of the way, walked towards the union building and then, came to Mu Yifan.

Without speaking, he looked Mu Yifan up and down and then, with a deeper smile on his lips, he extended his hand and introduced himself: “My name is Zhan Nantian, nice to meet you, Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan looked back, quickly composed himself, shook hands with Zhan Nantian and said in a complicated way: “I didn’t expect you to be Zhan Nantian.”

   What was he to tell Zhan Beitian about this?

Zhan Nantian said in a profound way: “The world happens so loudly every day, how many things can you think of?”

“Indeed.” Mu Yifan does not deny it.

“Mu Yifan, I’ve been waiting for you in B City for a long time, aren’t you a bit slow in coming to B City.”

Mu Yifan asked: “Why did you wait for me?”

Without answering, Zhan Nantian said: “You are a little slow but, you have changed more than I could have imagined.”

Mu Yifan looked deep into his eyes and said: “To borrow your words, with all that happens in the world every day, how many things can you imagine.”

Zhan Nantian laughed lightly and said: “That’s right and I’m so pleased with the way you’ve changed, I thought I’d only see you outside B City but I didn’t think you’d make it inside.”

Then, he straightened his face and said: “No one has found out who you are, have they?”

Mu Yifan spread his hands and said: “Look at me now, who can find out who I am.”

Zhan Nantian narrowed his eyes and said: “No, indeed, if I hadn’t known you were the dead… I might have been fooled by your identity, which made me wonder what you’ve been up to in the past two months or so.”

“There have been many, more than you can imagine.” said Mu Yifan, looking at Zhan Nantian.

He was like Zhan Nantian, if he hadn’t known Zhan Nantian was a zombie, he wouldn’t have known he was his own kind.



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