SOTUS S, Writer Talks SOTUS S.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Writer Talks SOTUS S.

Hello. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for supporting the novel SOTUSS and still thinking about “Arthit” and “Kongpop”. I’m glad to meet you again.

In the Evil SOTUS hazer novel and the Young First Year student, we have written that “First Year can only be once a first year for a lifetime, but when I had the opportunity to write a sequel to the novel, I only discovered that the truth… is that we can always feel new things because this world has never-ending new experiences for us to learn. Continue reading “SOTUS S, Writer Talks SOTUS S.”

SOTUS S, [Special] I miss you.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] I miss you.

Kongpop caught the eye of a photograph of a person in a male high school uniform that appeared on the Facebook timeline.

It was a photo that was tagged in a while back, but it was not the person who posted it, it could be seen from his sharp face that he was trying to turn away, as if he was reluctant to be in front of the camera, perhaps, the other person looked like he was in the early twenties, it would have been embarrassing to wear an outfit meant for five or six years old, yet Kongpop thought it was strangely matching.

He hurriedly pressed to save the picture and then slid open the LINE application to send it to the user, profile picture of King Arthit, the big name and attach a message to compliment it.

In less than a minute, the next few words say Read, followed by a reply message following the end. “Delete itnow!”

I saw only the letters, but I didn’t know why, I seemed to hear the sound of Dulia following the wind until Kongpop couldn’t help but smile.

“The company’s New Year’s party?

He typed in the question, even though he can guess, because in the tagged photo, there are other people in school uniforms, some shorts and some silver blue pants, which the poster shared in a long list of details.

“Yes, it was a Back to School theme, so I had to dig into my old school uniform. The shirt can still be worn, but the pants need to be fitted. Why have I been getting fat?

In addition to the annoying complaint that people cannot deal with the Truth of Life, because we humans cannot hold our bodies at any age, but if possible… Kongpop would like to see the other person as a student.

Though of something and typed automatically.

“I would like to see pictures of you in high school, can you send me some?”

“Yes, just one picture is fine.”

“No, like the one you at the end of the second year I want to see those.”

“You saw me wearing a school uniform?” When I applied for an interview with the faculty.

At a time when he was hesitant about choosing what he wanted to study or choosing to study for the future, a senior Faculty of Engineering suddenly greeted him and shared his own experience during an interview. The smile consoled him not to be stressed, as well as the words of encouragement to welcome him as a junior. It turned out to be a brutal head hazer and without any memories of that incident.

“Oh, why did you not tell me about? Did you tell me and I can’t remember?”

“You don’t remember, it’s fine, you just made me remember, just one person is enough.”

If instead of feeling hurt, Kongpop felt that it was a special story for him.

“That day you are lucky that it was me. If it was someone else, they would think that you are weird and you suddenly come and beat him too.”


In the LINE, there was no reply, but the smartphone’s ringtone sounded immediately until he had to hurry to answer. “Phii Arthit.”

“Kongpop! What do you mean? Are you teasing me?! “At the end of the call, the one who was angry, spoke loudly as he used to be a head hazer, made the tease, hurriedly refused, even though inwardly he kept laughing.

“No, I’m not teasing you, I’m just…”

The sentence paused as he recalled what he had heard that day.

“Because I like it here.”

It is unbelievable that a single word can influence him today.

Phii Arthit knows that… he also like it here.

Because besides being a place where the two of us meet, it is also the beginning of a precious relationship.

And it also allows him to make a special discovery in someone.

“Just what?” The speaker asked, he knew that if the answer was going, he would be scolded again, but this was the truth he wanted to tell the other person to hear.

“Just… I don’t want Phii Arthit to go and act cute like this with anyone. It’s just that.”

As expected, the outcry sounded, but this time Kongpop laughed without being able to hold back.



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SOTUS S, [Special] Head hazer’s test.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Head hazer’s test.

“Welcome all applicants applying to be head hazer!”

During a late Saturday in the scorching sun, Arthit stood prominently on the stadium stand, announcing the announcement.

Among the dozen male and female students in t-shirts and sweatpants stood in order.

One of them was Kongpop, who stood beside a close friend EM, awaiting the test of life from a head hazer in a red shirt who showed a serious expression before declaring the rules.

“The applicant will have to pass three levels of exams and whoever scores the highest score will be awarded the head hazer.”

The head hazer is the only position Kongpop intends to want to get.

The aura of steadfastness grew so prominently that it made the person standing above the eye.

In memory of Arthit once in a conversation.

Two of them have spoken about this time.

“But I also want to try being a hazer.”

“Did you think well of your choice?”

“Yes, I thought that well.”

I really want to know if the other person is capable of going through it.

Arthit smiled, the corner of his mouth moving up and then the ruthless selection begins.

“The first test will be a physical test… The rule is that you have to run five laps in twenty minutes. Anyone who completes it will pass it!”

Numbers quickly calculated in Kongpop’s head. One stadium, four hundred meters, five laps, equal to two kilometers. Normally, he spends about seven minutes per kilometer. It will still be comfortable enough to catch up.

Thinking with relief that I should be able to move, but… “But wait…” The interruption of the noise caused everything to come to a halt.

A long white cloth, like a string, was raised and waved, followed by a devil’s command.

“Because you guys have to tie one leg to your friend’s and run.”

The contestants were completely shocked, running two kilometers in twenty minutes. Whoever can do it is crazy!

But of course, the hazers did not care that they chased the candidates loudly.

“Oh! You guys hurry up, get the clothes and go and run. I have prepared a timer!”

Kongpop chose to match EM, which expresses his uncertainty.

“Will it be OK? Just running normally, I’m in a bad way and now I have to come running three legs again.”

“You have to try it. You don’t have to run. Just go at the pace that I count.”

The figure was tall as he tied the cloth tightly to the legs. Move to the rhythm of the count.

“Left, right, left, right.”

It seemed to work because, although they set off in a slow walk, for a while they passed without stumbling over others until they finally reached the finish line in the first pair. second! The best of friends tag other with joy.

The rest of the applicants followed in with some mess and trouble, most of which took more than twenty minutes, but all of them were determined to walk the finish line all the way.

But the rule is the rule: “I’m very disappointed that only two people can pass the test.”

Arthit once again stood on the stand with a smoldering mood.

“Most of you fail the exam, indicating that you don’t have the potential to be a hazer… Three-legged running is a test of unity… If you are not qualified, then you are going to teach the juniors. How can it be?”

The listeners lowered their heads, shrank, calling for points of pity until the judge had to sigh.

“But… since you all finish your spirit through the finish line, I’ll give you one more chance.”

Like the light shining at the end of the tunnel, I hope everyone hurry and listen and listen to the new rules.

“The second test will be a psychological test.”

The hazers raised a table in the center of the field with three brown jars.

“You have to pick up the jars you have chosen and pick up one coin in each one.”

This test seems to be easy, but who knows what strange things are hidden in the box.

Earthworms… cockroaches… or smooth eels?

Imagine everyone was dreadfully worried with the stuff inside.

“I’ll call it in order according to the statistics you guys finish in the first stage… Kongpop0062!”

The owner of the name stepped forward in front of three jars.

He had a worried expression, seeing the dishonest gaze of the hazer gang that had been staring at him, was more concerned about whether there was a strange object inside the jar to tease them but then decided to pick up the jar in the middle of his companions. The hazers held their breath and waited for hope as the eyebrows on the handsome face frowned after his fingers touched the slippery, disgusting slime, but finally raised a coin.

“Got it.” Arthit nodded, signaling “pass.”

Kongpop let out a sigh of relief and walked out to wait to the side.

EM was called next, he reached out, his hand trembled, he took a jar in the middle as well, his face looking for something a little awkward but he managed to pick up a coin.


The delighted man hurried to stand next to his close friend and spoke with excitement.

“Thanks god for deciding to take the same jar as you. I saw that there was nothing I caught up on, I didn’t want to touch the other jar, I am afraid of finding something strange in there.”

“There would be nothing else in the jar.”

Kongpop commented, he looked at the female candidate, fetched the right hand for a while and took out the coin without any problems.

I wonder in my heart if the second stage test will be too easy or not? Hazer wants them to understand the feelings of the children when playing the game.

Some sounds as if something broke, interrupting his thoughts.

Most of them are now scattered to the ground with green jelly fragments and coins.

Tew raised his right hand that was covered with blood because of the sharp mark of the jar.


The wounded cry out loud and frantically, running around frantically as blood spurt from the wrists never stops and their friends are shocked by the unexpected accident, but many were trying to help.

“Don’t come in just yet! There are broken jars right here on the ground so that they can cut your feet.”

Kongpop shouted forbidden, but even worse, one of the female friends in the applicant’s group saw a large amount of blood and turned pale.

“Someone fainted right here!”

The turmoil in the field was split up on two sides to provide first aid.

“Tew, calm down first.”

Kongpop tried to console the still panicked and hurriedly checked the wounds. Tew’s blood flowed down to his arm as if he had been cut deep, but the tall figure suddenly stopped after noticing.


Certain anomalies that the EMs standing close to other have to call consciousness.

“Ai Kong take this cloth to stop the bleeding quickly.”

“No!” Kongpop rejects the sound. “A wound like this must start with a scrape to prevent tetanus.”

“Eh?” E’s face looked dizzy.

Never knew there was such a remedy before and his friend’s eyes were freaking cold as if he grasped the blood-soaked wrist.

The nurse will help dig and clean the wound for you.”

Tew’s pale face looked more terrified than when he was cut, shouted, shouted loudly.

“Don’t do anything, I agree!!”

The objects hidden in the hands were revealed and there was a tiny squeeze bottle containing fake blood and the injured person’s body was free of any wrinkles.

“Is this you pretending to be hurt?” Said EM and he looked at the liar who opened his mouth to confess well.

“I was ordered by Phii Arthit  to do it and he threatened me after we finished the leg race.”

Kongpop then turned to look at a group that was looking for a paper to blow to the female friend who fell asleep as if she fainted.

“I asked you guys to pick up the jar and get some coins, what are you doing!”

A loud shout coming from the first aid stand was startled in shock and the fainted girl suddenly bounced awake.

“All of you fail the test! You can come back in line!

The declaration was decisive, playing with his heart to fall, not enough to be seen with anger.

“Even so, you cannot follow simple assignments, you can’t take charge of the hazer. No one has argued yet, because it is true you have forgotten your duties.

“We haven’t forgotten our duties yet,” Kongpop said steadily.

“… It is our duty to help those in need first and then go back to doing other duties.

“Since there is no time limit for this test and two jars are left, so… we still have the right to continue to pick up until everyone is complete.”

Arthit narrowed his eyes to the brave of the generation… This kid was getting to know him and how he thinks and how to counter Arthit… In fact, it is the test of resolving the immediate situation. When attending a cheer meeting, you have to control hundreds of siblings. We can never predict what will happen we can only deal with it wisely and apply correct first aid.

As far as he has always noticed, Kongpop and the others are able to do so smoothly.

“Well, okay.”

In the end, he had to relent, let the applicants gradually come to pick up the jars until they have all the coins.


After the announcement, everyone was thrilled again, except EM, who whispered Tew with wonder.

“Why is it hard? One coin is broken, there probably even more scary tests.”

The people answered with a look of lamentation.

“Ai Kong thought he would secretly put more coins in the second round. Ah! Why my life is only threatened with him.”

At the end of the sentence, Tew groaned while EM turned to look at the crafty man flickering the coin in his hand, realizing the proverb that above the sky, there was still the sky.

There is only one side left to complete the mission.

“The third test is a standalone exam, you have to be separated and walk into the room one by one, this time starting with the people who participate in the three-legged record from the last to the front.”

That means… Kongpop will be the last person to enter the test room. As time passes by the area was interspersed with loud noises intermittently coming out, some of the test takers crawl out with pale expressions, others run away like they want to survive. Most recently, it was EM that walked over and over aroundagain, as if the mind fell out of sight, it was murmuring.

“Pha… I was wrong. Sorry… Ya… forgive me.”

What exactly happened there?

“0062 Kongpop invites!” The sound of a hazer shouted to him into the dark square.

The fluorescent light inside the room only shone in the center, where Arthit was standing there and the rest of the hazer retreated to standby next to it, creating an atmosphereof pressure.

The big head hazer comes and stops right in front of the applicant. “Your test is…”

The eyes of the two matched before Arthit gave the order.

“You have to haze me.”

Kongpop was silent a little, not expecting to meet this test.

“I’m going to be a First Year student and you’re a hazer, you have to haze me.”

I did not have time to prepare myself, because the signal was immediately shouted.


The person acting as First Year is sitting cross-legged, wearing a spirit, playing his own role.

Kongpop saw, so he began to breathe and his hands crossed after holding himself up.

Since Phii Arthit gives this test, he will have to pass.

It goes with all the experiences he has learned.

“First Year students! Where did your generation disappear to?!”

Arthit was shocked at his sudden change in his attitude. Kongpop radiated the aura of being a hazer so awesome that he could only sit still, not daring to make any noise.

“If no one answers, I’ll randomly call one of your friends and if your friend can’t answer, you will be punished with all the punishment.

“Code 0206, stand up.”

It was not unpredictable for Arthit, he stood up straight.

“Where did all your friends go? Why didn’t you come to the meeting to cheer?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you know all of my questions? You have to answer them so you can understand!”


Kongpop put his hand in his pants pocket, picked up something. “Do you see this gear?”

Of course, Arthit knew it well because it was his own gear that was traded to the other party.

“I see.”

“This gear is a generation gear, the pride of every engineering person, not just someone’s stuff. If you guys don’t show me you’re ready to do everything to take it, get out of here! I will assume that you are no longer a junior of our group!”

Once, the meaning of this gear was explained in the same sentence, the old memory flashed like a Deja vu, especially when the head hazer Kongpop fires a question.

“Now answer me, Khun Arthit, if we don’t give gear to your model, what will you do?”

“I will take it.”

“What did you say?”

Arthit sneered in his heart when he saw the reaction of a tall figure that had been halted by being reversed.

As a hazer, he had been challenged by Kongpop before. Let’s see how if you switch roles, how would Kongpop deal with this situation?

“If you don’t give me the gear, I will have to take it for myself.”

“Do you think you can take the gear from me?”


“So what do you do?!”

“I will make you my wife!”

Arthit smiled with joy, finally speaking the sentence.

“Well, they say that the lover’s stuff is like ours, if I catch you, my wife’s gear is like my gear.”

Kongpop remained silent.

On the contrary, Arthit is one of those who laugh in their hearts over their recent vengeance victories.

How about it? Try it and see it, so that you can understand how he felt at that time. I can’t help it.

Arthit waited for the head hazer to be so angry with smoke, but unexpectedly, Kongpop asked back briefly.

“Are you sure you want to do it here.”

“Eh?” Oh, wait. It didn’t go according to plan…

Fear duplicate, the tall figure, slowly stepped forward, moving closer and closer and his eyes twinkled.

“Prepare yourself, have you prepared yourself?”

The people in a precarious situation quickly turned to look for help around the room, but the friends retreated, making expressions like “You made up this rule, so please help yourself!”

Arthit was startled as soon as he was grabbed by the cunning wolf.

“Let’s get started.”

The victim’s face was dyed in pale color, a shouting voice, “Hey!!!”

Loud voices filled the cheer room.

Arthit hurriedly flicked his hand away, retreated far away and his demeanor was completely defeated and every move made the surrounding people laugh to the point of being in poverty.

“What are you guys laughing at?”

“Who allowed you to talk to your friends?”

An actor who has yet to give up his role as a head hazer speaks with a rant.

“I will order punishment for you… Arthit code 0206, kiss my cheek two hundred times, start now!”

“I usually have to order a push-up penalty or a scoot jump, isn’t it?!”

He protested the grotesque penalties, but Kongpop kept the face off.

“Whenever you say that you want to catch me and make me your wife and so husband for a wife order you to kiss your wife’s cheek, it’s normal, isn’t it?”


He could only swear because he was angry and embarrassed because he knew for sure that now he was being bullied back, if in any case he didn’t dare to follow the punishment here.

“Kongpop, you passed! Get out of the room now!!!”

Despite being kicked out of the room, the tall figure thought of a tenderness in his heart, seeing his embarrassed expression on Arthit was worth it for him.

After a while, all the applicants were again gathered on the field to await the pivotal decision.

“Congratulations, all of you passed the exam!”

The sound of joy resounded, in fact, for each level there was nothing more difficult than it could be, just to be determined and determined to prove it.

“The person who scores the best and gets the head hazer position is… Kongpop.”

At the end of the announcement of the name, everyone applauded their congratulations because they both conceded that Kongpop was appropriate to stand in the head hazer without any objection to their eyes.

Kongpop smiled proudly.

He was finally able to take the position, just as Phii Arthit had always inspired him.

“May you act hazer with determination, set a good example for the younger generation, open up to listen and make corrections to mistakes.”

Arthit advised the new hazer.

His heart recalls his time as a head hazer and met many great experiences he will never forget, especially the experiences he had with someone who is now standing in the same position.


The owner of the name made eye contact with the man on the stand, who sent a heartfelt smile along with the obligation.

“I would like to leave the head hazer position with you.”

“You can trust it to me,” the next generation of head hazer responded with determination.

At the end of the selection ceremony it was a good auspicious time for fostering relationships according to engineering traditions

“Well! After this, let’s go celebrate to welcome the new hazer!”

The brothers hugged other’s necks slowly out of the field, while Kongpop was still waiting for someone.

“PhiiArthit,” the tall figure called for another round of commitment.

“I will try to be a good head hazer like Arthit brother.”

Listeners nodded, acknowledging their intentions, “If there is any problem, you can always consult me.

“Yes, I do.”

In addition to believing in other, there is also a sweetness that floats in the atmosphere within Arthit’s heart, full of glee, if not for being shattered by a sentence.

“But… Arthit hasn’t kissed my cheek a couple hundred times yet.”

A… Bastard! “The test is over!” He hurriedly argued, blushing, but the cunning man was still trying to find an excuse.

“It is considered a special training. In case I face this kind of situation, I will be able to deal with it right away so I need practise.”

“I don’t want it!!!” FFS, who is this Kongpop?

“… Phii Arthit doesn’t have to kiss my cheek two hundred times, just one time is fine.”

Kongpop still asked, but the embarrassed man hurried out of the field, ignoring the side who had complained along the way.



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SOTUS S, [Special] The Story of Prem.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] The Story of Prem.

After graduation, I do not know what I am going to do. This is the question of the broken world of the great man Prem.

Some people say that you can apply for a job on the line you graduated from.

Hmm… it sounds good, but the point of blaming yourself for failing to study hard seems too late.

An important addition… He didn’t want to have a career as a civil worker at all.

He likes to take pictures.

The moment he was holding the camera made him more excited than holding a shutter sounding ruler passing through his ears because more than the sound of drilling concrete on site.

However, the freelance photographer career is quite risky and if the skill is really good, you can get a job quickly enough to make a living. You cannot eat  just instant noodles to sustain life for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sigh… just thinking about it will end your dreams.

Someone once said that when studying is the most comfortable because the more you grow up, the more responsibility you make, so he wants to stop his status as a student, but of course. It is a little too fantasy. This is true, so only the memory stops in the photograph.

This morning, it would not be strange if many of the First Year students would see a male senior wearing a red shopper, carrying a backpack, a DSLR camera and taking a photo survey on every corner of the university.

The school building, cafeteria, benches under the faculty building, not even a bathroom.

Every place is full of uneasy bonds.

I thought that the tears would flow for those who spent four years together, but let’s be honest, who would be this desperate.

The grateful people swept their eyes across the university as if they were playing the hero EM V. Sad songs were about to raise the camera to capture images of the stadium that used to compete in basketball when it was still fresh.

“Hoeei! Watch out!”


It was not just a memory, but the whole skin touched when a tall figure was hit by a basketball.

“Watch it.”

The owner of the basketball hurriedly apologized to the victim after he accidentally shot three points, but missed the ball, bounced off the field and went to the head instead of someone else far away.



The parties shouted together after other saw their faces.

Prem immediately remembered that this boy was one of his memories when he went to the Junior Psycho, First Year students, at a basketball game and it rose to strenuously, if guessed correctly, the name… Wad.

The same face, the pale, pale figure, the same lizard and it still messed up him again, for as soon as Prem glanced at an object on the ground, he shouted loudly.

“Hoeei, camera!”

The young engineering man hurriedly grabbed his dearest and most possessive body tool to find that when he tried to shake or press any button, the DSLR screen turned off completely unresponsive.

“Mother, gosh!”

He shouldn’t have let go of the camera because he was shocked when the basketball hit him right now and he is hurts both in his head and in his heart.

The one who was causing him, seeing what his destructive power was causing, hurriedly reassessed his conscience.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

But Prem suddenly turned to look with frustrated eyes like a shouting voice.

“Excuse me. The camera is damaged!” The tail of the eyebrows on the face suddenly twitched. What do you want to talk about?

“How much can I pay back?”

It is unfortunate that such a statement, in addition to being ineffective, also stimulates the emotions of the opposite side to break through the boiling point even further.

“This camera, I have been collecting money for a year, buy it…. since I just entered the university, it is worth much and I can’t get it back!”

He drew in a sigh after realizing that this item was important, but he decided that it was just a normal camera and chose a simple solution to cut back on it, it should be angry. Thinking, so he decided to bow his head “I’m really sorry Phii.”

The heartfelt gesture that Prem began to relax his emotions, even if he was angry, but not in the heart.

“Well, let it be. What have you done? I hope the camera memory is okay.”

An amateur photographer gave a deep sigh as he nodded a memory card containing his own memories.

“What did you shoot?” Wad asked. Even though their personalities were tough, when the feud was put down, the conversation continued naturally.

“The picture of the university in general, after graduation, I want to take it as a souvenir.”

Prem was willing to explain not only that, but he also offered questions.

“Can I see?”

Before reaching out to pick up a few photo albums from inside the backpack, the small eyes widened.

“Oh… it’s so rare, people will record photos and make albums, now we take all pictures and upload them online.”

And still can take very beautiful pictures as well. The latter sentence can only be thought of in the mind while looking at each image, which looks like a story in it, clearly indicating that the photographer is really good and really loves to press the shutter.

Until he caught the eye in one of the pictures, “Hoeei! When did you take it since?”

Wad was looking at himself in a sports wear as he was soaring off to score a goal that he seemed to hang in midair.

The contestants competing for the basketball and the intensity of the game and the determination to win the man preparing to shoot the ball to score.

Prem leaned over to look at the picture before remembering that it was two years old.

“Oh, during the Basketball First Year students game… your face was so cocky, so I took a picture and keep it as if I lose, I will take it for me.”

Wad hurried to reply back. “But in the end we won.”

“Well… good, do you want me to clap your hands, too?” The senior teased, flattering, provocative, but admitted that Wad was really good. He heard that Wad is now a college basketball player. He does not know why I have to devote myself to that.

“Why do you like playing basketball?”

“And why do you like taking pictures?”

An arrogant child is still a cocky boy, but the answer is not inaccurate, the same question is persistent, if it makes him think about himself until he gets a simple answer.

As usual, the graduates did not expect the second-year to gain a deeper understanding of what the speaker was talking about silent with his eyes looking at an empty stadium.

“Actually, I hate the basketball game.” Prem stopped what he was doing after he had just heard.

“It’s fun when practicing alone, but when you go on the track as a team, it feels stressful and if it’s really stressful, I’ll play badly, sometimes wanting to walk off the pitch in the middle of the game again.”

Wad continued to share a secret he hadn’t told anyone before.

The captain draws brutally on the racetrack and in truth, deep down he is terrified, it will not be easy to bear the heavy expectations of both himself and others.

“But I’m still playing basketball because I want to know… how far it will take me.”

At least you can do bette… If you don’t start walking you won’t be able to move forward…

As if the media implied that for Prem, who was about to compete in the field of life, he wanted to know that his career as how far photography would take him.

“But why don’t you have a picture of yourself?”

The issue was changed as Wad kept flipping the album in his hands while observing.

“I like taking pictures of other people more.”

“So, how about I take one of yours?” Strangely, this little boy suddenly tuspy turvied the sistuation, Prem said, “the camera was broken.”

“The camera wis broken, but there was still this one.”

Wad took the smartphone out of his pocket and turned on the camera mode before chasing the Naai to pose.

“Hold on. What angle should I take a picture…”

“Hoeei! No! “Prem refused immediately, yet the other party was still not giving up. “Then let’s shoot together.”

The mode adjuster is a front camera raised, hoping to capture a couple photos, but because of the uncomfortable position, the frame was wobbling, the focus can only be reached down to the shoulder, until photography lover had to recommend it.

“Holding it like that, how can you use it? Give it here. I will take it for you.” Then he pressed the shutter repeatedly and backed the phone… While Prem took the phone Wad took the DSLR camera

“I’ll get the camera and I will go fix it myself.”

“No need.”

“It is my responsibility anyway, after the repair is complete, I will call to tell ya.”

One thing the two of them have in common is stubbornness. In the end, the senior had to give up.

“Well, okay.”

It is unbelievable that two years ago they had an argument where they almost exchanged fists, but now they are talking well, just like the seniors and the juniors who join the engineering group that have been close to other for a long time. After exchanging phone numbers, Prem made a move to prepare to return to the dormitory, since the memory-saving mission had failed, he would regret not achieving the full intention, which draws by himself, it must be noticed.

“If you are not going back. When you’re bored, you can come back here. Even if you take a picture its cool.”

“You already know. At basketball games, you don’t stop until the last bell.”

“I won’t!”

Prem smiled at the slightest bit of annoyance that he was able to pull off his teeth, but the arrogant boy was right, even though the four years had become just a memory, it did not mean that he was unable to create new memories. He can come here and create new ones.

Just like this time…

The smartphone vibrated lightly in the pocket of his pants. On the way, Prem walked away from him, the application line bounced, warning that someone sent a picture. For a moment, the Prem’s lips stretched in a thin smile.

Well, when he graduated, he did not know what he was going to do, but at least no matter what path he chose or faced, he believed that he had a place to go back to with someone to support and listen to him.

T/N I think aside from Kongpop/ Arthit … Prem Wad is the most interesting couple ever


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SOTUS S, [Special] When Kongpop interviewed for internship.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] When Kongpop interviewed for internship.

The taxi turned into the Siam Polymer Group at around 10 p.m. before being stopped by security personnel for strict surveillance, but after seeing who the passenger in the car was, the guard opened the barricade and allowed the cab to get through with ease, the yellow vehicle slowly moved into a road deep behind the factory where a house was strategically hidden, surrounded by shady trees.

Kongpop paid his fare and got off the car straight to unlock the house keys. He walked past family pictures hanging on the wall until he reached the living room, before embracing a woman watching television from behind in nostalgia.

“Sawadee khrap Mom ”, the waiting party raised a hand to pat the son’s head with ffection.

“Come late, have you eaten something yet?”

“Yes mom… and Dad, or has he gone to bed?

Just then a voice rang from the stairs of the second-floor house.

“How can I sleep? Your mother said that you will come home, so I just kept working and waiting for you.”

Krirkkrai came down to join the conversation since he was one the pioneer of the plastics industry, doing a good job, both the supervisor and the family head, without fail, this highly responsible DNA was passed on to his son because Kongpop explained the reasons for himself.

“Right, I was caught in university activities and stayed in tutoring so I arrived a little late.”

“Are you caught in activities or with your lover?” The mother joked.

“Where is this lover are you talking about? Aren’t I stuck with my lovely mother”

Even in his twenties as the youngest child and almost seven and eight years apart from the two sisters Kongpop still has a hidden personality and it has become such a young man’s charm that he is not even aware of.

“And is this close to school holidays yet?”

“At the end of this month, but during school holidays, I have to do an internship.

“Come and practice at home so that you can learn the job first.”

Krirkkrai suggested as a man who wanted his son to inherit the business since both sisters also took part in the management of the company.

But Kongpop showed a hesitant expression.

“Well… I would like to do an internship outside, if I go elsewhere, I should learn something new so I can apply it to our factory.”

There is a reason for saying that, so parents did not want to interrupt and his father said, “and choose where to go.”

“Still watching.”

After giving EM the number one company to training with May, he continued to search for other companies that were open for cheer meet. There were a few interesting companies, yet he still couldn’t decide.

“Well, last month, someone from Ocean Electric came to my company and he was an interesting sorta worker. He was frazzled and didn’t look good. When I saw that he came in contact and asked me for help… Actually, this company is interesting and they were a partner with our company before, if your child hasn’t made up your mind yet, you can try going to this company.”

Ocean Electric Company… the company where Arthit works, he never expected to hear it from his father.

It’s a coincidence or fate is uncertain, but it motivates him to take a risk.

“Yes, I will try to submit an application.”

The application process, as well as the outstanding student writing exam such as Kongpop, has been achieved through the interview.

The appointed time according to the schedule is 2 PM, where he arrived at the company where Arthit is already working, so he wanted to take a chance to meet his face.

So the tall figure picked up the smartphone, took a deep call and he felt a little nervous because the other party was at work, but he couldn’t forbid his own thinking. Wait, just a moment, the call was answered.

“Hello, whatsapp Kong?”

“Excuse me, I’m going to interview for an internship…”

“You called to ask for encouragement?”

The speaker intervened first, although this was not the main reason for the call, but it was close.

“… Do that.”

“You can do it already.”

It’s not a sweet word, it’s a blunt encouragement in Arthit’s style, if it’s enough to recharge him like a battery charger.

“Well… this evening, I might be going to seeing the factory outside.”

“Yes, I’ll tell everyone.”

It seemed that the talker was in a hurry because next to him he heard a call from the office guy from the other end of the line.

“Just this first, I have to go, see you tonight.”

The signal was cut off, so he had not yet talked about coming to the same company for an internship exam, so he decided to pass the exam first and then tell Artht before it was not too late.

The young man made a simple thought before turning his body, pushing the elevator up to the fourth floor, the location of the scheduled personnel department, but when the elevator door opened, the inside rushed out of the garden, hurriedly hitting him.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, I didn’t even look at my path.”

Kongpop was not sure if the other person was a student for an interview or a full time employee, because he was so busy keeping his eyes on the drop that he had to bend down to help.

When he handed the file to the innocent face, he smiled brightly in lieu of thanks before he left the other way.

Kongpop then took the elevator to the same destination, waited for a moment and was summoned into the interview room.

He knocked on the door, asking for permission before opening it. The committee was already waiting, three people, leaving a chair in the middle of the room for the candidate to sit.

The young student does not forget to pay respect to his manners, the atmosphere and the pressure that surrounds him cannot make him afraid.

The first step in the interview is introducing yourself.

Kongpop speaks every sentence in a polite and clear tone, just as it was a former head hazer. In addition, his academic performance was excellent. He passed the writings so high that one of the committee members was a middle-aged man.

“This history is good, many companies should be within your choice, why did they choose this company?”

“I think that many of Ocean Electric’s products are constantly being developed as an indication that this company is not ceasing to innovate, so I would like to study the working system and learn how to think from people that developed these products directly.”

The committee kept a calm expression, showing no signs of being satisfied with the answer or not, before a woman in glasses who sat on the far right would send a question of suppression.

“So what is the reason why we should choose you for an internship here?”

“I think I have the potential to help this company develop even further. Even though I’m just an apprentice, it’s like a little cog, but it is essential to help larger machines. It works efficiently and I want to be one of the gear drivers for this Ocean Electric Company.”

The answer was as if it were a prepared speech. Kongpop was unaware that he had already been rated at a high level. A child with such a talent would be deplorable if it hadn’t been assigned the right duties, but anything could happen in the world of socialism. Work.

“And if it happened for you to train in the department that was not something you are good at, will you be able to do it?”

The last referee was a male senior and experienced Kongpop chose to respond cautiously.

“Yes, I think every department has something new to teach and it will definitely be useful in the future for me.”

After that, four and five questions were followed, which Kongpop was able to answer so eloquently that the jury was almost unable to keep a satisfied expression until the last question was reached.

“In five years, what do you see your future like?”

Kongpop was a little paused at what he still couldn’t give himself an exact answer.

One heart wants to continue to study, but the other wants to work and gain experience.

But… there was one thing that he was sure of and tried to keep it true.

“… with someone I love,” mumbles the sentence as quickly as a thought when one person’s face appears so vividly.

This is the first answer that does not go through the brain, but comes straight from the heart.

Having said that, he was worried that the committee would find fault with the slightest reaction, but everyone let go, shut the file down, nodded with a smile.

“Okay, the interview has been completed.”

“Thank you very much.”

Kongpop raised his hand to say goodbye to the end before walking out of the room in relief.

I don’t know what the outcome will be, but hopefully he’ll be able to work with people who want to be with not just the next five years, but he wants to be with Arthit every day.

From today… and forever.



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SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 3: Smile at seniors often enough.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 3: Smile at seniors often.

After the internship party was over, the other employees began to disperse.

Yong got in his car, preparing to drive away, but while turning through the gates he accidentally saw someone standing at the footpath. The young man hurriedly slid the car window and greeted the other person immediately, “Naai.”

“Oh, Phii Yong,”

The interns smiled at familiar people. “Get in the car, I’ll send you off.”

He spoke spontaneously and the invited nodded gladly, hurried to open the door to the car, as he always did.

It’s only wrong that… This may be the last ride between them on the radio waves, sports news channels, which are always open on an annual basis.

At the time of the break, the love song was played softly, making Yong think of his past stage performance.

“I just realized that you can play guitar too.”

“Oh, I’ve been practicing playing since the beginning of high school, you know… a friend of mine is very good looking, the girl is addicted to him and he can play guitar so I wanted to learn how to play.”

Your personality, regardless of how young or old it is, has never changed.

“So what’s the result?”

“I am single until today. I forgot that my friend was so good-looking, the thing about him playing the guitar was not related,” the young man laughed at his youthful craziness. Yong would like to confess that the theory Naai suspected might be correct, because throughout the night of the party he was unable to take his eyes off the guitarist on stage.

Even now, he feels that he has a hard time concentrating on the road rather than the passenger seat next to him, so he quickly distracts other questions.

“So, do you know what you will do after graduating?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure at all.”

A reluctant expression appeared in Naai’s face for a long time to see once, he turned Yong to be surprised instead.

“Oh? I thought I would use my sense to guess.”

“Oh… something like this, it takes a lot of thought. In addition, I am afraid that this is something is too big for me. If it does not come true, I will be disappointed in vain.”

It seemed that the clues in the heart of being sent to the QC department instead of the Production Department would not fade away easily, so the adults tried to comfort it.

“David Beckham once said… You can be one in a million, don’t let the discouragement ruin your success.”

“Uh huh. So sharp, Phii Yong, but David Beckham, he once crashed Liverpool, didn’t he?”

Striving to encourage it, it still doesn’t stop, but it does go back and it is followed by the word Naai.

“But… there is one thing that I can use sense to guess”


“Phii Yong will be lonely when I’m away.” Oh!

The driver accidentally stepped on the brakes a little too hard. Fortunately, the car was slowing down to the red light, so he had to try to keep the steering wheel as steady.

“Where is this lonely you guessing coming from, do not guess anything foolish.”

“But I will be lonely.”

Again, this kid… would you like to see him with a heart attack or death?

“Well, from now on, there will be no one to get free food from and my stomach will be lonely.”

As if the daydream was shut down, Yong hurriedly shouted vengeance for the selfish person.

“Yes! I pray for Chelsea to have many consecutive losses.”

“It must be difficult, Phii Yong.”

The silver lion child, undaunted by the curse, laughed again until his laughter almost drowned out the love song on the radio. The moment they had a lot of talk was a very simple moment, it was so relaxing.

The street is actually the same road but today Yong thought that it would stretch a little further.

But… that kind of unimaginable matter would not be possible because soon the car had to be parked at the place where it had been stopping regularly.

Naai took off his seat belt and turned to say the last word.

“I will go first, thank you for a good experience.”

The words were filled with sincerity, without any arguments, probably because the other party was also aware that this was like a farewell, when I did not know when I would meet again, so it was only a small smile.

“Well, good luck.”

Honestly, Yong would like to say more if all his words were stuck in his throat and refused through his lips.

He watched the car door closed, allowing the apprentice’s figure to walk away from the distance…

The next day, the cruel hazer production engineer was still living a normal life.

Wearing the same old gray bear, walking through the old production lines, stricter with traditional safety systems, but unlike the original… he was thinking of someone, unable to get away from the brain.

“A cup of hot coffee.”

Even after lunch, the effects of the caffeine in the same drink could not cause him to tremble as much as the memories he had played with the youngster.

What kind of crazy thing is this he is, it makes no sense at all, he knows other for three months, the other person is still a man who is younger for many years, his attitude seems to be very different?

Yet… Something inside Naai made him feel shaken like never before.

And Yong decided to do things that even he did not expect…

He grabbed the key of the starter car, hurriedly drove off to the alley where he had sent an apprentice, only to faintly hope that he would see a naive face, although the percentage of success was almost zero because He doesn’t know where Naai’s dorm is.

Yong tries to use his sense of guesswork while driving in a circular motion if it is useless, unlike Naai’s sense that Naai craftsmen are accurate.

How did that boy know that he would… be lonely…?

I want to praise respectfully but will never have a chance to tell or even see the bright smile that he likes to look at anymore…

Yong returned to the production warehouse downheartedly to focus on the job because this was the only way.

That will help alleviate the loneliness of the heart.

While welding and soldering needed his concentrated, a piece of paper was attached to his side.

“Broughte the department circular letter.”

The focused engineer refused to let go of the soldering iron, and gave a brief order to the intern.

“Put it on the table and find something on top of it so it doesnt fluter.”

Then he paused when he felt a Deja vu-like event, wait, this was in the company, there were no more students to train, a sharp face immediately looked up, his heart pounded in shock.

“Why are you here.”

A long-sought-after person unexpectedly appears in front of him.

“Oh, I came to get an internship certificate from the HR department and they wanted someone to send the department circular letter from the Production Department, so I volunteered to send it.

Naai explained before preparing to leave when the business is done. “So, I will go back.”

“I’ll drive you.”

Yong hurriedly spoke according to his usual duties, but this was not going to the front of the alley.”

“But I’m going to go home to Chiangmai, Phii.”

Naai turned around to show off, he was carrying a big bag, preparing to get on the long journey bus but the driver still insisted.

“Oh, I said I will drive you.”

Just knowing that the road stretches a little longer is a joy for Yong, because now he wants to use his own sense to guide the way for his heart and to stick with the theory of flirting. Younger years to practice, he will use only at the same time to do enough of it enough.



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SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 15: Hold hands and walk together.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 15: Hold hands and walk together.

The new semester has begun and the campus is buzzing with excitement, especially among the new students, who are seeing the world for the first time.

They will also be introduced to new subjects and they will definitely meet new people “Freshmen! Do you want to meet us your seniors?”

The voice of the current junior hazers rang out near the engineering school building. The juniors and seniors were lining up to get their assembly uniforms, standing in silence, fearing that if they did something to upset the seniors, their lives would be ruined. The Engineering School’s orientation program was known for its ruthlessness. The more no one answered, the louder the questions from the dignified dean.

“Doesn’t anyone want to know us your seniors?”

The freshmen looked at each other, not knowing what to do and just when they were ready to be punished for their inhumanity, the seniors suddenly changed their attitude.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to know us but we want to know you. So, if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask us. We’d love to have you as our juniors.”

What’s going on? Are they dreaming? The dean’s behavior suddenly changed from satanic to angelic, causing surprise in the hearts of those present. Kongpop was not one of those surprised. The hazer used his” welcome” mode and set up a lot of activities for the new students, which Kongpop praised.  Seeing this, he was relieved and passed on the position without any worries.

“Oh, how nostalgic for the old days, are we graduating now?”

Sitting around the same table, Aim was talking to himself. They’ve become the most senior students in the academy and there’s still a year to go before they step out of their ivory towers into the world and there’s no telling what they’ll meet.

“Yeah! I went to the internship and I realized, after the real job, there’s a lot going on. After graduation, what will we be like?”

Tew was worried about it.

“I don’t know but for sure, we’ll be in touch as often as we are now”, Kongpop vowed. Even though they had grown up and were going their own ways, their friendship would not fade.

“Hmm. Want to go watch the junior cheer together tonight?”

May, the student body president, extended an invitation to everyone. Everyone nodded yes, except Kongpop.

“Sorry, I’m busy tonight.”

“What is it?”

Aim questioned her best friend with a skeptical look on her face.


And my best friend just raised the corner of his mouth and smiled, looked down at his watch and got up and said, “It’s time, let’s go to class.” So the group of seniors in uniforms stood up and put on their bags, ready to finish the last year of their university career in earnest. Over at Ocean Electric, the company’s office system was undergoing a major overhaul, which prompted Manager Danai to call his department members into the conference room.

“As you know, in order to improve convenience and keep up with the times, the Board of Directors has decided that in the future, the Purchasing Department will scan and email documents instead of faxing them.” As time goes by, everything is changing rapidly.

“The company is going through a new project but the product of the project we have never touched before.”

“What is the product?”

Earth asked with interest. Now that she’d succeeded John as Assistant Division Manager, everyone thought she was perfect for the position.

“It’s a project about ‘solar grills’ and our job might be difficult, because we don’t know the solar cell suppliers or the product standards, so we’ll have to brush up on our knowledge.”

“Don’t worry, Danai. We are all in this together and we will make this work.” Arthit was so confident of this that everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Yes! Let me handle the supplier search.” Todd volunteered to take on the task. Since the incident with John, the young man had not only increased his sense of caution but had also made an effort to be supplier-focused – treating his partners with care and even apologizing once again to Mr. Piti, whom he had treated so badly.

“Just tell me what you need me to do, Danai.” Somoo was enthusiastic in her support of the project. The secretary was already much slimmer than before, as she no longer indulged in her mouth like she used to but took her exercise and diet very seriously.  Since then, the Purchasing Department had become a strong and united unit. And Arthit was confident that even if the storm was strong enough, their boat would be able to ride the stormy seas of Ocean Electrics. But there was one thing that Arthit hadn’t thought of.  Not only the office system but also the relationship between the employees had evolved and made great strides forward. After the meeting, Todd stopped with a glass of frozen milk at a table with a fighting fish bowl but the owner of the table had disappeared, leaving little Bonus alone with his files, swimming and watching over them. The cosmopolitan boy looked to his left and right for someone but before he knew it he heard a voice behind him greeting him.

“What can I do for you, Todd?”

The owner of the name was shocked, immediately turned around and handed over the object in his hand, helplessly.

“Mmm, Earth. Frozen pinkmilk.” She stood still, so still, so calmly, that the caring man thought he would be rejected. Todd knew who he was, that Earth was not just a brother and sister to him but nevertheless, he wanted to take care of each other, to be nice to each other, without expecting anything in return.

“I… I went by the 7-11 store and I got you this but it’s okay if Earth doesn’t want it.” The more Todd explained, the more listless he sounded but then Earth held up a glass of iced lemon tea and cut him off.

“I also went by the 7-11 store and I bought you this.” Earth said it was his favorite drink and he didn’t think he’d remember. Todd’s joy was evident on his face and Earth smiled lightly. They exchanged glasses and in the background of the picture was a fighting fish, tail wagging, as if watching from the shadows, with a hint of shyness. But that wasn’t the only good thing that happened to Todd, as he was called to talk to his uncle after he had finished exchanging pleasantries with Earth.

“Now that the company is getting more and more involved, I’d like to add more staff to the Production Department, you’ve been thinking about the production department from the beginning, is that still the case?”

The listener didn’t answer right away, he thought for a moment but didn’t say yes.

“Still no, I want to stay in the Purchasing Department and learn more.”

“Well, then let’s do what you want.” Now that the nephew had made his decision, the uncle didn’t ask for more, he even felt the seriousness and dedication in him, so he could put the future of the company in his hands. And before Todd left, he suggested to Mr. Pairot: “Uncle, I think there is a man who is very suitable for this position.” In the production department, the machines were running in an orderly manner and the conveyors were carrying all kinds of verified materials according to the program prepared by the engineers of the production department and the products were being delivered to him in accordance with the program of the production department. The standard assembly. A young man with a background in engineering was thrilled to see this scene every time.

“What can I do for you, Arthit?”

Yong greeted his brother who showed up at the warehouse and looked around.

“Oh, you got the stuff you asked me to get done and did you hear that Nong Khongdej is quitting his job to get married?”

“Really, brother?”

“Really, nong Khongdej is going back to Surat Thani province to manage his father-in-law’s rubber plantation, tonight we are going to give him a farewell party, will you come?”

“Excuse me, I’m busy tonight.” Some of the other production staff heard that this good-looking white-collar guy declined the invitation and came to express their regret: “Ow! Arthit isn’t coming? Well, let’s go togethernext time.”

“Yes, I won’t miss it next time.” Arthit readily accepted the invitation. That day when he made his relationship with Kongpop public, the seniors who knew him didn’t laugh at him but still chatted with him as they used to.  Because friendship and working ability are not determined by one’s own gender or the gender of one’s lover. As soon as he returned to the purchasing department, he was stopped by Manager Danai, “Arthit, come to my office.”

He sat down with his boss, who told him something important with folded hands: “I’ve heard from HR that there’s a vacancy in the production department, so if you want to go there, I’ll take care of it.”

Probably because Khongdej had resigned, the opportunity he had been waiting for, Arthit was almost overwhelmed with excitement but he said, “I want to stay in the Purchasing Department. Phii John has just left, so I want to help out here.”

Arthit insisted willingly, although he knew very well that if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t have another chance to take the position he had been longing for since he joined the company. Nevertheless, he felt that no matter how big or small the position, people could gain valuable experience from it and that it would help the whole group to move forward.

Danai saw a difference in the growth of his subordinates compared to the first day of his job and that he was a good leader who couldn’t just focus on the results but also cared deeply about the psyche of his men as a family. Arthit’s sacrifice led Danai to suggest another option.

“Okay, I’ll talk to the HR and Production department later, we’ll second you to the Purchasing Department, while we look for your replacement and when we find one, you’ll be transferred to the Production department.”

That means the position of Production Engineer will be reserved for Arthit, so that he doesn’t have to regret chasing his dream.

“Thank you so much!”

Arthit immediately said happily that he was very grateful for Danai’s concern. He nodded and assured him: “In the meantime, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Absolutely no problem!”

He agreed confidently and left the glass room, going straight to his desk. Arthit looked down at his badge around his neck and flipped out the side that said, “Purchasing Engineer” so that he could see clearly how proud he was of his department and the duties he had performed.

Now, there was one more important duty that he needed to perform. After work, Arthit went straight to a park on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, near the Rama VIII Bridge. People were coming and going, out for exercise, out for a walk with their pets and the man he was supposed to meet, in his eye-catching crimson overalls, was already standing alone, waiting. He rushed forward and said, “Have you been waiting long?”

“No, I’ve just arrived.” The breeze brought coolness and even if we had to wait an hour, Kongpop was willing to wait, because he was a lover who couldn’t see him often and he had a surprise for him.

“I have something for you.” A small box the size of a ring box was handed to Kongpop.

“What is it?”

“A prize! Didn’t you say you wanted a great prize before?”

Arthit lowered his head shyly and rubbed his nose, because he was not good at this kind of thing. Kongpop immediately opened the box with excitement and couldn’t hide his smile any longer at what was inside…it was a gear, a brown and silver half cogwheel. The two of them had been cut in two pieces and welded together.

“Today this gear no longer represents the feelings of one person but has been welded the hearts of two people together.” Arthit held up another gear of his own, which he had crafted with the help of tools in the production department, in order to communicate his feelings to the other.  Kongpop fulfilled his duty as a lover perfectly, not only filling in the missing pieces but also providing a companion for him.

“Are you ready for the future, for both of us?”

Arthit asked softly in Kongpop’s ear.

“What about Phii Arthit?”

Arthit didn’t answer but leaned in and kissed Kongpop lightly, giving him his love a super official stamp, even though this was a park and he didn’t fear being seen by anyone. Their first kiss took place on the Rama VIII Bridge, when Arthit was the one who took the initiative, oblivious of his surroundings.  It was not out of madness but out of loyalty.”

It was the drive to be true, to be honest with one’s feelings. From now on, no matter what the odds are, he will always rely on his heart to decide.

“Thank you for the reward.” As they moved away from each other, Kongpop’s face still beamed with joy,” I’ll keep it.” And speaking of tokens of affection, Arthit remembered something.

“Well the pen you gave me is no longer working, sorry, I broke it.” Arthit sadly pulled out the silver pen engraved with ‘I-AOON’, Kongpop removed the barrel to check the ink inside and he found out why.

“Of course it can’t write, it’s all out of ink like this.”

“Oh, it is out of ink? I know, how come I can’t write even after putting it in hot water.” The engineer guy scratched his head in embarrassment, feeling sorry for himself for so long.

“That means Arthit must have used this pen a lot, right?”

When Arthit heard that he was being teased in a teasing tone, he immediately yelled out.

“I’m just using something familiar because I like to use it!”

“Yes, yes, yes”, Kongpop laughed out loud at the way he was trying to hide it. He was happy that Arthit was the same as he was before, no different. And that’s why he loved Arthit so much and never changed. Then Kongpop put a hand in front of him and said, “Let’s go, I’m sure there’s a meal waiting for us at home.”


Arthit reached out and clasped Kongpop’s hand in his, felt a warmth from his palm to his heart. Their fingers were interlocked, they clung to each other, never to be separated, walking side by side on the path of life.

The days and nights we spent together, the times we went through together, the joys and the tears, there is no substitute for this feeling.

The reason I am who I am today is because of you and the reason we are so happy is because we have each other.

And the source of our happiness is our attachment to each other.

END of Secret Of True Love Between US




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SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 14: Admit your love

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 14: Admit your love

There is a saying: “Rumours are only alive for three days”, not that people have stopped talking about them but that there is newer, more attractive news.

“Hey, you know, that John from the Purchasing Department, he got fired.”

“I can’t believe he’s embezzled millions from the company.”

“Yeah! I knew it. So that was the reason he appeared so rich, he changes his iPhone every time it comes out.”

“Nowadays, people, they’re so shameless!”

The topic of Arthit and Kongpop’s romance was quickly lost in the Ocean Electric LINE group and was replaced by the news that the company had officially announced the dismissal of the assistant manager of the Purchasing Department. Arthit looked at John’s empty desk and remembered a motto he had once told himself: “We have done so much for the company, it’s time to get some money back from the company.” But the wrong approach had cost everyone and he could only hope that John would turn over a new leaf. Just like someone who’s” reformed”.

“Arthit, I’d like to get Bonus for my desk.”

“Phii Earth’s desk?”

In the past, the workaholic sister’s desk was full of files, stacked like a mini pyramid. However, now Arthit found that a small space had been left, just as he had been told.

“I’ve got plenty of room for Bonus now.” Phii’s whole demeanor has softened and she seems to have adjusted her mood, letting go of some of the past.

“Life is short and I don’t want to waste my time on this ‘nagging’ thing.” Earth picked up her ex-boyfriend’s gift of a red fighting fish in a fish tank and her mind was free of all worries.

“You too, don’t let the time pass in vain.”

Arthit could hear the underlying message of this advice.  Tomorrow is the last day of his internship. For the past week, he hasn’t seen Kongpop, as if he had completely disappeared from his life. It’s not surprising that Kongpop would do that, because even he wasn’t ready to face the man he’d cut himself off from. And if you think about it, they weren’t the kind of lovers who spent every day together and the times they met, it was almost always because someone created the opportunity for them to do so.

So it’s easy to break the ties without much effort. Not to mention, when he came back to the dormitory that evening, he found that room 507 next door was already empty, except for a housewife who was cleaning and preparing for the new tenant to move in.

Kongpop had moved out early, closing the door on all chances of reconciliation.  In such a fatale love affair, had it been decided from the start that they were not the right match?  If so, what is love made in heaven?

Arthit opened the door of room 508, entered the room and plopped down on the bed. He pressed the remote and turned on the TV to make the room less quiet. A remake of an old film was playing on the screen, the story was almost over and the hero and heroine were getting married with the blessings of their friends and relatives.

Is this the kind of love that is made for each other by worldly standards?  And what is all this happening to him? The young man looked around his room a silver pen on the table, clothes hanging on the balcony outside the room, a refrigerator with a very tasty steamed egg, two gears of brown and silver on a thread.

If all these memories also made him feel the shyness of love, wasn’t this love? Arthit turned off the TV with a feeling of uneasiness and confusion, the more he stayed in this small room, the more depressed he felt. So he got up, went out of the room, locked the door and wandered aimlessly. It was almost six o’clock in the evening and the alleyway was bustling with people who had just left work and were looking for a place to eat dinner. Some were walking alone; some had a companion with them; others were holding hands, showing affection that might not happen to them.

He doesn’t even dare to introduce Kongpop as his boyfriend, not to mention holding hands. Actually, this feeling didn’t arise before the LINE group came out, or before he met Mr. Krirkkai but it has been there for a long time ago. It’s been there for a long time, since his first day in the Purchasing Department, when John asked him about his boyfriend. Could the truth be that he was afraid?  Afraid to reveal to the world that he was in love with a man of the same sex?  Afraid of being hurt by people’s scathing remarks and curious eyes?  Fear of disappointing those around him?  Fear of accepting himself? Arthit looked up at the evening sky. Surely the heavens wouldn’t give him any answers, so he picked up the phone and dialed someone – someone who knew him best. Soon, the call was answered.

“Are you off duty, son?”

Just hearing a familiar and caring voice, his heart was instantly warmed as if he were being embraced and soothed.

“Yes, Mom.”

“How’s it going, are you tired?”

“A little.”

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Why don’t you go and eat? Did you eat every meal? You don’t eat breakfast, I told you it’s important” is the standard, “mother” chatter. He believes that all mothers in the world are exactly the same, no matter how old their children are, in their eyes they are always the ones who need care.

“Mom”, Arthit hesitated to start a sentence: “I” but in the end he couldn’t say: “No, nothing.” But just like in the old days, a mother is a mother, always keen to find the slightest hint of something wrong.

“Is something on your mind?”

“No, I just miss my mom.” ” If there’s a problem, don’t think about it too much, there’s always a way out. If you can’t take it anymore, just go home and take a break, relax.”

“I can stand it, your son is a great man!”

“Even the best needs encouragement. Mom doesn’t know what’s happening to you but no matter what, she will always be there for you.” Arthit’s heart was overwhelmed by his mother’s words. No matter what happens to him, there is someone who is ready to love him forever. Arthit talked to his mother for a while until she remembered that he hadn’t eaten yet and urged him to find something to fill his stomach.

Arthit talked to his mother for a while, until she remembered that he hadn’t eaten yet and urged him to find something to eat. Before the call ended, the caller said, “Take care of yourself, son.”

“You too, Mom.” The young man put the phone in his trouser pocket, when his fingertips touched something that had been accidentally brought out.

He pulls out a wristband with two gears, only to find the brown one left standing.

Where was the silver one? Arthit’s heart went cold, he searched through the cracks and corners of his trousers pockets, bent over the ground again and then went back the way he had come to see if he had dropped it somewhere.

But no matter how he searched, he couldn’t find it. Immediately he ran back to the dormitory, hoping against hope that he might have left it in the house. Just as he picked up the key to open the door, he caught sight of a glint on the floor – the silver gear had fallen just in front of the door.

There are things we seek for so long, only to find that they are close at hand.

Arthit clutched the silver gear lovingly in his hand, looked once more at the empty room next to him and finally made up his mind. Ocean Electric held a simple farewell party for the interns in the large conference room, with the participation of seniors from various departments after work, making for a lively scene.

It also showed that this year’s interns were especially appreciated for their abilities. Kongpop was standing near the small drink stand and although he was grateful to the seniors for doing their best to hold this farewell party for him, he was not happy at all.  Ever since the day he returned the gears to Phii Arthit, his heart had been as empty as a huge black hole. But even without his heart, he still felt the pain, which seemed to have seeped into his blood and flowed through his veins.

His decision to move out of the dormitory yesterday was a hasty one, as he had done when he moved in, without informing Arthit in advance, just as he was always the first to act on a sudden impulse. Arthit is a kind person, is what he getting back just out of pity and sympathy from Arthit? Or is it because of Arthit’s confused? Or is it because Arthit is lonely and isolated?

Based on this thought, he was willing to leave Arthit’s side, leaving enough space for both of us to review the relationship and confirm our feelings once again. No matter what the final outcome was, he would accept it with restraint.

But even so, he still felt fear in his heart whenever he imagined that he was losing Phii Arthit. And at that moment, he caught a glimpse of the person in his mind walking into the conference room. One thought made him run to grab Phii Arthit and hug him tightly, while another thought made him realize that he shouldn’t do it.

While these two thoughts were fighting with each other, Naai’s voice called out to him from behind, “Kong, Phii is calling us to get ready, let’s go.”

The light in the room dimmed, leaving the stage to illuminate the special moment. The event was kicked off by a hostess,” Today, the interns have prepared a performance for the older siblings, please come up if you’re ready.” Kongpop moved two chairs to the center of the stage and Naai followed with his guitar.

“We practiced this song this afternoon, so please forgive us if we don’t sing it well.”

Naai innocently left himself a step up, to the laughter of the seniors. Kongpop sat in front of the microphone, he looked down from the stage, despite the darkness, his eyes were focused on someone, as if there was a thin thread connecting them and the memories were flowing through the thread.

He wanted Arthit to know that he wasn’t sad, that even though the days were short, the most precious moments in life were the ones he spent with his beloved. Naai started to play the guitar and the lyrics were sung:

“Hand in hand, for better or for worse,

for tears or for laughter, no matter how long it takes,

I’ll never forget the smiling days, the arguments,

the days and nights,

As the days we spent together, as everything, as the past,

as the best moments of my life, as brief as they were, because of you,

I was able to experience the songs and the gifts,

the old playbills and the letters we sent each other in the days that we were apart,

I still have the tired days, the comforting words, the images of the days and the nights, still the beauty that never changed as if it were yesterday.

The only difference in the depths of my memory is that now I don’t have you with me,

like all the days we’ve spent together,

 all the good times I’ve had in my life,

even though they were short,

because of you, I’ve been able to experience wondering if you,

if you could hear this song, my thoughts I don’t have you with me,

 like all the days we’ve spent together,

all the days we’ve spent together,

everything that happened in the past was the best time of my life,

even though it was short,

I was able to experience it because of you.”


When Kongpop and Naai finished their song, there was thunderous applause.

“Oh hey, with a voice like that, let’s make an album together, trust sister!”

The host’s quip made the two interns smile after hearing it. But this parting song is also very meaningful and touching in its choice.

“Now tell your brothers and sisters what they’ve learned from the internship here.”

Let’s start with Naai, the northern lad, slightly shy, clearing his throat.

“My name is Naai Veerawat and I’m from Chiangmai. From the first day I started my internship here, I felt that my world had opened up and that I had seen new things”.

“I’m really happy to be able to do my internship here, thank you.” When Naai finished describing the experience, he turned his attention away from Yong and the room echoed with applause. Then, he handed the microphone to his friend Kongpop, who spoke from the heart. The tall man walked to the center of the stage, with a gentle and elegant demeanor, not unlike his first day of internship but with a much more mature appearance.

“Hello, my name is Kongpop and first of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for taking care of me during my internship. Even though my time here was short, I feel like I learned a lot here…” Kongpop looks around the room and fixes his eyes on someone.

“Someone once told me that the workplace is different from the campus, not only is the social circle wider but you can also encounter all kinds of problems. During my internship here, I’ve learned to face problems and solve them, I’ve met brothers and sisters, I’ve made new friends, I’ve learned teamwork and I’ve gained a deeper understanding of responsibility. So, what I see in my work is not different from what I see in the university. If we learn to accept, to understand, to adapt, we can live happily wherever we are.”

Kongpop was still staring at Arthit, who was not even aware of this but he couldn’t read his feelings on his face, because… Arthit had his head down and was blocked by a lot of people standing in front of him.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the audience and the staff, who were standing tightly together, were pushed up by a man who, in front of everyone’s astonished eyes, rushed onto the stage.

Arthit grabbed the microphone from the host’s hand, looked straight ahead and announced in a resolute tone: “Kongpop and I are a couple”, which surprised not only Kongpop but also the office staff.

However, Arthit continued firmly,” A lot of people have been talking about my picture with Kongpop.”

The reappearance of this hot topic caused the audience to whisper, even louder. The man holding the microphone could feel his hands trembling but he wouldn’t run away.

“I confess that before, I chose not to admit my feelings because I was afraid, I was afraid of being looked at strangely but I didn’t know that my fear hurt my beloved but now I’m not afraid anymore, I’m brave enough to admit my feelings, I’m ready to announce them to everyone”.

Everyone in the room cheered, whether out of praise and blessing, admiration for their bravery, or a deeper contempt for them but none of that was enough. There was no need to take it to heart. All the people in the world were less important than Kongpop who gave him back a big smile.

The farewell party for the intern was over, they chatted and their shadows were stretched out on the night road.

“At first I thought I was going to be abandoned again.” Kongpop’s mind was still shaken by what had just happened as if it had been a dream, which he half-believed.

Arthit’s eyebrows were knitted together. He had just done the bravest thing in his life and they were still doubting him.

“Are you suggesting that I could love someone else easily?”

Kongpop quickly reiterated his position, “Me too! I’ve been thinking, even if I get rejected, whether I live or die, good or bad, I will never give up on Phii Arthit!”

They were both so serious about their love for each other and it’s a good thing they got it back in time so it wouldn’t be ruined.

“I apologize for my initial hesitation,” Arthit whispered.  It can’t be helped, after all, he is a human being and it is natural for him to be confused when something of this magnitude happens and it takes time for him to overcome his fears. But when his mind is completely made up, he’s ready to move on.

“I’ll have to introduce myself to Mr. Krirkkai sometime in the future.”

“Hey? Why all of a sudden? Why all of a sudden?” Kongpop was surprised by what Arthit mentioned, because the subtext of “introducing yourself seriously” meant” revealing your identity as a lover”.

“I’ve been asked to do this by my husband, so I want to do it properly.” Arthit was exuberant as if he was the groom who was about to propose to the bride, even if the family was against it and was trying to prove that he was capable of giving the best to Kongpop as Krirkkai had asked him to do.

“I understand. I’ll have to introduce myself to Arthit’s family as well.” Kongpop is equally prepared, “From now on, wherever Arthit goes, I will go with him, even if he kicks me out.”

“Who gave you permission to follow me?”

Arthit moved closer to the other man, reached out with his right hand and hooked Kongpop’s hand resolutely.

“The road ahead, we’ll walk it together.”

With no one to guide them and no one to follow them in the days to come, they would grow up side by side. The late night moonlight from the sky shone down on Arthit and Kongpop and for a moment there was no sound, as if they were the only two people left in the world, holding each other’s hands tightly and feeling each other’s warmth.

Happiness filled Arthit’s heart and when he reacted again, his cheeks were wet with tears.  It was crazy that after quarrelling for so long he didn’t cry and now he was just holding hands and shedding tears.

But Arthit knew very well that these were not tears of sadness, because the hand that held him tightly was trembling a little, expressing over and over again the deepest meaning of the heart: the softest place is the heart; the strongest place is also the heart.

 And these two people’s hearts were already filled with the love they gave to each other.



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SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 13: Review your feelings

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 13: Review your feelings

Arthit returned to the Purchasing Department with the envelope with the documents in it. In order not to become the focus of attention, he tried to calm down his emotions and show a relaxed look, trying his best to act as usual.  What he didn’t expect was that as soon as he came back, Kongpop would catch up with him in the elevator and suddenly appear in front of him, grabbing him by the wrist.

“Phii Arthit, let’s talk.”

The gesture drew the attention of all the staff in the office, which converged and hit them like a spotlight.

Then, from somewhere, there was a murmur: “The two gay lovers are making love scenes again.”

“I’ve been wondering, why does Kong, the son of a big company owner, come to this company for an internship, so he’s here to follow his boyfriend. If you don’t like women, you should’ve said so earlier.” Somoo tone was sorry when she said that.

“Haven’t we been together since college and you’re so glued to each other, you can’t tell what’s ‘business’ and what’s ‘personal’?!!”

Earth joined in the accusations and the displeasure was palpable.

“If my son had been like these two, I wouldn’t have been able to accept it.” Manager Danai cast a silent look of disgust at them.

“Mr. Sun!” Oh no, it’s ‘Mr. Sunshine’ now.” And Todd was teasing him, giving him a nickname.

“Well, who’s gonna attack and who’s gonna take it? Or do you want to take turns at a set time?”

Everyone was laughing, very happy. But the laughter struck him again and again, stabbing at the depths of his soul and he closed his eyes tightly.  No! Enough! That’s enough!

“Arthit… Arthit”, his name was repeated between the jeers. He opened his eyes and all the faces that had surrounded him disappeared since they were all his imagination playing on him, leaving only the face of Earth, looking at him worriedly.

“Arthit, what happened to you? I’ve been calling you so many times I can hear you.”

“No nothing!”

He replied frantically, looking around the office as everyone did their work at their desks and Kongpop didn’t catch up with him, as if what he’d just seen was a nightmare.

“Give me the information the courier just delivered.”

“Yes, yes!”

He handed over the envelope with the information in it and in his haste, his hand accidentally swept the carton off the table and onto the floor.

“Ah! Phii Earth, sorry!”

“Here, let me help you pick it up.” Phii was about to bend down to pick it up but her brother immediately grabbed it in a hurry.

“Never mind, I’ll pick them up later.” Arthit hurriedly saved everything together, hoping that the feelings that had been shattered in his heart would be reassembled like these cartons. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t reassemble the disintegrating pieces. On the other hand, Kongpop was putting together all the data and sending it to the production engineers.

“Phii Yong, it’s done.” Yong took the list of smokeless grills he gave to the intern to print out half an hour ago. Although Kongpop is usually fast and accurate, today it seemed faster than usual, only took fifteen minutes and no mistakes at all.

“All right, thanks.”

“Then I’d like to go first.” It’s five minutes before the end of the day but since Kongpop’s work is done, it wouldn’t hurt to let him go home a little earlier than usual.

“Well, have a safe trip.” Kongpop raised his hand in salute, then he put on his backpack and walked out of the factory. But who’d have thought, shortly after leaving, a man would come looking for him with a white face.

“Phii Yong! Where’s Kongpop?”

Naai came straight at me, asking questions and looking anxiously left and right.

“Oh, he went back, just now.” Seeing Samadhi’s restlessness, Yong couldn’t help but ask,” What’s the matter?”

“Doesn’t Phii Yong know?”

“Know what?”

The young man who was absorbed in his work looked astonished, completely different from the intern who looked extremely worried. Whoever passed by the office building of Ocean Electric at the end of the day would see a handsome, tall young man standing at the wall waiting anxiously. Soon, a white-collar guy came out of the office in a hurry.

“Phii Arthit!”

It was a loud shout but the owner of the name didn’t turn around, he stopped a taxi, opened the door and got in, seemingly leaving him there on purpose.  What’s going on? Kongpop stood bewildered, watching the taxi leave without a trace.  He knew that Phii Arthit was angry with him but this time it seemed to be more serious than ever. Beep!

Then a horn sounded, a dainty Japanese bus pulled up beside him, the glass rolled down and Earth, sitting behind the wheel, invited him: “Kong, I’ll take you home.”

“Looking at you for a long, long time, I still don’t dare but keep avoiding your eyes, afraid that one day you’ll find out a secret I’ve kept from you, a secret I’ve kept from you. The secrets I’ve kept, I’ve told no one, I can’t help it” An old love song played on the radio in the car, as if it was the opening of a program on emotional problems and Earth turned into an expert on emotions, offering advice and counsel.

“I think anyway, you and Arthit should have a talk.”

“I tried to talk but Arthit wouldn’t listen, probably still angry that I didn’t tell him that Siam Polymers was my father’s company.” Kongpop sighed in desperation but the other party didn’t think so.

“I don’t think that’s the only reason.”


Earth picked up her phone and handed it over to this unsuspecting person. The phone’s screen stopped at the Ocean Electric LINE group. Since Kongpop was only an intern and couldn’t join the group, he didn’t know that a photo had been leaked.

It’s a photo of him and Arthit kissing on the beach on the night of the hike. There were a lot of comments on it, making fun of them, or joking about the umbilical cord but most of them weren’t malicious or disgusting, they were just funny. But those who spoke did not mean to but those who listened meant to. It was like throwing a small stone into the water and no one knew how big the” stone” would be in the listener’s mind.  That’s why Phii Arthit tried to run away from him.

“I think that sometimes in a relationship, there are difficulties and obstacles but the key is to hold each other’s hands tightly enough to overcome them.” As someone who’s been in a failed relationship before, Earth knows all about these things and doesn’t want her brothers to make the same mistakes she did. Kongpop thought quietly, while the song he had once sung to someone was still playing.

“He wanted to know what Phii Arthit had in mind for the future, when their secret was no longer a secret. Arthit stepped out of the elevator and went straight to his room. The news of the company’s LINE group and the ridicule of others filled his mind and couldn’t be shaken.  He wanted to get home as fast as possible, alone. But as he turned the key, a force grabbed him by the wrist. This time it wasn’t a nightmare. Kongpop was standing in front of him, looking tired, as if he had run a long way just to catch up with him. And then Kongpop’s words, stabbed him in the heart once again.

“Phii Arthit, I already know about the photograph.” What didn’t want to happen has already happened, the fear is overwhelming and the person being held tries hard to get his hands free.

“Let go of me, Kongpop!”

“I won’t!”

The big tall man still squeezed his wrist tightly and in a more serious and earnest tone than he had every time in the past, he blurted out all his feelings in a single breath.

“You once told me that I didn’t ask for your advice before doing something but Arthit himself also did it first and then did it later. Facing problems, Arthit only wanted to escape from reality but not to overcome them together.”

The words that had come out of his own mouth, were now being used against him, yet Arthit still stubbornly ignored them.

“I told you to let go! Don’t come near me!”

Kongpop froze. Every time he was pushed away, he was chasing so hard to close the gap between them that he didn’t know how much distance to keep between them to be” just right” for Phii Arthit. He was a marathon runner with no end in sight and although he had the strength to keep on running, deep inside he had begun to shrink.

“He loved Phii Arthit unconditionally, even if they were of the same gender. He was sure that no matter how hard it was, if they loved each other enough, they would be able to get through it. But he had forgotten… completely forgotten that if they are not the same, if they do not love each other equally, if one tries to hold on to the other and the other tries to run away, then no matter how much they love each other, they are doomed.

“For the past two years, has there been any meaning for seniors? And me, what am I to you?  A lover?  A younger brother?  Or just ‘someone you know’?”

What place should he put himself in the heart of Phii Arthit? Kongpop wanted to hear the answer once more, to get his heart clear but all he got was a repetition of what he had said before.

“Let go.”

Is this the answer? Kongpop let go at last, without the strength to hold back. As soon as freedom came again, Arthit turned backwards into the room and closed the door, the panic he had been suppressing spread throughout his body and he fell on his ass on the floor.  Let go of him, they should keep their distance.

Because this is the only way to protect Kongpop’s reputation and to live up to Mr. Krirkkai’s expectations of him. Arthit didn’t want to see Kongpop get into trouble because of him. Kongpop would not only have to face the eyes of the people around him but also those of his own family in the future and the mere thought of it was too much to bear. 

Was it really worth it to trade the pain for the happiness of being together? Arthit closed his eyes and leaned his head weakly against the door. The next day, the information from the online world came to life so quickly that even the men and women who were not part of the group at the Ocean Electric factory heard about it.

“What a pity, it’s such a shock.”

“What a shame I am all single there! I don’t know why all guys these days like to get together.”

“It’s all the rage nowadays, the maleCP trend is huge!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Ow! Don’t just talk, production work requires concentration, no distractions, or you’ll be in danger, got it?”

The production engineer, who was a stickler for the rules, came over and gave them a lecture, which immediately calmed the two chatty girls down and allowed them to focus on their work.  The hardest thing in the world to ban is gossip. Yong sighed, defeated by the” truth of the world”.

He had been worried about Arthit and Kongpop ever since Naai had heard the news. Despite all the gossip, the trainee worked hard without a hitch. If you always pile up the criticism of others, you can’t move forward. After all, life goes on. Arthit went on with his life as an engineer in the purchasing department, or rather, he went on with his work without distracting himself with anything else.

“Mr. Sun”

“Oh, the order form, huh? Just a second, just a second.” He immediately pulled the documents from the printer and all that was left was for him to sign off on them.

“Don’t worry. I’m not here to rush an order, I’m here to talk to you about the LINE group thing, so don’t worry about it.” Arthit’s fingers stopped at that point, because Todd had seen through his attempts to use his job to mask his anxiety.

“Before, I’d been told I was in it for the connections, the belittling, that I wasn’t capable, so I tried to prove myself to people. But in the end, I don’t care about those people anymore, because I know who I really am.” Gossip will come and go and if we don’t take it to heart, no one can hurt us.

“Thanks.” Arthit sensed his friend’s concern for him, Todd patted him on the shoulder, gave him encouragement and went back to his desk. So he focused on his work again, picked up his favorite silver pen and was about to sign the order form. But before he finished writing his name, the pen was too stiff to write the ink. In spite of all his efforts, the ink became fainter and fainter. Arthit’s heart grew anxious.

He went to the pantry, grabbed a cup of coffee and a cup of hot water, tried to soak the pen in the same way it had worked in the past but no ink came out.  The fountain pen was broken and he himself had wilted under the criticism of others. If he wanted to regain the feeling, there was only one way to fix it and that was to go back to the past, to find the starting point.

After work, Arthit didn’t go back to his hostel but took a bus to the university campus to return to his lost roots. Since it was still a holiday, there was not much activity in the engineering school, except for the workers hired by the university to repaint the buildings. Although the exterior of the building had been changed, the warm atmosphere inside was the same as it had been four years ago when he was a freshman.

University life was the happiest time of his life, full of laughter and friendships that make you smile every time you think about it. As Arthit strolled around the campus, rekindling memories, his feet eventually led him to a place where he stopped. The assembly room where he had once played the role of “The Godfather”.

Arthit raised his hand and pushed open the door to enter, when he was surprised to find someone already standing inside.

“What are you doing here?”

Kongpop, who was standing in the back of the assembly room, also turned to the visitor with an unexpected look.

“I should ask Phii Arthit what he’s doing here.”

“I just miss my time as a head hazer”, Arthit replied honestly, then asked rhetorically, “What about you?”

“I miss my freshman year, too.”

Maybe Kongpop also wanted to find his original self, to come back to the starting point where they met each other. Arthit moved his feet towards each other. Yesterday he was desperately trying to escape but today, his heart was free of anxiety and confusion, so calm that it almost seemed not to be beating. He stopped, stood beside the other, took a look at the empty assembly room.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come together.”

Who would have guessed that the rivalry between freshmen and hazers would become more than a brotherhood. It’s like a dream come true, a dream full of sweetness and happiness.  They’ve come a long way. Very, very far.

“Does Phii Arthit want me to keep walking with you, or just stop?”

Kongpop’s words hid a conversation they’d had a long time ago” Aren’t you tired of following me like this, not knowing where I’ll go, not knowing when I’ll stop?”

“No matter what happens in the future, no matter how far we can go, I always want to go with Arthit.” But this time Arthit was silent. A long time passed. Kongpop took off an object tied around his wrist, which he always wore and which never left his body.

“If you still can’t give me an answer, then I’ll give the gear back to you. When the Phii has settled down, then we will talk.”

A brown gear was placed in Arthit’s palm and its weight pressed against the feeling in his chest.  The heart that had been entrusted to it, was returned to its rightful owner. Kongpop turned away and only the lonely figure of the former godfather remained in the large assembly room. 

Their hands were now completely untied.



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SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 12: Don’t create unexpected events

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 12: Don’t create unexpected events

Ten minutes seemed like ten hours to the staff in the Purchasing Department, all of them watching the glass doors, waiting apprehensively for something to happen. Finally, Manager Danai pushes open the door and comes out to report the results.

“Gentlemen, the problem with the production of plastic frames has been solved for the company!”

“Really, Phii Danai? Won’t tell us that little Kong is the one who contacted the new supplier?”

Somoo turned incredulously to the intern who had followed the group out but Danai nodded in the affirmative. Earth immediately asked excitedly,” Who’s the new supplier?”

“Siam Polymer Group was relieved to hear the name of this large plastics processing plant, as it was expected to have the capacity to meet their requirements.

“The chairman, Mr. Krirkkai, will be happy to produce the missing plastic frames but we’d better get the information to him directly to the company.” Todd was the first to step up to the plate for this important task where every second counts.

“Let me deliver it. Since I’m the one who started this project, please let me finish it.”

“And please let me go with Todd. I’ve been in contact with the company, so maybe it’ll help a little.” Arthit has also stepped forward to go along.

“Okay, I’ll let you two take over this task while Earth, you go down the production line and check the quantities, so there are no mistakes and Somoo, just go and draw up the contracts, I’ll send you the information.” The head of the department believed in the potential of his subordinates and he made the assignments with such conviction.

“I’m counting on you.”


The staff in the Purchasing Department agreed in unison and then dispersed to perform their duties.

“I’ll get the bus keys, then we’ll go together,” Todd said as he left his desk. At Arthit’s desk, there was also a man sitting and waiting.

“Phii Arthit, where are you off to?”

Kongpop saw the seniors come in to get their bags, so he stood up and asked about them.

“Later I’ll go to the company you contacted. They want full details of the material.” Arthit put all the information together, not forgetting the samples of the plastic frame but there was one doubt that he never cleared up.

“By the way, do you know that company? Why did Mr. Krirkkai agree to produce for us?”

Siam Polymer Group was the first company Arthit had thought of but since it was Sunday, no one was available to take over the job.

Kongpop said evasively,” Because…”

“Hey! It’s all done, let’s go!”

Todd shouted from the door of the department office, so Arthit put aside his doubts for a moment and turned to walk out.

“Phii Arthit” his shirt was tugged by a force.

“When talking to Mr. Krirkkai, Phii Arthit has to behave well, because Mr. Krirkkai likes people who are serious. Also he can’t help want to being pampered like a child.”

Arthit was confused by this strange advice but he had no time to ponder over it, for Todd was shouting at him, so he hurried out of the office, leaving his doubts and Kongpop behind. The bus turned in and stopped in front of Siam Polymers, the glass walls of the office building dark in the late evening darkness of almost eight o’clock, the beam of light from the car’s headlights appearing to shine brightly. On reaching his destination, Arthit unbuckled his seat belt and before he could open the door and get out of the car, he heard the driver murmur “Mr. Sun”, a nickname he had not heard for a long time, along with an apology.

“Well, I’m sorry, before I, um…” Todd didn’t get his sentences together for a while, which forced Arthit to cut in.

“It’s okay, I owe you an apology too. Actually, we’re both just worried about the company.”

“Yeah.” Todd laughed as he remembered the childish quarrel.  The two of them had settled their differences and were now friends.

“Let’s go in then.” The two close companions got out of the bus and headed straight for the office building. But the first hurdle was the security guards.

“Excuse me, are you two the guests from Ocean Electric that the boss is expecting?”

“Yes.” Arthit’s impressive and very strict security boss Saman gave them a way out.

“Come in, then.” The direction they were given was not towards the glass building but deep in the back of the office building, where a villa was hidden. It’s a neat little three-story white modern building, with brown wooden corridors, surrounded by large and small landscaping trees, covering the villa in shade. Despite the fact that the owner of the house was a billionaire industrialist, the place was so elegantly decorated that it implied warmth and a sense of ease. Arthit and Todd followed them into the villa, where a man was waiting on the sofa.

“Boss, your guest has arrived.” The serious face still glowed with respect.

“Good to see you again, Mr. Arthit.” The chairman greeted the familiar man and Arthit immediately raised his hand in salute.

“Mr. Krirkkai, hello.” Then he turned sideways, so that the other man could see the man who had come with him standing behind him.

“Mr. Krirkkai, let me introduce you to Thanaphat.” The student didn’t shake hands as usual but raised his hand as a sign of respect.

“Hello, my name is Thanaphat Kengphaisanpanich, I’m in charge of following up this project. Anyway, thanks again for your willingness to help us.”

“You’re welcome. All right, let me see the details.” Mr. Krirkkai got straight to the point, as usual. So Todd handed over the information, explaining the problems with the plastic frame of the electric oven, while Arthit provided additional information from time to time. The chairman, using his experience and authority, went over the information and studied the plastic frame samples for several minutes before finally nodding his head and giving the go-ahead.

“I’ve decided to start production for you…”

“Thank you so much!”

Arthit and Todd spoke in unison, their eyes filled with joy, as if someone from heaven had pulled them out of the abyss and brought them back to the light.

“As for the documents and the contract, our company will send them to you in the morning.” Arthit immediately informed Mr. Krirkkai about the process but was interrupted.

“It is all right, Mr. Arthit. I will just come to your office tomorrow and sign the contract.”

“Yes, our company will take care of everything for you”, Todd said. Todd confidently showed his sense of responsibility as the project manager. After the business meeting and not wanting to disturb the benefactor’s resting time too much, the two visitors planned to leave immediately.

“Then we’ll take our leave.” Arthit and Todd gratefully raised their hands to Mr. Krirkkai once again and then got up and returned to report the good news to the waiting Purchasing Department.

“Got to thank that intern, right, Kongpop? How did he do it?”

On the way out the front door, Todd muttered something to himself. The entire Purchasing Department had called all the suppliers and no one had ever come across a company that had gotten the job done so easily.

“I don’t know.” It was a mystery that Arthit would not want to find the answer to, nor would he delve into, nor into the strange words that Kongpop had spoken before he set out. In the next moment, however, the answer was before him, for Todd, who was walking ahead, suddenly stopped.

“Hey? That’s…”

At first Arthit didn’t know what Todd was looking at, until his eyes slid over and caught a medium-sized photo hanging near the front door.  It was a family portrait taken in a studio and was softly lit. Mr. Krirkkai is very well dressed in a suit; seated with him is a middle-aged woman with a clear, elegant and gentle face, presumably his wife. Behind the chair there were two girls, about seven or eight years older than Arthit, with sweet, motherly looks. The last one was a young boy, wearing a white shirt like a school uniform, tall, with clear eyes, a smile on his handsome face and a gently raised mouth that drew his attention.

“I see. Kongpop is Mr. Krirkkai’s son.” Todd’s words seemed to echo from the distant sky. And Arthit immediately realized that he was not the one to reach out. After calling Manager Danai to report the results, the head of the department told the two subordinates to get some rest to refresh themselves for the next day’s work. Todd then turned the bus around and took the passenger back to the hostel. Although the bus had been parked for a long time, the passenger was still staring out of the window, showing no signs of moving.

“Mr. Sun, are you okay?”

Hearing someone speak to him, he snapped out of his trance.

“Ah well, I’m fine.” However, his answer was clearly the opposite of the truth.

“If you are tired, go home and get some rest, see you tomorrow.” Arthit nodded to his colleague who was worried about him at the end of the sentence, then picked up his bag and got out of the car.

The young man watched Todd leave until the car disappeared from view. He looked up to the balcony on the fifth floor, where his own room was dark but the room next to it was illuminated. Arthit took the elevator, walked up the stairs, stopped at the door of room 507 and started to knock but finally withdrew his hand and decided to walk silently into room 508. That morning, Kongpop went through his usual routine. He got up at six, got on his motorbike and went out to buy breakfast, he ordered pork porridge and fritters to go with it, not forgetting to bring one for the sleepy man. He showered and dressed, glanced at the clock and saw that the hands were getting close to eight, so he picked up his breakfast bag and knocked on the door of room 508.

“Phii Arthit, are you up?”

There’s no answer and he’s probably still sleeping. So Kongpop picks up the phone and dials, then waits for the call to be answered.

“Phii Arthit, it’s time to get up.”

“I’m already out.” Kongpop was surprised by this answer but when he looked down at the doorknob, he realized that there was a padlock silently locked on the door.

“I’m getting on the motorcycle, that’s all” and then he heard Phii Arthit talking to a third person who was supposed to be the motorcycle driver: “I’m going to Ocean Electric.” And then the call was disconnected.

It’s going to rain today and the guy who’s always late is leaving an hour earlier than usual. But when you think about it, there are only a few reasons why Arthit would behave so strangely. If he either wakes up early, he hasn’t slept at all. And Kongpop noticed that it was snowing just as he thought it would. Because Arthit, who usually treated him like sunshine, was today as cold as ice.

“Phii Arthit, Phii Yong asked me to give you the documents and here are the fries I bought for you.” The intern gave the documents and the bag with the fries to the purchasing engineer, who assumed that the person had not eaten anything since morning.

“Well, thank you.” Without taking his eyes off the screen, his hands were still tapping away at the keyboard, not reaching out to pick up anything.  Is the food summation program not working like it used to?” I’ll leave it here then.” So Kongpop was going to put the bag of information and fries on the table next to the fish tank.

“Mr. Sun, has the information from the production department arrived yet?”

Todd chimed in to ask what was going on.

“Ow? Kongpop.” But as soon as he saw who was standing there, he came straight over and shook hands, “Thank you so much for yesterday.”

“You’re welcome, I’m just trying to help as much as I can”, the intern responded humbly before turning the paper over to him,” This is what you’re looking for from the production department, isn’t it Phii Todd?”

“Right, right.” During the conversation, the man sitting at the next table remained silent. But this time Kongpop had figured out that there was something he wanted to say but the situation didn’t seem quite right.

“When Arthit is free, just give me a call.”

“……” There was no” accept” or” reject” in response. The ignored man left the Purchasing Department. But after the tall man disappeared, the indifferent snowman was startled by the ringing of the phone in the office. Somoo picked up the phone and turned to report: “Mr. Krirkkai from Siam Polymers has arrived!”

The entire Purchasing Department was thrilled to welcome the guest and Todd led the way to greet him.

“Mr. Sun, let’s go together.” At that moment, Arthit felt as if his whole body was filled with ice, so much so that he couldn’t even move his feet. Arthit, like the other members of the Purchasing Department, sat comfortably at the same table, not daring to make any noise even when breathing, for fear of ruining the focused atmosphere of the contract signing meeting. But since they had prepared all the documents well, it didn’t take long for the directors of both companies to sign the contract. Mr. Krirkkai meticulously reviewed the terms of the contract and signed it without any mistakes.

“That’s it, from now on, if you have any questions, just contact me, I’m always happy to work with you.”

“We would have liked to do business with you but without your help Mr. Krirkkai, it would have been much more difficult for us than this”, the chairman Mr. Pairot also immediately told the other side.  The principle of business is” buy and sell”. Although Siam Polymers and Ocean Electric had to buy from Siam Electric this time, the two companies were also able to buy from each other. Mr. Krirkkai smiled and said humbly: “It’s not a big deal, our two companies were good business partners in the past and you have been very kind to your son.”


Mr. Pairot, the chairman of the board, frowned and wondered when Ocean Electric had done such a good deed, until he further explained, “Nowadays, my son is doing an internship in your company.”

“Your son is?”

Not only was Mr. Pairot surprised to hear this but Somoo and Earth also looked at each other, as not many people were aware of this.

“Mr. Krirkkai’s son, who is now interning in our production department, is called Kongpop.” Danai explained. Because when Kongpop called and asked the company to contact Mr. Krirkkai, some people knew the truth and he was one of them.

“Now that you’re here, if I’m not intruding, would you allow me to visit him?”

Mr. Krirkkai, who is a father, asked about this.

“Of course! What’s the bother, I’ll take you there later.” The chairman, Mr. Pairot, was about to get up, when he was stopped by a guest in an honorary suit.

“Mr. Pairot, I hope you won’t get tired, later I…” stopped my eyes on the young man who had been sitting silently during the meeting.

“I will just go with Mr. Arthit.” He was already so nervous he couldn’t breathe and hearing that almost took his breath away and it took him a moment to pick up his flimsy, wilting voice.

“Okay. Okay.” Although Arthit didn’t know why Mr. Krirkkai had picked him specifically, he tried to control his nervousness and led the guest towards the production department to do his duty. However, the chairman of the board did not take him for granted and even opened up to him on the way, inviting him for a chat.

“Has Mr. Arthit been working here long?”

“It’s been almost a year.”  He swallowed quietly and the more he forced his voice not to shake, the harder it became.

“Well, it wasn’t that long ago. So where did you graduate?”

This was the first time he didn’t want to give the name of his college, because Mr. Krirkkai then unexpectedly asked, “Huh? The same college as my son. And which college did you go to?”

“I went to engineering school.”

“My son went to engineering school, too. Did you ever meet my son when you were in school? Did you meet him in time to become his senior brother?”

“We’ve met, Kongpop was my junior for two years.”

“So, did you like it?”

Arthit’s heart almost stopped beating when he heard this but immediately realized that he was mistaken.

“I mean, do you like working here?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah.” He breathed a sigh of relief, feeling sorry for himself for worrying so much. Calm down, Arthit! So he quickened his pace, “After turning right, it is just ahead.” The purchasing officer led Mr. Krirkkai to a halt in front of a workshop with a glass wall on one side. The entire production line of the factory could be seen through the glass, where a large number of workers were concentrating on their work, while one man was strangely monologuing about something. Kongpop is standing next to a conveyor belt, studying and inspecting an electric oven. Although he can only look at it from a distance, you can still see the look of concentration on his face. Soon, he’s called by Yong to ask about something, so Kongpop hands over a pile of paperwork to his predecessor for inspection and the production engineer looks over it, nods and says it’s fine. Although Kongpop is only a trainee, he performs his work skillfully, just like a regular employee. Mr. Krirkkai, who is also a father, was deeply proud of what he saw.

“Mr. Arthit, thank you for bringing me here.”

“I am honored,” Arthit observed a partial resemblance between father and son, except that Kongpop’s personality was more boyish, which made Mr. Krirkkai groan.

“Look at him now but you know what, he’s actually very disobedient.”

“How is he doing?”

He didn’t try to stop him from saying that but actually, he knows Kongpop’s disobedience well and he just wants to hear what the people around him have to say.

“I wanted him to do an internship at my home company but he insisted on getting more experience outside, so he could use it to develop his own factory. When I saw him like this today, I knew he’d grown up a lot and if he’d stayed with me, he probably wouldn’t have worked so hard.”

“No, Kongpop is a very passionate man, not only in solving immediate problems but also in taking responsibility. Well, he has helped us a lot.” Arthit spoke positively of Kongpop based on what he had seen and heard. But he realized that he was talking too much, as a family member who knew his son better than he did and he stopped talking at once. However, he saw Krirkkai’s eyes softening.

“That would be wonderful.” And then he started to leave, “Well, I’d better be going too.”

“Aw, won’t Mr. Krirkkai go in and meet with Kongpop?”

“No, I don’t want to interfere with his work but it’s all good. Anyway, thanks again for showing me around, Mr. Arthit.” And finally, I gave him a request: “Kongpop is in your hands.” Arthit was stunned, he looked at Kongpop who was still concentrating on his work, unaware of the two of them.

“Yes.” Although this time his voice didn’t tremble, his heart was pounding fiercely.

“When Krirkkai sir said that nong Kong is his son, I was really shocked. Why didn’t Arthit tell me?”

As soon as he returned to the Purchasing Department, the lady at the desk next door asked him about it.

“I only learned about it yesterday.”  Kongpop never mentioned this to him and he never asked. He only knew roughly that Kongpop had two sisters, that one of them was married and had given him a niece and that the family had an industrial business. Other than that, no more details are known. There is no need to find out if Kongpop told his parents that he had a boyfriend, because even he, himself, did not tell his family.  I wonder if the family would accept it if they knew that their son likes boys. If the story is based on a soap opera or a novel, it might be a Happy Ending but in reality, no one can guarantee that everything will be as it seems in the dream. It’s only natural that the more something affects the people around you, the more baggage you’ll carry. Especially now that Kongpop’s status was almost elevated to that of an important figure in the company, it made Arthit realize the difference between the two of them on a different level and reminded him of the saying -” In business, connections are extremely important.” On the other hand, if you don’t use them properly, the “good results” can also become “bad results”.

“Hello everyone! I was on a business trip to China and even though my flight was forced to be delayed for a few hours, I rushed to the office right away, intending to give you all a souvenir!”

The assistant manager with the thick eyebrows finally showed up in the Purchasing Department, carrying a bag full of gifts in each hand but no one responded, even twisting his face to the side, not even looking at him.

“Aw, what’s going on? The whole office looks like it lost the lottery.” Just as he was getting confused, the secretary came in from outside.

“Is Somoo here for a souvenir? Here, take two! It’s a famous brand, you’ll like it.”

“Better not”, this eater, unlike his usual self, rejected the offer without any hesitation and then calmly informed him, “Phii John, Phii Danai has asked you to meet him in his room.” Although he didn’t know what was going on, John was still relaxed and went to see the head of his department in the glass room with a gift in hand.

“Phii Danai, this is for you, this pastry is delicious!”

The purchasing manager didn’t glance at the cakes but looked at the subordinate in front of him with a serious expression.

“You know, the smokeless electric grill had a problem and almost caused a huge loss to the company!”

“Really? Well, because the new supplier I’m talking to is in a city with bad reception.” John had an embarrassed smile on his face, making excuses out of fear that he’d revealed that he’d been there for fun instead of business. Little did he know that he was being exposed for something much more serious than that.

“John, I’m asking you seriously, you changed the order, didn’t you?”

The accused man was shaken up but still pretended not to know anything.

“Why would Phii Danai say that?”

“I asked Sangchai Industries to do a favor by asking them to question Ms. Layla and she admitted that there was a change of material in the production of the plastic frame and now the finance department is checking the information you submitted and in the mean time the company will suspend you and the Legal Department will contact you to follow up.” John immediately stood up and became incoherent.

“Phii Danai, I have been working here for so long, you know me!”

“It’s because I thought I knew you, that this happened!”

Danai struggled to keep his emotions in check, both sad and disappointed that his once trusted subordinate had come to such a pass.

“You’re going home for the day.” When John realized that he had been cornered by the evidence, he left the Purchasing Department in frustration, losing the title of” assistant manager”. It was he, himself, who destroyed everything behind the scenes. There is one more” criminal” who is awaiting his fate.

“Somoo, you were involved in a scheme that was detrimental to the company’s interests and I’ve informed the legal department. But since you not only admitted your mistake but also provided information, the company has decided to deduct your bonus and you’ll take a six-month pay cut of 15% per month.”

“Okay, Phii Danai. Anyway, I’m sorry to the company.” The secretary didn’t resist, she tried to make up for her mistake as best she could and took it to heart as a big life lesson. Everything in the Purchasing Department began to move slowly in the right direction. But at this moment, Arthit didn’t realize that it was just the calm before another storm. In the group at Ocean Electric, a message was being spread.

“Hey hey! Did you know, that intern named Kongpop is the son of Mr. Krirkkai, the owner of Siam Polymer Group!”

“Is that the handsome intern? Whoops! I should have gone after him in the first place, otherwise I’d be a rat in a rice bowl by now.”

“You don’t stand a chance, because he’s already seeing someone.”

“How do you know?”

A message beeped from a female employee’s cell phone, she picked it up to check and the moment she saw the photo, she stared at it, then saved it and forwarded it immediately.  It went on endlessly, as if the ripples on the water were lapping at the shore, spreading into a wide circle. The members of the Purchasing Department were working as usual and although the problem with the smokeless oven had been solved, there were other jobs coming, unaware that a huge stir had been created on the social platform.

“Okay, our company would like Mr. Songyot’s company to provide us with a quote” Earth held the phone she was carrying, she paused, feeling a call coming in, “Excuse me Mr. Songyot, I’ll be right back.” She switched to another call, saying,” Hello. Oh, okay, I’ll be right down.” Then she turned around and looked for her office brother.

“Is Arthit busy?”

“No. Is there something wrong with Phii Earth?”

The young man who was feeding Bonus stopped and answered.

“Here’s a file, the courier is waiting downstairs right now, I’d like to trouble you to pick it up, is that ok?”


“Thank you.”  Earth thanked as she picked up the phone again,”  Ok, Mr. Songyot, except for the price, we”  ding! This time a message beeped from LINE, interrupting her but Earth chose to ignore it and continued to focus on her work.

“I’d like to trouble Mr. Songyot” ding!”

Help us out with our” Ding!”

The material” ding! Whoops! What the hell is going on! ! ! Hearing the beeping over and over again, she finally lost her patience.

“Mr. Songyot, I’ll be right back.” Earth fidgeted and pressed call waiting, then she slid her phone screen to open LINE’s corporate group and found that there were no less than 50 unread messages and the number was growing. It wasn’t over yet, as every member of the Purchasing Department began to receive the same messages one by one. Earth and Todd, who is also holding a mobile phone, look at each other with a look of concern on their faces. Arthit, who was on the first floor, had already received the information from the courier and was about to take the elevator back to his department. But while he was standing in front of the elevator waiting, he felt something strange.  Why were the other employees whispering? And why were they staring at him with strange eyes? Or even the fact that almost everyone had a cell phone in their hand? Before he could clear up these doubts, his own phone vibrated softly. So, he picked up the phone and opened it to check. When he opened it, the name that appeared in front of him made him feel as if someone had hit him on the head.

“Scream! Kongpop and Arthit!”

As Arthit read the text slowly, line by line, he felt his fingers shaking and the blood in his body turned cold.

“The brother I coveted so much, just flew away!”

“It’s so spicy and hot!”


“Since when?”

“Oh, hey! New CP, so excited!”

He’d finally gotten to the source of it all. The original message was not a text but a photograph.  The photo was taken at night, although the light was dim but the new age technology made it clearer, as if it had been taken during the day, so that one could tell, without wasting time guessing, who the two boys with their lips pressed together were by the faces in the photo.

“Phii Arthit?”

At that moment, a hand touched his shoulder from behind, startling the silent man. He turned around and found Kongpop looking at him, with worry in his eyes.

“What’s wrong? You look so pale. Are you sick?”

“” When the tall man saw that the other man was as silent as he had been this morning, he decided to talk things over right then and there, to clear the air.

“Is the Phii angry about the fact that I contacted Dad’s factory?”

Kongpop guessed that Phii Arthit knew about it. But since it was an emergency, he had to do it later, so no wonder he was angry.

“Once again, I didn’t tell the Phii before I did it and I apologize for that but” Before he could finish his explanation, the person who was standing in front of him, suddenly turned around and ran away.

“Phii Arthit!”

Kongpop cried out with all his might but Arthit couldn’t hear anything else, except the words that haunted his mind: Kongpop is in your hands.




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