Little Poplar

“Little Poplar” by Shui Qiancheng


A lazy rich kid who was thrown into the army to be trained by his family, Young Master Bai is forced to accept his fate after his family throws him into the army to train a rich kid. It’s painful enough to endure the heavy training and the blow to his pride but why does he have to meet an evil-jinx who is always after his -ss? He’ll never give in to a man who looks like a dog but is full of evil!

This novel tells the story of a crooked-necked loser sent in the army to be trained into a handsome Little Poplar and see how Young Master Bai step by step to growing into a qualified Republican soldier!

This article has blood, passion, laughter, and tears and strives to present the beautiful face of the Chinese soldier who is upright, courageous, strong-willed and virtuous.

CP: Impulsive, impetuous, devilishly impetuous seme X rich, golden spoon second-generation uke.

PS: The main character in this article is Bai Xinyu, simpleton cousin of Jian Suiying in You are in love with an Idiot,

You’ll have Jian Suiying and Li Yu coming out of the woodwork from time to time.

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T/N Notes

Bai Xinyu was twenty-two years old, a rich kid who is failed his studies, not good at business and is always eating and drinking. For the sake of Bai Xinyu’s future, the Bai family has decided to send him to the army for a few years of training.

From then on, Bai Xinyu, a crooked willow who couldn’t be helped, embarked on the hard road to recruiting…

The author’s writing is concise and precise and he is used to portraying the protagonist’s character from the side through dialogue. The main character Bai Xinyu’s lazy, bullying, and sniveling personality is vividly portrayed in this article. The story unfolds little by little as Bai Xinyu grows up in the army with tears, laughter, and passion.

~Little Poplar~

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