The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes

Author: Tianxian Guiyan

Content brief:

Dynastic changes are like a wave of sand.

Here, there is him, a man who has been besieged and tormented, but whose ambition is deep. There is the enigmatic but mischievous She.

Whose kingdom has she taken, whose home has she become?

Who set up the Yellow Springs (Hell) over the imperial power and dragged the other with them to overthrow the world?

Whoever gazes at the nine palaces and queues, listens to the soldiers’ halberd and blooms like a flower in love.

Who laughs and drinks poison in exchange for a little cinnabar in his heart.

In this chaotic pouring out of prosperity, he refused to quit, she has not yet sung.

In the end, is she messing with the world, or is the world messing with her?’



Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital