The Silly Erha and his White Cat Shizun

   [ Silly Erha and his White Cat Shizun] Author: Meat Buns Don’t Eat Meat

   Brief and concise text:

   I wanted to hug my brother but I didn’t expect to hug… Shizun?

   Cuckold Gong x Overlord Gong

   Verbose text:

   Mo Ran thinks he’s made a mistake by taking Chu Wanning as his teacher.

   His Shizun is too much like a cat and he’s like a silly dog with a wagging tail.

   Dogs and cats are reproductively isolated, the silly dog didn’t want to extend his furry paws to the cat.

   He thought, dogs should be with dogs, like his brother, nice and tame, like a cute fox dog, they’d make a great couple.

   But after two lifetimes of dying and coming back to life, he ended up with the one he didn’t even care for at first, Shizun the snowy white cat.

   Stupid Husky x Arrogant Big White Cat


   1. This is the story of a scum attacker who is reborn and tries to be a good boy. This is a story about a scum attacker who is reborn and tries to become a virtuous man.

   2. It’s not easy to be a virtuous man, the road is long, you will have to go up and down to find out. In the course of this search, mistakes will be made. Please bear with me, ladies.

   3. The three views of the attacker and the sufferer do not represent the three views of the author, it’s okay to spray the characters, don’t spray the author~

   4. The attacker is stupid and perverted, elitist and scum, after rebirth, although there are changes but the process is slow, if you can’t stand it, please click fork! Fork!!!!!

   5. Clean and unclean

   6. HE, 1V1, narrative issues, mixed attacker and attacker perspectives. The main attacker’s point of view, controlled (well, it’s the kind of jittery control that loves him and wants to bully him, don’t click if you want to see the spoilers, crabby).

   7. No comparisons, no listings, no ginseng attacks, no wormwood attacks, no tin maple dou attacks, no gum attacks either. I’d like to have some fun writing this article, I’d like to have some fun reading this article, if I accidentally poke a reader’s sister, please try not to spray me, I can’t stand to read it, I’m fine with you, be gentle with people, pinch me and bite you to death.

   8. What the hell? I’m not allowed to make up an auspicious number anymore?  the Zhen cultivation world Emperor Mo Weiyu, Deceitful master, the one who did all Ten Evils Unrepentant Crimes was reborn after killing himself to the year he first joined the master. The young man’s shell carries the spirit of an old demon and after living again, the truths of his past lives emerge one by one, the most disconcerting of which is that Shizun, whom he hated so much in his past life, has been protecting him… A man’s heart is transformed, a ghost repents and wants to be good but his sins are so deep, can the blood on his hands really be washed away? The story is intense, the emotions are detailed and the plot reverses again and again, in unexpected ways. Both the protagonist and the supporting characters are multi-faceted, people are not simply evil or good, things are not simply right or wrong, the author writes from the character’s point of view, understanding and respecting each character’s innermost thoughts, whether it is Shizun, a socially disturbed man who quietly cares for his protégé, or Mo Weiyu, who struggles between darkness and light, or even the unassuming supporting characters, who are not so much in the dark as in the light.  or Mo Weiyu, who struggles between darkness and light, or even the smallest of supporting characters, all have the most realistic flesh and blood.